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Admission Card


UGC - National Eligibility Test (NET) DECEMBER, 2015
Venue of Test :
Subje ct
Nam e of the
C andidate
Fathe r's Nam e
Addre ss
Em ail ID
Date of Test

: (Centre No. : 51020) THE ORCHID SCHOOL

MA HA RA SHTRA , 411045
: Women Studies
Subje ct C ode : 74

R oll No.: 51011000

social welfare commissionerate 3 church road
MA HA RA SHTRA pune 443203
: Sunday; DECEMBER 27, 2015

Pape r-I
9:30 A.M. - 10:45 A.M.

Pape r-II
11:15 A.M. - 12:30 NO O N

Pape r-III
02:00 P.M. - 04:30 P.M.

The candidates will be provided black ball point pen in the Examination Hall, so they should not
bring pen/ball pen/pencil in the examination hall. C andidates s hould us e only this pen to write
partic ulars on the c over page of T es t Booklet, A ns wer Sheet and for darkening the c irc les of
res pons e. .
T he c andidates are advis ed not to bring any items mentioned at s erial number 1 2 (a) inc luding
bags , metallic items etc . bec aus e there may not be any arragement of s afe c us tody for keeping
thes e items at the examination c entres . I n c as e of any los s , the c andidates will thems elves be
res pons ible.
3 . A ll the examination hall/room will have a wall clock so the candidates are not allowed to
wear/carry any type of watch in the examination hall/room.
4 . C andidates are reques ted to read c arefully the detailed N otific ation for N E T to be held on 2 7 th
D E C E M BE R, 2 0 1 5 available on webs ite: www.c bs enet.nic .in. N o T A will be paid for appearing in
the T es t.
5 . Venue of Test : C andidates are reques ted to vis it the V enue of T es t, a day before the examination s o as to reac h in time on the day of
examination. T he reques t for c hange of C ity/C entre of examination/Subjec t will not be entertained. T he c andidates will be permitted
to appear at allotted venue of tes t only. N o c andidate will be allowed to appear in the examination at any other c entre of examination.
T he c andidate s hould s it on the s eat allotted to him/her.

C andidates s hall be pres ent at the examination C entre by 9 A M (I ST ) for P aper- I and by 1 :3 0 P M (I ST ) for P aper- I I I i.e. atleas t 3 0
minutes before the c ommenc ement of the examination. Sinc e the time gap between P aper I and P aper I I is only 3 0 minutes
therefore no c andidate is allowed to leave the examination hall/c entre after P aper I .

7 . No Candidate in any case will be allowed to enter at the Examination Centre af ter the commencement of the examination in each
8 . T he c andidate has to appear in the P aper I I & P aper I I I in the s ubjec t mentioned in the admis s ion c ard. T he c hange of s ubjec t is
not allowed.
9 . E ntry to the E xamination H all will not be allowed without this admis s ion c ard. T he C andidate s hould als o bring along with valid photo
I D proof.
1 0 . N o c andidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall/ room before 1 2 :3 0 P .M . in the 1 st s es s ion and 4 :3 0 P .M . in the 2 nd
s es s ion.
1 1 . Candidates are allowed to carry the Test Booklets of Paper-I, II and III along with duplicate copy (carbonless copy) of OMR Sheet
on conclusion of examination.
1 2 . The f ollowing cases will be treated under unf airmeans and the results of such candidate(s) will not be declared :
a. T he c andidate(s ) found with any elec tronic devic es /C ellular phone/M obile/P ager/C alc ulator/L og T ables /c opying
material/books /notebooks /bits of paper etc .
b. T he c andidate(s ) found talking to eac h other or dis c us s ing any matter during the examination. T he c andidate(s ) dis turbing other
c andidates in the examination room/hall and not maintaining c omplete s ilenc e.
c. C andidate(s ) found removing any page(s ) from the T es t booklet and if any page(s ) is /are found mis s ing from his /her T es t Booklet.
d. T he c andidate(s ) not following the ins truc tions given by the invigilators in the examination hall/room and found arguing with the
invigilators /other s taff involved in the examination duty at examination c entre.
e. T he c andidate(s ) found s itting on the s eat other than that allotted to him, appeared other c entres or appeared in other s ubjec t than
that mentioned in the admit c ard.
1 3 . T he P hys ic ally C hallenged(P wD ) c andidates mus t c arry a c opy of the dis ability c ertific ate in the pres c ribed format of the G ovt. of
I ndia otherwis e the relaxations mentioned at s erial no. 9 page 8 of the information bulletin of N E T D E C E M BE R 2 0 1 5 will not be
provided to him/her during the examination
1 4 . I t may be noted that the admis s ion c ard will not be s ent to the c andidates by pos t. C andidates s hould note that
their c andidature is s tric tly provis ional. T he mere fac t that admis s ion c ard has been is s ued after online
s ubmis s ion of applic ation form and the c andidate is allowed to appear in the tes t s hall not imply that the
C BSE /U G C has finally ac c epted his / her c andidature.



Admission Card

1 5 . T he c andidates have to s tric tly follow the ins truc tions regarding us e of T es t Booklets , O M R Sheet as mentioned
on page 1 7 1 8 of the information bulletin of N E T D E C E M BE R 2 0 1 5 available on the webs ite c bs enet.nic .in.
E xec utive D irec tor(J A B)


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