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20 September 2016 / GCC / XII - 1
-------------------------MR. BOGALBAL. (Continuing)...most number of inmates at 5,851, Building 14
houses 38 inmates.
We conducted five major clearing operations since we were deployed. The five
clearing operations were on July 21 at Building 14; July 23 at Quadrant 4; July 27 at
Quadrant 2; July 29 at Quadrant 1; and August 2 on Quadrant 3. The SAF troopers
entering the Maximum during our clearing operations assisted by the K9 dogs; prisoners
were account, the SAF way of accounting prisoners.
Shown are the inmates being accounted individually by the troops. The dogs of
PDEA assisting us in inspecting the contrabands. As you can see, one of the dogs.
Next, please.
So the contraband recovered during the clearing operations and the money
amounting to almost three million pesos.

The recovered contrabands and other

contrabands being inspected. After the operation, we also inspect our personnel as part
of our SOP.
Also conducted 18 focused clearing operation. When we say focused operation,
intel-based operation.
So here we can see suspected illegal drugs buried two feet deep in the canal and
we recovered them. Seized firearms with ammunition, live ammunitions.
The sumpaks with live ammunitions also. The bladed pointed weapons; signal
boosters and internet devices. The luxury items airconditioned units, TV sets, laptops
and smart phones. So the display of the cellphones recovered during our operations.
The same cellphone displayed.
So confiscation of huge volume of contrabands and other unauthorized items.
So the tally board as of September 19, 2016. For the illegal drugs, estimated in grams,
the marijuana and other paraphernalia. For the weapons, we recovered 20 firearms with
297 live ammunitions. For the communication devices, we recovered or confiscated
1,663 cellphones. Again, for the cash, 3,471,265 to be exact. Other unauthorized items.
Inmate activities. We would like to emphasize the comparison before and at
Before, everyday is free time, no physical accounting, no physical exercises, cell
in black gates are not locked twenty-four/seven (24/7), the inmates are not wearing their
uniform. At present, we have a centralized physical accounting. So in formation, in
proper uniform and duly supervised.

20 September 2016 / GCC / XII - 2
-------------------------Formation time is at 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. So you can see that all inmates are
in proper uniform and tucked in. Next.
Calisthenics two times a day. Centralized calisthenics.
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MR. BOGALBAL. To continue, cell and block inspection. So before at Building
14, the picture of Building 14 before. Next. This time Building 14. Next. Next.
Previous cell of Peter Co. The bathroom, his office, and now this is Mr. Peter Co
in his room. Next please.
We have seen this presentation before of Jaybee Sebastian, so what we will be
showing is his room now. This is Jaybee Sebastian in his room. Next please. And Mr.
Benjamin Marcelo.
So cell in black gates are opened on schedule and mandatory wearing of inmate

For the inmate visitors.

Before, visitors are allowed inside inmate cells.

Visiting area is used for parties and prolonged visiting hours from 8 am to 3 pm, five
times a week, and visitors not in the authorized list are even allowed to visit the inmates.
But this time, this is the visiting area, properly supervised. Okay. Next please. So no
more parties in the visiting area; 45 minutes per inmate, only twice a week and only the
authorized visitors are allowed with a maximum of three visitors per inmate only.
So for the contrabands, entry of contrabands are on check. This is Building 14.
But at present, we strongly believe that its stopped already. Presence of illegal drugs,
weapons and communication gadgets, we believe that it is significantly reduced. Next.
For the inmate attitude. Before, some are undisciplined. They even threaten the
authorities but, at present, they are all obedient and responsive and we have no reported
incident of threatening authorities.
For the inmate activities at the Maximum Security Camp.

Before, physical

exercises are taken for granted, the improper wearing of uniform in a sporting long hair
and unshaved and no identification card.

This time, physical exercises is seriously

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MR. BOGALBAL. To continue, Sir. Also, it is mandatory for the wearing of

identification card. Next please. So proper wearing of uniform with neat haircut and

20 September 2016 / GCC / XII - 3
-------------------------properly shaved. So as we can see all inmates they have to look like this one. Next,
please. Next, please.
For the kubol. Before, kubol exists inside NBP hospital and in dormitories but,
this time, no more kubols. So some of the kubols. So all dormitories are now for
common use of all inmates. For the VIP treatment for some inmates before, now all
treatment equal for all inmates.
Contrabands in Maximum Security Camp. Before, concealed contrabands are
overlooked during inspection but, this time, we conduct a very thorough inspection.
Before also, the undiscovered contrabands during major clearing operations. At present,
discovered through relentless...