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Report Date: Mar 2, 2015

Steven Steele
Born: January 24, 1991 at 2:52 PM in Alton, IL




The Inner Reflections Birth Report produces an in-depth psychological reflection of your life. It describes your basic motivations, your
ways of looking at things and the tendencies that come together to form your personality and charactergiving a highly detailed
overview of who you are.
This report will give you greater clarity and make it easier for you to aim higher in life. In the process, you will more easily be able to
resolve inner conflictsif only by letting go of tendencies that no longer serve your best interests.
Contradictory urges and inner conflicts are examined in the context of your natural interests and drives. The Inner Reflections report
provides insights for self-discovery as well as practical guidelines for personal developmentto help you improve your chances for
love and success in this lifetime.
Enjoy your Inner Reflections report. May it help you realize greater personal success and happiness on your journey through life!

Table of Contents
Birth Chart: Summary of your Birth Chart
Chapter 1: The Structure and Intent of Your Life
Chapter 2: The Sun - Your Ego Structure
Chapter 3: The Moon - Your Personal Life
Chapter 4: Mercury - Your Mental Life
Chapter 5: Venus - Your Love of Nature
Chapter 6: Mars - Your Energy
Chapter 7: Jupiter - Your Values
Chapter 8: Saturn - Your Obligations
Chapter 9: Uranus - Your Search for Freedom
Chapter 10: Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals
Chapter 11: Pluto - Your Need for Fundamental Change
Chapter 12: Summation
Appendix: Glossary of Astrological Terms and Abbreviations

Your Birth Chart Wheel

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Steven Steele




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January 24, 1991, 02:52 PM Standard time

Alton, Illinois


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180 10

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Scorpio 5th







Summary of your Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of
astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:


Deg Sign





20 Taurus



12 Capricorn



24 Aquarius









28 Capricorn



11 Capricorn



15 Capricorn



20 Scorpio






15 Pisces


Tropical Placidus
Standard time
GMT: 20:52:00 Time Zone: 6 hours West

Chapter 1. The Structure and Intent of Your Life

There are four items of general interest that we want to take up here in Chapter I: A) Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis, B)
Elements and Modes, C) the Ascendant and Midheaven, and D) the Conjunctions. These four categories give us an intelligent
overview of how you structure personal experience and what you aim for in life. This general patterning gives us a context to
understand the specific personal meaning of the material in Chapters 2 through 11.
A. Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis
The different areas of life are laid out in the horoscope by spatial territories called houses. These areas of life show interests
and general involvements for each person. These areas can be grouped together for a vast overview of most basic inclinations

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of the person. The most useful general grouping of houses is into hemispheres and quadrants. Emphasis in a hemisphere or
quadrant shows a particularly strong focus toward life from that perspective.
1. Hemisphere
The horoscope can be split into 2 equal parts, either horizontally (giving us the upper and lower hemispheres) or vertically
(giving us the right and left hemispheres). The Upper Hemisphere shows the outer, more extroverted side of the personality.
The Lower Hemisphere shows the more introverted and hidden side of the personality. In the Left Hemisphere planets are
rising and this shows action. In the Right Hemisphere planets are setting and this shows reaction.
Most Planets Above the Horizon
You have the majority of your planets above the horizon showing that you have a need for contact with the outer world in
order to feel fulfilled each day. You enjoy projects, achieving and a sense of accomplishment. Success for its own sake is
more important than what security it might present to you.
Most Planets Setting
You have the majority of your planets on the western half (or right-hand side) of your chart. Your natural tendency is to
seek others' approval and to question the probable outcome of an action before putting your first efforts forward.
2. Quadrant
The two ways of splitting the horoscope into hemispheres can be applied simultaneously giving us four quadrants. The First
is called the quadrant of personality. The Second is called the quadrant of the environment. The Third is called the quadrant
of relationship. The Fourth is called the quadrant of service.
Most Planets in the Third Quadrant
You have the majority of your planets in the third quadrant. You desire to relate and will seek out experiences that bring
you in contact with people and increase your scope of information of others. This is your primary motivation in all
activities. You want physical, emotional, or intellectual contact with others. This is your primary vehicle of personal
B. Elements and Modes
The Elements and Modes show what we aim for in life. They show our broadest focus and in the most general sense, how we
go about achieving our goals.
1. Elements
The four elements (fire, earth, air and water) are the most comprehensive inventory of the personality that we have. Everything
in the universe including the human personality can be examined in terms of the four elements. Fire is your basic
enthusiastic urge, Earth shows your concern for the material world, Air is the element of abstract thought, Water is your
empathy impulse. Fire and earth are primitive and focus on the self. Air and water are derivative and focused on others. Fire
and air are naturally extrovert, optimistic, active, and freedom oriented. Earth and water are basically introverted, pessimistic,
passive, and security oriented.
Jupiter is your only fire planet. You have 10% of your chart in fire. You struggle to sustain your energy and enthusiasm for
projects that you become involved in. Over-enthusiasm or over-projection may get you into trouble; your optimism turning
to pride, you are not able to progress. For this reason, make sure that your life path sustains the values you hold. Be very
selective as to what projects you put forward. There is always a danger that if your vision is far out in front of your energy
so that your energy is spread over too many projects. Success is aided through honest self-appraisal.

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You have an abundance of earth in your chart showing that you are a cautious and thorough person. You build material
security in life. If, for any reason, this isn't happening you feel miserable. This can point to a problem of valuing the wrong
things in life and chasing empty dreams. Ask yourself how much you really need and let it go at that. You can be an
earnest and hard working person if over-acquisitiveness doesn't blind you.
You have 30% of your chart in the air element. You vacillate between being very interested in people and ideas and
needing time by yourself. Periodic isolation and an involvement with routine, commonplace activities that do not require
innovation are relaxing for you. You need both spontaneous activities as well as predictable patterns in your life.
Pluto is your only water planet. Consequently you have just 10% of your chart in the water element. Developing a
meaningful personal life requires you to go to the depths of your being and transform some unspoken suppositions.
Years of your life can go by before recognizing that you are not as in touch with your feelings as you would like to be. You
see this as an area to be improved on and work hard to get a more meaningful empathetic flow in your life.
2. Modes
The three modes are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. The modes of expression show how you act out your urges in the world.
They represent your most basic responding mechanism toward all of life experience. The cardinal planets show direct
expression in physical action, leadership ability and strength. The fixed mode planets in your chart show reaction,
consistency, persistency, endurance and stubbornness. The mutable planets in your chart show synthesis, blending,
malleableness, thought, forethought, debate and wisdom. The following statements show the way the three modes manifest
in your life.
You have an abundance of cardinal planets in your chart. You are very active. You are able to choose a direction and go
your own way in life. You are stronger than most of the people you know and this gives you a natural desire for leadership.
Be aware, you act impulsively and this can be either a strength or a weakness. Try to control your assertions so that you
stay in harmony with your environment and you won't suffer from self-inflicted accidents or difficulties.
A tremendous amount of your chart is in the fixed mode. You have endurance. Whether a course of action is good or bad
you are more likely to stay with it than change. The principle of inertia is with you. When you rest, you have real difficulty
getting going. When you are in motion, you have real difficulty stopping or even changing directions (even slightly). People
find you a loyal friend and a tenacious enemy.
Adjusting to circumstances that you cannot control or ignore is quite difficult. When you do make this type of concession, it
is because you want something that you can only get in this manner. You bring the full expression of your energy to these
situations. But hopefully, you are able to make these changes quickly and thoroughly because they are not easy or natural
for you.
C. The Ascendant and Midheaven (Signs and Aspects)
1. The Ascendant

