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Asefa will keep on improving in every aspect
to benefit both customers and their organizations.
Besides local R&D, we're also recruiting newer and
higher technology from different sources to develop
our products and systems.
Asefa started the first technology transfer by being licensed to manufacture
Schneider's Type-Test Switchboard, and then NEX Type-Test HV/MV metal-clad
Switchgear, and now:
BIOSCO MV/LV Prefabricated Substation.

BIOSCO: Licensed Product Design

Conformity with standards
BIOSCO has been tested in accordance to IEC publication :
62271-202 (former 61330) and 60694 for prefabricated HV / LV substation.


The type certificate of conformity guarantees that the product has been
subjected to type testing according to standardized procedures (ISO / IEC 17025)
in approved laboratories by independent organizations and is in conformity with
recognized international standards.
For BIOSCO, certification has been carried out by L2E approved external
organization, members of the STL (Short-circuit Testing Liaison).

Substation Range upto 24 kV

The Schnieder-Asefa MV/LV prefabricated substation is
part of a comprehensive offer of products with consistent
The Unit Substation is a co-branded product offer covering
the best of products from Schneider Electric & Asefa.
BIOSCO design comes from Schneider Electric, France.
All LV & MV electrical distribution products come from
Schneider Electric, Thailand. The transformer and LV panels
& housing are products from Asefa.
All these products have been designed to operate together
to ensure electrical, mechanical and communication
Synergy of Schneider-Asefa is optimized and more efficient:
better continuity of supply, enhanced safety for people and
equipment, guaranteed upgradeability, effective monitoring
and control.
Combined with your know-how and creativity, Guiding
System ensures optimum installations that are dependable,
upgradeable and compliant with standards.

Leaders get together...

Schneider - Asefa
Asefa under license from Schneider Electric manufactures
BIOSCO Unit Sub Station
BIOSCO design & know-how from Schneider Electric, France
BIOSCO design conforming to IEC 62271 202
(former 61330 1st edition, November 1995)
A co-branded product covering the best of products :
Schneider Electric - LV & MV products
NEX fully type - tested MV switchgear up to 24 kV, 2500A, 31.5 kA/1s
BLOCKSET fully type - tested LV switchboard up to 690V, 6300A, 100kA 4/1s
Main Functions
Reconfigure the MV network and protect a MV/LV transformer
Supply LV energy
Distribute and protect the LV network
Manage functions remotely
Prefabrication Offers
Conformity to IEC 62271-202
Reproducible level of quality
Manufactured, assembled and equipped in a factory
Shorter installation time
Delivered ready to be connected
Schneider Electric Support
The BIOSCO design is intended for local manufacturer with full support from
Schneider Electric by applying technical industrial quality control process.
Quick Response
BIOSCO target offers:
Enclosure, MV switchgear, transformer & LV switchboard
Fast response to requests for quotation and tender
Optimal solutions with advanced features
Quick delivery time in 4-6 weeks (enclosure only)
Emotional Sales
Value added

Consisting Equipment
MV Switchgear:
RM6 Ring Main Unit
MV Switchgear:
Rated voltage : upto 24 kV
Rated current : 630 A

Transformer protection: 200 A up to 630 A according to specifications

Short-time withstand current: up to 20 kA-1s
LV Switchboard:
Master pact
Compact NSX, NS
Easy pact
LV Switchboard:
Rated voltage: 440 V
Incomer: up to 2000 A circuit breaker
Feeders: max. up to 10 nos. of 250 A MCCB or 7 nos. of 400 A MCCB or 5 nos.
of 630 A MCCB
MV/LV Transformer:
Oil-type transformer
Dry-type cast resin transformer
MV/LV Transformer:
Rated MV voltage: up to 24 kV
Power: up to 1000 kVA*
* For rating higher than 1000 kVA, please contact us.
Remote Terminal Unit : Easergy T200
Fault Passage Indicator : Easergy Flair
Remote monitoring interface : Easergy W200
MV/LV Prefabricated Substation:
Galvanized steel
Factory-built Enclosure
Factory-built MV/LV substation assemblies meet
users' needs with respect to reliability, safety,
overall quality, time-savings and appropriateness
for the local surroundings (climatic conditions,
operating mode, architectural requirements).
2 mm-thick painted enclosure mounted on a hot-dip galvanized 4 mm-thick
Partitions between compartments with 2 mm-thick sheets.
Gasket/stiffeners provided as required.
Internal lighting facility provided.

BIOSCO substations have successfully passed internal arcing withstand test for
20kA 1s.
Access to MV & LV compartment provided through a double-door arrangement.
Louvers designed for natural ventilation and thermal class 10
Roof designed to support load up to 2500 N/m2
Spaciously designed to have adequate clearance
Degree of protection for MV/LV compartment is IP44 & for transformer
compartment is IP33
LV interconnection made of CU busbars/cable
Internal earthing with 25x2mm copper busbars

BIOSCO substation with outdoor operation

(1) For distribution transformers of more than 1000 kVA, please refer to us.
(2) Please refer to us for other types of enclosures.
(3) Not cumulative with 4-function MV switchboard and remote control

Installation and Civil Works

BIOSCO type-tested substations supply up to 1000 kVA(1) of electrical power to
LV networks. These functional assemblies are
Factory-built and type-tested assembly
Ready for network connection
Equipped for outdoor operation; in compliance with IEC 62271-202; (61330 1
edition, November 1995)
Equipped for manually or remote control in MV network management.
Description of BIOSCO substations
BIOSCO substations are basically comprised of
Hot-dip galvanized steel of 2 mm thickness for frame & roof and 4 mm
thickness for base (2)
MV switchboard, which is a compact RM6 unit with 2, 3 or 4 function
Transformer of hermetically sealed, oil-immersed type, equipped with draw-out
MV terminals; the maximum admissible dimensions of the transformer are: 1650
mm (length), 1700 mm (height), 1100 mm (width)
LV switchboard: either a fuse-protected feeder board fitted with a main incomer
and 4 to 12 feeders, or a rack fitted with a compact-type main circuit breaker
and circuit breaker feeders (at customer s request)
Talus 200 remote control interface available as an option (3)
All functions allowing remote control and monitoring of substations are combined
in this unit:
MV and LV connections
Options and accessories
- Internal arcing withstand equipment
- LV metering
- Internal lighting of MV and LV compartments
- Safety notices
- Oil holding tank
Choosing a BIOSCO Substation
Is to choose safety and accuracy
Guarantee of a type-tested substation
Advantages of a substation, assembled, equipped and cabled in a factory
BIOSCO substations are designed to ensure the control of temperature rise and
degrees of protection
Is to choose performance
The range of a world leader in MV and LV switchgear in prefabricated
Is to choose a team that takes your needs into account
Technical support
Adaptation to your needs
Is to choose world-wide requirements

BIOSCO specification guide providing all characteristics and installation and

operation conditions