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Assignment # 4 (Additional Answer)

Naga Group

Britain Seizes control, World War I creation of the state of Iraq.

Iraq obtain independence followed by coup

Saddam Hussaien become President, widespread persecution/genocide killing

(Ethnic Cleansing)
Creation of new constitution for Islamic federation for democracy

Iraq and Iran restore diplomatic relation

Saddam Hussaein executed for crime against humanity

Suicide bombing in Baghdad

US completes troops pull-out

Insurgencies intensifies

Sharing of Iraq oil wealth for unity

Building new government to fight corruption

Assignment # 4 (Additional Answer)

Naga Group

Tyrtko full control of the country and gained power

Ottomar Empire introduced changes woman fought in the war

Treaty of Berlin, Ottoman cede administration to the country of Austria

Bosnia Herzegovina managed to escape the conflict relatively unscattered

Kingdom of Yugoslavia there is two major trends: social and economic unrest
over the agrarian reform
German invaded Yugoslavia by Adolf Hitlers NAZ I, World War II

Genocide Killing / widespread persecution with the aim of establishing an

ethnically Greater Britain state (ethnic cleansing) by chetniks
Josip Broz Tito head of Anti Fascist council of National Liberation of
March 3, 1992, Bosnia Herzegovina become independent
Republic Srpska managed to place Bosnia under control

Dayton Agreement Paris brought to the halt of fighting for three years

Bosnia Herzegovina state building submitted its formal application for EU

membership (Feb. 15, 2016)