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Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

First of all, thank you for participating in VTVV project. We understand that your
contributions are a meaning action for the development of Vietnamese youth movement.
Moreover, it will make a value impact to our community and social.
To help translation process go straightforwardly, we release the Guidelines for
VTVVs Translators for translators using. This guideline will give you the necessary
information to understand what you are going to do and how to do that. The Translation
Guide gives you the way to join in translation process, cooperation with your peers,
useful tips in translation and so on.
We also would like to remind that you are taking a voluntary responsibility.
Therefore, you should work with enthusiasm and self-conscious spirit. Your involvement
will give you a chance to make new friends, to learn about new knowledge and
experiences from other volunteers.
Note: This Guideline was prepared based on the English-Vietnamese Translation
and Style Guide by Ha Thi Lan Anh in the project Translate TIG into Vietnamese.
I. Communication
1. The official website of the project:
Supportive tools: we provide these tools to facilitate the work of all participants,
provided by TakingITGlobal. However, you can choose not to use these tools.
Project volunteers can choose to join the VTVV Group to be connected to other
volunteers to discuss, exchange ideas and experiences:
Alternatively, you can choose another way participate in the project Discussion
- Every translator should register a member account on TakingITGlobal (TIG)
- VTVV use other websites as supporting sites:,

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

- ONLY Project Coordinators have the right to announce any official information of
the project on official website as well as others.
2. Contact project coordinators:
- Article Group:
Nguyen Hong Anh
Mobile: 84-904-384-073
YIM: pinkie_ahn
- Toolkit Group:
Pham Thanh Nhon
Mobile: 84-905-441-002
YIM: companion7_18
Online to help 08:00-10:00AM Monday-Wednesday-Friday
- Translators can contact project managers by e-mail, mobile or YIM to inquire
information, to ask for help.
II. Translation Guide
1. Format of translated documents
* E-mail format:
- When you send your translated papers to your editor, you should write your email subject like this:
Subject: Translated Document name of original document
For example:
Subject: Translated Document Guide to Action
* File format:
Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

- All files are World file.
- File name is original document name. For example, Guide_to_Action.doc
- Layout format:
+ Write your name, the original document name, author (if available),
source and the url given in your assignment on the top left.
Name: XYZ
Original doc: Four challenges for volunteer leaders and volunteer
Author: Mary V. Merrill
Source: Merrill Associates
+ Use font Unicode Times New Roman.
+ The title uses size 14, bold, and align center.
+ Use size 12 and align left for the text.
+ If a piece of toolkit includes the pictures, omit it.
If your article has some (pic), copy and paste it/them in your translation
file. You need to translate its/their annotate(s) also.
+ If a text is written in a drawing, translates only text.
+ Your translation has to include the document references (if available) in
its English name. However, you dont have to translate the comments or reviews.
- For a piece of example toolkit, see the appendix A below.
2. Guide to Translate the Terms (appendix B, C, D):
In any translation type, translators will have some trouble with the terms of original
documents or names of institutions or organizations as well as others linguistic puzzles. If
you face with above issues, look here for your solution:

There are several terms on the original documents unfamiliar to Vietnamese

youth. However it is important that Vietnamese youth get to know and translate

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

these terms into Vietnamese as these are popular terms used internationally in the
world today. Understanding these terms and coming up with equivalent
translation in Vietnamese will support Vietnamese youth to get involved more
effectively in global dialogues and discussions on global issues.

Some English terms cannot be translated into Vietnamese by using a single word
in which case a descriptive translation should be used.

For example,

empowerment is translated into Vietnamese as Trao quyn hnh ng. You are
encouraged to be creative to come up with suggestion of translation for unfamiliar
terms and discuss with one another to find the best translation possible.

If you are translating a name of organization, a title of significant policy

document/international agreement or an important event, you can consult the
United Nations Agency websites in Vietnam. Unfortunately, I have not found any
website in Vietnamese listing UN terminologies. However, you can get familiar
with the terminology by going to :

There is a number of terms coined by international institutions that are part of the
frequently used international vocabulary (examples: sustainable development,
gender mainstreaming). It is important to ensure the consistency in translating
these terms. Please contact the coordinator if you need help with specific terms of
international institution.

