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How to do Current Transformer setting for


Step 1
Prepare a plug connection with wire of live (brown), neutral (blue) and
earth (green).
(If power meter already mounted on panel and power is supplied, may skip
to step 3)

Step 2
Connect live wire and neutral wire to the terminal labeled with
Aux Supply at the back of the power meter. Terminal 12 is for live and
terminal 13 is for neutral.

Step 3
Once connection is done, switch on the power at your power supply socket,
and word RMS will appear on the main menu of the power meter.

Step 4
Press down button to scroll down. Stop scrolling until you see the word

Press to scroll down

Stop at SET

Step 5
Press right button at once, then sub-menu view will appear.

Press to enter

Step 6
Press down to go from view to edit

Scroll down for edit

Step 7
In order to enter the edit mode, press and hold right button for 2 second,
then code will appear with figure of 2000. The default password for this
model is 1000

Press and hold for 2 second

Use down arrow to

change code value to

Step 8
After done changing the value to 1000, press enter. Then, the word
Edit A.PRI 100.0 appear, which stand for edit current value for primary
side of current transformer.

Press enter to confirm

the password

Step 9
To start editing the value, press right at once, the number 1 on the
display will blinking. Press up or down button for adjusting the value.

Press right to start editing

the value
(Current value will be determined by customer,
eg; CT 100/5A, means 100A at primary side and 5A at secondary side of
current transformer. Alternatively, please refer to the label on Current
Transformer itself)

(2) Use right arrow

button to adjust the

(1) Use up and down arrow to

change the value

Step 10
After done configuring the value, press enter for confirmation. Then press
down and it will display Edit A.Sec 5.000 which stands for edit current
value for secondary side of current transformer.

Press enter to
confirm the

(2) Press down for next setting

Step 11
Use the same procedure as Step 9 to configure the value of current for
secondary side of current transformer, then press enter to proceed.
(For PM1200, the default value at secondary side of current transformer
setting is 5A, if there is no necessity to adjust the value, may directly
proceed to Step-12)

Step 12
Press left button to return into sub-menu. SAVE Y will appear to give
the option either want to save the change or not. Note: (Y for yes and N for
no). Press enter to confirm the choice.

Press to go back
to sub-menu

press enter to

Step 13
Press left until word SET appear again, then use down button to scroll
down to get back to RMS.

Press to go back to main


press to scroll back

to RMS