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3. Moral dilemma.

An engineer in a situation that put him to test, what should

the engineer
Moral dilemma are situations in which two or more moral obligation or duties
come into conflict with one another. There are several steps in approaching
moral dilemmas such as identify the conflicting moral obligations, gather facts
regarding the conflicting moral obligations, rank the moral obligations in order of
importance, consider alternative way of resolving the moral dilemmas and arrive
at a carefully reasoned judgment.
Engineers often work as part of a design team, making decisions about a product
or service that not only affect others, but also are being affected by the work of
others. The majority of engineers work for a corporation, a consulting firm,
governmental agency etc. and will sometimes be faced with conflicts among
loyalty to their employer, to society, to their conscience, and to their profession.
For example, consider a situation where you find that a product may violate the
law or creates a safety hazard. When you inform your superior and he/she react
positively, then there will be no dilemma. However if he/she disagrees or the
company decides not to change what it is doing, then a dilemma arise. If you
make your complaints known outside the company, there is a high probability
that you will be fired for your trouble which is a great personal sacrifice. In this
case as engineer he should make every effort within the company to have the
corrective action taken. If these efforts are of no avail, and after advising the
company of his intentions, he should notify the client (customer) and responsible
authorities of the facts.