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Bautista, Anne Katherine Roma V.


Bayaua, Vherona Victoria G.


Buendia, Cielo Dyan C.


Capillar, Michael Allan D.


Capiral, Gaea Louise L.


Castillo, Daniela Christy A.


Castro, Joanna Andrea L.


Chan, Nicole Anne N.



If we say that Mercy Corps responds to environmental forces, what do we mean by the
term environment? Why is environment in the sense of natural environment not adequate?
Natural environment is not limited to wonders and natures of the earth but rather, it is the

totality of the society which encompasses people, surroundings, infrastructures, health,

agriculture, education, and calamities we experience -- whether natural or man-made. Hence,
environment in the sense of "natural environment" is inadequate because it does not only
pertain to the ecosystem we live in. Environment for Mercy Corps intends for the things that
happens with the society as a whole. As we people and our communities are treated as part of
the environment that the Mercy Corps protect, preserve and aid in times of great need, they also
respond to our needs during environmental and social distress brought about by both manmade and natural.

2. Would you be interested in working for an SBE instead of a for-profit organization? Why or
why not? If you were in a position to-do so, would you be willing to invest in SBE? Why or
why not?
Answer of those who are interested to work for an SBE:
We would be interested in working for an SBE because money is not the best payment
in the world but experience and gratitude. It would be a privilege for us to work in that kind of
organization. Helping others without expecting for a return is what people should think of.
Lending a helping hand to those who are in need is better than just working for a profit that only
you can benefit.
So in the event that we would have a chance to work or contribute to Mercy Corps, we
would accept that open door. Social Business Enterprises are case of what Humanity remains
for. It doesn't work for the advantages of getting to be fruitful however to help out those in need
and in addition make a superior life to them.
We are willing to invest in an SBE because we know that it is for a good cause. Putting
resources into a SBE, for example, Mercy Corps is comparable to giving a liberal gift to the
individuals who need it. Were sure that it will help a lot of people in need and it will also help us

mold ourselves to be good citizens. The experiences we could get while working will help us
improve and enrich our personalities.
Answer of those who wouldnt work for a non-profit organization but will give back to the
community by other means:
Helping those in needs without demanding anything for return is really a natural thing we
humans should all do for each other. But working for SBE, a non-profit organization, is not really
an option for me. I would rather have first financial security. It may sound a selfish, but I would
rather help my own family first who loved and cared for me first, and to provide for the family of
my own if I get to that point in life. I would, instead, help in any way I can to help those that I
can. If I am in a position to do so, yes. I would be willing to invest in SBE. There is no harm in
giving more than what I need, to those who have less or even none. In fact, there is only but
goodness in it. I would only have with me, what my family needs then use else what I have to
help the needy.