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Choose the correct answer

a) The area at which some specified activity is concentrated.
b) The area of activity or influence
c) The area around a thing or place
d) The area or thing that is a focus of interest
a) To live or dwell in an area o house
b) To live or last through
c) To live longer than expected
d) To fulfil (an expectation, obligation, principle, etc)
a) A substance that inhibits oxidation,
b) A chemical compound formed by the addition of many smaller molecules
c) a sticky, solid or nearly solid substance that comes from pine.
d) A highly elastic solid substance
a)Prepared or modified by an artificial process
b) A material in a natural condition; not processed or refined
c) Noting, pertaining to, or involving photomechanical or photoengraving methods
d) Mixed with extraneous matter,of an inferior or contaminating nature
a) Having a special lens for concentrating the light in a strong beam.
b) That shows or makes visible
c) To conceal (something) from sight:
d)To exist without being seen, suspected, or detected:
a) Open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations
b) Giving a show of importance.
c) Using evasive language that is intended to deceive or confuse
d) Free from ambiguity or pretense; plain and open
a) Capable of being made compact by doubling or bending over parts
b) Not being capable of moving or working easily.
c) Capable of returning to its original length or shape after being stretched.
d) Capable of being extended.
a) Laying open to view
b) Enclosed or covered in something wound or folded about.
c) Not protected by collateral or other security.
d) Enclosed firmly in a surrounding mass

Choose the correct synonym

a) Rubber
b) Metal
c) Wood
d) Steal
a) Impervious
b) Hermetic
c) Unreceptive
d) Pervious
a) Dampness
b) Dryness
c) Dullness
d) Dizziness
a) Claim
b) Statement
c) Order
d) Laws
a) Execration
b) Execution
c) Exegesis
d) Excruciating
a) Quarrel
b) Requirements
c) Query
d) Squander
a) Expiate
b) Expire
c) Inspire
d) Inhale