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1. A client uses a RouterBOARD1000. The clock is configured in '/system clock'.

The clock resets to

default after each reboot.
Select the best solution for the problem.
A. Write a script in '/system script' to set the clock
B. Configure '/system ntp server' and set a valid and reachable NTP client address.
C. Configure '/system ntp client' and set a valid and reachable NTP server address.
D. Open the router and ensure the CMOS battery is fine.

Jawab: C
Penjelasan : dengan memasang ntp client, maka ia akan mensingkronisasikan waktu sesuai dengan yang ada di
A, salah karna ketika reboot ia akan tetap kembali ke waktu sebelumnya
B salah karena dhcp server digunakan untuk memberikan waktu (dan bertindak sebagai server) an ia tidak
tersambung ke klien manapun
D. rb 1000 tidak memiliki battry cmos
2. Which of the protocols below is used by Netinstall?
A. arp
B. bootp
C. dhcp
D. rarp

Jawab : b
Penjelasan : protocol yang digunakan adalah bootp untuk menginstalasi gn netinstall
Jawaban a salah karena dungsi ARP adalah memetakan layer2 dan 3
Jawaban c salah karena dhcp berfungsi untuk membagikan ip
Jawaban d salah karena adlh kebalikan dari ARP
3. /ip route configuration on router,



dst-address= gateway=
dst-address= gateway=
dst-address= gateway=

Router needs to send packets to Which gateway will be used?



Jawab : c
Penjelasan : jawaban A dan B salah karena dst addressnya tidak sesuai dengan yang diminta
Sedangkan yang D karena rangenya berbeda dengan 240
4. For a Simple Queue to apply a bandwidth restrictions on a bridged interface, following must be
A. Configure an IP address on the bridge interface
B. Use mangle to mark the connections
C. Enable 'Use IP Firewall' in bridge settings
D. Associate the Simple Queue to the bridge interface

5. Mark all correct answers

A. Wireless access-list could allow and deny connect to your AP
B. The only way to prevent wireless clients connections - disable wireless interface
C. Default-Forwarding could be enabled for a specific clients by wireless access-list
D. /ip firewall filter allows to deny authentication to AP

Jawab : a saja
Penjelasan : wirelesss access-list dapat menentukan mana yang boleh terhubung ke ap, caranya dengan
mendisable default authentication
Selainnya salah karena tidak sesuai
6. NAT rule is going to catch SMTP traffic and send it to a specific mail server.
What is the correct action for a NAT rule?
A. passthrough
B. dst-nat
C. redirect
D. tarpit

Jawab : b
Penjelasan : karena untuk membelokan smtp traffic kesuatu network ialah tugas dst nat
Untuk mengkonfigurasikannya ikuti command dibawah ini

ip firewall nat add chain=dstnat protocol=tcp dst-port=25 action=dst-nat toaddresses= to-ports=25

7. When viewing the routes in Winbox, some routes will show "DAC" in the first column. These flags

A. Direct, Available, Connected

B. Dynamic, Active, Connected
C. Dynamic, Available, Created
D. Dynamic, Active, Console

Jawab : b
Penjelasan : bisa dilihat di bawah ini

Flags: X - disabled, A - active, D - dynamic,

C - connect, S - static, r - rip, b - bgp, o - ospf, m - mme,
B - blackhole, U - unreachable, P - prohibit

8. It is possible to create an encrypted PPPoE tunnel in RouterOS:


Penjelasan : karena semua protocol ppp bisa di enkripsi

9. Action=redirect is applied in
A. chain=srcnat
B. chain=forward
C. chain=dstnat

Jawab : c
Penjelasan: karena redirect membutuhkan destination bukan source atau pun forward
10. MikroTik RouterOS commands can be run once a day by:
A. /system watchdog
B. /system cron
C. /system scheduler

Jawab: c
Pejelasan : karena scheduler mengatur jadwal kapan fitur tersebut dijalankan
11. Router has wireless and ethernet client interfaces, all client interfaces are bridged. To create a
DHCP service for all clients, DHCP server must be configured on:
A. Ethernet and wireless interfaces
B. DHCP service is not possible in this setup
C. Every bridge port
D. Only on the bridge interface

