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software for Hi* Gommod nd 64 ""P"1*" ewen better Solution That

Introducing...PockvtWritei - You tan buy all threo Pocket 2 appH : Saves Money!

cessorPacket Hmm«ra/spre..dshe< Pockc. Writer 2, Pocket Planner 2 ond «■■•

Filer 2/dotabase in one convenient Superpak for the low fl

Features thot include: coropat ability wilh the new

' V,-., . . ^F -j, . ,:ik ik= AS a companion to rocKer writers, a uitnono
GEOS operating systemt, ob |,1y
i (o workk w^h the
h contoin^g 32,000 words (expandable to 40.
Commodore RAMexponde Wallow a RAM disk, i<nunl|nhkTLc;, S14.95 IU.S.I.

color, format dud printer selection t.

S 19.95 (U.S.) plus 3.00 (U.S.) shipping and handlingl
Sophisticated software, yes, and still easy to use.
Available only by writing to Digi(aI Solutions Inc.
You can be up and running in under 30 minutes even
if you haven't operated a computer before. "Commodore's Micro.compulBis Magoiine, indopendenl reviewer),
Now, when yo'u upgrade your Commodore™ 64 toted tho original Pot kef Writer 128/64 and Pocliel Planner 128/4* k'i I
to a 128, Pocket software helps make it a breeze. The Kifivvarc Iho "Annual Best ol 1986" in the productivity calegory.

new Pocket 2 software has both 12B and 64 applica

tions on the same disk. So when you buy one you ore ["ry%1ol CfJmputPf Inc.
actually buying two softwore packages. The cost 3 fn Mifhiijun
Solutions IS 17-124-7 667
only $59.95 {U.S.J.
ouTiidp WIchirjdn
2.30Weflricim Conn ■
Richmond Hill, Ontario
is Software Canada UB IB9


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MARCH 1987


Ahoy! Readers:
This issue ws are pleased to
have Access Systems joining In this issue of the Clipper we have lots of discounts and gift offers to
us with an offer for the first time. Access, help brighten these dreary winter days. You can SAVE 10% on your lirst
as you probably know, makes some very order of software from Computer Centers of America, get a FREE DISK
interesting programs, including Leader NOTCHER with the purchase of two boxes of already discounted disks
from American International Computer Products, and even enjoy SUB
Board, a nifty pro golf simulator, 10th
STANTIAL SAVINGS on the nifty Robotics Workshop from Access Sys
Frame, a professional bowling simulator,
tems. Because tax time is here again, there's a great 75% DISCOUNT on
and their latest and greatest product, the
Tax Master from Master Software. And if you need cables, you'll SAVE
Robotic Workshop.
20% on your first order from Precision Peripherals.
When I was seven years old, I wanted
an Erector Set more than anything else
So dear readers, enjoy the savings, and don't forget to look for the next
in the world. Fortunately for my sons, the
Clipper in the May issue of Ahoy!
Robotic Workshop from Access Sys
tems is a computer-age version of the
Admiralty yours,
Erector Set. They have had a fantastic
time with this fabulous, space-age learn
ing tool. With hundreds of projects and
experiments, the Robotic Workshop ^

shows how computers and other devic

es interact in the real world. Whether
you're a beginner dabbling in robotics Joe Ferguson
or an enthusiastic hobbiest, you'll appre
Ahoy! Access Club
ciate seeing how this fascinating new
field will bB interacting with your life in
the future. Demonstrating computer-
controlled, electro-mechanical operation


through experiments with hardware and
software, each unit of the Robotics Work
shop contains the computer interface to
connect to your home or personal com
puter. Also included with the Workshop is offering a FREE DISK NOTCHER
are all motors, sensors, snap-together DOUBLE THE DISKS- when you buy two boxes of AlCP's 1st
mechanical parts, software, complete HALF THE PRICE... quality, single-sided, double density
project experiment instructions, and a disks at the very reasonable price ol
136-page spiral-bound manual. For Just before Christmas, I was looking for $7.95/box of 10 disks. {AICP also sells
more information on the Robotics Work a gift to give a fellow computer enthusi a wide variety of Commodore and Com
shop, look for Access Systems' ad in ast. When I found out he didn't own a modore-compatible hardware and soft
this month's issue of Ahoy! Disk Notcher, I decided it would be the ware at prices worth looking at when
And now, until April 1,1987, you may perfect present. For those few of you you're shopping.) You will need to add
purchase the Robotics Workshop or any who don't know, a Disk Notcher allows $3.50 for shipping and handling, and
of the other excellent programs from Ac you to use the other side of your single- New York residents need to add 8'/o%
cess Systems for 10% OFF when you sided, double-density disks by merely sales tax. Simply clip the AICP Coupon
order directly from them. You may order adding a notch in the right place. So ef on page 3 of this Clipper and send it
by phone with your VISA or MasterCard fectively, you double your disk storage along with your payment. Or you may
by calling (801) 298-9077 and mention capacity and you need to spend only call AICP at (800) 634-AICP, or in New
ing that you saw this offer in the Ahoy! half as much money on disks. The Disk York State at (718) 351-1864, mention you
A:cess Clipper. (Please do not call their Notcher even enables you to use the saw this offer in the Ahoy! Access Clip
800 number to orderl) Or, you may use blank side of some preprogrammed per, and order with your credit card.
the handy coupon on page 3 of this Clip-. disks. (Credit card orders are subject to a 4%
per. But don't wait, because this offer Now for a limited time American In surcharge.) But don't wait, 'cause this of
disconnects on April 1, 1987. ternational Computer Products (AICP) fer expires April 1, 1987.
PAY LESS TAXES... Be sure to check out their ad in this
QuantumLink is one of tho With April 15th right around Ihe corner, month's issue of Ahoy! In it you'll find a
better bulletin board servic it's time once again to turn our attention complete list of cables and other prod
es for online games, Com to filing last year's taxes. Last year, I did ucts offered by Precision Peripherals.
modore user group support, software re a very intelligent thing. Instead of pay Then ciip the Precision Peripherals
views and live conferences. The adver ing my accountant $175 to prepare my Coupon on page 3 of this Clipper, and
tisement on the inside back cover of this taxes, I bought Tax Master from Master send it along with your order. Or you
Issue of Ahoyl tells you how you can re Software, Tax Master computed all my may order by calling (503) 254-7855 and
ceive a free QuontumLInk membership various deductions and even helped me mentioning that you saw this offer in the
kit when you sub remember some I had forgotten. It trans Ahoy! Access Clipper. But Ihis offer ex
ferred numbers between forms and cal pires April 1,1987, so mail your order TO
culated my retund with ease. The Tax DAY!
Master package includes Forms 1040
and 4562, plus Schedules A, B, C, D, E, MORE SAVINGS FROM
and F. The package also includes tax ta
bles and a discount coupon towards the
purchase of next year's updated pack Abacus Software, one of the leading
age. I paid $30 for this helpful disk, but marketers of Commodore-compatible
you as an Ahoy! reader may clip the software, has recently published a book
Master Software Coupon on page 3 of called GEOS Inside and Out. It was the
this Clipper and take S5 OFF. Master first book available on GEOS and is al
scribe to Software accepts VISA and MasterCard ready Abacus1 best seller. With introduc
Ahoyl on phone orders, so call (301) 922-2962 tory as well as in-depth information,
(Though TODAYI If you call, be sure to mention GEOS Inside and Out will provide valu
you're already an Ahoy! subscriber, you you saw this offer in the Ahoy! Access able assistance to you, no matter what
can take advantage of this offer by ex Clipper to receive your $5 SAVINGS. your skill level. Whether you are a be
tending your existing subscription.) This excellent price includes delivery. ginner or an advanced user, you'll find
Additionally, QuantumLink is making Maryland residents, please don't forget this book is just what you need to get
the following offer available only to Ahoy! to add 5% sates tax. This offer expires the most out of your new GEOS pro
Access Club members: you can get April 1,1987. So call or send in your or gram. The book sells for $19.95, plus $4
FREE QuantumLink software plus a der RIGHT AWAY! for shipping and handling, and if you're
FREE 300 baud auto-dial modem — serious about ordering it, read on.
when you pay for 4 months of Quantum- This month Abacus is continuing their
Link Basic Service ($9.95/month) at generous coupon offers. The Abacus
FROM PRECISION coupons on page 3 of this Clipper are
$39.30. Order your FREE QuantumLink
software and FREE 300 baud auto-dial PERIPHERALS... redeemable for $5 OFF the purchase of
modem by either clipping the coupon on I'm basically a lazy person. If there's any book (including GEOS Inside and
page 3 or sending your check for $39.80 a device to save me time and/or effort, Out) and $10 OFF the purchase of any
to cover your first 4 months of Quantum- I almost always have to have it. Recent software package, purchased directly
Link Basic Service to: Quantum Com ly, I got tired of unplugging my phone ev from Abacus. (Neither of these coupons
puter Services Inc., 8620 Westwood ery time I wanted to communicate with is good for optional diskettes with books.)
Center Drive, Vienna, VA 22180-or for my modem or plug in my answering ma You must redeem these coupons through
faster service, call 1-800-392-6200 and chine. That's when I discovered the ter the mail, but don't wait, because thesB
ask for Dept. 25. This offer expires April rific 5 Terminal Phone Expander from coupons are invalid after April 1, 1987.
1987. Precision Peripherals. Plugging direct
ly into my current phone jack, the 5 Ter
FREE CALCULATOR minal Phone Expander allows me to
plug in my phone, modem, auto-dialer, FIRST EVER...
answering machine, and any other de Wouldn't it be terrific if you could play
FROM S & S... vice, simultaneously. No more unplug a modem game without paying a service
S & S Wholesalers has very good pric ging for me! And this dandy gadget is charge or accessing a inainframe? Well,
es, perhaps the best you'll find anywhere a bargain at its reasonable price of now for the first time ever, you can! With
on Commodore and Commodore-com $14.95, Dreamrider's Operational Terminal you
patible hardware and software. Since Started one year ago as a one-person, can play a full-color, person-to-person
they're a new advertiser in Ahoy! they're one-product company, Precision Peri search game. With Operation Terminal,
anxious for you to consider buying from pherals marketed the Uitravox Sound you'll enter a world of fast-action and es
them when you're in the market. So System, the only stereo simulator for pionage, as you search the mysterious
they're making you this exciting offer: your Commodore 64. It took only four Antimatter Complex for top secret doc
When you clip the S & S Coupon on months for Precision Peripherals to uments. It's a game of strategy that's
page 3 of this Clipper and send it along grow to four products. Now, Precision challenging, yet easy to play. To play
with your order of at least $10, you'll re Peripherals has expanded into the full with a friend, all you need is to have a
ceive an Electronic LCD Calculator AB range of computer accessories with an modem, buy Operation Terminal, and
SOLUTELY FREE. It would cost almost emphasis on cables. link up with a friend who also has a mo
210 to buy the calculator alone. It's S & And their growth is no accident. Pre dem and the game. As an introduction
S's way of introducing you to their good cision Peripherals prides itself on cus to this innovative concept, Dreamrider
prices and excellent service. See their tomer service. They have knowledge- is offering a generous 25% DISCOUNT
ad in this month's issue of Ahoy! If you're ablB people on the phones. If they don't off the regular price of $39.95, so you'll
in a hurry, you may call them at (800) have a particular product, they'll find it. pay only $29.95 for this groundbreaking
233-6345, or in Florida call (305) 538- If they can't find it, they'll make it. They'll software. Simply clip the Dreamrider
1364. Bui be sure to mention that you really go out of their way to help you. Coupon on page 3 of this Clipper, and
saw this offer in the Ahoy! Access Clip Precision Peripherals wants you to send it along with your payment. You will
per, so thai you receive your FREE CAL consider them your Cabie Headquar need to add $2.50 for shipping and
CULATOR. This offer expires on April 1, ters, so for a limited time, you may take handling. But don't wait to order, 'cause
1987, so mail your order RIGHT AWAY! 20% OFF any cable (limit 2/customer). this ofler unlinks on February 1, 1987.
The Ahoy! Access Clipper Is published bimonthly by Ahoy! magazine and sont tree to selected subscribers of AhoyI Ahoy! is n monthly
publication of Ion International Inc. The cost of a ono-yeer subscription is $23.00; two years aro $44.00. inquiries regarding subscriptions
to the magazine should bo addressed to Ion International Inc., 45 West 34th Street, Suite 407. New York, New York 10001.


