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Ams 102 Exam I, 2/28/06

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1. Here are the costs (in dollars) of 10 electric smooth-top ranges which have been rated
as excellent by Consumer Reports in August 2002.
850 900 1400 1200 1050 1000 750 1250 1050 565
Find these statistics:
a) mean and mode

b) median and lower and upper quartiles

c) range and IQR

d) the values for the upper and lower fences on a modified box-plot

e) Are there any outliers? Explain.

2. During his 20 seasons in the NHL, Wayne Gretzky scored 50% more points than
anyone who ever played professional hockey. He accomplished this amazing feat while
playing in 280 fewer games than Gordie Howe, the previous record holder. Here are the
number of games Gretzky played during each season:
79, 80, 80, 80, 74, 80, 80, 79, 64, 78, 73, 78, 74, 45, 81, 48, 80, 82, 82, 70
a) Create a stem-and-leaf display for these data using split stems.

b) The minimum score needed to be in the top 25% of the distribution

c) The minimum score needed to be in the top 50% of the distribution

3. Here are summary statistics for the sizes (in acres) of Finger Lakes wineries.


a) How would you describe this distribution?(symmetric,left skewed or right skewed)?

b) Are there any outliers? Explain.

c) Create a box-plot of these data.

4. In 1-in-4 systematic sampling, the initial member randomly chosen is member 2. There
are 240 in the population. Explain whether the sample will be of the same size if the initial
member chosen is member 4?

5. Some IQ tests are standardized to a Normal model, (mound shaped), with a mean of
100 and a standard deviation of 16.
a) In what interval would you expect the central 95% of IQ scores to be found?

b) About what percent of people should have IQ scores above 116?

c) About what percent of people should have IQ scores between 68 and 84?

6. Anne scored a 73 in a Statistics class where the mean was 63 and the variance was 25.
She scored a 69 in a Bio class where the mean was 64 and the variance was 16. In which
subject did she fare better relative to the others in the class?

7. Consider the following grouped frequency table for the quiz scores of a Calculus class.
a) This data is to be divided into 4 groups of same width in order to create a histogram.
Complete the frequency table.
( ) - 19
( ) - ( )
5 - 9
0 - 4


Class boundaries
( ) - ( )
( ) - ( )
( ) - ( )
( ) - ( )

b) what is the class width?

c) how many values are there in the original data?

8. Given the following distributions, state whether each statement (a-g) is True or False
x x x
x x x
x x x x x
x x x
x x
x x x
x x x x x
x x x
x x
x x x x x
x x x x x
x x x x x x
a b c d e
a b c d e
a b c d e f
a) Distribution III has a larger range than II
b) Distribution I has a larger standard deviation than II
c) Distribution III is unimodal and I and II are not
d) Distribution I is symmetric and III is right skewed
e) The median in Distribution I is c
f ) A mode in I and II is c
g) Since III is left skewed, we might expect that the mean medianmode

9. During one semester, Professor Hassett wanted to sample the attitudes of the students
taking college algebra at his school. He decided to interview 15 of the 400 students
enrolled in the course. Professor Hassett had a registration list on which the 400 students
were numbered 1-400, so he could obtain a simple random sample of 15 students by
randomly selecting 15 numbers between 1 and 400. To do so, he used a table of random
numbers. The random-number table is presented as the following:
31466 49237 94872 92230 52367 13205 38634
He used multiple labeling. Please list first five registration numbers of students

10. Which scale of measurement is most appropriate for the following variables nominal,
ordinal, interval or ratio?
a) Political party affiliation (Democrat, Republican, unaffiliated).
b) The annual income of a car dealership.
c) Patient condition (good, fair, serious, critical)
d) Favorite beverage (beer, juice, milk, soft drink, wine, other)
e) Times of favorite TV broadcasts

11. Please complete the statements:

a) For any set of data, (either population or sample) and for any constant k(k>1 and not
necessarily integer valued), the proportion of the data that must lie within k standard
deviations on either side of the mean is at least (
). This is ______theorem.

b) The percent of the data that lies within 2.5 standard deviations of the mean when the
shape of the distribution is unknown is __________%.
c) When the distribution is mound-shaped, the percent of the data within 2 standard
deviations of the mean is ___________%.

12. The data which ranges from 15 to 555 needs to be arranged in a histogram with 9
classes. What will be the class width?

13. Which sampling method has the property that differences between groups are small
compared to differences within groups?

14. A school administrator wants to learn about the opinions of parents on European trips
during winter break. She has 4000 students, 40% of whom are freshmen, 20% of whom
are sophomores, 10% of whom are juniors and 30% of whom are seniors. She decides to
randomly select 50 freshmen, 40 sophomores, 30 juniors and 60 seniors to form a sample
of students. Suppose that 20 of the freshmen parents, 10 of the sophomore parents, 15 of
the junior parents and 12 of the senior parents were in favor of school trips, what is the
overall estimate of the percent of students whose parents are in favor of school trips to
Europe during winter break?

15. The following scores belong to a sample:

25 22 21

22 21


a) Compute the value of s, the sample standard deviation.

b) What is the sample variance?

c) If this were a population instead of a sample, what would be the value of the
population standard deviation?

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