Jawab: D
Penjelasan : karena interface wireless dan ethernetnya sudah di bridge sehingga harus dimasukan kedalam
interface bridge
12. You want to use PCQ and allow 256k maximum download and upload for each client. Choose
correct argument values for the required queue.
A. kind=pcq pcq-rate=1256000 pcq-classifier=dst-address
B. kind=pcq pcq-rate=5000000 pcq-classifier=src-address
C. kind=pcq pcq-rate=256000 pcq-classifier=dst-address
D. kind=pcq pcq-rate=5000000 pcq-classifier=dst-address
E. kind=pcq pcq-rate=256000 pcq-classifier=src-address
Jawab : C dan E
Penjelasan :dalam PCQ untuk melimit Upload classifier yang diisi adalah Src-Address dan untuk Download
classfier yang diisi aalah dst-address
13. Which is a default baud-rate of currently manufactured RouterBOARDs?
A. 115200
B. 9600
C. 38400
D. 11520

Jawaban :a
Penjelasan : karena default yang dipasang ke netinstall adalah 11520
14. DHCP server is configured on a routers ether1 interface. IP address is
assigned to the interface. Possible IP pools, that can be used by this DHCP server, are:


Jawab : c an d
Penjelasan : karena untuk jawaban A dan B akan terjai overlap ip (ip gateway tidak dipisah)
15. There can be more than one PPPoE server in a single broadcast domain:

Jawab : true
Penjelasa: karena dalam satu broadcast domain bisa menjalankan lebih dari satu point to point dalam satu network
16. Which wireless mode allows you to connect to any standard AP (not only MikroTik) and to be able
to bridge this wireless interface to an Ethernet?
A. station
B. station-wds
C. bridge
D. station-pseudobridge

Jawab : a
Penjelasan : karena untuk jawaban B dan D khusus mikrotik untuk melakukan wds
17. To block communications between wireless clients connected to the same access point interface,
you should set
A. 'default-forwarding=no'
B. 'max-station-count=1'
C. 'default-authentication=no'
D. 'default-authentication=no' and 'default-forwarding=no'

Jawab : a
Penjelasan : karena no default-forwarding akan men disable layer 2 dari client
18. PPPoE server only works within one Ethernet broadcast domain that it is connected to. If there is
a router between server and end-user host, it will not be able to create PPPoE tunnel to that PPPoE


Jawaban : false
Penjelasan : karena PPPOE bisa berjalan meskipun beda IP network
19. Which default route will be active?
/ip route
add disabled=no distance=10 dst-address= gateway=
add disabled=no distance=5 dst-address= gateway=
A. Route via gateway
B. Route via gateway

Jawab : a
Penjelasan :semakin kecil distance nya semakin di prioritaskan
20. Which are necessary sections in /queue simple to set bandwidth limitation?
A. max-limit
B. target-address, max-limit
C. target-address, dst-address
D. target-address, dst-address, max-limit

Jawab : b
Penjelasan : karena untuk simple queue hanya membutuhkan target dan juga max limit nya

21. Which option in the configuration of a wireless card must be disabled to cause the router to
permit ONLY known clients listed in the access list to connect?
A. Enable Access List
B. Security Profile
C. Default Authenticate
D. Default Forward

Jawab : c
Penjelasan : karena dengan default authenticate semua bisa onnect ke ap tersebut
22. For static routing functionality, additionally to the RouterOS 'system' package, you will also need
the following software package:

A. advanced-tools
B. routing
C. dhcp
D. no extra package required

Jawab : d
Penjelasan :jika hanya static routing tidak memerlukan paket tambahan/extra package
23. Which firewall chain should you use to filter clients HTTP traffic going through the router?
A. prerouting
B. forward
C. output
D. input

Jawab :b
Penjelasan : kata kuncinya adalah through atau melewati sehingga yang dibutuhkan untuk melewati ialah
24. What is necessary for PPPoE client configuration?
A. ip firewall nat masquerade rule
B. Interface (on which PPPoE client is going to work)
C. Static IP address on PPPoE client interface

Jawaban : b
Penjelasan : karena yang dibutuhkan untuk pppoe client interface akan dipakai

25. Action=redirect can be used in NAT chain src-nat

A. true
B. false

Jawab b
Penjelasan: karena redirect membutuhkan destination bukan source atau pun forward