Mail to:

Mail to: American International Computer Products

Access Systems Box 1758

M 2561 1560 West Stolen Island, New York 10314

Woods Cross, Utah 84087

For faster service, call (800) 634-AICP, or
For faster service, call (801) 298-8077. in New York call (718) 351-1864.
VI5A and MasterCard accepted.
YES, AICP, I want my FREE DISK NOTCHER. My ordor
YES, Access Systems, I wont tc SAVE 10% on your ex. for two 10-packs of your 1st quality, single-sided, dou
cellent programs. My order is enclosed. ble-density diiWs is onclosod, as ii my payment of SI9.30
(S15.80 for tho disks ond S3.50 for shipping and hand
ling). New York residents: Please add 8!i% sales tax.


Mail to:

Mail lo: Abacus Software

P-O. Box 7211
Quantum Computer Services Inc.
Grond Rapids, Michigan 49510
8620 Wostwood Center Drive
Vienna, Virginia 22180
YES, Abacus, 1 wont to SAVE S5 on the purchase of one
of your books and/or SAVE S10 on the purchase of one
YES, Quantum, I want to receive my FREE MODEM by
paying now for 4 months of QuantumLink Bosk Service
of your software packages. I understand this coupon is not
(S9.95/monlh). My payment of S39.80 is enclosed. Thanks!
valid towards the purchase of Optional Diskettes for Books.
My order is enclosed. Thanks so much!


Moil to:
Mail loi
Mailer Software
Precision Peripherals and Software
6 Hillery Courl
P.O. Box 20395
Randallstown, Maryland 21133
Portland, Oregon 97220
For raster service, call (301) 922-2962.
For faster service, call (503) 254-7855.
YES, Master Software, I want to SAVE S5 on Tax Mas VISA and MasterCard accepted.
ter, I understand thai the low discounted price of S25 even
YES, Precision Peripherals, I'd like to SAVE 20% on
includes delivery. My order is enclosed. Thanksl Maryland
cobles. I understand my limil on this discount is Iwo ca
residents: Please add 5% sales tax.
bles. My order is enclosed.
Name on Credit Card
Name on Credit Card
Credit Card # _Exp. Date. Crodil Card g _Exp. Date_
Signature . Signature .



226 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Florido 33139 Moil to:
Dream rider
For faster service, call (800) 233-6345, or
970 North Main Street
in Florida call (305) 538-1364.
Crete, Illinois 60417
YES, S & S, I want my FREE CALCULATOR. My order
of $10 or more is enclosed. Thanksl YES, Dreamrlder, 1 want lo SAVE 25% on your inno
vative, person-to-person modem game, Operation Termin
Name on Credit Card
al. My payment of S29.95, plus S2.50 for shipping and
Credit Card # _Exp. Date. handling is enclosed.


1 Name Nnm«

Address AAAattt

Gty/Siate/Zip. Cify/State/Zip
Thii offor *xpjiF6i April 1H W37. Kill ofFor oqgbH April 1, 1987.

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Name Nnrn»>

Ad dross AHrlratt

Cily/State/Zip Cily/State/Zip
IWl oH.r ..jlir.l April 1, 1987 Tfah uffor aipirei April 1, W87. |

Name Nnmo


City/S (ate/Zip Cily/5lQio/Zip_

This offer oipirsi April 1, 1967. PI dis nllcjw 1 ro 2 week* for delivery. |
Thli oifo- o«pires April 1, 1987. |


i Address Arlrlrrtc

Cily/State/Zip City/Stale/Zip
TUl offer n.pirti April 1, 1967. Thii off., e.pires April 1, 1987.
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Cuver art by Jamat Regan and Tom Cushwa; pfcatoi by Michael R. Davila and Mortan Ksvelson 34th St.. Suite 407, New York. M 1DU01.
Marketing & Consultants
MicroProse AcIMstoH
Smterbund Software' F-15 S21 3b
Labiynm S2I75
Ssleni Service 21 95 22 75
Prlmst™ 2e.7i
Gunship . 21 95 Newsroom 32.75 Aliens 24.75
Graphics Lib. EA 1S.7S Clip An i IB.75
Top Gunner 18 95 Hacker IB 75
P S paper 12.95 Clip An 2 24.75 Hacker ii .. 20.75
Bank Si. Writer 128K 42.75
L ill Id People 20.75
Carmen Sandiego . 22.75
Came Mai or 24.75
P 5 Comn ...
24 75
AcFMstoH Library

CaseBali 24 75 BaskelbRll 22 75 S per Is .13 75

Science Kil . 35 95
Gen Mgr 24.75 Tass Times 22 7S Sci-Fl .13.75
Slal Hompiler Rocky Horror 18.75 Music 22.75

ConguKant 32.96
Paperclip w/spell pk . 4B.95 Computer Quanerback
Paperclip II (NEW) Leader Board S24 75 Field o' Fire .
CalDSSbS IV S22.7S Tournamonl D5 15 75 Gemslone Healer
r --:;.'.■ Dsk IS. 75 PriamasiB II
Pawn 28.75
EUIB 22 75 Triple Pak 15 75 SO Missions
XCffeC, Talking Teacher 28 75 Uach12B
10th Frame
29 75
24 75
HFO 19B5

Fonl Ma$icr II fifl 32 BS


Mqvib Mongter S24 75
Bat handle
Boss .... 11 99 Vorpol Kit 22.75
Jet .. . S22.75 Fast LnaB 24 75
Scenery Dsk 17 95
Super 3-way. . 13 99 Data My 42 95
TAC-3 9 95 Summer Games II 24.75
Fiigm Sim M 29.95 Swi'calc 42 95
Super Cycle 24 75
Footoaii . -. 25.95 HI TECH WonJwrmr 42 95
World Games 24 75
Baseball 32 75 A/Payable 38.95
Csrd«ars '. 8 95 Football 24 75
S95 AiRtl 38 95
Partyware Mulli Plan .. . 38.75
inFOCom Heartware 8.95 General Ledger 38 95
Winter Gomes 24.75
Inventory . 38.95
LeaLher Goddess 20.75 Ware with All .... 12 95 Criemp Karalo 20 75
Holiday Pacer B.95 Payroll 38 95 Destroyer 24 75
Moon Mist 20 7S

MieroProse ZACCESS
LJ3GIC Ml . -n •- r'--?'"1*:

Computer Baseball 522 75

AclMsioH Flight Sim It . (29 35
Silent Service S24 75 Leader Board S24 75
F.15(NEW) 24.75 Tournament 1 13 75
Hacker S26 75 Jel CALL Portal 2S75
UNISON WORLD Music Studio 32.75
PrinlmastBF 124.75 Basketball, ... 2375 inpocoiTi
Arl Gallery I 20.75 Hackor II 29 75 ISD Leather Goddess . S24.75 20.75 VIP Prod $115 00 Moonmisl. 24.76 Pawn


COMMODORE = system special COMMODORE 128 SYSTEM!
* Commodore 64 C Computer
* Seikosha SP-1000 VC Printer 90 Day Warranty
* 2 Joysticks

REG. $789
SALE $525 * COMMODORE 1571 DRIVE $755.00
Marketinn & Consultants
SP-1000 A Centronics
NX-10 ,.,209 A SP-1000IBM. . 185
m_i * r o ft t t NB-15 CALL " SP-1000 ASRS-532 IBS 2-Year Warranty
SD-15 438 U SP-1000 AP APIIc 185
SR-10 469 w BP-130OAI .419
NX-15 339 C BP-5420 .. 1075
Color KH . 119
PANASONIC BP'5420nboon 12.60
lOSrji 199 yy SP-1000 ricnon 8 50
10911 269
1092i . (NEW] I CITIZEN
1592 419
' 1200 179
1595 549
T MSP-10 .... 265
3131 375
, , MSP-15 385
3151 SAVE
H MSP-20 325
1080 AP 239
MSP-35 S85
Premier 35 469
OkimeieiOST t89 T JUKI
120 NLQ 225

SP-1000 VC
L, Juki6IOO 399
1 ■ YearWaranty 182 214
N Juki 5510 435
192- 365
r- Juki 6300 ... 739

193+ 559 t RS-23Z serial Word .. 56
292 449

NX-10C 293

599 S
EXP600P 489
LX B6 225 EXP 800 P 649
FX 85 355 EXP770... . . .740
EX 800 479
EX 1000 669 P DIABLO D MAXELL 3.5
LO 800
R D25 549 1 S5DO . 999 16 99
GrjpcJff CO 89 II P-32CQ1 699 DSDD 12 99 23 99

LO 1000 729
D-80 1F
5 s
Suflw Graph. 64 Gd
Supar Graphix Sr, ..45G4
321 PIS 479 C LEGEND E SSDD . . . 6.S9 —

TYMAC 351 shoot Feeder 529 F 808... . 159 I DSDD . 7.60 -

Connecunn.. ,,.r . 49 P341 P 869 S10B0 199
P 341 S 699 1380 229 SKC I
DSI P3S1 . ... 999 1365 289 SSDD ...... 8 50 14.99 E
DPI «95 DSDD 9.50 1999 S

provides you
access to the
Nation's largest


MJ-22. MM-121B12"G(««n .99
COMTEL MJ-305 RGB 309 COMMODORE MU-122D13"TTL Am&sr 129
EnlMUder 21)00 149 MJ-503 529
1902Color 289 CM-1216D 12" RGB ...385 SUPRA
CM-1455 S 13"... 5a5
INDUS ZENITH 1802C 215 1064 49.95
GT-6X ... . 173 ZVM 1220 89 THOMSON COMMODORE
COMMODORE ZVM 1230 89 PANASONIC 385 12 RGB CALL 1670 ., ... 128
1SJ1C.C1571 CALL ZVM 1240 139 TB-122 M'P 12 ' Anvbc ITL 1» Monochrome Irom 89

CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-233-8760

IN PA 717-494-1030
CUSTOMER SERVICE 717-494-1670 In-slock Hems shiopeo within 20 nis ol oroei. No Oeposil on C.O.D orders. Frea ship
ping on repaid cash orflers wiinm Ihe eonunenlal U.S. Volume fllscounls available
or send to
HOURS PA residents ndd sales lai APO. PPO and intornaiional orfleia add S5 00 plus 3<H
Mun-Thur 9 AM-B PM lor priority mail Atjvei-Iised prices show 4% discount for cash, add 4% for Master Cdrd
Lyco Computer
Ffi 9 AM-6 PM ond VESA Personal checks require 1 weeks clearance boloro shipoing We cannol
P.O. Box 5088 guaranieo compaiib.hiy We wily ship (acioiy lieih marchandrM An aboul UPS Blue
Sat TO AM-6 PM and red laDel shipping All ma'Chandise earned undo' manufaclurer'j wananw Rutum
Jersey Shore, PA
R«Id*r Satvlc* Nd. 299 resinclion applicaDIo Reiurn auinoii/aiicn requiiod All ilems subiecl to change wilhoul
17740 notice
C128 Computer 1259.90
C1S71 Disk Drive S239.90
MPS 10OO Printer .$249.90
C1902 Monilor 12BB.O0
C1350 Mouse f 37.90
C1660 300 Baud Modem J 49.90
C167O 1200 Baud Modem $148.90
C64 Computer ,S139.90
Samsung 14" Color 1139.90 6-iC Computer .1 CALL
Samsung Green 12" f 49.90

1-8OO-233-6345 BO Ccl Cable

Monitor Cable
t 8.77
t 5.77
NEC 12" Color S134.90
Assembler Monilor. 24.99
Basic 12S 39.99
Cadpak 128 39,99
Okimate 10 (124.77 WICOThe Boss 10.77 Cadpak 64 27.99
DISKETTES Okimate 20 . t1M-77 WICO Bat 14.77 Chaitpak 128 , . 27.99
Plug-IJ.Prinl C64 S 59.77 WKO 3 Way 18.77 Chartpak64 24.99
SonyDSOD SW" S 9.97 Plug-N-Prinl Amiga S 69.77 Kraft 6.77 Coool 27.00
Memorei DSDD 5V>" % 8.97 Panasonic 1091 J224.77 Recolon Big Shot. .. 11.77 Forth 26.90
Precision DSDO 5V." .. .S 7.97 Panasonic 1080 $199.77 SVi" Drive Cleaner.... 6.77 Powerplan 26.90
Bonus by Veifjalim DSOD 514 'I 6.97 Star NX 10 J239.77 31i* Drive Cleaner 14.77 Quick Copy 20 ... 14.90
Sony 3ft- DSOO S 25.50 Star SG1X J2M.77 CRT Cleaner 14.77 Supe< C Compiler 39.90
Sony 3rt" SSDO S 19.50 Okimate IM 1214.77 C64 Cover 8.77 Super Pascal 39.90
Winners 3'A" DSDD t 24.00 Epson LX BO 1239.90 C128 Cover 7.77 T.AS 39.90

Epson FX BS J369.90 Drive Cover 7.77 Video Basic 27.90

Epson FX2B6 S479.90 Pnnla Head Cleaner J 7.77 XPER 39.90



Hork II S 4.77
Zork lit . I 4.77 •MUPPET PAD' Lasi V8 S.49
VIC 1525 Graphics Punier t 99.90
File Now.. S 7.77 By Koala Technologies J 19.77 5 A Side E.49
MPS 801 Printer. t 97.90
Calc Now.. J 7.77 Slugger S.49
MPS 803 Pnnler . $109.90
Paul Macartney. «.49
Frogger .. J 7.77 C1600 300 Baud Modem .1 37.90
Q Bert .,
S 7.77
S 7.77
Commodore Plus/4 179.90 1-8OO-233-6345 BMX Racer
Sky Jai

Multiplan... S29.77
ODDER* ONLY Line Aclion Biker 6.49
Triad I 4.77 Skiwrilef 11.99
Bartlezone S 7.77 Busicalc 3 11.99
RoDOtron S 7.77 instant Recall. .. J 11.99
Rack-Em Up . .( 6.77 • All 3 I 29.97
Dala Manager 128 S 37.77 Summer Games t 23.90
Smficalc 128 w/Sideways S 37.77 Summer Games II $ 23.90
Y.'ordwnleM28w/Spell Check. $ 37.77 Winter Games S 23.90
ACCESS Partner 128 S 37.77 Fasi Load J 23.90 PRECISION
All Four S149.90 Mulllplan S 39.90
Macrt 5 % 22.50 Dala Manager 127,77 World Karate Champ ... I 17.90 Superoase 54 t 47.77
Mach 128 S 29.90 Word Writer $ 27.77 Worlds Greaiest Baseball. t 22.90 Superscript 64 S 47.77
Leader Board S 23.90 Swift Calc t 27,77 Koronis Rifl S22.90 Superbase 128 t S2.77
Tournamenl Disk S 12.90 All Three (139,77 Eidolon,, 5 22.90 Superscript 128 S 52.77


Aerojet S 20.77 Pocket Wriler 64 5 23.77

25.70 Karaieka .,, t 17.00
F15 Slrike Eagle $ 19.47 Pocket Wrrler 128 28.77
Flight Simulator II 31.70 Printshop t 25.90
Conflict in Vielnam S 19.47 Scenery Disks 1-6 13.70 LIB 112/3 t 14-90
Pocket Planner E4 23.77
Gunship J 22.77 Scenery Disk 7-12 13.70 Companion t 24.90
Pocket Planner 128 28.77
Silent Service S 24.77 Scenery Disks 6 Pack 69.70 Bank St. Writer t 32.90
Pocket Filer 64 23.77
Pocket Filer 12 28.77


Newsroom I 29.00 Consultant $ 35.77 Dam Busters t 17.90
Clip An I ,, .J 1B.90 Call for Pricing Paperclip t 35.97 Fighl Night S 17.90
Clip An II t 22.00 ...IN STOCK... Paperclip wiSpell J 47.77 Hardball t 17.90
Law ol the Wesl I 17.90



Orders under S10O.00 add S400 shipping and handling, COD. orders add S4.00 prices reuse! a 3% cash discount. Add 3% (or VISA/MC AMEX
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i ^—^—^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~ Reader Service No. !4B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
With so many programs and articles lo pro • Don't stop running now! You'll need all your speed
file on this page every month, we sel to succeed at Wizard Tax, in which you must scour a
dom have space to wax theoretical on the castle for keys that will make the title character appear
stale of our industry as other computer so you can bag him. (Turn to page 31.)
magazine editors do. But as we enter a new year together • Buck Childrcss' Stow Away allows C-64 users to tem
(we're writing these words on December 31), we admit porarily "save" programs in invisible RAM without the
to a feeling of gushing optimism unlike any we've expe need for disk or tape operations. (Turn to page 62.) And
rienced since the boom of early "84. Commodore is jit- his Rescue 128 will restore to memory any accidentally
terbugging around its deathbed, and a pared-down, firmed- NEWed programs-an excellent alternative to making
up field of third party manufacturers arc producing a steady your C-128 completely flat. (Turn to page 77.)
stream of quality software and hardware. 1987 seems certain • Though the Caverns ofGeehonk may sound too ri
to be a red-letter year for Commodore computing. diculous to be afraid of, you'll change your mind as dead
And our eyes are red after straining them all month ly columns begin descending from the ceiling, threatening
to make the March Ahoy! extra-special -as is evidenced to destroy your ship. (Turn to page 26.)
by the following fealures: • This month's Entertainment Software Section includes
• Last month's overview of Amiga RAM expanders two main features: Fun for All, profiling the best of the
doubtless aroused envy in C-64/128 users who have not most recent multiplayer releases for the 64/128, and an
been Ireated to one of Morton Kevelson's patented prod installment of Under Construction dealing with Ultimate
uct comparisons in several issues. But this time around, WiTjird. Also included are reviews of Ti\e Movie Mon
Morton makes everyone happy with a lens-eye look at ster Game, Warship, and Championship Wrestling. (Turn
video digitizers that spans our regular Reviews section to page 41.)
(turn to page 63) and Amiga Section (turn lo page 53). We'd tell you more-but with all the excitement we've
• In recent months, we thought long and hard about described, we'd be surprised if anyone was still reading!
what our next new column should be devoted to. We —David Attikas
wanted a subject area of certain interest to Commodore
users that had never received monthly coverage in our
magazine or anyone else's. We came up with COMAL, LEROY'S CHEATSHEET
Keyboard Overlays

a choice dictated in part by the interest generated in the

language by the inclusion of COMAL programs on many
recent Ahoy! Disks (including this month's). We didn't PLASTIC
have to think long or hard about who should write the
column. We've been trying to get Ahoy! reviewer Richard For your COMMODORE 129 our COMMODORE 64
Pul 10W Computerrl COTiffUndl W»*re They Belong ■ And Your Manual* On The Sh#»
Herring back into the magazine on a monthly basis ever hcvorftipw «iiHyixrcDnWiT(Pwrni[he';i*Wjd<"yEirf i»!HpT"gicteiti an rt,vp* command' tvmtrufr
1 - i ' ■■■. ,.. I 'i ..'-■' . ■ . , -.,■■.■ h '-■■,■ --u. - . ..■■■, ., . ;',....
since his acclaimed educational software miniseries of liivft a nay lo onfl thai HJ5Pa!i»" ■ Ltfoy't ChWlhttlt

1984. An expert on all things Commodore, we're sure

Leroy'a CfturihKti hn^i vpu mil intu your vogum iirjfii nn Wo puL riirr connundt light M rtgr
(ifwj'i'ip;. ajul tjftjWMl n m bold tyy. vmi.iuiu-i .[inaho*n in \tal/a DuMgrmd ny w'tnara a'pen* ouj
rturj£ilu claim: l.vnnjlod overly j,q cwrprctflnaiVu 'H'Wiv ->-U wNfTi ddcunwrH ,i [raliel rjr lygliHn

that he'll prove the perfect guide to COMAL's many fa c(.jh pl<*H!ty rJj* uw ydur Oafrflarrr "-Co na*d, jrd - cu ef»cr i#iy
hjie 10 njn( lor a pop*™ cvnnand 40&n "h
Wit" LtiQ, -. C*4!inc#ti fOul nflvflf

cets. (Turn to page 73.) SOFTWARE

• Dale Rupert digresses from his monthly task of teach Ct-
ing the nuts and bolts of programming to discuss some
of its finer points. His Rupert Report on Basic Esthetics $ 19.95 a
will help you hone lo perfection aspects of your programs DISCOUNT SOFTWARE
ft FREE CHEATSHEET •' ■■ rt Hv-rj, ..nil

that you may have neglected. (Turn to page 32.) EVi'CVr-ra p»tr1 PLU5 * 0" jtj
l Tl

KiH«s n p-lC^Hj* d1 I: • CO 0> IDffl y ■. h

• C-64 Compressor helps you overcome one of the ■ : 4 FffEf I rmv» Chrjinw-i ...i
MCiur Lnu-a' CALL <K mil£ lntlAV Igr

154l's severest I imilations—amount of storage space per Order How and Save r-, Money. TJme cind Fjusfrntion
disk-by compacting any area of RAM, even that under
the BASIC and Kernal ROMs. (Turn to page 78.)
• Don't go looking for flipper buttons on the sides of
your 64. There aren't any- no matter how difficult Tony
Brantner's Piiibtill Arcade makes that to believe. (Turn
to page 29.)
• As the specters haunting your house attempt to put
its Lights Out—and yours with them-you must race to
turn them all on, thereby banishing ihc boogers. Walter
E. Meyers' latest effort also serves as a tutorial on the
i.1, TDLLfflff 1 "00 JT*SBBfi PAOrd-n (*l?| ?JMU1 DC4LI P IUQIJinE.5 HLLCOMt

USR command. (Turn to page 22.) Rv*d«r Svrvlca No. 283

3WI I m



NEW JOYSTICK address list, page 14).

