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Collocations with Adjectives




be native to

be responsible for

be honored for



be native to + noun phrase /region:

The company is searching for a sales staff that is native to the

l ngi bn x

local community.

be responsible for = be in charge of

The recent storm damage to the Northgate Bridge is partly

chu trch nhim cho

responsible for the terrible traffic problems in the city center.

c knh trng

Mr. Jones was honored for his generous contributions to

local charities at the awards ceremony last night.


be suitable for

ph hp cho

The majority of films recently produced by Lime-light studios

are suitable for children of all ages.


be exempt from

c min khng phi lm g

Employees attending the Chicago Trade Fair are exempt from

turning in receipts for their travel expenses.



be known for

be superior to

be known for + reason:

The Ace Motors dealership is known for its excellent after-

c bit n v, ni ting v

sales service.

cao cp hn, tt hn

Because of Sackhoff Supplies high standards for product

quality, its product is superior to other competitors in the



be known to A as B

be familiar with

c bit n bi ai vi t cch

Mr. Calson is known to the staff as a highly

motivated CEO.

quen thuc / quen vi

Benson and Associates security department requested that

all staff be familiar with the new office security regulations.


be contingent on

A is contingent on B = A depends

Funding for the project is contingent on the Board of

on B: ty thuc, ph thuc vo

Directors decision.
1 - 0936153906




be reliant on

be cognizant of

be reflective of

be reliant on = rely on: da vo, tin

Felicity Clothing is increasingly reliant on manufacturers of

vo, nh cy vo

textiles and printed fabrics from Southeast Asia.

be cognizant of = be aware of: bit,

Physicians must be cognizant of medical regulations in the

hiu bit, bit r, c nhn thc v

state where they practice.

be reflective of = reflect: phn nh

Market conditions are often reflective of the current political



be comparable to

c th snh c / so snh c

The size of the city is comparable to that of Philadelphia.


be responsive to

be responsive to + noun: phn ng

The health club staff is responsive to its membersrequests.

li, p li (mt cch thin cm) vi


make checks payable to A

when a cheque, etc. is

Make your checks payable to Squibb, Inc.

made payable to somebody, their

name is written on it and they can
then pay it into their bank account



be compatible with

be noted for

be compatible with: work well

Our software programs are compatible with the computers

together: tng thch

hardware system.

be noted for = be famous for = be

The company is noted for the quality of its furniture.

well known for: ni ting v




be uncertain about

be concerned about/over

be critical of

be uncertain about = be uncertain

The committee said it is uncertain about the results of the

of: khng chc chn v


be concerned about / over = be

The organizers are concerned about the seating capacity of

worried about: quan tm, lo lng

the room.

ph bnh, ph phn, ch bai

Human Resources managers should not be critical

2 - 0936153906

of employee suggestions.

be concerned with

quan tm ti

The article is concerned with the effects of a consumer

boycott on unsafe food products.


be accustomed to

be accustomed to + noun: quen vi

Our regular customers are accustomed to consistently

outstanding levels of service.


be subject to

be subject to + noun: ph thuc, l

Building foundations are subject to damage from water and

thuc, d b (nh hng)

Sick leave applications are subject to company approval. - 0936153906

Part 5
1. Before downloading and installing any program, staff members should check with the company technician whether it is

with the

existing system.
(A) undeniable

(B) amenable

(C) favorable

2. The majority of Comstars newly hired branch managers are

(A) predicted

(B) native

(D) compatible

to the regions they are responsible for.

(C) corresponding

(D) existent

3. The company is committed to developing an excellent customer service department that is responsive
(A) on

(B) of

(C) to

4. Individuals interested in establishing a business should be

patrons needs and wishes.

(D) with
of the regulations on company filing set down by the Securities and

Exchange Commission.
(A) cognizant

(B) ambitious

(C) oblivious

5. Each year, Manu-Corp chooses a team to be honored

(A) for

(B) to

(A) speculative

their outstanding achievements in product development.

(C) with

6. The formation of a new team of representative is

(D) at

on how well the existing teams do by the end of the quarter.

(B) contingent

(C) hopeful

7. The new bank rules state that approval of a clients loan application is
(A) necessary

(D) reticent

(B) subject

(C) exposed

(D) eventual
to income verification and credit approval.
(D) internal

8. When ordering products from our mail-order catalogue, please ensure that all checks are made payable
(A) from

(B) in

(C) of

9. The production manager at the Detroit plant is very

(A) satisfied

(B) tired

10. The staff at Blue Ribbon Corporation is

(A) pledged

Gillian Sanders.

(D) to

about meeting the deadline scheduled for this sales quarter.

(C) concerned

(D) confused

to providing consistent, timely and quality service to company customers.

(B) concentrated

(C) offered

(D) dedicated - 0936153906

Part 6
Questions 11-13 refer to the following memo.
From: Richard Garfield, Vice President
To: All marketing employees
According to the latest statistics, sales figures for the past quarter were subject to a negative trend caused by the ongoing national economic
slump. The growth that we had been

to over the past two years has come to an abrupt end, with the public already reacting by


(A) familiar
(B) accustomed
(C) friendly
(D) acquainted
curbing their spending on high-end goods and services. The recent decline in our sales figures is

(A) manageable
(C) possible

of this conservative consumer

(B) thoughtful
(D) reflective

Senior management staff has therefore decided to significantly reduce our production targets in the companys three-year development
plan. Well be making a presentation giving

(A) absolute
(C) detailed

information about the new plan, which all marketing department employees will be
(B) insecure
(D) constant

required to attend, as the revisions will affect our advertising strategy. Check the website noticeboard for the date, time, and venue of the
presentation. - 0936153906

1. D compatible with : tng thch
2. B native to: l ngi bn x, n t, c ngun gc t
3. C responsive to: phn hi tch cc
4. A cognizant of: nm c, hiu c, nhn thc c
5. A honored for : c vinh danh
6. B contingent on: ph thuc vo
7. B subject to: ph thuc vo
8. D payable to: c th c thanh ton cho
9. C concerned about: lo lng, quan tm
10. D dedicated to: tn ty
11. B accustomed to: quen vi
12. D reflective of: phn nh
13. C detailed (adj): chi tit

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