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AS Media Questionnaire

I am going to be creating an opening sequence to a Crime Thriller. I have created this

questionnaire to find out more information about what my target audience wants.
Are you female or male?
What do you find more effective in the opening sequence?
Non-diegetic sound
Diegetic sound
In the opening sequence of my film should the narrative be established first or
would you prefer to dive straight into the action?
Narrative first
Action First
Do you think the title opening should be overlaid on the sequence or be separate
on a black screen? And why?


I plan to film in Thetford. Which location would be best out of these for a Crime
Deep in the forest
Abandoned buildings
Old derelict church
What time of day should I film?
Early hours of the morning
Dusk / Evening
Late at night
And why?

Which out of these makes a good opening sequence to a Crime Thriller?

Enigma Codes
Fast pace filming
Dark mysterious lighting

What props would be effective? If any.

Do you prefer a Crime Thriller which is more sinister focusing on the Thriller
aspect or more focused on the Crime genre? And why?

Would you prefer to see a male or female as a victim? And Why?

Do you have any suggestions for a Crime Thriller film name?
Thank you

Homework Distribute the questionnaire to at least 20 people within your target

audience. Write a blog post on the process of writing the questionnaire: this should
include a justification for each question you asked why is each a useful question to
ask? How will it help you with your planning?