Suncom's Tac5 joystick ($16.99) From Electronic Arts:
utilizes technology [hat supposedly Vie Official America's Cup Sailing
increases its level of responsiveness, Simulation ($32.95) places the C-64
user feedback, and reliability as com yachtsman on the actual Perth course,
pared to conventional designs. A two- where he uses a joystick to select,
year limited warranty is included. raise, and lower sails, navigate the
Suncom Inc., 312-459-8000 (see ship, and overlook the entire course
address list, page 14). as viewed by the helmsman. Details
include the sound of the wind as it
C-64/128, AMIGA GAMES blows across the course, graphic re
The second in Simon and Schus creation of calm seas and choppy
ter's Star Trek text adventure series whitccaps, and a complete instrument
begun with Vie Kbbayashi Alterna panel. Three levels of play arc pro
tive, Die Promethean Prophecy plac vided: Amateur, Club Race, and
es the player as Captain Kirk on the America's Cup Challenger.
surface of Prometheus Four. With the Suncom's Tac5 includes 2-year warranty.
Enterprise's food supply contamina READER SERVICE NO. 289
ted, Kirk must solve a series of puz
zles in order to unearth the planet's space vehicle.
secret prophecy and save his crew Desert Fox, acquired from Sydney
from starvation. For the C-64; Development, recreates an actual
S32.95. WWII confrontation between Rom
Simon & Schuster Software. 212- mel and the British North African
333-5800 (see address list, page 14). command.
X-15 Alpha Mission follows the Accolade, Inc., 408-446-5757 (see
player-pilot from takeoff to outer address list, page 14).
space as he encounters multiple lev Undercutting Accolade's $14.95 list
els of hostile aircraft, ultimately price is Mindscape's new Thunder
docking with them and destroying a Mountain line of C-64 software, sell
terrorist-controlled space station. For ing for $9.95. Also comprising both
the C-64; $29.95. new and previously released lilies.
Absolute Entertainment, 201-652- Thunder Mountain's first offering will
1227 (sec address list, page 14). be Rambo: First Blood Part II.
Accolade has launched the Avan- Mindscapc, Inc., 312-480-7667 (see
tagc line of mid-priced (S14.95) address list, page 14).
Save the lives of 420 crewmen.
games, some of which will be new Drag Race Eliminator (524.95)
and some acquired from other pub simulates five classes of NHRA com
lishers, with the following: petition, including Top Fuel Dragster, Exodus: Ultima HI ($59.95) for the
Spy vs. Spy I & II combines the two Top Alcohol Funny Car. and Pro Amiga features a newly incorporated
volumes based on the Mad magazine Stock. A split screen view permits window system and other graphic and
series by now-defunct First Star. use of a detailed timing system with sound enhancements over the C-64
Deceptor, an arcade-style adven .400 Pro-Start "Xmas Tree" and in fantasy role-playing game.
ture game, boasts transformation ca dividual elapsed time clocks, reaction Electronic Arts, 415-571-7171 (see
pabilities via which the hero can timers, and win lights. address list, page 14).
transform from land rover to robot to Family Software. 215-497-5561 (see Previously released for the Ami-

