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Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi

Ahmad Khalil Ahmad Al-Sadi

Mobile KSA: 00966536979152
Mobile Jordan: 00962795661774
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Passport No.

: 20th April 1980.

: Male.
: Married.
: Jordanian.
: L 843513.


Seeking a nursing position within highly standardized well reputed, progressive medical health care
facility, ensuring optimal levels of patient care and satisfaction and promoting general health and wellbeing through education and awareness, where I can continue to develop and refine my abilities as a
Looking for appropriate nursing position in an acute adult health care setting where i can enhance my
skills caring for critically ill adult, and allow me to translate my theoretical and clinical knowledge
into individual, staff, and systems improvements, with the opportunity for higher studies and


Master of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN) in Adult Acute Care Nursing, Critical Care Nursing
(Cardiopulmonary) Track, February 2008: Thesis option; that prepare nurse to be a Clinical Nurse
Specialist (CNS). Cumulative Average 85.2, Very Good Rating.
Faculty of Nursing, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)-Irbid-Jordan.
Thesis Title: Incidence and Predictors of Femoral Hematoma Using Manual Compression
after Cardiac Catherization.

Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing, June 2002: Cumulative Average 79.0. Very Good Rating.
Faculty of Nursing, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)-Irbid-Jordan.


Have a good experience as a clinical instructor (CI), demonstrating nursing procedures and
instructing nursing students in fled experience in nursing laboratories and clinical settings for medical
surgical and critical care nursing courses, including variety of areas mainly in Catheterization
Laboratory (CCL), Coronary Care Unit (CCU), and Intensive Care Units (ICU).
Experienced cardiac catheterization Laboratory (CCL) registered nurse (RN) and in-charge nurse
for approximately 8 years and 7 months committed to provide comprehensive and patient-centered
care before, during, and after invasive cardiovascular procedures including pediatric, adult, diagnostic
and interventional invasive procedures
Valid BLS and ACLS by Saudi Heart Association & National CPR Committee.
Used to work as quality coordinators and internal auditor in clinical and academic setting
Knowledgeable in applying and maintaining quality improvement activities, patient safety, and
infection control policies and procedures.
Flexible team worker, able to maintain good interpersonal relationships with other health care teams.
Demonstrates knowledge and skill to provide care appropriate to all ages of the patients served.

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi

Interested in conducting and participating in research projects and statistical analysis using SPSS

Job Description:

Clinical Instructor.

March 2011, till


College of Nursing, University Of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Duties and
Responsibilities as a
Clinical Instructor:

Providing clinical instruction and supervision to nursing students

in medical-surgical and critical care nursing courses, including
variety of areas mainly in Catheterization Laboratory (CCL),
Coronary Care Unit (CCU), Intensive Care Units (ICU), and
rendering clinical duties and bedside patient care According to
the affiliation agreement between University of Hail (UOH) and
Ministry of Health (MOH) in Hail region.
Include but not limited to:
- Demonstrates and apply various nursing skills and procedures to students
in the nursing laboratories and different clinical settings.

Works with clients, staff and other members of the clinical facility community
to understand the role, capabilities and learning needs of the student.
Serves as a professional nurse role model consistent with the scope of practice
of the nursing profession through questioning and advising, supports the
students practice and growth with clinical inquiry and reflective practice.
Maintains the professional practice knowledge base needed to instruct learners
in contemporary nursing practice.
Provides orientation to the nursing students to the assigned clinical facility and
Supervises student groups in clinical areas, maintaining presence in the clinical
facility during entire student clinical time
Provides clinical instruction to students in approved health care settings,
adhering to the policies of the clinical setting and the College.
Directly observes and guides students learning activities with clients
Provides continuity of direct instruction, and supervision to the student as
consistent with the students learning needs, field experience objectives and
program outcomes.

Delivers lectures to students in various nursing courses (i.e., enumerate

the courses handled).
Conduct appropriate teaching strategies and assessment methods in
accordance with intended learning outcomes
Utilizes appropriate technology in the delivery of class lectures (smartboard, data-show, ext.) and field experience training (manikins,
simulators, ext.).
Prepare case scenarios using simulators for teaching and assessment
(OSCE) purposes.
Operate simulators and machines, and ensure proper functioning.
Participates in clinical training committee meetings and provides
valuable inputs in improving the courses and field experiences handled.
Coordinates with medical and nursing personnel in the hospital of
affiliation for the improvement of the students clinical practice.
Collaborates with academic supervisors for the overall improvement of
courses/field experiences handled.
Select appropriate learning activities for the students i.e. client/patient
assignments, nursing procedures, drug study, bedside conferences.
Correlates the medical diagnosis of the patient to the clinical

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi


manifestations, treatments, pharmacotherapeutics.

