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Authority Phical disability I a fault in human appearance hich effect the normal

functioning capacity of peron and eaken the peron in many ay. But treating the
diable eron right and upporting them make aa bigger change in there
According me the right of a n ormal human ith all five ene and a complete body and
the right of di able
that we have written the right of abnormal people on piece of paper to assure them
that they also have right and that piece I long forgotten no one the o called human
look at them ith digut and I think in ur dictionary it called humanity
A diable tudent have every right to get education they alo have right to ghave
proper institute to teach them to teach them they have every right to make their
future and become uce ful peron ther hould be provide by proper treatment if
needed they are not a beggar material hoi toit on road and beg a little fortune to
pend their they are precious people ho can make ebven better future of country ho
nkno caue they are physically but not mentally thyey hould be given a hand ful of
the ociety in hich they are o they hould given addmiion in chool and collage they
hould be providre by the education accordin