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Ingat Allah

Ingat Rasulullah
Hidup Barakah
Assalamualaikum my friends.
Lets hear the story of Yusuf AS.
He is the most beautiful person who ever lived in this world. Not only
that, but he is also from a very noble family. His father, Yaakub AS, his
grandfather Ishaq AS, and his great grandfather, Ibrahim AS, were all
prophets of Allah.
His father loved him very much, which made his brothers very jealous of
him. They wanted to get rid of him when he was a young boy.
One day, they took him on a trip
The brothers threw Yusuf AS into a well. They thought this would be
better than killing him.
The brothers returned to their house and lied to ther father that a wolf
killed him while he was looking after their belongings. The father, Yaakub
Alayh as-Salam, was grief-stricken. However, he did not believe them,
but decided to be patient and to trust in Allahs help.
By the will of Allah, it so happened that Yusuf AS was found by a man
who came from a group of travelers. He wanted to take some water from

the well. When he lifted the bucket, he was surprised to see a little boy
at the bottom of the well.
Nowadays, we have the police to help with missing children. But back
then, things were different. The travelers who found Yusuf Alayh asSalaam sold him to a kind Egyptian man, for a very small price. The kind
Egyptian man then took him to his house and treated him very well.
Years have passed.
Yusuf Alayh as-Salaam turned out to be a very successful man in Egypt.
He worked hard and full of dedication, until he has made his name as
one of the most respected and influential officers in Egypt.
Over the years, hard times have befallen Yaakub Alayh as-Salaams
family. There was a drought, and food became very scarce. Yusufs
brothers went to Egypt to try and find some grain for food. And, lo and
behold, the brothers met Yusuf A.S. But they did not recognise him. It
has been so long. But Yusuf A.S. remembered them.
Yusuf AS gave them a lot of grains and returned the price that they had
paid to get it as well. He asked them to bring their other brother with
them the next time as well. Yusuf (Alayh as-Salaam) liked this particular
brother very much and wanted to keep him with himself, so Allah taught
him a strategy by which he was able to do so without revealing his
identity. He hid a goblet in the baggage of that brother and then had his
men search for the goblet in the possessions of the caravan of his
brothers. When the goblet was found in the baggage of Yusufs brother,
he was able to detain him for being the one who had stolen it.

Later, when the rest of the brothers returned to their home, their father
Yaakub AS was grief-stricken at the news of the loss of a second son.
He told them to return and to search for this lost brother as well as for
Yusuf (AS). When they returned to Egypt, they went to Yusuf and tried to
talk to him about their need for foodstuffs. They mentioned the hardships
that they and their family were going through and requested him to give
them a full measure of grains even though they could not give him the
full price for it. It was at that time that Yusuf (Alayh as-Salaam) revealed
his true identity to them.
Guess what he said at that time to his brothers? Instead of blaming them
for what they had done to him and making them feel ashamed, he told
them that they were free of blame, and hoped that Allah would forgive
them. The brothers returned home with the happy news that both Yusuf
and the second brother were safe and sound.

(lagu Ayah dan Ibu)

Later, the parents of Yusuf AS were reunited with him after a separation
of many years, and Yusuf AS praised and thanked Allah for reuniting him
with his family and for granting him authority and power in the land. The
story of Yusuf AS is a great example of forgiveness and mercy, and it is
wonderful to consider how generously Yusuf (Alayh as-Salaam) treated
the brothers who had thrown him in a well to get rid of him.