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The Role of Black Nobility and the Venetians in

Modern Middle East Conflicts

(Coleman Diplomacy by Deception, p.32)
The land of Arabia existed for thousands of years, and it was always
known as Arabia. The land was linked to events in Turkey, Persia (now
Iran), and Iraq through the Wahabi and the Abdul Aziz families. In the
15th century, the British, under the direction of Black Guelph Venetian
robber-bankers saw the possibilities of entrenching themselves in
Arabia, where they were opposed by the Koreish tribe, the tribe of the
prophet Muhammad, the posthumous son of the Hashemite, Abdullah,
out of which came the Fatima and Abbasid Dynasties.
The Gulf War was only an extension of the Committee of 300's
attempts to destroy Muhammad and the Hashemite people in Iraq.
The rulers of Saudi Arabia are hated and despised by all true followers
of Islam, more so since they allowed "infidels" (U.S. troops) to be
stationed in the land of the prophet Muhammad.
The essential articles of the Muslim religion consist of a belief in one
God, (Allah), in his angels and his prophet Muhammad, the last of the
prophets and belief in his revealed work, the Koran; belief in the Day
of Resurrection and God's predestination of men. The six fundamental duties of believers are recitation of the profession of faith, attesting
to the unity of God, and the firm acceptance of the mission of
Muhammad; five daily prayers; total fasting during the month of
Ramadan, and a pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in the lifetime of
the believer.
Strict observation of the fundamental principles of the Muslim religion make one a fundamentalist, which the Wahabi and Abdul Aziz
families (the Saudi Royal family), are not The Saudi Royal Family has
slowly but surely drifted away from fundamentalism, which has not
endeared them to Islamic fundamentalist countries like Iraq and Iran,
who now blame them for making the Gulf War possible in the first
place. Skipping over centuries of history, we come to 1463, when a

great war, instigated and planned by the Black Guelph Venetian

bankers, broke out in the Ottoman Empire. The Venetian Guelphs
(who are directly related to Queen Elizabeth II of England) had
deceived the Turks into believing that they were friends and allies, but
the Ottomans were to learn a bitter lesson.
To understand the period, we must understand that the British Black
Nobility is synonymous with the Venetian Black Nobility. Under the
leadership of Mohammed the Conqueror, the Venetians were driven
out of what is today Turkey. The role of Venice in world history has
been deliberately and grossly understated. And its influence is today
understated, such as the role it played in the Bolshevik Revolution,
both world wars and the Gulf War. The Ottomans were betrayed by
the British and Venetians, who "came as friends but held a concealed
dagger behind their backs" as history records. This was one of the
earlier sallies into diplomacy by deception. It was very successfully
copied by George Bush in posing as a friend of the Arab people.
With British intervention, the Turks were pushed back from the gates
of Venice and an Arab presence firmly established in the peninsula.
The British misused the Arabs under Col. Thomas E. Lawrence to
bring down the Ottoman Empire, eventually betraying them and
setting up the Zionist state of Israel, through the Balfour Declaration.
This is a good example of the diplomacy by deception that succeeded.
In the period 1909 to 1915, the British government used Lawrence to
lead Arab forces to fight the Turks and drive them out of Palestine. The
void left by the Turks was filled by immigrant Jews flocking into
Palestine under the terms of the Balfour Declaration.