Note that the appendixes are only used for reference. You can translate the terms
in the difference meaning follow the various situations.

3. Translation Tips:

Create a Vietnam version: On a conceptual level, we are seeking to create a

unique Vietnam version of the original documents, rather than simply
translating from English.

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Instead of attempting a literal, word-by-word

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

translation, aim for a holistic version to convey the meaning in the most
accurate way.

Consistency is fundamental: Whether it is in your use of the imperative and

infinitive, translations must be uniform across the documents. In general, it is
better to use the infinitive for direct phrases (i.e. Join discussion Tham gia
din n).

Refer to technical dictionary: Since many terms are technical, avoid

guessing and look them up with an on-line technical dictionary.

Skip phrases you are unsure about: If you are not completely certain about
a phrase, please skip it and allow someone to translate.

Get in touch with fellow translators: Whos in your translate team? Do you
have a questions or tips for your fellow VTVV Translators? Check out each
others profiles and work together!

Use the group features: Post updates, progress reports or helpful documents
to the group. Post documents that relate to the project in Project Documents.

Capitalization: In order to ensure consistency, only capitalize the first word

of the title unless it is an official name/title (example: Global Gallery Trin
lm ton cu).


- Please checks that you use correctly the commas, punctuation marks.
- This is correct punctuation: Sau khi dch xong ton b bi vit. Tt c thnh
vin phi kim tra li
- You should pay attention on your punctuation to make sure that you will not
involve in the following errors:
Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

+ Sau khi dch xong ton b bi vit . Tt c thnh vin phi kim tra li
+ Sau khi dch xong ton b bi vit .Tt c thnh vin phi kim tra li
+ Sau khi dch xong ton b bi vit.Tt c thnh vin phi kim tra li
Please have a look here if you feel that you would like to know more:
4.Translation Process:
This session introduces the translation process of VTVV project. Work on process
will help us keep control our job.

1. Collection

2. Catalogue

3. Contact Owners

6. Review

4. Translation

7. Delivering

. The original documents will be collected from users suggestion, search on the
. Collection document will be catalogued and set priority for translated document
. Contact owners for authority of translation and delivering the original documents.
. Translation: This is your work. The assignment documents are translated on the
. Editors will edit translated documents.
- Editors not only correct the meaning of sentences or content but also edit for
suitable content with Vietnamese youth.
. Coordinators review all translated documents, and they can edit second time if
. Delivering translated documents to owners, youth groups/ organizations.

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

5. Edition

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Appendix A
The format of paperwork
Example 1: the original paper:

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

The translated paper:
Full of name: Pham Thanh Nhon
Group: Group 1
Document name: YESHandbook

Hng Dn Ln K Hoch T Chc S Kin

Li Ni u
Hi Ngh Vic Lm Thanh Nin (Youth Employment Submit YES 2002) ang c t
chc da trn gi thit: nu chng ta thnh cng trong vic nng cao nhn thc v vic
ci thin v nng cao vic lm cho thanh nin, a ra cc cam kt cho vic thc hin, h
tr kin thc v cc cng c cn thit thc hin nhng cam kt ny th chng ta c th
to ra nhiu c hi ngh nghip cho thanh nin. Da trn gi thit ny, mc ch ca
YES2002 l cng nhau a ra nhng phng n sao cho n nm 2012, nm trm
triu thanh nin trn th gii, c bit l nhng thanh nin ang i mt vi ngho kh s
c mt cng vic n nh cho bn thn v gia nh h.

: You do not need to translate the book covers.