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The ascendant is symbolic of our relationship to our immediate environment. This is the point rising in the east when we are
born. One manifestation of our immediate environment is our physical body. The physical environment includes our body, our
surroundings and our emotional and mental states. Thus, the ascendant tells us how our inner core expresses itself, and
how we take in information from others and the universe generally. The sign rising in your horoscope tells us the type of
energy you are processing, the type of physical body that you have for doing the processing and the natural inclinations you
have in the personal arena in life. The planets in aspect to your ascendant tell us the kind of energy and stamina you have as
natural allies in life. The ascendant is opposite the seventh house cusp (the place where we meet others and the world).
This axis (ascendant-descendant) is how we clarify ourselves through relationships. Planets in aspect to this axis indicate
the types of people and the types of relationships we seek as well as how and why we seek them.
Cancer Rising
You have a deep nostalgic and emotional streak. Family, community and the past color your vision of life and what you
see as the possible. Your winning quality is that you are very personable and kind. You are sensitive and may try to
conceal the depth of your feelings in any relationship because you are afraid of your sensitivity being used against you.
You attempt to make your world safe by excluding anyone or anything that you can't bond with. This means that you have
more trouble than most getting new ingredients into your experience. Your relationship to your parents and your parents'
relationship to each other will tend to be replicated in all of your interactions in life. Issues that have to do with your family
life have a certain priority on your consciousness because of this.
Sun Quincunx the Ascendant
Others do not see you as clearly as you would like. This can lead to misunderstanding and frustrations. Don't be shy
about asserting yourself, but, know that it takes much effort to get your true message across to others.
Moon Semi-Square the Ascendant
You have a certain amount of painful self-awareness that stops you from expressing your true feelings as easily as
others. Still, your feelings run deep and do come out. Try to worry less about whether or not others understand your
intentions. Don't let difficulties in your daily routines stop you from completing your obligations.
Jupiter Semi-Sextile the Ascendant
The fullness of life seems to elude you, even when you throw yourself wholeheartedly into action. You are lucky and life
will sustain you but, learn to ask for what you want in stages rather than trying to fulfill every urge at once.
Pluto Sesquiquadrate the Ascendant
You have a warm magnetic charm that others will find appealing or repelling, depending on their temperament. Your
good efforts can be swept aside in a minute when your deep need for self transformation locks on to a new and
experimental channel only to have it be a dead end. Be lighthearted and kind with yourself and you will be more pleasant
for others. Compulsion and drive give you focus and stamina and will help you accomplish much on any research project
even though these same qualities play havoc in your personal life. You enjoy intensity and find your stride with others who
share this.
2. The Midheaven
The Midheaven is the high point in your chart. It indicates what you aspire for, what you see as your duty, and what authority
and limits are about. Because of this basic meaning the Midheaven indicates how you live out your social station and what
you do for your career. The point opposite the Midheaven is the fourth house cusp, referred to as the nadir, which is the
indication of our roots, our heritage. This axis (Midheaven-Nadir) indicates the way we grow in life. The sign on the Midheaven
shows our basic energy and approach toward dealing with the world. Planets in aspect to the Midheaven show qualities of
our inner being that we wish to contribute to the world and that we wish to be fulfilled through our interaction with the outer

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Pisces Midheaven
The natural high-mindedness that you approach career with may seem naive to others. You are the perennial youth. The
world often helps you because of your ideals. You have an easier time when you stick to a single course of action long
enough to see results.
Moon Sextile Midheaven
You have an inner knowing as to what will happen in a group so you work well with the public. Your mind and emotions
are well balanced against each other and this helps you access and express your very fertile imagination. Others like you
as they sense your natural empathy. As you become comfortable with yourself and your own feelings you are able to
express your feelings to others in an inspirational way.
Mercury Sextile Midheaven
You have the ability to explain your thoughts well to others. You are able to change your attitudes and inclinations to go
along with changes in the circumstances in your life.
Saturn Semi-Square Midheaven
Your difficulty with authority puts you in an uncomfortable position. On one hand, you don't like taking responsibility for the
actions of others around you and don't want to be burdened by responsibilities for groups. Yet, you don't like the loss of
control that comes from following decisions made by others who assume a position of authority. This makes
participation in groups problematic. As you get clearer in your method for setting your personal boundaries you are able
to join groups without feeling loss of self. Life gets easier when you plan your time realistically and overcome fears
surrounding authority and responsibility.
Uranus Sextile Midheaven
Your humanitarian and futuristic instincts supply you with unique problem solving skills. Your natural drive in career will
be toward the new, the innovative, and the progressive. You have a knack for discovering the way to get the most freedom
in your job.
Neptune Sextile Midheaven
You are very sensitive to others and to your culture. You have an artistic gift as well as sensitivity for dealing with others.
You are happiest in some line of work that promotes an ideal, and utilizes your forecasting abilities.
Pluto Trine Midheaven
Computers, math, psychology and working with symbols can be important on your job. You like digging out secrets and
can be very well suited for research. You have strength of character that makes you a difficult person to oppose.
D. The Conjunctions.
A Conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same immediate area of the Zodiac. The conjunctions in your chart show
central linkings of basic energies in your life. When one area (represented by a planet) expresses itself, it brings along the other
area (represented by the other planet). When you are studying the rest of this printout of your life, keep in mind that linking of
these energies is a central theme in your life and these areas should be studied together.
Sun Conjunct Saturn
Think of Chapters 2 and 8 as a single unit. These two very primary ingredients of your being express themselves together.
Whatever affects one of them affects both of them. This Conjunction represents a central theme in your life.

