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Our institution called during its first 52 years Banco Italiano, started

its activities on April 9, 1889, adopting a credit policy based on the

principles that would guide institutional behavior in the future. On
February 1, 1942, it was agreed to replace the old corporate name, by
Banco de Credito del Peru.
Thus, the Bank of Italy, the first in the country, closed its efficient
work after having obtained the highest results of our institution. In
order to achieve greater international weight, install branches in
Nassau and New York, a fact that we became the only Peruvian Bank
present in two of the most important financial centers in the world.
The expansion of our activities created the need for a new
headquarters for the central management. To that end a building of
30,000 m2 was built approximately in the district of La Molina. Then,
with the aim of improving our services, we established the National
Network of Tele process, which in late 1988 connected almost every
office in the country with the central computer of Lima; also we
created the Current and Savings Account Book National, and installed
an extensive network of ATMs.
In 1993, we acquired the People's Bank of Bolivia, today Banco de
Credito de Bolivia. A year later, in order to provide an even more
specialized care, Credifondo create a new subsidiary dedicated to the
promotion of mutual funds; the next year we established Credileasing,
a company dedicated to the promotion of leasing. During the '90s, our
representative office in Santiago de Chile developed an interesting
activity, given the significant increase in Chilean capital invested in
Peruvian companies. The recovery of the young talents who
emigrated between 1970 and 1990 abroad, was another important
aspect of that decade. These professionals, solidly trained in
academic centers and important companies in the United States and
Europe, have helped to confirm the image that always had: a bank
with a modern spirit. When fulfilling 125 years in the local market, our
institution has 375 agencies, over 1,800 ATMs, more than 5,600 BCP
Agents and more than 15,000 employees; and correspondent banks
Promote the success of our clients with appropriate financial solutions
for their needs, facilitate the development of our employees, create
value for our shareholders and support the sustainable development
of the country.
Being the leading bank in all segments and products we offer.
BCP principles

Customer satisfaction: Providing our customers with a positive service

experience through our products, services, processes and attention.
Passion for Goals: To work with commitment and dedication to exceed
our goals and results and achieve professional development in the
Efficiency: Caring BCP resources as if they were their own.
Risk Management: Taking the risk as a key element in our business
and take responsibility for knowing it, size it and manage it.
Transparency: Acting in an open, honest and transparent with your
colleagues and customers and provide reliable information way to

establish lasting relationships with them.

Willingness to Change: Have a positive attitude to promote and adopt
changes and best practices.
Discipline: Being organized and structured to consistently apply
processes and established working models

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