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#r:ec:':u*s:li*n Es a Rel's n:usic peop e agreeing with y0u it's a confidence
!*d*atrg e*s:Serenee fcr Srisbanc "l imagine thal there might lre a few attendees
a*d ev*n !:ef*re tlie !**ug*r*i cvent that may feel anxious or a bit weird about going
E:a* ki*E<*d *ff, L!nes*r,e*tia* l':as up and meeling people bul the wh0le thing with
confidence is that you just have to understand
erafted a rue:E:nsring and g*nuine
that everyone around you is not going t0 pay
eir. *=**i**r i€ €i':e ec*f*rea':** t
you out. Don worry about what they are
eq*iv*l*r:? *f * qa*d *i-t*€ e;itl: thinking ab0ut you. lf you're p0lite, {riendly,
s*i'Er*sne yca: admire, the kig:d ti:at assertive and ask 10r help, people will help
l*ave= * spring in g*ur $:ep.
Collins g0t her {001 in the d00r w0rking f0r local
c0mmunity broadcaster 4ZzZlm, where she
he UnConventlon organisers have
presenled shows 10r four years before landing
worked l.ard t0 create this welcomrng
the r0le 0f l\4usic Director in late 2007.
fee. They don't want to bleed you dry
"l kept bugging 4ZzZlot ages t0 volunteer and
(the event is non-prOfit, so tickets are
I got a lucky break when they said I could work
cheap) and they certainly d0n't want you t0 feel
on the front desk every lv0nday. How I got into
shy or nervous ab0ut altending (these f0lks
have been in your shoes). In fact, what they are
management itself? ldid a lVusic Industry
Business Diploma at S0uth Bank lnstttute 0f
really interested in is helping pe0ple develop
that spends time ln front ol a c0mputer!" Technology and one of the subjects we did was
theit careers in t'e mrsic business. it really does have a lot t0 d0 wtth contacts as
'l\4anage A Band'. I learnt a few basics there and
"UnC0nventi0n is s0mething that's {0r the well ... (UnC0nvention) is a good opportunity to Other sessions, including 'l\4usic As A Culture'
and 'l\4usic As A Product', wlll be h0sted by the then I was just extremely lucky with The John
grassr00ts artrsts, managers, entrepreneurs contact pe0ple wthout being scared that they
likes 01 jreelance journalist Andrew MclVillen; Steel Singers in that I heard their music and I
and music business people that are starting out wrll snub you."
couldn t believe what I was hearing and that it
or who ve worked with a lot ofindependent As one of a handful 0f industry members noise-rocker/ researcher lan Rogers and Tim
lending their time to the con{erence, Collins will Price and Sarah Hamilton of Brisbane-based didnt seem to be represented. I went t0 a gig
music ... most 0f them are qurte y0ung, but n0t
host the 'l\4usic As A Service' session. W0rking digital d stributor Musicadium. and backstage asked them iI they needed a
necessarily," explains l\4aggie Collins, one of
J presenter and band manager for "What l've always said about these conferences manager...lhey said yes and then the rocket
the conlerence's paneliists. as a Triple
is that you start g0ing when y0u are Lookirg 'f0r went off.
Basically, UnConventi0nis a series of panel The John Steel Singers, DZ and Skinny Jean,
"lt s amazinq how possible things are iI you just
sessi0ns targeted at anyone whose job (or she is well prepared to o{Jer advice 0n the information, and you go to another one, and
put your mind to it. I know it s sotl of na{{ but
dream career) involves the music industry. The business side the music industry.
01 then you go to another one, and it kind of I

cenients what you know about the music didn t think that I could do il ... if y0u really trust
c0nference is founded 0n the idea that "The 'Music As A Service' panel will locus 0n
business. But then, as you go 10 more in yourself and work real y hard, you can."
attendees have just as much 10 oJIer each other services in terms 01 management, labels.
as the panellists do. publiciTy. promolions. bo0king ... ary service (conferences) it bec0mes less about the
informatj0n that y0u are getting and m0re allout
UI.ICSi*VEF.I::*:I lijiLL *UN F*GM JUi:' 12 Til
"l w0uld love t0 say that in the music industry if that supports bands and the musrc scene. ln
you work hard and learn a lol you will get far but {act, rt's aboul everyone worklng in the lndustry the confidence, llecause if you keep hearing
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