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Moon Conjunct Mars

Think of Chapters 3 and 6 as a single unit. This Conjunction colors your unconscious habits and your basic attitude toward
life. This is an extremely important ingredient of your identity and represents a primary attribute of your personality.
Mercury Conjunct Uranus
Think of Chapters 4 and 9 as a single unit. This Conjunction is a central indicator of the way you interact with people and your
Mercury Conjunct Neptune
Think of Chapters 4 and 10 as a single unit. This Conjunction is a central indicator of the way you interact with people and
your environment
Uranus Conjunct Neptune
Think of Chapters 9 and 10 as a single principle showing you an unusual and idealistic vision of the world. This Conjunction
represents a central even if periodic focus in your life.

Chapter 2. The Sun - Your Ego Structure

The Sun is the center of the solar system. All life revolves around it within this sphere. In the same way, the ego is the center of
personal identity and gives integration and continuity to individual experience. In this sense, it might be said that the Sun shows
character. This is the fixed pillar at the center of the person around which all else circulates or revolves.
The sign placement of the Sun shows the center of the individual's basic character. The sign of the Sun is the most primary indicator
of the forms of experience you are attracted to. Further, this most important placement shows how and why you are attracted to these
The house placement of the Sun sign shows the primary area of expression for the individual in life. There is a psychological,
emotional, and physical significance to the house placement of the Sun. Aspects to the Sun show ways that the core of the
personality are linked to other component elements in the individual's life. Aspects to the Sun have a deep and overriding
significance in the life of the individual and are generally more important, more prominent than other aspects in the chart.
Sun in Aquarius
You are a humanitarian and an individualist. Your methodology in life tends to be unconventional and detached but you have
good organizing skills. You know how to integrate several points of view and perspectives. You are a good coordinator, able to
handle people and complex scheduling tasks. You have an overview, an intellectual synthesis of circumstances which doesn't
lose track of priorities and first principles. You seek the truth in any situation, but it sometimes eludes you; the truth is often found
in more emotional channels than the ones on which you automatically focus. If your life is to have depth, You will need to develop
both your practical skills an well as your emotional skills.
Sun in the 8th House
You tend to be withdrawn and secretive. Because of your interest in activity behind the scenes you may find your natural place in
life working on something which requires large amounts of time alone. Your self-picture moves in extremes from blunt and dull
to layer upon layer of infinitely rich textures.
Sun in the 8th House Unafflicted

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Brick by brick, you build success. It's slow but it does come. You filter all experience and compare one item to another, selecting
one at a time, that which works best. You prefer an attitude of doing more with less. a lot goes on in your soul that most people
never see. You are hard to get close to, but others are always rewarded for their effort to get to know you.
Sun is in Soft Aspect to Your Mars
You are full of energy. When you get excited about a project you are very enthusiastic and quick to act on a plan. Your sense of
right and wrong translate into action. You are brave, willing to "stand up for what you see as right".
Sun Trine Your Mars
Your vitality and endurance are strong and unstoppable. You are physically active and have inspirational qualities that give your
nature some leadership qualities. You are going somewhere and wish others to follow you.
Sun is in Hard Aspect to Your Jupiter
You are lucky, but suffer from the tendency to "overplay your hand". You feel lucky and justified in the good coming to you. Your
optimism easily becomes opportunism. Your life improves when you insist on "earning your own way". Pride will sometimes
block your vision. Conceit leads you to wrong choices. Try being more empirical and less superstitious. Learning comes
naturally and when you translate this quality into learning about yourself, life gets better in many ways. Strive for integrity when
you catch yourself being overly pompous.
Sun Opposition Your Jupiter
You chase "the good life" and often get things that others only dream about. But to be really happy you have to concentrate on
what you have, rather than on what you are missing. Love of life and generosity to people are "benchmarks" of your career. You
are happiest when you feel genuinely grateful for what you have.
Sun Conjunct Saturn
You experience life as a serious affair. You struggle for what comes to you, but good things in life do come to you. You are hardworking, disciplined, and patient. You need to guard against being overly suspicious of others and learn to be more charitable
towards yourself and the world. You can suffer from painting an overly gloomy picture of life and your situation. This can lead to
depression. You are capable of and should practice being responsible without being cynical. You can be self-reliant without
being callous.

Chapter 3. The Moon - Your Personal Life

The Moon inscribes a circle around the earth. It moves more swiftly than other astronomical bodies and thus represents day to day
and moment to moment movements, adjustments and preoccupations. The Moon is the symbol of the personal life which is molded
and shaped by our environment, by events, and by social and familial expectations. Further, the Moon shows our responses to life
which are based on our past habits, experiences, our heritage and our individual and collective cravings.
The sign placement of the Moon shows how you project yourself to the general public, how the instinctive and imaginative
component of your mind operates, how you express your feelings and your most general experiences of your family and mother.
The house placement of the Moon shows how and where you make day to day adjustments. Further, it shows the things you are
most interested in dealing with in order to gain emotional equilibrium.
The aspects of the Moon show the general characteristics of the personality that are emphasized. Planets in aspect to the Moon are

