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4. Vector A is 2.80cm long and is 60 degrees above the x-axis in the first quadrant. Vector B is 1.

long and is 60 degree below the x-axis in the fourth quadrant. Use components to find the magnitude
and direction of (a) A + B, (b) A B, (c) B A. In each case, sketch the vector addition or subtraction
and show that your numeral answers are in qualitative agreement with your sketch.
5. A uniform rod 150 cm long and weighing 55N is supported in a horizontal position on a fulcrum with
weighs of 75N and 105N suspended from its ends. Compute the position of the fulcrum.
6. The ff objects act on an object: A has a magnitude of 6N and is in the +y direction; B has a
magnitude of 10N and is in the -x direction; C has a magnitude of 8N and is an angle of 45 degrees
clockwise from the +x direction. Find the direction of and magnitude of the resultant force acting on
the object.
7. A 60lb girl and a 50lb boy face each other on frictionless roller skates. The girl pushes the boy, who
moves away at a speed of 4.0ft/s. Calculate the girls speed.
8. The tires of a certain car begin to lose their grip on the pavement at an accelaration of 5m/s. If the car
has this acceleration, how many seconds does it require reaching a speed of 25m/s starting from 10m/s?
9. Two billiards balls are rolling on a flat table, one has the velocity components Vx= 1.0m/s,
Vy=2.0m/s. The other has the velocity components Vx=2.0m/s, Vy=3.0m/s. If both balls started from
the same point, what is the angle between their paths?
10. A 60lb pounds box is pushed a distance of 20m on a horizontal stone floor by a force just sufficient
to overcome the friction between the box and floor. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. (a) What
is the required force? (b) How much work does the force do?
11. An empty truck whose mass is 2000kg has a maximum accelearation of 1.95m/s^2. What is the
maximum acceleration if the truck is loaded with a 1000kg load?
12. A 15000kg jet fighter plane is usually launched by a catapult from an aircraft carrier. The jet fighter
gains speed from 0 to 500m/s in 3.0s. (a) what is the force the catapult exerts on the jet fighter? (b) how
many times the acceleration of gravity is the jet fighters acceleration?
13. A 300kg load of bricks on a 50kg pallet is raised with an acceleration of 0.40m/s^2. (a) find the
tension in the supporting cable. (b) the empty pallet is towered with a downward acceleration of
0.60m/s^2, what is the tension in the cable now?
14. A weight lifter raises a 150 kg barbell from the floor to a height of 2.2m in 0.80s. What is the work
done by the weightlifter? What is his average power output during the lift?
15. A force of 50lb is used to lift a 40lb statue, initially at rest, to a height of 20ft. What is the change in
statue PE? In its KE?