Ensures that the learning outcomes of the field experience are achieved
during the clinical duty.
Demonstrates and teaches care in the physical, psychosocial, emotional
and even spiritual aspect of nursing care.
Assess students performance using various assessment methods and
provides feedback to them.
Constructs and administers pre and post-tests, and student evaluation
Prepares incident reports and sentinel events in the Field Site in relation
to student learning as needed.
Facilitates laboratory training periodically ensuring availability and
readiness of simulators, supplies and equipment as needed.
Participates in ongoing training program evaluation activities as needed and
confers with the clinical director of the program to ensure compliance with
program and college policies.
Works effectively as part of the overall team demonstrating positive
interpersonal relations, collaborating with other faculty members to meet
student needs, participating in faculty meetings and nursing program
committees, and responding to requests from college management.

Job Description &


Registered Nurse (RN) & First In-Charge Nurse, Cardiac Catheterization

Laboratory (CCL).

June 2002, till

February 2011.

King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH)-Irbid-Jordan

One of the leading educational hospitals in Jordan, affiliated to Jordan
University of Science and technology (JUST), and considered as specialized and
referral hospital to the North Jordanian area which serves about 2 million
people, with bed strength of 800 beds.
KAUH obtained ISO 9001 accreditation in 2006, and obtained Joint
Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) in 2009.

8 years and 7

Area Description:

Cardiac Catheterization Division at KAUH includes two cardiac catheterization

laboratories and recovery area with three beds capacity.

Duties and
Include but not limited to:
Responsibilities as an
- Coordinate and participate in the delivery of patient care in accordance
In-Charge Nurse in the
with institutional policies and procedures.
- Provide direction during emergency situations as delegated.
- Ensure smooth operational nursing of the department in the absence of the
Ward Manager who has continuing responsibility.
- Organize own workload to ensure that interests of patients are met.
- Assist in promotion of good interpersonal relationships.
- Promote effective teamwork.
- Communicate effectively with all members of the multi-professional team
to ensure that all patients needs are met.
- Cooperate with medical and paramedical staff to ensure that a high
standard of patient care is given.
- Provide leadership that facilitates professional decision making and
effective team working.
- Act as role model for professional standards of leadership, supervision and
clinical management.
- Liaise with other disciplines to ensure that there are adequate supplies to
meet the departments needs.

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi


Duties and
Responsibilities as a
Registered Nurse in
the Cardiac

Ensure a safe environment for patient care and in the absence of same
communications with the appropriate department.
- Assist in orientation and induction programs for newly qualified and newly
appointed nurses.
- Assist in identification of learning needs of staff
- Participate in Staff Development Performance Review for trained staff.
- Deliver formal/informal teaching sessions and support others in providing
education to patients, relatives and colleagues.
- Contributes to the development of a learning culture within the Cath Lab,
encouraging all staff to participate in lifelong learning initiatives.
- Participate in, supports and encourages research and evidence based
practice for the enhancement of patient care.
- Encourage reflective practice through action learning, clinical supervision
and peer review.
- Contribute to and influence practice development within the clinical area.
- Provide input into and participate in development and achievement of
departmental goals and objectives.
- Assist in developing and reviewing new policies, procedures, and
- Ensure staffs are aware of and work in line with institutional policies
- Undertake clinical audit, ensuring that systems are in place that are
implemented and evaluated annually.
Include but not limited to:
- Rendering comprehensive nursing care from the point of admission to
the CCL to discharge from the CCL.
- Manages and directs nursing care and technical support before, during
and after invasive cardiovascular procedures.
- Assist with diagnostic and interventional procedures being carried out,
utilize advanced knowledge of equipment and techniques to assist with
specialist procedures
- Assess patients health care needs using highly developed nursing
knowledge and skills and acting upon assessed information.
- Assess patients for early signs of post procedural complications and act
upon findings
- Monitors, records and communicates patient condition as appropriate
utilizing computerized documentation systems.
- Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as
- Maintains appropriate records, charts, patient charges, logs, and
- Participates in department quality improvement activities.
- Instructs and educates patients and families.
- Communicate with patients and relatives, providing support, empathy
and reassurance to assist in their understanding of care, treatment and
progress in elective and emergency situations.
- IV access insertion and continuous drug infusions, calculations and
- Administering medications and starting drips per physician orders.
- Prepares the vascular access site, sterile field preparation, patient
- Changes dressings, cleans wounds, and removes arterial and venous
sheaths for post diagnostic and interventional invasive cardiovascular
- Provides a 24hour on-call service for acute myocardial infarctions as
well as interventional procedures for cardiac patients.
- Scrubbing and assisting physicians in performing invasive

