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20 September 2016 / JFA / XI-1



(Continuing)... what is the condition of the New Bilibid

Prison before the SAF took over on July 20, 2016 and afterwards?
THE CHAIRPERSON. But before that, may we just request for some reaction
from PDEA? You know all of these things are happening... do we have PDEA here?
Sige, can youcan you just please clarify what do you know all of these things
happening in the bilibid prison?
MR. WILKINS M. VILLANUEVA (Director, Philippine Drug Enforcement
Agency - NCR). Your Honor, Im Director Wilkins Villanueva, the Director of PDEA

And the video that was presented is I believe iswas happening even

beforebefore the administration, and II was able toto have an acquaintance

with General Pangilinan also. And it is a common knowledge insome of the drug
dealers that drug is drug dealing is really happening. Withwith the imprimatur of
these people inside the bilibid prison, Your Honor.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Sobut you did conduct your own investigation on
this, did you?
MR. VILLANAUEVA. Yeah, we are allwe have all been conducted our own
investigation. In fact, well, during the time the Directorformer Director General
wants to have a memorandum of agreement with the Bureau of Corrections before,
but they did not heed with the request. The memorandum of agreement
MR. VILLANAUEVA. The one in charge of the Bureau of Corrections, Your
THE CHAIRPERSON. Who is this person who is in-charge?
MR. VILLANAUEVA. Director Franklin Bucayo. Our former Director General
Arturo Cacdac asked for a memorandum of agreement with the former Director
Franklin Bucayo, and the latter did not heed with the request. Thethethe reason
behind is that so that we can also conduct some of the greyhound operation inside
the bilibid prison. Butas far as PDEA is concern, we cannot conduct any kind of
greyhound operation within the bilibid prison without the imprimatur of thethe
leadership of the new bilibid prison.

20 September 2016 / JFA / XI-2










thoseCongressman Gatchalian, please?

REP. WES GATCHALIAN. Mr. Chair, I would like to question the correctness
of the tv show that we showed a while ago. In the first, first portion, we showed the
Valenzuela City. And alam niyo ho nagtataka lang ho ako ano that they met up in
perya ano. It is beenalmost a decade already that we have a city ordinance na
bawal po ang perya sa aming lugar kaya ho I think there is a questionness of the
correctiveness of the information inside thisthis show ano. I think it is made by
discovery channel. Syempre po, ayaw po natin masira din na masira ang imahe ng
aming lugar anoat pangalawa we were just recognized recently for being one of
the safest cities in the Philippines. So if we show videos like this that are done by
third party individuals in the US, so, Mr. Chair, I just would like to put on record na ito
po ay nakakasira din ng imahe po ng ating lugar.
Thank you Mr. Chair.
THE CHAIRPERSON. The manifestation is noted. PerhapsDOJ can very
well clarify this with thewith the producer. Sige, yeah.
REP. TEVES. Can I have an interjection to the statement of PDEA, I think it
must be noted by the committee na nahihirapan iyong PDEA na makapasok dahil
kailangan mo magpaalam. And I think it is not only in bilibid that that is happening.
Even other jails within the country kung whether controlled by BJMP or controlled by
the local government, kailangan natin tingnan iyongiyong proviso iyong protocol
na iyan dahil kung iyong nagko-control ng jail prino-protection iyong negosyo sa loob,
of course, mahihirapan iyongiyong PDEA which is in-charge of the drug problem,
mahirapan makapasok kung magpaalam ka sa nagpapatakbo, di malinis na.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Yeah. That isthose are the facts that we are trying
to establish so that we can propose remedial measures or even executive or
administrative regulation, so the committee takes note of that.
REP. ROMERO. Mr. Chair, also, likewise, the operations in the seaports as
discussed, the Manila seaports, ano. I just would like to clarify because I used to
operate the North harbor so, it is outside the seaports of mathe City of Manila. So,
may I just clarify and manifest thatthe problems besetting drugs and iyong
criminalities is outside of the Manila north harbor seaports.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

20 September 2016 / JFA / XI-3

THE CHAIRPERSON. Thank you. We will probably deal with that especially
through the committee of Congressman Ace Barbers because that is more drug
related than anything.

Our concern now is New Bilibid Prisons, so I enjoin the

members to just limit ourselves to issues pertaining to this drug proliferation of drug
syndicates in the New Bilibid Prison, so but we take note of that. We will refer that
REP. BRAVO. Mr. Chairman, may I be allowed for my manifestation?
THE CHAIRPERSON. Congressman Bravo.
REP. BRAVO. After watching the show shown by Secretary Aguirre, I cant
help but to tender my manifestation.
In this war against drug, we must ensure that one of the casualty is not the
rule of law. Due process exists not only to protect the innocent. Due process can
help guarantee that those rules responsible for perpetuating and protecting the drug
trade are convicted in prison. But as I have seen, that is really as justice is concern.
That is really convicted and imprisoned. Let us consider the rule of law as a weapon,
not a hurdle in the war against drugs.
Let us conduct this hearing mindful of our ultimate goals that the pursuit of
justice the protection of our people should be at the top.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Thank you. You know, we have six witnesses that we
want to hear today and we have just gotten the immunity fromas approvedas
recommended by us and approved by the Speaker. So, I think, if we proceed with
this, then we will save more time, so if I may just request the members to hold on to
their interpellations and bring it out at the proper time. So, may wemay we go back
to Secretary Vit on this next presentation, but keep it short so that we can now
proceed with the statement of your witnesses.
MR. AGUIRRE. Opo, iyon pong presentation ng SAF, maiksi lang but also
very substantial. May we call the presenter from the SAF? We could now begin with
the presentation.
MR. GREGORY BOGALBAL (Chief Operation Management SAF). Good
morning, Sirs. I am Senior Superintendent Gregory Bogalbal, the Chief Operation
Management representing SAF. With your permission, Sir, I will proceed with my
presentation. Sir, the sequence of my presentation - the situation. What we have

20 September 2016 / JFA / XI-4

done so far, and our ways forward. On July 20, 2016, SAF deployed 410 personnel
at the maximum security camp in building 14 of the New Bilibid Prisons.
The maximum security camp in building 14 houses 16,775 inmates distributed
in the following quadrant.
As shown are the distribution of the inmates with quadrant 3 with the most
number of inmates