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symbolic of qualities in the personality that are used instinctively, habitually and with a high degree of versatility.
Moon in Taurus
You have a sense of inner satisfaction that is both your strength and your weakness. On one hand, you know how to be
persistent, to feel contented and to take the sensuous joy in the goodness of life. On the other hand, you may have real difficulty
getting going when your circumstances require change. You may have some talent for the arts and you certainly love the creation
of beauty. Your feelings run deep and your instincts and reactions to life are very colored by your past experiences.
Moon in the 11th House
You are popular and although people often pass through your life, you are seldom absolutely alone. On this same theme you are
apt to have several children. You have an easy time making new social contacts; thus, you are known to many people.
Moon in the 11th House Unafflicted
Friendships are powerful and wholesome. You develop a more emotionally satisfying income from your career as you get older.
You instinctively seem to know what your time is worth, and are good at balancing a lot of people and details off against one
Moon is in Hard Aspect to Your Venus
You have a desire to come before the public, to be recognized by others. You are really shy and have difficulty putting your best
foot forward. At times, you withhold yourself or even intentionally put your worst foot forward. You want to gain acceptance for who
you really are rather than take people in with a surface charm. You long for significance and relationships are always in jeopardy
until you know and accept yourself at a deep level.
Moon Square Your Venus
You are over-sensitive to others and care too much about what they think about you. Not that you let them know this. You would
be quite upset if they did. You need to cultivate good business sense as you will spend money unnecessarily, then not have it
when you need it. Your timing is off with relationships as your shyness and sensitivity gets in the way of being comfortable with
others. Eating can be a compensation for things that aren't working in life. Remember, sugar is a love substitute. Ask for what
you really want.
Moon Conjunct Mars
At best you are courageous and powerful. You need to be careful that your excessive emotional patterns don't run away with you.
You act rashly and cause difficulty for yourself and others. Try to direct your energy into constructive channels. Avoid eating when
upset and get physical exercise; it will give you emotional release.
Moon is in Soft Aspect to Your Saturn
You are cautious and a careful planner. You lay a firm foundation in all that you do. Your instincts and habits are basically
conservative. You are satisfied with slow progress. You apply the principles of consistency and patience to your benefit.
Moon Trine Your Saturn
You do what seems right to you regardless of what others think. But what others think gets factored into your overall reality
assessment which in turn determines what you do. You are accomplished, dutiful and disciplined in your daily habits. This leads
to self-sacrifice without any great fanfare. You are talented but self-satisfied and content which keeps you aiming at the center of
the road. This conservatism protects you from extremes of action so you may not accomplish much but you are always
sufficiently productive to get rewarded for your efforts.
Moon is in Soft Aspect to Your Neptune

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You have a deep and abiding connection with music and art. When you are upset or feeling unbalanced; you can gain a sense of
peace through music, meditation, and isolation. You are a sensitive and creative soul. As long as you are not too passive, your
life has the good fortune to unfold along the path of least resistance. (Becoming too passive can mean stagnation). You are
idealistic and believe the best about people. This is good and helps people, but remember to concentrate on people as they are,
and not just what they might become. a lofty potential is always there but might not ever manifest.
Moon Trine Your Neptune
Your senses become a deep road to pleasure and your idealistic mannerisms and proposals win you an audience which you
inspire. You are very sensitive and need time alone, in quiet surroundings, in order to be balanced. You have a deep
appreciation for music and are moved emotionally by its color, rhythm and timbre.
Moon is in Hard Aspect to Your Pluto
You easily get so emotionally "locked up" that it becomes difficult to alter or arrest a pattern once it has begun. You can suffer a
lot by cutting yourself off from others. You may end a relationship that you desperately want if you feel the other person may reject
you or abandon you sometime in the future. You demand a loyalty from others that isn't only unrealistic, but is also something
you are incapable of or unwilling to give to others yourself. Further, you are capable of forming compulsive attachments where
you hang onto a relationship long after the other person has left you emotionally or even physically. In either of these cases,
clearly you have to come to terms with the issue of power and control. Don't be afraid of not being in control. Achieve self-control,
understand your own emotions and your life becomes much easier. You might explore your relationship with your mother as it
had a much deeper effect on you than for most people. You have ability to work with large figures and with money and finance.
You are able to conceptualize many different items of experience simultaneously. If your emotions don't get in your way, you
become a leader in some realm.
Moon Opposition Your Pluto
Emotional standoffs block your growth. Rational compromise stops addictive and self-defeating behavior. It takes tremendous
self insight to see that the things that bother you most about others are qualities of your own being. Real change in your
emotional nature is not only possible but inevitable. Don't ever lose hope or indulge in thoughts of failure or guilt. Real release of
old emotional habits brings instant transformation.

Chapter 4. Mercury - Your Mental Life

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. From the viewpoint of the earth it seems to dart back and forth across the face of the Sun,
having three retrograde cycles a year. Mercury is the planet of your mental life. It shows how you receive, process and disseminate
information. The sign placement of Mercury shows your basic attitude and mental habits. The aspects of Mercury show your scope of
vision and your methods for accomplishing tasks.
Mercury in Capricorn
Your mind is practical, clear and literal. You see the world pretty much as it actually is. You are naturally resourceful because you
are conservative as to what you feel is possible in any circumstance. You have a sense of diplomacy and impeccable timing in
your conversation and communication. This is not out of courtesy so much as out of your perception of how things are. You make
changes along well thought out and accepted lines. You see the correct time and then jump at the right moment. Your life
improves when you cultivate optimism and a deeper ability to adapt to change.
Mercury in the 7th House
You are attracted to people who you feel are interested in life and who are good conversationalists. You feel comfortable relating

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with those you have a past history with. Your own thoughts become clearer through dialogue.
Mercury Conjunct Uranus
You get a new idea every minute and have difficulty waiting to express it. You are truly innovative and original in your thought
process. While you are nervous, you do have good mechanical aptitude. If you can get control of your hands and mind, you can
be quite inventive. You have a love for technical subjects and do your best work while blazing new trails on the frontiers of
knowledge. Most of your difficulties stem from situations that require you to be regular, ordinary, and consistent, conforming to
everyone else's procedures. Unfortunately for you, a certain amount of traditional training is necessary or no one will understand
how good your ideas really are. You have a flood of New Age information in you. You need to find a way to express it.
Mercury Conjunct Neptune
You have a soft and dreamy mind that is very much involved with ideals and values. You should have a safe and productive outlet
for your imagination like writing, dancing, music, or painting. Without artistic or cultural interests you will be prone to daydreaming
and escapist fantasies that keep you in social isolation. You are psychic and have impressions of what the future will be that get
filtered through your own mental history and predispositions. This can be unsettling for you. This characteristic can be a
tremendous asset when it no longer frightens you. Your forecasting ability is essential to success in any career where it is
applied such as design work, advertising, or stock market projections. You are not at peace unless the whole culture somehow
benefits from what you do.

