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Why we use -48 v dc in telecom ?

It is DC because an AC circuit would induct a hum on the line. 46-50 V is part of

the balanced current driven circuit to maximise distance and parallel extensions.
Using Ohms law, 50VDC with 42mA will give a loop resistance of roughly
1.2KOhms. This would allow a 0.5mm conductor to have a distance of around
7.5Km from the Exchange. Larger conductors of course could go further out.
Typically the further away you are from the exchange the larger the conductor
would be!

to prevent corrosion.. because negative polarity is achieved by grounding the

positive terminal of power supply system and the battery bank. This is done to
prevent electolysis depositions.

It's history, the first commutation central was selector mechanical and with use release iron
filings who was attracted by positive pole, so positive was set to the ground.
That's why we use negative hot pole.
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Krishna Chaitanya To prevent the equipments from lightning strokes. Because the cloud is
negatively charged at bottom it requires a zero or a positive potential to discharge, and it
selects the ground (Zero potential) to discharge. If the Telecom Equipments are fed with
positive the cloud will choose the low resistance tallest positively charged Antenna's to
discharge, this could damage the entire setup of Telecom equipments. So the Telecom
equipments are fed with Negative supply Voltage.
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Rakesh Logaraj Ti avoided interferers from voice frequency.

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1.To avoid corrosion 2. For human safety 3. To protect equipments , bottom side of
clouds contain negative charges ..if use + ve dc tower will atract negative charges from clouds
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Tom John Chakkalakunnel Correct

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Saona Puth Because 9000 volts is much

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Eng Saef Can you explain more

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Gerti Dhima To protect equipments from lightning, i guess.

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Andrew Work No.

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Danish Ali Chaudhary Well, i have studied one reasearch paper on this ... researcher was a
germany.. he says that using - is becuase of the access of hole while negative has less
electrons.... for conventional current we take + as we believe that electron flow from + to - so
we use - for communication moreover, it also says that using negative (-) also helps the tower
and protects it from lightening... it was stated that lighting has high negative charge.... if we
use + for tower equipment... lighting will found the tower as the best absorbers or conductor
and it will try to flow from the equipment and there will be a huge blast....
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Danish Ali Chaudhary Still waiting for using 48? WHy?

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Danish Ali Chaudhary Moreover, i have also read some where that using negative
charge it will save the equipment from corrosion... as i have worked on field... i have
never ever found corrosion on any IDU aur feeder.... or jumper..
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Metin Efe Anladm kadari ile bizim aylar icin cevireym " niin telekom da -48 v
kullaniyoruz " dye sormus :d
Cevabida basit 2g 3g ve tn ler icin 1er set aku yeterli bir set te 4 aku var her aku 12v ..12 v 4
=48v ama neden basinda -var bilmiyrm.d.dVoir la traduction
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Murat Kro Ulan Metin :-))Voir la traduction

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Metin Efe :d :d :dVoir la traduction

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BEbs Israf -48 is family

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Jorge Montero Jimenez everything has to do with the oxidation of copper and lost power in
the distance
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Sayed Najeebullah Sadat To avoid noise and interferance

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Riad George It easy to obtain this source from 4 accumulators 12X4=48 V ,in addition this
voltage safe to human body and low current load .
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Muhammad Kamran To avoid corrosion of copper cables

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Xaris Sidiropoulos With +48V DC you don't avoid?explain please

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Muhammad Kamran No that's the whole point of using negative voltage

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Chancrancrincris Garza Cesar Augusto Hernandez Gutierrez check this

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Pepijn Stulemeijer Because of the unicorns trying to smell the color 9.

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Ram's Macahilig And why the ericsson RBS 2106 are using +24 volts?
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Jose Noriega because they want to. lol!

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Sanjeev Raheja We used 24 volt Somewhere

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Peggy Stricklin Larson Scrap cable

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Jordi Pardo -48v is the common power scheme used in Central Offices and many data centers.
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Alessandro Gutierrez Balaba Why Mainly used?

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Sandeep's Chauhan Ac dc convert

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Success Shrestha coz negative voltage wont have any noise interference
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Iskandar Hj Jamel Stable supply & +ve ground.

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Jose Antonio Muoz-Varela By mistake?

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Subbaiah Sundaram Negative voltage don't spoil the battery plates

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Aamir Mehmood Jamati Safety and long life

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Elvis Kochem -48 usa se em telecomunicaes devido ao fato de usar 4 baterias com 12 V em
srie.Voir la traduction
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to avoid extra surge

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Bapun Jena To avoid noise dep....

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Sughil Mannamparambath Negative supply for cathodic protection and '48' is the safest
voltage level......

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Laith Saodi To avoid loss with DC

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Junaid Shah LPB has also -48v .....which is mounted at the top of the BTS...It protects the
BTS from Natural Thundarrr.......
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Thaw Zin Htet ??

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Sherif Elmorsy To avoid corrosion of cables and prevent from lightning strike
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Vijayesh Panicker To avoid errors -voltage required. For taking values with respect to ground
- voltage is compulsory.
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Ahmad Bin Abdullah I dont know ask the rectifier

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Bryn Jukes what about +24 vdc , this is used also.

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Nahid Hasan Negative ion dont allow sulphate ion to do reaction and accumulate on metal
contact inside battery which prolonged battery life. Thus positive grounded
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Mohan Patel For Avoid tollerance.

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Khukhula Redondo Manofpeace Prevent corrosion in humid areas

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Michel Kazzi CCITT recommendation for -48V - Mina Micheal --->yes true most of the
processors chips are made with cmos tech
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Patil Sumeet equipment safety

to avoid interband interference in radio waves..
& Human safety too
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Javed Iqbal Most equipment/BTS.....ect capsty is -48v

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Viral Acharya Less corosson

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Durnszkai Zsolt only!!!

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lqar Aliyev Because its stable Currents

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Ethan Moses to avoid corrosion of wires

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Hussam Al-Rubaie Mustafa Abdullah Al Mashhadani

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Mustafa Abdullah Al Mashhadani

Voir la traduction
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Hussam Al-Rubaie

Voir la traduction
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Mina Micheal most our equipment fabricated with cmos tech is that true ?
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Eng Saef I don't know

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48 (50) Volts in many countries the internationally recognised maximum voltage
that can be worked on before needing to become a registered electrician, 2: 48
Volts requires less conductor diameter for minimal voltage drop and 3: -48 Volts is
less prove to electrolysis build up.