Software Discounters (U**.
Wl r^M iiwi i\#« -Free shipping on orders over
For Orders Only—1-800-225-7638 $100 in continental USA
PA Orders—1-800-223-7784 »No surcharge for VISA/MasterCard
Customer Service 412-361-5291 «Your card is not charged until we ship
ABACUS BOOKS ThalBoilng|D) . 19.88 WordAltacklDI. 133 Linking Logic IR) 16.88 High Roller |D| 119 Flloh1SlmulBti>r2<D) . 132
C128 Basic 7.0 Internals AVALON HILL EL EC!HIC DREAMS Memory Manor(R) 16 BB Indoor Sports (D) 119 F.S. Scenery Disks Call
C128lnternalt CALL SuperSunday |0) 121 Rocky Hanor Show |D| 119 Sea Speller |R| Inllllrator(D) 119 Football (D) 126
C128Peeks*PoketFOR SBS198STe>rnDlsk 114 SplndllIy(D| 119 ' Buy 3. get 1 (roe1 Parted Collage (0) 114 Jat[D| 12s
C12eTrtckilTlrn PRICES SBS Champs Dlik 114 Titanic Recovery Perfect Score SAT ID) 144 TELARIUM
CPM 12B User's Guide Spllllra'40(D) 123 Mlsslon(DI 119 The American Chall >. ■ ,iii
Championship Am>ion(D| ig.66
1571 Inlarnals IltlsOoui(D) 119 ZoldsID) 119 Sailing Simulation (D)119
Sasobell B6 123 Fahrenhall 451 (D) 19.88
QEOS-lnslde I Gul Tournamenl Qoll(D) $19 ELECTRONIC ARTS MISC
Champ Baske1tull<0l 123 Oregon WorlQ(D) 19.88
Software Clastic Ssriei' Star Flank Boilng(D) 119 Rendezvous <D> 19 88
Assembler Monitor (Dl 125 Desert Fo. [Dl 19 BB Archon(D) 19.88 GFL Championship Align Kil(D) 129 THUNOER MOUNTAIN
Basic (D) 125 Deeepior(D) Central Poinl-
Heart ot Africa 10) 19 SB Football (D) 123 Cyrus Chess ID) I6.B6
Bailc 128 ... 139 Spy vs. Spy 1 ( 2(D)19.8a Mall Ordor Copy 2(D)
On Court Tennis |D) 119 123 Maul Gall <D) 18.88
Cad Pak (D| 125 BA1TERIES INCLUDED Font Master 2(0)
MonsiprslDl 19.88 HES 133 Mr Pliel'i
Cad Pale 128 139 FontMaster2 128
Conaultani (M or 12BI136 MU.L.E.IO) 19.88 MlcrosollMu1liplan(D)119 139 Cartoon mt(D) S6.e6
ChartPak 128 125 HomePak(D) 114 Music Const. Set (D| 19 88 QitoiD) 119
Pro|ect Space Rambo Flrsl Blood
CodoI(D) 125 Paperclip wfSpell ID) 129 One.on-Ona(D) 19.88 Snapshot 64 (Rl 139
SlatlonlDI 119 Part II (D) 16.88
Cobol 128 139 Paperclip II 128 149 Plnoall Conil. Set(D) 19 68 Super base 64(0) 147
HyECH EXPRESSIONS The Eliminator{P| 16 68
Forth (D) 125 Berkeley sar twopks Racing Dtsl. Sot (0)19.BB Superbase 128 (D| 159
Card Ware (D) 16.88 7IMEW0RKS
Personal Portfolio
aaosi2e Call Sevan Cities GolfKD) 19 88 HeertWaregD) 16 88
Superscript 64(D) 133
Accls.Payable(D) 139
Manager (D) 125 Super Boulder Superscript 128 547
Oeos64|O) 139 Pariv Ware(D) 19 88 Accls RecelvaolelD|139
PoworPlen(D) 125 Dash(D) 19.88 ORIGIN
■Geo-CalcIO) 133 INfOCOU Data Managar2(0) 125
SpeedTarm12S 125 ■Geo Chart [D| S25 Touchdown Auloduel [Dl 132
Super C 101 139 A Mind Forever OataManage; 128 143
■Gens Desk Pak ID) ',!> Footoell(D| 19.88 MoeDlus(D) 126 General Ledger (D| 139
SuperCI2B 139 Voyaging 128 123
■Geo-Oe<(DI 125 ELECTRONIC ARTS Ogre|D| 126 Inventory MgmMO) 139
Supor Pascal (D) 139 Ballyhoo (01 125
■GaoFilsID) 133 Adv. Consl. Sef(D) I2E Ultima 3 ID) 132 Partner64(R) 139
Super Pascal 128 139 EnchtnleMD) 123
•QeoiFonlPaMD) 119 America! Cup Ultima 4 (D) 139 PartnerI28(R) 143
ACCESS Hitchhiker's Guide lo
Salllng(D) 123 RELEVANT 5wlflcslc/SI0a»ays(D) 125
iheGilaiy'D) 123
Ejiacullve Leader Board 'C-aos add-on progtams Amnesia |D) 126 Billboard Maker (D) 125 Swlttcalc/
Tourn. Disk 114 Lealhor Goddesses 123
only! Archon 2: Adept (0) 123 Icon Facrory(D) 125 Sldaweys 128 143
Moonmlsl(D| 123
Leader Board Goll (0)125 BRODERBUND ArgllcFo.(D) 123 SCARBOROUGH
PlamllalllO) 123
Swlllai 133
Leader Boerd
Bank Si. Series Call BalIkonReldsr[Dl 123 Sorcerer |0) Build ASook(D) 116 Sylvn Potter's Personal
Tourn Disk el 114 125
Carmen SandiogofQ) 123 Bard's Tale 1 (Dl 128 Suspect 10) WesldTlypelO) 125 Fin. P1annertDl64 133
Robotics Workshop Call Bard's Tale 2: The
Karaleke(D) 119 Trlnlly128 125 SIMON* SCHUSTER Sylvia Porlar's Personal
TanlhFramelO) 125 Destiny KnlQhMD) S2E Fin. Plannsr 12B 143
Print Shop |D) 126 Wishhrlnger(D) 123 Chom. Larj(D) 125
Triple Pack: BH1. BH2, Raid BattlefrontlD) 126 Worfl Writar wl
P.S. Companion (D) 123 ZorV 1 ID) 123 Greel Inn. Paper
Over Moscow 101 114 P S Graphics Library Chessmasler 2OOO(D)1J6 Speller (D) 133
Zorfc2or3|D) 125 Airplane Consi 101119
ACCOLADE Lords ol Conquesl |D) 123 Word Wrllei WIB5000
"1.«.or"3 tiSEa KOHtMt Ster Trek: Promelhean
Aca of Aces (D) 119 PS. Graphics Library Make Your Own ProphecylO) 119 Wo'dSpeilnr 128 143
YleAr KungFulDI 119
FlghlNlghHD) 119 Holiday Edlllon 116 Murder Pnrly(O) 123 Typing Tutor 3(01 125 UNISON WORLD
Football (D) Cell Toy Shop (D) 139 MartaloMadnesiIDI 123
Action Blkar(D) 18.88
SPINNAKER ArtGnilery 110) 118
HardbelUD) 119 CBS '.'...■ '.> ■!..■■ ■;>■ 123
ArlGallory2[DI 116
CaplalnZep(D) 1688 ACE 11'
Killed Until Dead |Dl 119 Scrabble ID) 121 Pnnl MasteKDI 123
Body In Focus (Dl 123 Eleetra Glide |D) 16 88 Homework Helper:
Maiiartng the SAT (D| 144 Infinity Machlna(R| 112 Mem Word Problems 123
Thunder Chopper (D) 119 Star Fleet 110) 126
Ms1hMNeage(D| 17 SASIda Soccer (0) 16.66 Wrlllng 123 Art Library 1 or2|D)I9 66
Up Periscope! (D) 119 Tlmolhy Leary's
Rich Scarry's Electronic Knight Games (D) 16.BB KungFu1or2(D) 119 ea. Calenders &
ACTIVISION Mind Mirror |D) 123
Wordaook(D) si.
LastVeiQ) 16 66 SPHIHCBOABD Stationery (Dl 19.66
Aliens (01 123 Ultimale Wlurd(D) 119
Sesame SI. Pals Magnum Joystick 112 Certificate Maker (Dl 133 Greellng Cards ID) 1988
Cross Country Roed Amund Town (D) IS EPYX CM. Library Vol. 1 123 Signs i Banners |DH9 BB
Master ol Magic IDI 16 88
Race(D| 119 Success wlAlgebra Call Serbia |D) . ts NawtroomtOI 133 WEEKLY HEADER
NlnjelDI 16 88
Gamemaker Library Disks Success w/Math Call Chemp. Wreslllng(O) 123 Pro Golf (0) U.K. Clip AM Vol. 1|0)t19 Sllckybear Series.
16 88
Sports 114 TlmeboundtD) 17 Destroysr(D) 123 N.R Clip Art Vol 2|D|125 ABC's(D) 116
Science Flclion 114 COA FaslLoad(R) 123 Speed King ID) N R Clip Art Vol.3(01119 M*1h{DI 116
GamemakerfD) 125 G a lew ay to Asps ha i (D) 19 The Slugger (D) Print Shop Graphics
America Cooks Series. 16 66 Numbers ID) 116
Grwllng Can! Maker IDIM3 ImposslbieMlsslonlD) 19 Enpander(D) 123
American (O) 19.66 Vegas Poker & Opposl1es|O) 116
Hacker 2[D| 123 Jumpman(D) 19
Chinese (01 19.66 Jackpot 10) 16 66 ££! Raadlng|D| 11B
Lltlle Compuler, Mi.r: l.-r l[ll 123
BeltleGroup(D) 137 Shapes(D) 116
French |D) 19.66 MICROLEAdUE
People (D) 123 Mulllplan12a 133
Kalian (D| 19 BB Baseball (D) " 125 Baltleol Anlietam (0)133 SpallgnbberlO) 116
Music SludlolD) 123 PltsloplllOI 19 Colonial C onquest (Dl C5 TypinolDI 116
Meilcan(D) 19.6S Boi Score StolsID) 116
Portal (Dl 125 PS. Graphics Scrapbo* 1 Gemslone KealerfDI 119
CMS General Managar|D) 125 wmq h am ci a s sves
Shanghai (Dl Sports|D) 116 Gettysburg (D) 137
General Acct. 129 9119 1985Taam Data Disk 114 Alice In
Tass Times |D) 123 P.S. Graphics Scupbook 2. Kamplgruppe(D) 137
Inventory 128 149 1986 Teem Oata Disk 114 Wonderland I0I te.88
TranilormerslO) 123 DM ;!■:■ '.V .■!,:) Jirj
Mech Brigade 10) 137
DATA EAST WWF Wrestling |D) 125 Below Ihe RoollD) 16 86
Summer Games 2101 123 NAMID) 125 Swiss Family
Beach Blink el Commando (0) 123 Super Cycle 10) 123 MIC HOP HOSE
Phantasie (D) 125 BoolnsonlD) 16 88
Kurrg Fu Mailer IDI 123 winter Carries (D) 123 AcrojatlD) 116
Volley be II (01 19 88 Phentaile2(D| 125
Tag Team WnstiinolDI 123 Treasure Island (0) 16.66
Brldge40(D| 116 World Championship Conflict In Vtel Nam (O|t25 Rlnga of Zlllln(D) 125
DATASOFT WliardolOilO) 16.66
OstaDlek'1 Female 114 Karsie(D) 117.95 Crusade In EuropeTD)!25 Roedwar2000|D) 125 JCCESSOfl(ES
Data Disk I2Male 111 All Reality City ID) 125 World Games (D) 123 Decision In Desert |O)125 Shard of Spring (0) 125
All Reality: FIREBIRD F-15Slrlke Eagle 101 123 BonusSS. DD 15.99 Bi
Data Disk t3 Ferrule 114 War Game
Dungeon(01 125 BonusDS.DD 16.99B.
Equestrian Show Ellle(D) 119 GunsNpIO) 123 CcnDuctlonSal(D) 119
MercenarylD) 119 Compussrve Slarier Kit
jumper ID) TheP*wn|D| 125 Kennedy Approach (0) 116 Warshlp(D) 139
Thealra Europe (01 123 (Bl25usnoeCredli) 119
Highland G aims (0) WM FISHER PRICE Silent Service |D| . s;.i Wlrard'sCrown(D) 125
DA VIDSON TopGunnerlD) 118 DlskCase(Holds75) 19
Hole In One * BID) 1S.S8 Alpha Bulld(R) 16 BB SOFJSYNC
Disk Grits Clsanar 19
International Hot*ay <D)11B AlgablailerlDI 133 Oince Fantasy fR) 16.88 Penonal Accojnunl (0O23 DowJonea Starter Kit IS 68
Police Cadel(D) IS 68 MalhBlaslerlO) 133 Hop Along Bop * WreitlelD) 119 SUBLOGIC Epyi 500HJ Joystick 114
StrlpPokarlD) 121 Spall It |0) 133 Counting in) 1G68 119 8ateball(D| 132 WlcoSat Handle 117

P.O. BOX 111327-DEPT. AY-BLAWNOX, PA 15238

■Pleaae Read The Following Ordering Terms ft Conditions Caroluiiy Belore Placing Your Order: Orders with cashtars check or money order shipped immediately. Per-
sonal t Company checks, allow 3 weeks clearance. No C.O.O.'sF Stripping: ConllnanlBl U.S.A. — Ordars under 1100 edd 13; 'ree shtppinQ on orders orer S100. AK, Hlr
FPO. APO—iaa 15 on til orders. Canada* Puarrofllco—»afl*I0 on a» orders. Sorry, no oiher Iniermilonal orders accepted! PA residents sd(J 6% u/es tai onljialolal
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or back order (2) If any merchandise purchesed within so deys Irom S D. of A. Is detective, pleaae call lor a return authorization number. Detactlva merchandlae will be
reoleeed with Ihe tame mtrchandlee only. NO CREDITS' After 60 days plaate refer lo themanulacturert werranly Included with the merchindltt (return directly to the
manultclurer. Cusromar lerrlce w»J not accepr coHacl cmllt or calls on S.D. OF a.'s SEMI order lint I.' HEGW.A H HOURS: Uan.-fn. 9AM 5.30 PM, Sal. 10AM 4PM Etllern
Tim: Have you seen our on Una catalog ol 1DO0 SDlrware titles for Commodore. Alerl. Apple, IBM and Amiga? M'l on CompuServe Electronic Mell— just lype 00 SDA
and shopping lor solrwere will never be the same ageln'

Raadir Service No. 247

ga, Diablo for the C-64 ($29.95) re employs the ancient art of Quack-Fu 8K cartridge, pennits the transfer of
quires the player to manipulate 240 to vanquish numerous foes and make Bles from a 1541. Once on the ROM-
convoluted sections of track to keep his way to Ihc volcano's crater to halt disk, files will load at a rate of 63
a moving ball on a continuous course. its impending eruption. blocks per second. The EPROM can
Classic Image. 609-667-2526 (see Activision, 415-960-0410 (sec ad be erased via ultraviolet light and re-
address list, page 14). dress list, page 14). programmed thousands of times.
Also available: two-way switches that
allow a modem and the ROMdisk to
share the user port ($39), and 3 foot
ribbon wire extension cables to allow
remote placement of the ROMdisk or
.-■:7s a modem ($24.95).
Epimcthcus Corporation, 812-336-
4508 (see address list, page 14).

T~\* A ™"° k -4 NEW LEASH ON LIFE

Every now and then we have the
Deceptor: transformation capability. Dvstrt Fox: WWII hunt for Rommel. pleasure of informing the diehard
READER SERVICE SO. 291 READER SERVICE NO. 292 VIC 20 and Plus/4 users in our read
ing audience of new releases for those
More details on Activision's How EPROM STORAGE machines. But you could have
ard the Duck-Adventure on Volcano ROMdisk with Hyperboot ($179.00) knocked us over with a quill pen
Island ($34.95), preannounced in allows the C-64 owner to place up to when we learned recently of new
January's Scuttlebutt, the game fol 150 programs on a I28K EPROM software for the PET 8032. Byteware
lows the fowl on his quest to rescue bank attached lo the user port. The has just adapted their Genealogist
his friends from an evil overlord. He Hyperboot software, supplied on an software package for the PET series,
in both 4040 and 8050 format. A

me $59.95 stamped, self-addressed envelope will

get you information, sample sheets,
and prices (starting at $9.95) for var
ious genealogy programs (also avail
able for the 64, 128, and Plus/4).
Byteware (see address list, page 14).