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi

Equipment Used:

Type of procedures

cardiovascular procedures in the Catheterization lab procedure.

- Circulating in the Catheterization lab procedure rooms: monitoring,
evaluating and assessing patient conditions.
- Monitoring and evaluation hemodynamic parameters during invasive
cardiovascular procedures on pediatric and adult patients, (EKG
readings, measuring cardiac pressures).
- Operates defibrillator and provide other assistance as needed during
patient emergencies.
- Provides permanent pacemaker programming for patients with
implanted pacemaker (Medtronic and St. Jude).
- Balance and calibrate equipment including pressure recorders, pressure
sensitive transducers, power injector and ACT.
- Ensure routine preventive maintenance on equipment to ensure proper
- Set up room prior to each procedure; prepare sterile tray, instruments,
supplies, equipment necessary for procedures and appropriate
- Clean and restock each Cath Lab and recovery area.
Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring System:
- Schwarzer cardis 5000.
- Quinton, Q-Cath II.
Non-Invasive Monitoring System:
- ARTEMA Diascope Traveller.
ACT Machine:
- ACT Plus, Medtronic.
- ACT II, Medtronic.
Infusion Pump:
- B-Braun Infusomat fmS infusion pump, Abbott.
- B-Braun Perfusor Fm Syringe Driver, Abbott.
- PALUM A+, infusion pump, Hospira.
Blood Gas Analyzer:
- AVL Compact 3.
Temporary Pacemakers :
- Medtronic-5388 Dual Chamber.
- Medtronic-5348 Single Chamber .
Defibrillators :
- ARTEMA Cardiao-Aid 100 defibrillator.
Digital Syringe Injection System:
Liebel Flarsheim LF Syringe Angiomat Injector.
Intra Aortic Balloon Bump :
Data Scop System 96.
AED Machine:
Nihon Kohden.
Include but not limited to:
Diagnostic right and left heart catheterization (coronary angiography; aortic arch
angiography, left ventricle angiography, graft vessels angiography) diagnostic
renal, peripheral, and carotid angiography; percutaneous coronary intervention
(including Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and stenting);
percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (peripheral intervention of femoral, iliac,
renal, and carotid angioplasty and/or stent); temporary and permanent
pacemaker implantation; percutaneous transvenous balloon mitral valve
commissurotomy (BTMC); pericardiocentesis.

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi

Diagnostic right and left heart catheterization; aortic coarctation angiography
and angioplasty, patent ductus arteriosis (PDA) occluder (coil or umbrella); atrial
septal defect (ASD) occluder; pulmonary stenosis, pulmonary valvuloplasty,
Aterial Septestomy.

Part-Time Job:
Job Description &
25 September to 9
October, 2014
6 October to 20 October,
Hajj Mission/Period

Area Description:

King Abdullah Medical City, Mekkah (Holy City), Saudi Arabia

Registered Nurse (RN), Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (CCL).

Cardiac Catheterization Unit at Cardiac Center in KAMC includes three cardiac
catheterization laboratories and recovery area with six beds capacity.


