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Operations / Production Manager

Adapun tugas seorang manajer produksi adalah sebaai berikut:

mengawasi dan menyusun jadwal produksi;

membuat biaya produksi seefektif mungkin;
memastikan bahwa produk yang dihasilkan berkualitas baik selesai
tepat waktu
memperkerjakan sumber daya manusia dan material secara efisien
menyusun jadwal kerja;
memperkirakan biaya dan pengaturan standar kualitas;
mengawasi proses produksi dan menyesuaikan jadwal sesuai
bertanggung jawab atas pemilihan dan perawatan alat - alat produksi
memantau kualitas produksi dengan cara menerapkan control kualitas
menghubunkan antarbagian dalam perusahan
bekeraja sama dengan manajer perusahaan untuk mencapai tujuan
memastikan bahwa keselamatan kerja karyawan terjaminen
memnyemangati dan memotivasi karyawan

Adapun kemampuan - kemampuan yang harus dimiliki oleh seorang

manajer produksi adalah sebagai berikut ;

Latar belakang kinerja yang bagus

Usia produktif / pengalaman kerja yang diutamakan pengetahuan tentangproduksi dan manufacktur
kemampuan dalam perencanaan dan pengorganisasian
kemampuan untuk bertindak tegas
kemampuan dalam memecahkan suatu masalah
perhatian untuk setiap detail
kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik dan persuasive
kemampuan bernegosiasi yang baik
manajemen waktu


Supply Chain Demand Planner

Al Foah

Demand Planning
Consolidate sales forecast from different sales unit and distribute production across the two
factories after alignment of factory manager, and compare it with production plan to estimate it is
capacity then ensure the availability of raw dates in the stock is cover the sales requirement and
current consumption for both manufacturing at Al Saad and Al Marfaa
Track Order
Follow up on dates order received from store/factory to ensure that the amount received by
customers is aligned with demands.
As ERP key-users, provide end-user support for the ERP system data entry related to Supply
Chain in order to improve user efficiency and minimize end-user mistakes.
Train outsource labour who are working at Receiving Centres during the harvest season in
how to input data for example, create a distribution order, Issue it and receive it to ensure a
smooth process.
Continuous Improvement
Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of supply chain
demand processes and practices taking into account international best practice, improvement of
business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.
Design and generate weekly and monthly statistical forecast reports that related to overall
capacity of dates on Manufacturing and other storing areas such as Al Foah, Saih Al Kheer, etc.
Compare physical inventory with ERP stock and issue a report on monthly basis

Strong knowledge of demand planning process

Experience using ERP statistical software packages
Strong analytical abilities
Good communication
Team building skills
Detail oriented and accuracy

Al Foah Co. was established according to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Executive Council
Resolution No. 15 session 19/2005 at 23/05/2005, and it became a member of SENAAT (General
Holding Corporation - Abu Dhabi).
To make UAE dates sector financially viable and internationally competitive through:
Rationalizing subsidies while minimizing impact on farmers by improving subsidy policy and
farm management
New global brand establishment with a modern and attractive packs to take UAE dates globally
Conducting research and studies in Japan, Netherlands and the UK to develop new products
derived from the dates like sweets and beverages.
Adopting market-driven strategies that maximize the value & profitability of sold dates
Investing human resources and devoting its potentials to upgrade the level of dates industry and
working on the spread of dates domestically and globally.
Partnering with the private sector through a piecemeal privatization program
Emirates Dates Factory at Al Saad: It was established in 1998 for dates production, with an
annual capacity of 60,000 tons of dates which are processed according to the international
standards and quality systems of ISO and HACCP
Al Marfa Dates Factory: It was established in 1994 for the processing of dates, with an annual
capacity exceeding 35,000 tons of dates according to the international standards and quality
systems of ISO and HACCP.
Dates Receiving Centers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi: The dates receiving centers have
planned to introduce the modern systems in receiving, handling and storage of dates from all
UAE regions.
Al Foah Farm in al Ain City (The largest organic farm in the world): The total area of the farm
is 1321 hectares, and the farm management applies the latest technologies in date palm
cultivation and dates production.