A powvrlul word processing gyilorn for 1hs Co mm odors 128
An enhancement of the C-64 ver
InClurJtl * On it'Or" JtJJusrrwIji tf.spUy - t'h fi/nl\ 'Eld, 1" •i\r sion, Technical Analysis System 128
■ Font *ili1r)r/Lrpjl0f HilHudiHl • Frjrffujn Ungn.wr Dith

From ihi auilior or PQNTMASTEB II tnmfls FQNXMASJER 12B. jn gnhtJicsd vtman for ($59.95) offers comprehensive stock
CDmmDdarn 128 Thu ptmjriul word prucfliior. with m many dilfeunt print stylti (Fonii). turns your
milru punier inlo i man pa*nrlul tad Term papers n-p *n I en c j s and Foreign languages ue |uil i la-w nr
charting and analysis. The investor
m*Ji(i ipplitjtion* Hire tie lonie d! itt cipiCuhhei
can update his portfolio manually or
Word Processing Features automatically through Dow Jones
News/Retrieval Service of Warner
Computer Service. TAS-I28 then
draws a selection of charts and graphs
that help him determine the right time
Word Piactsslng Piintlng Failure* Sttup Moduli
to buy and sell stocks and bonds.
Abacus Software. 616-241-5510 (sec
Font & Character Sel Creators
address list, page 14).
H 1 M. ., ——i..Jl Al,

Oouhoua r.lorn U nr« M U.K. li
1 i l.pnIu.h Goodtypa Nuu^.
Graphics Convener ($19.95) makes
it possible to use Print Shop graph
QuiOBHawH* ttaltc picppdi
ics with Print Master, and Print Mas
ter graphics with Print Shop. Features
include HELP screen, directory list
ing, and two automatic conversion
ACiew 1KI Arnold Bu>0 ■ Stlini.KS C7101 i'J MIS! ? modes, single file or entire disk. One
ii i III. 2B4
NEWS "COMAL seems to be the idea!
language to use in the middle
or two drives can be used, and both XR4Ti models. The disk is available school." - Robert Patry
the 1541 and 1571 are supported. free by calling or writing: specify
Cardinal Software, 703-491-6494 Commodore (or IBM, Mac, or DEC)
(sec address list, page 14). format. "COMAL is the optimal
Lease Program Headquarters, 800- educational computing
AMIGA EXPANDER 922-9073 (see address list, page 14). language." - Jim Ventola
Announced too late for inclusion
in last month's feature on Amiga 128 DISK UTILITY
RAM expansion, the MegaBoard The Peek A Byte 128 disk and "If languages interest you,
($599.95) 2 meg expander fits next memory utility has all the features of this one is well worth a look
to Ihe Amiga without intruding on the C-64 original, plus the ability to ... You may find that it's just
work space. The board was devel read or write to a 1571 double sided what you have been looking
oped using advanced "programmable disk, convert 1541 single sided to 1571 for." - Jim Butterfield,
array logic" and zip package 256K double sided format, and display in COMPUTE! magazine
dynamic RAM technology, making 80 columns. Owners of Peek A Byte
possible a deereasc in product size 64 can upgrade for $20, lor which
and chip technology. they also receive Peek A Byte 64 V2.0 "COMAL was just what I was
Progressive Peripherals & Soft and a new manual. looking for." - Colin
ware, 303-825-4144 (sec address list, Quantum Software (see address Thompson, RUN magazine
page 14). list, page 14).


Certificate Library Volume I Building Perspective is what stu list all the good points!" -
($34.95) provides owners of Spring dents from grade 4 up will be doing Noland Brown, Midnite
board's Certificate Maker for the as they view a group of buildings of Software Gazette
C-64 with over 100 new predesigned different heights from ground level,
certificates and awards such as then predict how those buildings
"I can recommend a better,
"Home Improvement Survivor" and would appear if viewed from above.
"Best Dancer," 24 new borders, and Students must take notes and careful faster, and cheaper

six dozen new seals and stickers. ly compile information to succeed. programming language ... the

Springboard Software, Inc., 612- Price of the C-64 disk, backup, and most user friendly language

teacher's guide is $59.00. around." - Mark Brown, INFO

944-3915 (sec address list, page 14).
Sunburst Communications, 800-
CAR LEASING DISK 431-1934 (see address list, page 14).
We did it first, with Autos: Leas
"Combines some of the best
ing v. Buying? in the July '85 Ahoy! BOOKS
Vie Complete Commodore Mo- features of languages like
And now Lincoln-Mercury has de
chine Code Programming Guide Logo. Modulo, Pascal, and Ada
veloped a diskette providing consum
ers with an indepth look at the ad ($19.95) introduces the reader to hex in an easy to use format." -
vantages of car leasing, along with and binary numbering, labels, Ahoy magazine

complete specifications and sample branching, and flags, logic tables, bit
lease/purchase comparisons for the manipulations, using the Kernal, and
more. An assembler compatible with "COMAL seems to be bringing
new Lincoln-Mercury and Merkur
back an interest in
Featuring color programming." - G Stafford
graphic illus
trations of alt
Lincoln-Mer Find out for yourself. Just
cury models, send us a 39 cent stamped
this free disk self addressed envelope. We'll
ette compares send you our 24 page COMAL
relative merits information booklet.
of leasing v.
buying. COMAL Users Group USA Ltd
READER 6041 Monoiia Drive, Room 111
SERVICE NO. 293 Madison, \VI 53716
phone:(608) 222-4432

AHOY! 77
Bui TAX MASTER will nclp you compute them more
QUICKLY and EASILY lit: the Master Di yuur Incoms whal's written in the text is provided
Taies with TAX MASTER, now availablo loi your 1596
Fpoeral Income Taies (or me C54/C!JB wiih single, as a listing. Understanding
twin, or dual disk drive and uplional pnnler
Methuen, 212-244-3336 (see ad Advanced Solid State
• FORMS ICaO. 456? S Schedules A.B C.D.E ana F
■ PERFORMS nil dninmclic CORRECTLY dress list, page 14). Electronics
• EASY CHANGE ol ony nnlry. ivilh uflsy RECALCU
LATION aj the enlnu form
Universal Assembly Language
• TRANSFERS numbers between terms
($18.95 paper. $27.95 hardbound) isn't
• CALCULATES your l.i.i^.inQ REFUND T.inUCIts
are included quite-biu it is applicable 10 the Am
• SAVES ,111 ygur data 10 OisK (or lulule changes
• PRINTS irte dala frQETI MCH form iga among other (non-Commodore)
• DISCOUNT coupon Inward (he purcnase o( nc>l
year's u panted program
machines. Included is information on
TAX MASTER ... (OISK ONLY) ONLY 130.00 writing programs, use of compact
code, subroutines, complex math op
VIOfO MASTER lit [)r(nnm tmiimuBut HO CQlUflVl color erations, and advanced features.
4"Gflrt aocoiumnmoriocrHQm* ■ndiua'OQui SwiLehbMw™*i
SO column jnonocUromt Ind 40 column mill" Fir tomponf TAB Books Inc., 717-794-2191 {see
ma r HOT U Mi ■. i ■ to * rr.-,- II "- '■ QKf IncluDM ■ ' j i, \-"- £ j : •■

viaeo MASTER 138 ... to> commodcr* us . . si»« address list, page 14).
FED UP WITH SYNTAX ERRORS? Understanding Advanced Solid
HELP MASTER fiJiirovjaeSlr-lUiilOn-Liiie Ha\p iCreen 110' |H
69 BASIC (UTuriafTji *l~pr> ,ol, "wd them T*N« no BASIC
State Electronics ($14.95) covers 1C
B*M No pnloriDr^P'CP *ilri IC-iHTifHJ U>mrj tdhlnig
BASIC proyf*mi Incluaoi 16Q [>■[»« rcr»reflLo manual, mo-e
or ruruniriQ
technology tor the experimenter, se
'li 1 '' IWMMl ■ I 12* « rious hobbyist, and electronics tech Self-paced IC and logic instruction.
OTHER MASTER SOFTWARE ITEMS nician. Beginning wiih a review of READER SERVICE NO. 294
HE SET MAMEA r-sel s#-icri *.in? MfnjIpoMl
IS flS
logic circuits, the volume continues
UODEM MASTEH uwr porf rulonOe'J3fl.S5 »/lH(| 1H «
V-NOT? G-Fo^l serial Y tjblo 1 ma I*. 2 remal" JlS.QO
on to digital signal processing, bit- model of its Sidecar IBM PC hard
Ci^aaocQinT.fjTiorinrorf.ecahiciroiron-flafi mctmtar
Surge ProHBlQf 6 ouiiei poi-ef ?ti»pfi'iooi co'O
121 n
slice systems, graphics processors, ware emulator at December's World
Duk NeiCiff - leH yoi> »1» Mil" %"3" af dm I A M
and other topics. of Commodore exhibition. The unit
Sond /or Free Catalog Howard W. Sams & Co. (see ad consists of an Amiga interface and an
MtfTVri- 1* H pncn * UB tww Mta
*»l^ "'ft ihippi-iUinUl*C*^art
dress list, page 14). 8088 subsystem running at 4.77
a)( iftwa r k 'zv ;;:";.":,■',r™:;
G Hlllery CT. MHz. Both parts, plus power supply,
Handnll<lo«n, MO Sill] '
AMIGA SIDECAR 514" drive, and (optional) 20 MB
Headsf Snrvlce No. 272 Commodore displayed a working hard disk, are contained in an out
board housing that connects to the
Amiga bus expansion slot. The emu
McGuffy's Grader lator provides 256K of RAM, ex
pandable to 512K. All PC video
modes are supported in real-time, and
IS HERE! monochrome/Alpha and Color
Graphics modes can be displayed si
GUARANTEED TO DO EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER multaneously in different windows.
WANTED IN A GRADEBOOK PROGRAM. * SPREADSHEET Suggested list price is $1495.00.
OF ALL GRADES BY ASSIGNMENT * WEIGHTING * Commodore International, 215-
TEACHER DESIGNED PROGRESS NOTES * BANK OF 50 431-9100 (see address list, page 14).
POINTS, PERCENTS, LETTER GRADES OR YOUR OWN An outstanding value in public do
SYMBOLS * MANY, MANY MORE FEATURES. main programs is offered by Schnei
der Software, whose line of Frugal-
ware consists of 300 disks contain
ing over 8000 programs for the C-64
FOR APPLE IIE, IIC (80 COLUMNS), COMMODORE 64, and C-128 at $2.50 per. An ondisk
COMMODORE 128, IBM (COMING SOON) catalog and a free disk containing
word processor, database, and
FREE TRIAL IN YOUR SCHOOL FOR 30 DAYS spreadsheet plus 30 additional pro
grams can be had for $2.00 postage
and handling. 25 Amiga disks are
CALL TODAY, 1-800-422-0095
also available at $4.CJ5 each.
VN AND ORDERS AFTBR 5:00 P.M., (313) 477-0897 Schneider Software (see address
VIS A/MASTERCARD list, page 14).
Outstanding for a different reason
MIDWEST SOFTWARE, box 2t4, farmington. mi -1KO24
is the Folklife Terminal Club's offer
of free disks of PD software for the
Strvlce No. 2«5
12 AHOY!
64. 128, Plus/4, VIC 20, PET, and
B-128 computers. The software is
free, their press release explains -
but there is a copying and mailing fee HOW DOES IT RATE?
of $15 per diskette. Seems to us we
once heard a joke along those lines —
something about the coffee being Overall Rating A
free, but rental on the cup and sau Ease of Use A
cer being $2.00. Documentation A
Folkiife Terminal Club (see ad Reliability A
dress list, page 14). Error Handling A
Value for Money A
Two more hard disk systems for the Starters Kit rated by • The
Amiga: Book of Commodore 64
SupraDrive includes a hard disk Software
system, real-time clock with battery Sidecar: IBM emulation for Amiga.
backup, SCSI expansion port, and the READER SERVICE NO. 295
capability to expand the Amiga's Performance 10
Ease of Use 9
RAM via plug-in modules offering available hundreds of fonts for down
Reliability 9
from 512K to 4 MB. The system's loading to a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet
own proprietary interface makes pos Documentation 8
Plus or compatible. The package's
sible burst data transfers of over 250K
Commodore 64 disk COMAL
Textcraft/Scribble Utility permits the
per second. SupraDrive is available
rated by The Best Vic/C64
use of up to three fonts on any docu
Soft ware
in 20 ($995), 30 ($1195), and 60 ment created with the two most popu
($1995) megabyte versions. lar Amiga word processors; LaserJet
Supra Corporation, 503-967-9075 Command Set makes it possible to
(sec address list, page 14). communicate with the LaserJet with
Commodore 64 COMAL
The C Lid Hard Drive for the out complicated jargon; and TfcxX For
cartridge rated by INFO
Amiga ($995) offers full AutoCon- matter reads special imbedded com
magazine (5 stars is the
fig SCSI controller (all 20 MB con mands in any standard ASCII file
highest possible rating)
forms to standard Commodore/Ami created by (he user with standard text
ga protocol), internal power supply, editor. The program also allows crea
and full pass-through ou! of the ex tion of files for transfer to laser print
Overall rating: * * * *
pansion port. The controller will sup er equipped MS-DOS computers.
Commodore 64 COMAL disk
port up to seven SCSI devices (lape C Ltd, 316-267-6321 (see address
rated by INFO magazine
backups, CD-ROMs, etc.). list, page 14).
C Ltd. 316-267-6321 (see address
list, page 14). COMPILER UPGRADE
COMAL is a well designed
The new Version 3.10 of Lattice's
programming language
AMIGA LASER UTILITY AmlgaDOS C Compiler features in
available for the following
JetSet (S69.95) allows Amiga us creased library modularity and new
computer systems:
ers access to laser printers, making addressing modes that help reduce