: Initiative information
: Title of document uses size 14 and bold.
: You should accompany the original name of organizations with the translated

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Example 2: The original paper:

The translated paper:

Mt danh sch tng t nh sau:
gio dc
bo v ng vt
s dng thuc tr su
nhim mi trng
him ha mn
nhn quyn
tr em ngho kh
To mt danh sch ca bn:
5 iu bn quan tm nht:
iu g khc bn quan tm:
i ngho, ch ngha duy vt, s bo tn nng lng, s bt cng,

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

5 Vn Thnh Vin TIG Quan Tm Nht:

1. Sc khe&HIV/AIDS.
2. Ha bnh&Xung t
3. Mi trng
4. Nhn quyn
5. Ton cu ha.
Xem thm Bng iu tra thanh nin cu TIG:

Appendix B
Terms in youth movement
Foster (verb)
Get involved
Human Rights
Indigenous people
Inform, inspire, involve
Make a difference
Project profile
Take local action

Guidelines for VTVVs Translators

Hnh ng
Biu cm
Thc y
Tham Gia
Nhn quyn
Ngi bn a/bn x
Thng tin, truyn cm hng, tham gia
To nn thay i
H s d n
Bi vit
Hnh ng ti a phng

International Terminology
(Terms used in NGO sector, UN structures, grassroots organizations, charitable trusts and

Better World Campaign

Capacity building
Civil society

Commonwealth Plan of Action

for Youth Empowerment (to the year 2005)

Chin dch v mt th gii tt p

Nng cao nng lc
Mt x hi dn s hoc t chc x
hi dn s
(ging CSO = Civil Society Organization)
K hoch ca khi thnh
vng chung v s nghip trao quyn
cho thanh nin (ti nm 2005)

Community service

Dch v cng cng

Digital divide

Khong cch cng ngh

Earth summit

Hi ngh thng nh th gii

Environmental literacy
Eradication of poverty

Trao quyn
Gio dc mi trng
Xa ngho

Gender mainstreaming

Vic ch o ho vn v gii

Gender Issues Unit

n v gii quyt nhng vn v


Gender Mainstreaming Department

Girls education
Global Forum on Sustainable Energy
Global partnership for Development
Global Teaching and Learning Project

Gio dc dnh cho tr em gi

Din n th gii v nng lng bn
i tc ton cu v pht trin
D n ton cu v dy v hc

Human development
International Media Colloquium
on Literacy

Pht trin con ngi

Learning for all

Gio dc cho mi ngi

Learning Network for Empowerment

Mng li gio dc v s tham gia

v pht trin nng lc.

Hi tho truyn thng th gii v vn

hc vn

and Participation
Millennium Development Goals

Cc mc tiu pht trin thin nin


ICT Task Force

Lc lng c nhim v Cng ngh

Thng Tin

International Bureau of Education

International Women's Rights
Action Watch

Cc quc t v gio dc
Ban hnh ng v Quyn ph n
quc t

Literacy campaign

Phong tro xo m

Model United Nations

M hnh Lin Hp Quc

National technology needs assessment

K thut quc gia cn nh gi

Outreach activity

Hnh ng vn xa

Outreach campaign

Chin dch vn xa

Outreach services
Outreach training

Cc dch v vn xa
Cc tp hun vn xa

Political Empowerment Program

Poverty Action Fund

Chng trnh pht trin nng lc

chnh tr
Qu hnh ng xo ngho

Promotion of gender equality

Tuyn truyn v bnh ng gii


Vn ho gii

Regional Gender Program

Chng trnh khu vc v gii

Sustainable development

Pht trin bn vng

Technological literacy

Xo m v thng tin

Women's Economic Empowerment

UNESCO Institute for Education

Chng trnh pht trin nng lc

kinh t cho ph n
Vin nghin cu v gio dc ca T
chc kinh t, x hi v vn ho
Lin Hip Quc

Workshop on Gender Sensitization

Hi tho v s nhy cm gii

World Campaign for Universal Literacy

Chin dch th gii v xo m ton


World Education

Gio dc th gii

World Electronic Media Forum

Din n trc tuyn v truyn thng

World Literacy Program

World Summit on the Information Society

Chng trnh xo m th gii

Hi ngh thng nh ton cu v x
hi thng tin.

Youth caucus

Phi on i din thanh nin

Youth employment

Vic lm thanh nin

Youth empowerment for the

New Millennium
Youth Empowerment Strategy

Trao quyn hnh ng cho thanh nin

trong thin nin k mi.
Chin lc trao quyn hnh ng cho
thanh nin