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A nation of dunces?

Written by Elizabeth Pisani

One thing that very obvious about this article is that it has a lot of researches
though I dont know if it were conducted by the writer herself or by other people. This
article is about the education in Indonesia presented in some aspects with a lot of
From this article, I really can relate to some of the statements stated by the
writer. But, there are also other statements that I dont agree with. In this article, you
will see a lot of problem about the education system but you cant really pin point the
actual main problem.
When I read the title of this article, A nation of dunces? I think that it is
rather disparaging. I dont think that its a nation of dunces, its just that the people,
they dont care enough about the problems theyre facing. Thats something that this
nation need to change, we have to that behaviour and start to act more in order to
overcome the problems this nation have.

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