Chapter 5. Venus - Your Love of Nature

The planet Venus shows the way you express your love nature and what you aspire for in life as good or beautiful. Venus has much
to do with how you form your values. The sign placement of Venus shows the type of love energy you have. The house placement of
Venus shows the natural area of expression of the love energy. The aspects of Venus indicate how and under what circumstances
you express the gentle and loving side of your nature.
Venus in Aquarius
You love intellectual stimulation and companionship. You are idealistic, social and really unselfish. You are humanitarian and
unconventional and unafraid of the path in front of you, regardless of whether others have been this way before or not. You value
music, poetry and art from the future or the ancient past, often both. You find inner balance through your search for reality and
through large humanitarian projects.
Venus in the 9th House
You have a love of faraway places and people. Because travel is an important value for to you, it is likely that you will spend some
time in a foreign country. You are devotional and very intuitive. You have the ability to inspire anyone that you feel close to. You
help others bring out the best in themselves.
Venus in the 9th House Afflicted
You may have set your aim so high that you can't get going on any project. If you find yourself longing for the unattainable, you
need to stop dreaming and start moving. Listen to others, and not just those people who agree with your point of view and your
life starts working more comprehensively. This can be your road to happiness.
Venus in Aspect to the Moon
You have an aspect between Venus and the Moon. This shows that you have a powerful emotional nature and are affected at a
deep level by other people's thoughts and opinions of you. This was taken up in some detail for you in Chapter 3.

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Venus is in Hard Aspect to Your Mars

You are prone to emotional and financial excess. Your beliefs and values are at odds with your desires and it takes a lot of
energy to integrate the two. You may become very interested in the baser, more physical side of romance. This is because you
instinctively look for a common denominator between desires and values. The way out of this dilemma is to work at helping
others and avoid putting energy into the selfish side of your drives.
Venus Square Your Mars
Conflict between love and desire causes a deep inner struggle. You look for "love in all the wrong places." Dancing, singing, and
music are a way that you can create more of a harmonious atmosphere around you. There is a self defeating and self destructive
chord in your nature which needs some instruction in the right direction in order to be more beneficial. First, be conscious of your
tendency to react to others; then, you automatically start lifting out of the baser side of your nature. When you catch yourself acting
in a way that is not in your best interest, concentrate on your ability to defer immediate pleasure for a long range good.
Venus is in Hard Aspect to Your Uranus
You have a very unusual and unstable emotional nature. You can be stubborn, cold, and detached one minute, then malleable,
solicitous and involved the next. You fall in and out of love easily. You are prone to abrupt but passing infatuations. As you get
older, you learn to not act immediately on your attractions. You are in love with freedom and relationships represent freedom to
you until you are really in them, then they seem like prison. When you find freedom inside your own soul your relationships
become more stable.
Venus Semi-Square Your Uranus
New and unusual things catch your attention. Your taste is fluctuating. You like different sorts of people for different reasons. You
need periodic breaks in your key love relationship in order to find emotional stability. Avoid being upset when little things go
wrong in your environment.
Venus is in Hard Aspect to Your Pluto
You are a great manipulator and are often caught up trying to make things appear a certain way. You are the one who suffers
from this tendency the most. You tend to get tied down to a pattern of endless repetition in relationships. You have difficulty in
letting go even when a situation is painful. You are always dealing with people as symbols of others who are not even present.
Love and power become confused with one another. You have a deeply lodged need to establish your sense of self worth. Once
this is secure you can overcome your fear of being dissolved in a relationship built on equality and will start having more normal
interactions. You need to be less concerned with how you appear to others and more concerned with how you are.
Venus Square Your Pluto
Your extremes of emotion and expression stop you from being able to get what you are attracted to. If you see that you have been
through the same picture a number of times; notice that your own fear, paranoia, and sedentariness is stopping you from
making important deep changes. Relax. Trust. Change.

Chapter 6. Mars - Your Energy

Mars is the planet of desires. It shows how you aim at your goals and how you power yourself toward your goals. Mars represents
your most fundamental wants. The sign placement of Mars shows the fundamental nature of your assertions. The house placement
of Mars shows the area of your life you are most likely to focus on. The aspects to Mars show how and to what extent your desires
and assertions are involved with other aspects of living.

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Mars in Gemini
Your desires are very electric and effervescent. You desire to communicate but would rather talk than write. Writing takes too
much time. You are nervous and excitable. Your method for getting what you want is to work with intermittent flashes of
inspiration. You adjust your approach to new circumstances all the time.
Mars in the 12th House
You desire an ideal. You are impulsive but have good psychic sense for being able to turn any situation to your advantage.
Because your natural drive is toward the unmanifest, it is easy for you to "tune out" of your immediate surroundings and live
inside your feelings, projections, and expectations.
Mars in the 12th House Unafflicted
A steady stream of energy sustains you. You have inwardly bonded with something larger than your own life; this long-range
habit pattern gives a touch of the ideal to everything you do.
Mars in Aspect to the Sun
You have an aspect of Mars to the Sun. This shows that you have a very strong and direct nature. Your energy and vitality are key
ingredients to your self concept. This issue is taken up in some detail in the Chapter 2.
Mars in Aspect to the Moon
Mars in aspect to the Moon shows that you have a lot of energy wrapped up in your instinctive consciousness. This insight is
detailed out in Chapter 3.
Mars in Aspect Venus
You have Mars in aspect to Venus. This aspect shows sex appeal and interest in romance. This aspect is covered more fully in
Chapter 5.
Mars is in Soft Aspect to Your Saturn
You know how to get to your goals in life by steady, patient, and persistent progress. You have good, practical overviews of the
final result of your efforts. You are good at planning a strategy and sticking to it. You build your projects and your life with bedrock
security in mind, with as little risk as possible. Discipline, patience, hard work, and the blessing of good judgment work together
to form a picture that looks like "luck" to others.
Mars Trine Your Saturn
You are an excellent judge of your limits and create much goodness for yourself by appreciation for what is appropriate socially
and for what is permanent in life. You express yourself in a way that helps your long term projects manifest.
Mars is in Hard Aspect to Your Neptune
When you speak, others listen. You stir people to rethink basic assumptions. You need to be careful that high ideals do not
become an excuse for inaction, or that theory doesn't take the place of practice. There is a spiritual quality to your thoughts that
can point to fanatic rambling and an impractical attitude toward the responsibilities of life. Avoid drugs, alcohol and anything that
can be devitalizing. You need to constantly re-check your direction so as to ensure absolute integrity of purpose. You are prone to
expound a belligerent philosophy while harboring escapist fantasies.
Mars Sesquiquadrate Your Neptune
Flashes of insight and inspiration fly from you as you move through life. You are a person in motion, making lots of adjustments
for your vision of what is possible. When you are most creative you are often inadvertently self isolating. This happens because

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your ideals are at odds with most everyone else's conscious aspirations.