Registered and classified as a "Senior Specialist" by "Saudi Commission for Health Specialties".
File Number: 13-H-N0009885.
Jordan Nurses and Midwifes Council (JNMC) Member, Amman Jordan, Registered Nurse (RN)
-7550, June, 2002 till now, (Active Status).
Registered and classified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Adult Acute Care granted from
Jordanian Nursing Council (JNC), in March 20, 2016.
"Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider", by Saudi Heart Association & National CPR
Committee, BLS eCertificateID: 06200210381101, issue date: 24/8/2015, valid for two
years, Saudi Arabia.
"Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider", by Saudi Heart Association &
National CPR Committee, Certificate Number: 00600610443058, issue date: 6/1/2016, valid
for two years, Saudi Arabia.
"Preparing and rehabilitating Internal Auditors" training course, equal 25 continuous education
hours, for the period from October 19, 2014 to October 23 2014, held by Deanship of Quality &
Development, University of Hail, Hail, KSA.
"Critical Care Nursing Course", held on 9-10/8/1434 Hejri corresponding to 18-19 of June 2013, at
Training and Scholarship Center -Hail, Saudi Arabia, awarded 21 accredited CME hours by Saudi
Commission for Health Specialist.
"Code Blue Course", held on 4th of July 2012, at King Khalid Hospital-Hail, Saudi Arabia, awarded 6
accredited CME hours by Saudi Commission for Health Specialist.
"Emergency Nurse Course", held on 2nd to 3rd of July 2012, at King Khalid Hospital-Hail, Saudi
Arabia, awarded 12 accredited CME hours by Saudi Commission for Health Specialist.
Certification of participation in "Conscious Sedation Course", September 6, 2009, held in King
Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid-Jordan.
"Team Building and Coaching Skills", Certificate of attendance, equal 4 continuous
education hours, on 18/2/2009, by Healthcare Management Counseling Service, King
Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH), Irbid - Jordan.
"Basic Quality Management Concepts and Principles Training Course", Certificate of
attendance, equal 22 continuous education hours, for the period from November 2008 to
February 2009, by Healthcare Management Counseling Service, King Abdullah University
Hospital (KAUH), Irbid, Jordan.
"Internal Auditing of Quality Management System" course, participation certificate, held
in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid-Jordan.
Certification of active participation in Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Technician
Training of ST. Jude Medical Institute, March 31st - April 4th, 2008, Amman-Jordan.

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi

Certificate of attendance in "Communication Skills and Building Human Relations"

course, held in King Abdullah University Hospital, Irbid-Jordan.


Attended "The 3rd Cardiology conference" 19 20 May 2015 which is one of the "Saudi Health
Conferences", equal 16 continuous education hours , provided by "Ministry of Health, General
Directorate of Training and Scholarship", held in Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition
Center Riyadh- KSA.
The 3rd BSCME Technicians and Nurses Meeting, Certificate of Attendance, by Boston Scientific,
Oct 30, 31, 2008, Beirut, Lebanon.
The 9th International Conference by Jordan Cardiac Society, certificate of attendance, April 22th25rd, 2008. Amman-Jordan.
Certification of paper presentation at The Second International Nursing Conference titled
"Incidence and Predictors of Femoral Hematoma Using Manual Compression after Cardiac
Catheterization", by The Jordanian nursing Council (JNC) 23rd-24th April, 2008, Amman-Jordan.
The 8th International Conference by Jordan Cardiac Society, certificate of attendance, June 20th23rd, 2006. Amman-Jordan.
Attended the "Preparation of Operational Plans" workshop, held on February 17, 2016, by Deanship
of Quality & Development, at University of Hail, Hail - Saudi Arabia.
"Competitive Research Projects" Training course, University of Hail, Hail, KSA.
"Key Performance Indicators" workshop, University of Hail, Hail, KSA.


Mother tongue ARABIC.

ENGLISH: Very good in speaking, reading and writing.


Proficient in Windows 98, 2000 professional and XP professional.

Proficient in Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Power point), and internet.
Medicom system (Computerized Patient Record System).
SPSS statistical analysis program.


Al Sadi Ahmad Kh, Omeish Abdallah, Al-Zaru Ibtisam. Timing and predictors of femoral hematoma
development after manual compression of femoral access sites. J Pak Med Assoc (JPMA) 2010 Aug;
Available at
PMID: 20726189 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Available at

Alaloul, Fawwaz and AbuRuz, Mohannad E. and Moser, Debra K. and Hall, Lynne A. and Al-Sadi,
Ahmad. Factors associated with quality of life in Arab patients with heart failure. Scand J Caring Sci
SN - 1471-6712
UR -
DO - 10.1111/scs.12324
Provider: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

Available upon request

Ahmad Khalil Al-Sadi