C64 disk: $29.95
plugs info the
C64/C128 cartridge: $138.95
Amiga's expan
IBM PC & MS-DOS: $395.00
sion connector
CP/M: $109.95
to provide a
Apple Macintosh - late 1987
hard drive,
Apple lie / lie - late 1987
SCSI expan
sion port, ex
pansion capa
COMAL Users Group USA Ltd
bility, real-time
6041 Monona Drive, Room 111
Madison, WI 53716
phone: (608) 222-4432

AHOY! 13
load module sizes by more than 20%, 1986, Fuiurt'-Tax automatically com
Can Your putes the new standard deduction, ex
as well faster pointer and integer
Computer Make emptions, limitations on IRA contrib
math, fester IEEE floating point rou
YOU tines, direct support of the Amiga's utions, the new surtax, capital gain
FFP forma! floating point library, and tax phase in. and (he new itemized
MILLIONAIRE? multitasking support. Also included deduction limitations. On disk for the
ate a two-disk package with a boot C-128. C-64. or Plus/4; $34.95.
'LOTTERY 64 • LOTTERY +4 able system disk to simplify installa Northland Accounting, Inc., 218-
It costs no more to buy a tion, full macro assembler, single 834-3600 (see address list, below).
WINNING lottery ticket! The Tax Advantage ($59.95), pub
command line execution of compiler,
LOlTEflYwasflesujnediousaltieiawpDwcuQl librarian, and linker, and expanded lished for the past live years by Con
youi :oni|M« to I'filp you play the various documentation. The compiler bun tinental Software/Arrays, Inc., will
lottery games: LOTTO. TICK 3. PICK A LUCKY dled with Lattice's Text Management henceforth be sold by Double Eagle
LQTURY G 49, SUPER LOTIO etc Wfidnnot
Utilities is S225: the Professional Software. The Commodore revision
Deiieve mere is a better system than itie
original LOTTERY 54 S LOTTERY -4
version which adds Lattice's Make for Uix year 1986 supports IRS Form
Utility and Screen Editor and the !040, Schedules A-E. G, SE. and W.
Join itiii gwwmq list of winners
Metadigm MetaScope Debugger is and Forms 2106. 2441. 4562. and
SPECIFY M 126 01 PI US/1 $375. Version 3.10 owners can up 6251. including income averaging,

i o ortiei sann S24 95 lot each plus grade for $75 ($225 for the Profes depreciation, and the alternative min
S3 00 ocsiaiie .inn IwnaJtnrj nor wdei io sional version). imum tax. Form 1040 ean be printed
■ minus residents add 61,-. sales m-
Lattice. Inc., 312-858-7950 (see ad directly on the IRS forms or in draft:
dress list, below). all other forms and schedules can be
printed in IRS-approved formats.

COD orders call |3l2i 566-1647

TAX PROGRAMS Double Eagle Software. 213-459-
Based on the Tax Relbrm Act of 9748 (see address list, below).
QQ Superior Micro Systems. Inc
Abacas Suflvmn.'
Companies Mentioned
P,a Box 7219
Grand Kjjmis,.Ml 49510 Norlhlund Accounting, Itie.
Phone: 6lf)-241-55H)
in Scuttlebutt 606 Second Avenue
ReaOer Service No. 286
Two Harbors; MN 5S616
■• illrl. I :i!i I :.!|imiii ill
Phone: 2IN-K34-3600
P.O. Box 287
Midland Park, NJ 07432 IBM Gulewny Drive i iiiiiiiiiiin Softwnri'
Phone: 201-652-1227 San Maieo. CA 94404 P.O. Box 12716
CHECKER Accolade
Phone: 415-571-7171 Lake Park, FL 33403
20^13 Stevens Creek Blvd. Epimetheus Corporation Schneider Software
Cupertino, CA 95014 P.O. Box 171 23 Ban Green Street
Hhone: 408-446-5757 Ctear Creek. IK 4)426 Vfet Ha/iclon. PA 18201
Act ivision. Inc. Phone: fi 12-336^1508
Simon & Schusler Software
2330 BitviJuiw Parkway I .:11nt;. Gulf-Western Building
Mountain View, CA 94043 .'164 Surrey Lane One Gulf+ttfe.stcrn Pin.
Phone: 415-')60-04IO Asian, PA 1DD14 New York. NT 10023
Phone: I IS -457-5561 Phone: 212-333-3397
Maple City Software Kolkiift Terminal Chi!) .■'[ii in:;i ii Software, Inc
906 Wcm fiih Avenue Box 555-PH 78OR Creekridge Circle
Mornnouih. IL 61462 Co-op City SlaBQn Minneapolis MN' 55435
TESTS and/or IDENTIFIES Bronx. NY 10475 Phone: 612-944-3915
C Ltd
- Over 600 Digital ICs 723 Easi Skinner Mm', ii cr W. Siinis & Cn. Sunburst dunntiiiiicitlions
• 74/54 TTL + CMOS Wichita, kS 67211 4300 W, 62nd SliM 39 Washington Avenue
• 14/4 CMOS Phone: .11(1-267-632! Indianapolis, IN 462OK Plea&anivHIe, NY 10570
• 9000 TTL f .ii Soft h ;i re Phone: "14-769-5030
Ijitlitc-, I tie.
• 14-24 Pin Chips (.3" + .6" widths] 14840 Build America Drive P.O. Bo. 3072 Simeiim Incorporated
Woodbridge. VA 22191 Glen Eliyn. IL 6O13H 260 Holbrook Drive
Pressing a single key idenlifies/lests Phi me: 703-4>) 1-6494 Phone: 312-858-^50 Wtoling. 1L6009O
chips with AMY type of output in seconds. Classic Imiigi:, I lie Lease Program Hrlqlrs.
Phone: 312-459-8000
Inexpensive software updates will be of 510 Rhode Island Avenue I'.O. Bon 2009 Supra Corporation
fered as new chip tests are developed The Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 RarrauigBjn Hills. MI 1133 Commercial Way
Phone: fitW 667-2526 Phone: S0O-422-9073 Albany, <JR 'J732I
CHIP CHECKER is available for the Com
(Vininin cliiri' [nicrnuliniml Phone; 503-06*9075
modore C64 and C128 lor only SI59
1200 Wilson Drive 19 West 35th Sired l':ih Hooks, Inc.
ftfcst Chaster, B\ 19380 New York. NY HX1OI Blue Ridge Summit, PA
DUNE SYSTEMS Phone: 215-431-9100 Phone: 212-244-3336 Phone: 717-794-2191
2603 Willa Drive Double T-aj;le -Software Mindscupe, Jni\ Tiinenocks
SI Joseph Ml 49085 2210 Wilshire Blvd., Sic. S75 3444 Dundee Road 444 LalLt Cook Road
(616) 983-2352 Sarna Monka, CA 90403 Noitfthmok, iL WKJ62 Deerl'icld. 11.60015
r Service No. 287 Phone; 2U-459-W48 Phone: .1I2-4K0-7667 Phone: .'^-"WH-'jaoO

14 AHOY!
RS232 RS232 RS232
Jumper Gender Port
Box Changer Ulnitestor
Reconfigure your Change your port Diagnose RS232
6 Ft. monitor Extension, 5 pindiny2RCA $8.95 RS232port. Fix ehher way. communication
6 Ft. monitor Extension, 5 pindin/3RCA $8.95 mismatched cables. Male/Male $8.95 aroblems. 7 LED
6 Ft. monitor Extension, 5 pindtn/4RCA $9.95 Plug type. $19.95
Fem/Fem$8.95 Lights. $19.95
6 Ft. 6 Pindin Male/Male $6.95
9 Ft. 6 Pindin Male/Male $8.95
18 Ft. 6 Pindin Male/Male $16.95 The ULTRAVOX Sound System
6 Ft. 6 Pindin Male/Male $6.95
1 hit lyjlom otfdi on exelling new dimenilon la all of your sound pro
6 Ft. Centronics, Male/Male $14.95 ducing loftworel 100% itoreo lound from your Commodore 64. ll
6 Ft. Centronics, Male/Female $14.95 even hai a built-in amp ta power ipeakeri directly. wm
6 Ft. RS232, 25 Pin, Male/Female 514.95 Mo io1d«flng • Ako wofki on fit.fJ HOW
9 Ft. 6 Pindin, Male Rt. Angle/Hale 59.95 vcbitv
I00H E.l.rr.-i