Chapter 7. Jupiter - Your Values

Jupiter is the king of the planets. He is in charge of the order of creation. Jupiter shows your values, where you feel confident and in
control, and where you feel you have something to teach others. The sign placement of Jupiter shows your values in life. The house
placement of Jupiter shows the area of life you feel luckiest in and the area you receive the most help from other people and from the
cosmos. The aspect patterns to Jupiter show the direct network of good and administrative power in your life.
Jupiter in Leo
You are drawn toward anything that gives you expression because your primary value is to display what you find in yourself. You
create a dramatic effect in life through personal display and amplification. You have a natural inherent pride in all you do. You are
loyal to ideas, ideals, and beliefs as well as people. a powerful sense of self colors the way you express your compassion to the
world. You are universal in outlook and naturally attracted to a big picture of life in general and of your life in particular. You are
generous because you believe you should share what you have. Your feeling is always that you have so much. Since you are
optimistic, you see opportunity where others only see limits. There is an expansive and pervasive quality to the way you meet life.
You create much in life but need to be on guard against vanity and extravagance; both can happen automatically, and both cause
you much trouble.
Jupiter in the 2nd House
You feel optimistic and confident about money. You anticipate that material good will come your way. Your optimism may
translate into a philosophy of abundance as you get older.
Jupiter in the 2nd House Afflicted
You may have real difficulties earning as much as you spend. You need to guard against extravagance. Avoid using others for
your own purposes.
Jupiter in Aspect to the Sun
You have an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun showing a deep connection between your values and your ego. As a consequence of
this you have a stronger faith in your beliefs than most people and you are more likely to act on them. You have the potential for
being quite an inspiration for others. In Chapter 1, there is more commentary on this trait of yours.

Chapter 8. Saturn - Your Obligations

The planet Saturn shows where you feel restricted. You feel obligations and fears through Saturn. Because of your feeling connected
with Saturn you are either responsible or neglectful. The sign placement of Saturn shows the basic type of energy connected with
your obligations. The house placement of Saturn shows an area of life that you feel restricted in and work hard to obtain the things
that come to you. The aspects of Saturn show the most direct involvement of other areas of your life with your feelings of
Saturn in Capricorn
You are afraid of not getting what you have coming. You are ambitious but have a sense of personal integrity. You are always

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striving for self control and try to channel your energy most productively. You are willing to start at the bottom and work your way
up. You keep striving and eventually get the recognition that you long for. As you get older you value inner control more than outer
worldly success.
Saturn in the 8th House
You know how to discipline yourself and keep your desires in check. Relationships seem to be a driven by a sense of duty as
they tend to drain your energy and your money. This is preventable. Clarification over possessions and responsibilities helps you
maintain productive exchanges with all your associations.
Saturn in the 8th House Unafflicted
You know instinctively how to benefit from existing structures. You may come into an inheritance at some time that carries
several conditions with it.
Saturn in Aspect the Sun
You have Saturn in aspect to the Sun showing that you identify deeply with your obligations in life. This aspect of your nature is
explored more deeply in Chapter 2.
Saturn in Aspect to the Moon
You have Saturn in aspect to the Moon showing a close relationship between your upbringing and your emotional outlook. This
connection is explored in its essence in Chapter 3.
Saturn in Aspect to Mars
You have Saturn in aspect to Mars showing a desire to build strong foundations in your life. This aspect of your nature is taken up
in Chapter 6.

Chapter 9. Uranus - Your Search for Freedom

The planet Uranus is beyond the orbit of Saturn and can't be seen without the aid of a telescope. It represents the sky in us, that
which transcends the limits of finite life. Uranus raises the vibration of everything it contacts. The sign placement of Uranus shows
your broadest striving for freedom. The house placement of Uranus indicates your area of direct unique expression. The aspects to
Uranus indicate the way you express your need for higher consciousness.
Uranus in Capricorn
You express your creativity and will through self-discipline and ambition. You have leadership potential which comes from your
organizing and legislative skills. You know how to get the most done with the least effort or energy.
Uranus in the 7th House
You like unique and unusual people. Engaging with others brings out a healthy competition and helps in the production of new
ideas. You have a romantic streak and you get involved with unusual people quite suddenly.
Uranus in the 7th House Afflicted
Your marriage and partnership may lack any real stability. Try to determine what the concept of freedom really means to you.
Spontaneous actions in the name of freedom can push you out of the safety of well established relationships. Strive to learn
freedom through commitments rather than freedom from commitments.

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Uranus in Aspect to Mercury

You have Uranus in aspect to Mercury. Your Mental attitudes express your quest for freedom. This is explained in Chapter 4.
Uranus in Aspect to Venus
You have Uranus in aspect to Venus. You look for freedom in your love life. You express your creativity in a unique way. This is
explained in the particular in Chapter 5.
Uranus Conjunct Neptune
You have a real desire to find new, unusual, and unique forms of expression. You have a subtle approach to ideals, anticipating
that the world will naturally manifest its higher potential. In this sense you have a naive faith in the goodness of life. You are
prone to going off into unusual states of consciousness. Part of you is always living in a lofty unaffected realm.

Chapter 10. Neptune - Your Spiritual Aspirations and Ideals

The planet Neptune has an almost perfectly circular orbit. It represents the part of our nature that strives for perfection, that looks to
some higher ideal. The planet Neptune rules the ocean and the part of us that is beyond the limits of the shores of personal
existence. The culture moves with the cycles of Neptune and it is the primary indicator of your connection to the culture that you live
in. The sign of Neptune shows an ideal that you desire to manifest. The house placement of Neptune shows the area of your life that
you want to express this ideal in. The aspect patterns of Neptune indicate the most direct connections yet most subtle networking of
your personality into the world at large.
Neptune in Capricorn
You have faith in perfection and see the world as being as it should be. This is depressing from a humanitarian view point, but
spiritually you understand in a very primary way that we all, society included, reap what we have sown. And that is perfect. In this
sense, you are conservative.
Neptune in the 7th House
Other people represent a higher ideal. You are prone to do a good deal of projecting in relationships until you find the ideals in
yourself that you see in others.
Neptune in the 7th House Unafflicted
You form platonic unions that facilitate the other person in expressing their highest ideals. Romantic illusions can carry you far
from your goals in life. In your personal life, stay focused on the present with less expectations for the future with other people.
Your belief in other people's inherent goodness is an active force for helping them bring forth their better selves.
Neptune in Aspect to the Moon
You have an aspect of Neptune to the Moon. This indicates a deep interest in the arts and in cultural pursuits. How your aesthetic
taste influences your daily life is discussed further in Chapter 3.
Neptune in Aspect to Mercury
You have an aspect of Neptune to your Mercury showing a deep vision of the truth and some psychic awareness. This perception
of yours is discussed in some detail in Chapter 4.

