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These are our house rules
Bishop and Priest should be MP (look at 207-C example). What about
engineers? Are they MU?
Bishop and Priest have Combat Factor so they are Military Personality (MP)
Engineers are Military Unit (due to Combat and Morale factors)
Is not so clear if a hex have 2 types of terrain or not
Sometime you must check with your friends. For example;
- search the west Lohrein's River: do you think that the hex in "Loh" is a river
and a stream hex? We don't, it's only river
- search the western hex of the north hexs of the Broken Hills, three hex
north of "rey" of the Greywood: it's not a hill hex
- search the ruins, in center: two hex SW is only a river hex and not a river +
swamp + light wood hex, IMO
- search the right "The palisades" word: on the "s" hex there isn't a cliff hex,
its clear
and so on. First of all enjoy play this good then if you want, stick with these
interpretation otherwise ... I'll stick with yours
Which is the shrines influence on combat?
Nothing, only on Siege (209)
1) What happen if the hex choused is occupied?
2) Which is the step in which BMCs are placed? Before Magic step or during
Movement step (at discretion of Beastlord)?
1) We start a combat
2) Anytime during Beastlords Movement step
Must I declare if my BMC is real or not? Or, better, who must say what BMC
is? Do opponent say it first than me or not?
Yes, player owing the opposing BMC tell first (look at 208-A_2)
EXAMPLE1: I move a dummy BMC on an opponent one.
1) opponent is real, mine will reenter after 5 turns

2) opponent is dummy, his BMC will reenter after 3 turns

EXAMPLE2: I move a real BMC on an opponent one.
1) opponent is real, will fight
2) opponent is dummy, now.?
I think I must say Mine is real otherwise his BMC doesnt will be removed.
So I must explore with my dummy BMCs first than on subsequent turn
move the real one onto opponents BMCs?
Most important, my dummy BMCs will be always revealed; I can never move
a dummy and hope it keeps on dummy, unrevealed
Every player must declare his BMC, dummy or not so with Example2 n.2) his
dummy will reenter after 5 turn because Ill say Mine is real, your?
If withdraw attempt is made before combat step and spells are cast before
combat round, can spells be cast during withdraw? No, right?
No, you cant cast spells during withdraw
205-A_1The second sentence ... may be made at the end of each Combat
round is wrong (contra pose to 207-D_4). I prefer the 207-D_4 rule even if
should be added ...
at the beginning of each Combat round but first
We play like 207-D_4 rule
205-C_6 table
This is a wrong table. Are missed +11 and +12 results (5 or 6 on the
withdrawing player + 6 the fighting player) and are missed negative range -8
to -5 and positive range +13 to +16 (look at the 305-A/B rules)
For withdraw roll we use +11 even for a 12 result (6+6).
Under 305-A/B rules we play, for simplicity, that results cant be greater than
6 or lower than 1
How many combat rounds modifiers to the dice for a not successful withdraw
last? Only the first, IMO
Only the first
The player desiring to fight must announce the total combat factor, right?
Even if 205-A_6 say No
Yes (my 205-A_6 rule calls if wrong!)
Bishop and Priest should be there

Does it mean that MP and/or NMP can not change stack during this combat
Yes, they cant
There shouldnt be this rule otherwise which difference is between this
ambush and a skirmish-assault one?
If this rule stays there: why the ambushed player may not attack? (208-C_5)
Does it mean that ambushed player can not response during this ambush
attack but can on the following combat rounds? If so I feel this ambush is a
skirmish-assault copy
We have removed this rule
1) There is no combat rounds after this ambush so why I can use magic?
2) If this rule is correct, because a Normal Magic procedure occurs during
Combat step and not during Movement step, as this ambush do, there should
be a 208-B_5bis Normal Combat Procedure is followed
3) If this rule is wrong, this is not a Normal Magic procedure but a spot
magic attack (you may cast only one spell)
This rule is wrong and there is not magic at all. We stated than you cant use
magic because 210-D_1 say the beginning of each Combat Round and
during ambush there is not Combat step (I ambush you during movement
not during combat!)
What happen if there is an opponent BMC in the habitation hex? Should
attacker combat first the BMC then units inside habitation or should attacker
fight against all units at once?
We do combat with the BMC first than with the habitation: unit inside
habitation cannot participate in this combat (they are watching from terrace
1) If the siegeing player want withdraw form combat does it use 205 or not?
2) If so, besieged units leave the habitation and roll for 205-C_8 or not?
1) No, he withdraw safely
2) No, they stay there, inside habitation
Which is the board movement spell that can be cast on habitations? Maybe
Teleport or Storm even if those spells are cast on BMCs
Yes, only Storm and Teleport
Does it mean that CAS is removed before the beginning of the combat

Is misspelled? Monetary AND Magic LOOT or Monetary LOOT and Magic ITEM?
I think is the former (look at 302-C_4a)
We apply the former Monetary and Magic loot items
Which is the sabotage effect? Does spy kill all units? Does it negate the
negative modifiers for the attacker? Does it add something to the dice? If you
look at 209-B_2 there is no spy entry
I think that because there are so few spy counters they have a great value so
with a +4 result we remove the attacker modification on 209-B_1. In 302E_5a we add Dark Castle also
If Dragon attack do player defend normally or under 303-F_7 rule? I mean,
Does Dragon roll on Combat Result Table and player not? I think player can
not roll on CRT, due to 303-E_8, so he can defeat Dragon with magic
weapons only
The player defend under 303-F_7 rule
1) When sword attack? At the end of a BMCs movement as Dragon do?
2) I dont understand take the controlled Personality. Does it mean when
someone try to kill the Personality controlled by the sword?
1) Yes as Dragon do
2) We change to ...take the sword and attack the controlled Personality...
How guard work? Who can make guard?
There isnt guard rules so we play that every Military unit (MU) can be a
guard and that you must have a guard for every 10CF of the guarded units
(for example you must have 1 guard for guarding a Hobgoblin or 2 centipede
or 10 Civilians
and 2 for guarding a knight and a hero or 3 gargoyle or and so on)
What happen if the plundering BMC is attacked?
If your BMC is in the same hex with a opponent BMC you cannot plunder or
detroy an habitation
1) Can Essence move? I think so
2) If Essence is destroyed before BeastLord return to the play, does

BeastLords counter is give to the player that kill the Essence or to the player
that killed the BeastLord?
1) Yes because you can put the Essence in a BMC
2) To the player that kill the Essence
Does this rule is used during siege?
Can Men decide at the beginning of each Combat round if do charge or not?
Yes, before every combat round
Who decide of a unit is destroyed or captured?
1) I think that if you play with unit capture you must capture every units (so
there is no more, or very little, destroyed units) unless you play that 2) units
are always destroyed (but Princess) and items are always captured
What is the use of this rule? Are slaughtered units being considered
Yes, slaughtered units are no longer captured
1) Can I apply terrain modifiers to this type of attack?
2) Can this rule be used during siege? (by siegeing or/and besieged player)
Yes and yes
Why movement step? Maybe should be combat step
We play at the beginning of each Combat Step
If I lose a fortified habitation, can I reuse that fortification counter? Does
counter is destroyed too?
Watch the 312-C note