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January 2009
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The absolute, ultimate guide to Lehninger
principles of biochemistry
Acquiring genomes
Adaptive evolution of genes and genomes
Advanced organic chemistry*
Electronic structure : basic theory and
practical methods
Halogen bonding : fundamentals and
Marvels of the molecule
Metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
Modern aldol reactions
The neutral theory of molecular evolution
Physical chemistry for the chemical and
biological sciences
The physics of polymers
Problems and solutions to accompany Physical
chemistry for the chemical and biological
Computer Science
Algorithmic number theory
The design of Rijndael : AES--the Advanced

Encryption Standard
Designing embedded processors
From protein structure to function with
Input/output in parallel and distributed
computer systems
Introduction to computer graphics : using
Java 2D and 3D
Intuitive biostatistics
Numerical simulation in molecular dynamics
Practical optimization : algorithms and
engineering applications
Software product lines in action
Web development with Java : using
Hibernate, JSPs and Servlets
23 problems in systems neuroscience
I of the vortex
Bifurcations, instabilities, degradation in
CPU design
Defect-oriented testing for nano-metric CMOS
VLSI circuits
Defects in microelectronic materials and
Electric power distribution, automation,
protection, and control
Fundamentals of electrical drives
Fundamentals of logic design

GPRS : gateway to third generation mobile

Grid integration of wind energy conversion
Heat and fluid flow in microscale and nanoscale
Inorganic membranes for energy and
environmental applications*
Intelligent structures 2
Introduction to organic electronic and
optoelectronic materials and devices
Introduction to reconfigurable computing :
architectures, algorithms, and applications
Materials chemistry
Materials handbook
Multicriteria scheduling
Nanostructured materials in electrochemistry*
Optimal control with engineering applications
Physics of the human body
Polymer membranes for fuel cells
Power electronics : converters, applications,
and design
Power system stability and control
Signaling in telecommunication networks
Tensile fracturing in rocks
Thermodynamics : from concepts to
Topics in computational wave propagation
Transparent conductive zinc oxide
Ultrahigh-speed optical transmission

After Euclid : visual reasoning & the
epistemology of diagrams*
Algebraic cobordism
Algebraic geometric codes*
Chromatic graph theory
A computational introduction to number
theory and algebra
A concrete approach to classical analysis
Correlated data analysis
A course in commutative Banach algebras
Design theory
Euclid and his twentieth century rivals*
Fields, flows, and waves
Finite fields and applications*
A first course in the numerical analysis of
differential equations
Frames and bases
Group theory : birdtracks, Lies, and
exceptional groups
Higher arithmetic*
A higher-dimensional sieve method
An introduction to Lagrangian mechanics
Lectures on white noise functionals
Lessons in geometry
Lower central and dimension series of groups
Number theory through inquiry
Operator algebras and geometry

p-adic analysis compared with real*

Reading and understanding more multivariate
Riemannian topology and geometric
structures on manifolds
Semi-classical analysis for nonlinear
Schrdinger equations
A theory of shape identification
Visual complex analysis*
Physics & Geosciences
Atomic and nuclear analytical methods
Concepts in quantum mechanics
Data analysis in cosmology
The entropy crisis*
Equilibrium between phases of matter
The Feynman lectures on physics*
A first course in string theory
Geodynamics of the lithosphere
Handbook of quantum logic and quantum
The Kerr spacetime : rotating black holes in
general relativity
Matter particled*
Oil, water and climate
Particle accelerator physics
Playing with planets
Quantum mechanics for mathematicians
The silent deep
Statistics of earth science data

Stephen James O'Meara's Observing the night

sky with binoculars*
The TRANSMED atlas
Wind generated ocean waves*
X-ray scattering of soft matter
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