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(War against Drugs)

Drugs is the best thing that will ruined your life
The reason why I choose this topic is because this is the main problem of our country this time. It
is the hardest problem of our government. SAY NO TO DRUGS, avoid drugs because it can
destroy your own family. We can prevent the drug abuse in this Country if we cooperate in our
President DUTERTE campaign to stop drug dealers in the Philippines. Like OPLAN Tokhang
that gives the drug user second chance to have a better life. If I were to ask, I would build a
Rehabilitation Center so they can put the drug users there, because The other police kill the user
and person for the small bounties on their heads.

If Somehow the drug campaign succeeded here in the Philippines. Will the life of our citizen
will exchange just to succeed? We can still prevent it in other way, like pa LIGA in the
Barangays every summer break so their past time can be used in sports and not in drugs
addiction. Before I end my Speech , I just want you to know that drugs is not the answer for your
problems. Yes it can give you a temporary happiness but at the end of the day , you will face the
consequences that it may bring to your life.