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Neptune in Aspect to Mars

You have Neptune in aspect with your Mars. This shows that you are idealistic and have a magnetic personality. How this works
out in your life is described in Chapter 6.
Neptune in Aspect to Uranus
You have Neptune in aspect to Uranus showing that one part of your nature will have a propensity to act out the unexpected. How
this manifests is indicated in Chapter 9.
Neptune is in Soft Aspect to Your Pluto
You are fundamentally an idealist. You would like to see change come about in a way that doesn't destroy the existing social
order. You believe in transition and transformation as saner and kinder principles of social change than revolutionary upheaval.
Neptune Sextile Your Pluto
Your higher ideals are the continuous recipient of forceful energy for change. Your long range perspective (even though this may
at times be unconscious) is always toward your ideals winning out through deep self transformation.

Chapter 11. Pluto - Your Need for Fundamental Change

The planet Pluto represents the dark underground part of you. It shows your ability to transform the most fundamental properties in
your own inner nature. The sign of Pluto is the way the obsessive, compulsive and committed part of your nature expresses itself.
The house placement of Pluto shows the area of life where you make your most fundamental and most potent changes. The
aspects to Pluto show the deepest most unconscious links in your personality structure.
Pluto in Scorpio
You are very resourceful and penetrating at best. You truly long for regeneration. Regeneration requires intense work on your
own inner nature. It is easier to turn your great force on others. At your worst, you are autocratic and ruthless. This side of your
nature is transformed as soon as you start experiencing personal growth as pleasurable.
Pluto in the 5th House
You may go through several life or death struggles to get the creative spirit in you to come out. No matter how much you seem to
give, there is always a feeling that you are holding something in reserve.
Pluto in the 5th House Unafflicted
You quietly wait your turn to bring your energy to focus in a public way. You are a passionate lover and put your whole being into a
romantic interchange if you get involved at all.
Pluto in Aspect to the Moon
You have an aspect of Pluto to the Moon. You have a deep connection to your mother. The nurturing side of your personality is
being transformed during this life. The details of this are indicated in Chapter 3.
Pluto in Aspect to Venus
You have an aspect of Pluto to Venus showing that you have a very deeply entrenched love nature that you are transforming. The
details of this are discussed in Chapter 5.

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Pluto in Aspect to Neptune

You have an aspect of Pluto to Neptune which shows your involvement in a large cultural process. This involvement is described
in Chapter 10.

Chapter 12. Summation

A. Your Uniqueness
Part of your style of being a person is tied to your personal method of adapting to and interacting with other people. This aspect
of your personality shows itself through every aspect of how you deal with the environment. This method of your being
encourages as well as reveals your uniqueness.
Your Major Planetary Aspect is a Parallel and Contraparallel.
You are very resourceful. You always find a deep inner strength with which to take some steps forward. When the going is
difficult, you are still able to build some type of victory or personal reward on anything that happens in your life. You have a
passive ability to endure and wait. You have an active talent for planning. Your keyword is Reorganization.
You Have No Planetary Semi-Sextiles.
Many of your unconscious habits change with some frequency. This disrupts the fabric of your everyday life to the point where
you experience less of a connection with the past than is comfortable for you. Because your past experience does not
function as fully as a positive building block for you, as it does for most people, it is difficult for you to use a pilot study as a
proving ground for new ideas. Your ventures often have to be tried in full force to be appreciated or even evaluated.
Consequently, you have difficulty getting your personal vision for the application of an idea to be perceived as practical by
others unless you can demonstrate the idea working in its fully manifested form. Accomplishment comes through focusing
on a project intensely until it is completed and then sharing it with others.
B. Your Easiest Areas
The following material is an index of things that you have developed as inner resources. You may take them for granted, but in
times of reevaluation and rest this part of your personality can provide you comfort and strength.
Well-Aspected Mercury.
You have good mental habits that aid you in seeing solutions to difficulties as they emerge. You are good at locating
alternatives when your forward progress is stopped.
Well-Aspected Saturn.
You know your limits. This single quality can stop you from getting into any deep troubles as you instinctively pull back to
preserve your gains before you become too vulnerable. The conservative side of your personality is an asset.
Moon in Taurus.
You have an inner strength that is rooted in uncommonly deep self-acceptance and self-satisfaction. You have very
consistent habits that help you.
Saturn in Capricorn.
You are responsible. You have a natural ability to complete any project for which you feel responsible. You have a good

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sense of timing.
Pluto in Scorpio.
Your commitment to change is so very fundamental that you are willing to start with yourself. You have the ability to put 100%
into everything you do.
C. Your Most Persistent Difficulties
This material describes the "cutting edge" of your work on yourself. The thoughts rendered here are meant as further guidelines
for growth. You should take difficulties and challenges in the right spirit. They are always positive indicators as to how you can
experience the joy of becoming a better person and more like your REAL SELF.
Afflicted Venus
You sell yourself short in love. You have great difficulty getting your true emotional intentions to the surface and selfexpression can be awkward, overly self-conscious, or ineffective in achieving your heart's desire. The key to personal
development in love and interpersonal expression lays in setting your emotional priorities. This leads to less conflict and to
the experience of more satisfaction.
Sun in Aquarius
You are indirect in your expression of the ego. For this reason, you are harder for others to get to know. Remember this when
you feel slighted or misunderstood. Concentrate on being more open to others.
Neptune in Capricorn
You don't recognize an ideal unless it has the ability to produce some tangible, measurable result. Your life improves
dramatically when you search out and promote ideals that you honestly feel are good for all people regardless of whether or
not it benefits you directly or not.
D. The Growth Aspects
The Growth aspects operate differently than other aspects in your chart. While it is possible to use them descriptively, as
showing finer shades of meaning within the chart, we wish to use them in a different manner for our purposes. The growth
aspects are tools of self development. If you apply attention to the various qualities in your nature linked through the growth
aspects, you will see positive change over time. These qualities generally do not show quick effortless solutions, but instead
show a path of change requiring exertion and emotional honesty. Under these circumstances, the way these aspects of your
nature change through time are truly amazing. The qualities mentioned here can be the very mechanisms to release the highest,
finest side of your nature.
Mercury in Growth Aspect to Jupiter
Learning to express the truth of any situation without exaggeration or self hyperbole is a long lesson. Consistent refocusing
on the higher implications of life, the moral and ethical significance of actions, has a refining effect on your mind.
Mercury Quincunx Jupiter
Exaggeration is second nature to you. Whatever you focus on tends to grow in your mind without anything happening in the
external world. Circumstances in life can easily seem much better or much worse than they really are. Learn to trust other
people's assessment and to judge life more on the concrete facts and less on moral pronouncements which tend to be very
colored by self justification and avoidance.
Jupiter in Growth aspect to Uranus
Learning how to turn your abrupt bursts of enthusiasm to your benefit becomes a mechanism for growth. There is an inner

