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JOSUE: Oh, what a nice restaurant, I love the infrastructure, if I were

an architect I would have designed something like this!
WILL: Hey Josh I see that you like the infrastructure of the restaurant
but I didnt know that you want to be architect. Guys do you want to go
JOSUE: Yes, I want to go in, what do you think Andrew?
ANDRES: Im so hungry, but, let me call to my mom to tell her that Im
here with you...Oh no! I forgot my cellphone, if I had not left my house
so hurry, i wouldnt have forgotten my cellphone
JOSUE: Or you would have forgotten it, because you are so
ANDRES: Yes, maybe. Would you lend me your cellphone to call her?
MARIO: I have my cellphone here with me, take it, call her because I'm
hungry to, if I were the chef of this restaurant I would have invented a
saucer exactly for hungry guys like us. Do you think that?
ANDRES: Oh, thank you Mario, just give me a minute. And about it,
yes, I think that the chef has to be fast at the moment of cook the food
JOSUE: Yes I think the same, we'll be holding on to you Andrew.
WILL: Guys, I have an idea, if we had asked in the restaurant our
favorite invent, we would have eaten pizza!
MARIO: Well whatever, I just want to eat now, because I cant hold
more my stomach
JOSUE: Oh yes, i love pizza! My dad was a chef, And if i were able to
return the time, i would have eaten him pizza again. Yes Mario
ANDRES: Hey, look at him, hes going to serve us the food. If he were
not came at this moment, we could have died of hungry.
JOSUE: Yeah, do u want to order pizza? or something different?
ANDRES: Hmm, Im on a diet, I want some of meat and salad.
JOSUE: If i weren't on diet, i would have hit you haha!
WILL: I want something different because I believe in this restaurant
there are not pizza.
MARIO: If I were your stomachs right now I would have screamed to
eat right now
JOSUE: Ok guys, let's order meat and salad, and then let's go back to
our houses


WILL: Guys! My girlfriend have called me, I should go in this moment,
bye and take care.
ANDRES: Give her greetings by us
JOSUE: Oh my mom is calling me, if I were me... oh wait Im me, so I
have to go, bye guys.
MARIO: Bye guys.