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belief that you can obtain freedom and personal satisfaction in life by throwing yourself into action quickly. This is correct but
you will have to work on the techniques of self expression and substance of your life goals in order to get the higher side of
this aspect of your nature to function correctly.
Jupiter Quincunx Uranus
Overly ambitious, you have an intuitive grasp of the big picture, which stems from optimum flexibility of your values. You are
easily led by your impulses to quickly adjust to deep changes in your values. Without discipline you will be in trouble because
your enthusiasm will carry you into uncharted waters. Expression of your energy can get you into trouble. Slowly, you learn to
harness this expression into something truly creative.
E. The Declinations
There is another dimension to your astrology chart. This has to do with planets being the same distance from the celestial
equator. When both planets are on the same side of this plane there are called parallel. When the planets are the same
distance but on opposite sides of the celestial equator they are referred to as being contra-parallel. Both of these aspects
activate your ability to organize and reorganize some aspect of your life.
Moon Parallel Mars
Your chief emotion may well be impetuousness. Your manner of assertion has a biting, aggressive quality to it. Personal
likes and dislikes cut deep and are so strong that they always find some manner of expression. Understanding what makes
you act often just boils down to analyzing your emotional impulses.
Moon Parallel Ascendant
You have a close connection between your feelings and your activities. You have the ability to win other people's support for
your various endeavors in life. There is a roaming quality to your nature and some travel is necessary in order to achieve
emotional comfort.
Mercury Parallel Uranus
Eccentric and willful, you are one of the world's truly original thinkers. That doesn't necessarily translate into useful
inventiveness or humanitarianism, it just shows that you have the underlying potential for genuine innovation. Your tendency
to march to a different drummer comes to a good end when your thinking is thorough enough to understand why others think
and behave as they do. Change for its own sake doesn't mean productivity.
Mars Parallel Ascendant
You are able to muster that extra energy to complete a project and you have an underlying fascination with physical strength.
You can access a fun-loving zest for life if you give yourself the time to step back from your work pattern and have some
detachment from your intense focus.
Saturn Parallel North Node of the Moon
Your naturally conservative instincts are at the back of everything that you do that pulls you forward in life. Slow and cautious
is the best style for almost every project during the development stage of your work. You are best when you are honoring the
way that things have been in the past. This keeps you grounded in the intensely practical.
Sun Contra-Parallel Jupiter
You expect the best out of life and anticipate good coming to you in every situation. Being overly zealous about your own
activities can become an impediment to developing real relationships, but in any regard, you tend to have positive results
from your actions. When you are experiencing difficulties due to your over extension, other people can help you. Listen to

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Moon Contra-Parallel Mercury

You have a need to know what others are thinking and this puts you forward in life to share what is on your mind as a format
for acquiring more information about other people. Your vast range of interests can make you an interesting
Moon Contra-Parallel Uranus
If you have consistency in your focus and actions in life (and this is a big if) then you have the facility to help others improve
their method of relating emotionally. You have a propensity for living in an exciting, adventuresome, and creative vision of the
Moon Contra-Parallel Neptune
There is a deep and sympathetic side to your nature. You empathize with the less fortunate. You trust your feelings to guide
you in an inspirational manner in all of your dealings. There is a basic softness to your way that needs balance in order to for
your feelings to be grounded enough to be productive.
Mercury Contra-Parallel Mars
Mental exaggeration and a natural combativeness will be one of the hallmarks of your pattern of interaction with others. Your
feeling of being attacked by others can lend itself to you developing a powerful pattern of reactivity.
Mercury Contra-Parallel Ascendant
Your thought process is centered so much around how you interact with others. Lots of nervousness can grow up in you as
you adjust and readjust to circumstances and people as they come and go in your environment. Travel and mental training
help you to get a more balanced view of yourself and your relationships. You are curious and favor comparison as a method
of reaching judgments.
Mars Contra-Parallel Uranus
You feel that circumstances dictate quick responses from you and this means that you often struggle to make your erratic
behavior constructive rather that abrupt and accident oriented. Correctly channeled, you are able to create new and unusual
ways of completing your everyday tasks. You can be in a hurry but this can end up giving you much leisure time.
Mars Contra-Parallel Neptune
A strong unconscious feeling for something transcendent can lead you to mysticism or to artistic expression. Moderation of
the escapist tendency can give you a very deep insight into the nature of the forgotten aspects of life. You may suffer from
unusual health complaints if you are not honest with your own need to do something to be involved with and assist others.
Be with others and involved in their lives when your social consciousness is surging forth.
Uranus Contra-Parallel Ascendant
You have an erratic temperament and can be lead astray through too much sensory overload from the environment and other
people. Your urge for personal freedom is strong and you are capable of moving through vast amounts of personal material
and integrating vastly different talents to finally present the world with a rather unique personality. Physical exercise can be
helpful in relieving tension.
F. Your Karmic Direction
The Moon's North Node is an all encompassing and instructive point of synthesis in the chart; we could easily start or end our
analysis with this one single factor. Because this indicator is so all inclusive it most shows your karmic direction in life. The sign
placement of your North node points to your destiny. When your actions, interests, and values are structured by this position, your

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general sense of personal well being improves. The house placement of the North Node of the Moon indicates or points to an
area of life, an arena of experience. By confronting, even augmenting this arena you can inadvertently improve every aspect of
your life. By dealing with issues connected to the North Node placement in your chart your general character strengthens and
North Node of the Moon in Capricorn
Be responsible, practical, and thorough and your life improves. The key to success is to avoid falling into emotional
responses. Avoid situations where others take care of you or where dysfunctional behavior can emerge through old feelings
and habits. Negative enmeshments in others' lives leaves you either burdened or weakened. Avoid emotional dependency.
North Node of the Moon in Capricorn and in the 8th House
A deep emotional bond with your material possessions can stop you from growing. Learn to give and develop mature focus
to your expression in life. You need to learn to give by giving. What you really want in life is to be supported and recognized by
others, but this can't happen until you put away childish preoccupations. -- the Divination Destination

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