12 Ft. Joystick Extension $8.95 hordwv*

6 Ft. 90° Angle 1541 Powercord $9.95

7 Ft. Modem Extension Cord (Plug-Plug) $3.95 RS232 BREAKOUT BOX
15 Ft. ModBm Extension Cord (Plug-Plug) $5.95 No batteries required, uses power from RS232 signal.
25 Ft. Modem Extension Cord (Plug-Plug) $6.95 2 color LED's. Reconfigure or solve RS232 problems.
Handy Fuse Puller $1.95 Comes with a DB25 Male and DB25 Female.
IC Puller (No more poked lingers) $4.95
Hi-Res Stereo Headphones (CD ready. $49.95
Gold contacts) $8-95
Save your Joystick Ports (rom damage with this
Port Extender $6.95 Dl-SECTOR (Latest Version)
Diiecl all of ihe lateil loftwoio, make archival boekupi of the hord-
5 TERMINAL PHONE 128 CABLE lo-get tluff. Thii ii so much more than o copy progromi (1 rial oil 'he
EXPANDER no copJeri you wanl. plui on Incfedible file copier, ML monitor, lectof
with (he 1701/1702 editor, elc. Plui a poramolor copier with over 140 paramelari.
more unplugging.
monitor monochrome
Hook up modemi,
w/sound. 5ave big Entire Utility Syilom ^
phones, outo diolers
(irtswenng machines, etc. money. $9,95
all ol onco! $14.95 $ SAVER SWITCH S
Protection Disk Connecu two compulon lo one printer or dijlt drive, or share your
C128 Reference Cleaner drive ond printei balween Iwo compuleiv link i,.o printer! lo one
Book $15.95 computer. Switch from one device lo oncthar.
Over 75 eoiy to read
$8.95 Mod. I: Two 6 pindin femole jocketi and 4' sable »,
chain and tables. 261 Mod. 2: Three 6 pindin fomole loekeh; can £29.95
pgi. of lolid infarmolion. I earn lo protect and \>n- be vied with moil p'inlar interlacei.
Not one wailed pags. pro'Bcl your software. For
lays Nal lor eoiy 'nodlng.
Color coded, always find
<ha now uiar, and eipa'i-
menlar. Include) brute
what yog need. An in program lecurity. FREE
credible compilation of disk included. {21
information. Guaranteed. Ulili'iei)
STRIP Includes:
Why pay
2764 E PROMS one ULTRAVOX For school or buiinan. 4 computer! to I device
Theie uniti hava a 15 Thejo are the onoil
The chipi you wont,
'wo ipeakon
1 heodphonei $79.95
AMP breaker illuminaled
iwitch and heovy duly ol a price you love. only
COfd ONLY $11.95 $5.95 $59.95 PARALLEL RS232
(Ml FILTERING *V*^ -» lighted Rocker Sw.tchai lo pini iwiiched, femola con- 75 pini twitched. OB 25 con-
15AMPBreoker «^"\_ ^^ Moil or ON/OFF Switch noelan, gold collect!, Sigh, neciori, high-quality puih-
Surge Protection ™ ——ra "^ ' Heavy Metol Coie quality puih-bul'on iwilch. butlon switch.
Includes a lwilch for computer, monitor, printer, Aux I, Auk 2.
Please odd 15,00 5&H For thii item. $44.95 $44.95


Portland, Ore. 97220 Add $2.00 dipping & handling. VISA, M.C. JVO/ ^^
llr,-.d=r Sank* Ha 253
• Famous National Brand
15 Day Free Trial-Satisfaction or Your Money Back
90 Day Immediate Replacement Warranty
— *—• • ,

80 Column Printer • 8!/2" Letter Size

We Like this Printer so much
We Bought Out the Fcictory

List £199.00

Now you can have a full fledged 8 Vi" letter size 80 column printer for less than the cost of a large box of
paper. This printer uses advanced dot matrix, heat transfer technology to print upper and lower case (with
true lower descenders), underline, enlarged, all points addressable graphics plus More. Print out pictures,
program listings, word process ing pages, graphics and more. Perfect for the homeowner or student and
definitely affordable. List $ 199.00 Sale $39.95

Commodore Atari

IBM Apple

This printer was made by Canon® for the IBM PC and PCjr. The Big Blue printer comes ready to hook up to the serial port
of the IBM®PC jr. Plus with low cost adapter cables you can connect the Big Blue printer to the Apple® ll,lle,llc, Apple
Corapalibles, Atari®, Commodore® 64 ,128, SX-64, Vic 20, Plus 4, IBM®PC. IBM®XT, IBM®AT, IBM Compatibles ,
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Intelligent Commodore® Interface—Connects Big Blue to the printer port of the C-64 and 128. Print graphic*, us
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This is an example of ITALICS Fantastic List $499.95

En l~i ^.n cz ed Boldface Price
Condensed Text Daub 1 e-stri ke Below Wholesale
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Print Buffer Printing Method Ink Ribbon Cartridge

8K bytes utility buffer Impact dot matrix Ribbon Life: 3 million characters/cartridge
Printing Direction Physical Dimensions
Printing Spied
Text Mode — Bi-directional Size: 15" x 12" x 5"
160-180 CPS at standard character priming
Graphic Mode — Uni-directional Weight: 12.7 lbs.
Interface Printing Characters Maximum Number of Characters
Centronics type parallel (8-bit) Standard 9 x 9 dot matrix Standard: lOcpi 80cpl
Paper NLQ 12 x 18 dot matrix Standard enlarged: 5 cpi 40 cpl
Plain paper, Roll paper, Single sheet Character size: 2.12x2.8 mm (standard) Elite: 12 cpi 96 cpl
Fanfold, Multipart paper: max. 3 sheets Character sets: Full ASCII character set (96) Elite enlarged: 6 cpi 48 cpl
(original plus 2 copies) 32 International characters Condensed: 17 cpi 132 cpl
Character Fonts Condensed enlarged: 8.5 cpi 66 cpl
Pica, Elite, Italics, Condensed Condensed elite: 20 cpi 160 cpl
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We will IMMEDIATELY send you a replacement at
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Includes itic GEOS program.

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Now switch your computer
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Superb Silver Reed letter quality the flick of a switch.This Tuner
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Whether you're building an
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ing assignments.
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Tha concluston (■ hot ctriiinr bui -ouniing

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down formatting problems with

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The Workshop cuts down
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Convenient, or what?
Rodent of Reality or Man-Made

The conclusion is not certain, bur

mounting scientific evidence now indicates
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Although traditionally reclusive, the
bashful bunny has been sighted with
increasing frequency, over the past five
years. As illustrated in Figure 6, the annual Of course, you don't want to
number of sightings has steadily grown NEW keep good-looking documents
from a low of 1,876 In 1982 to over 5,346
so firihis year.
ABOUNDS like this to yourself. So we built
in gcoMerge. Which customizes
"The problem isn't so much the
bunny, as ii is the eyewitnesses," adds your geoWrite form letters to
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unreliable, with nothing to show for their
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SO if your plans call for some
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your software dealer and requisi
At first, the sightings were attributed to
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The Easter Bunny has been seen by adults
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become less skeptical.
In fact, as Dr. Llevano points out,
"The Easter Bunny must be taken
To order call 1-800-443-0100 ext. 234
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-.'.-i...',.!Url>.rh -- r* .r>*

lLll llkj

text, replacing worn-out words

and phrases with your brand
A few more built-in
features. Every project leaves
new ones. the Workshop looking beautifully WORKSHOP
For more serious cases, hand finished, too. Because it not
the job over to the Workshop's only comes with LaserWriting
Text Grabber. It takes text from compatibility, there's even a
several word processors—like
Paper Clip™ —and lets you over
haul them with new GEOS fonts, Berkeley
formats and graphics.
Softworks FUader 3<rvlc< No. 137

The brightest minds are working at Berkeley.

For the C-64
Walter E. Meyers

n the frequency-of-use list of BASIC com 220 FOR J=0 TO 8:IF L(J)=1 THEN F=l
mands. USR must be at the very bottom. 230 NEXT:NEXT:T=TI-TM
And it's not hard to see why-even the
experts look askance at it. In Raeto Collin The loop had a hundred repetitions so that small differ
West's Programming the Commodore 64, we're told the ences in time could be more easily measured. TI is an
command "requires a thorough understanding of [machine assigned variable that records how much time has passed
language]; in BASIC, it's nearly always easier to use a since the computer was turned on. Line 200 sets TM
DEF FN expression, and not much slower" (p. 66). And equal to Tl, and line 230 subtracts the beginning time
later, "USR is helpful with [machine language] calculation from the ending time to see how long the program has
programming" (p. 251). taken in jiffies (sixtieths of a second).
Not many computer games 1 know show much interest The program took 410 jiffies, or almost seven seconds
in machine language calculation programming, so USR to run. Each loop takes seven hundredths of a second,
would seem to be rightly ignored. But it only seems to be. which might not seem too long—and lor many BASIC
The advantage of the USR command is that it lets you programs it isn't, but when you consider that something
send a value to a machine language subroutine, and, even like this program would have to be used inside the rou
more important for our purposes, lets the subroutine re tine that reads the joystick, you are going to have a very
turn a value to BASIC. The game Lights Out is intended sluggish game.
as a demonstration of how USR can bring near-arcade A second test method changed just one line: in ver
speed to a game in BASIC. sion 2, 220 reads FOR J=49f52 TO 49160:IF PEEK(J)
Fast movement in BASIC is no problem on the C-64, =1 THEN F=l. This version simply peeks nine loca
especially if the program is of modest size. But check tions to store the values, and sets a flag. When the pro
ing for variables is often where the program slows down. gram was run, it took 414 jiffies to complete—a little slow
In Lights Out the premise is that you're ghostbusting in er than version I. Doing the same thing with a variable
a house haunted by five specters. You can exorcise them is faster, but not much faster, as method 3 shows:
one at a time if you can manage lo get all the lights in
the house turned on at once: that will banish one of the 200 K=49152:TM=TI
ghosts. Then you try again, with a speedier spook. The 210 FOR 1=1 TO 100
programming of the game was straightforward until it 220 FOR J=K TO K+8:IF PEEK(J)=1 THEN F=l
came time to keep track of the lights in nine rooms. The
player turns them on by hitting the fire button when he and so on. It took 367 jiffies to complete, or about six
enters a room; the ghost turns them off (by magic) when seconds.
he enters. Thus, nine values had to be checked every time The answer to time problems in BASIC is supposed
the joystick was read. To test the various methods to be a subroutine in machine language. For a third test,
available for checking these locations, I write five al I wrote a short ML subroutine that looked in the nine
most-identical programs. The first used BASIC variables locations and placed a 1 in 49244 if the conditions were
to store whether the light was on or off: right. The BASIC part was:

200 TM=TI 200 TM=TI

210 FOR 1=1 TO 100 210 FOR 1=1 TO 100

22 AHOY!

If you're finding it increasingly point and click a w Put them both

difficult to find anything at all, mouse, you can call together with
up any list of friends
•frtm pfc*t wmro inn • jtjuwi L^»"ip> " f^ *■ Z

maybe it's time you found out geoMerge and it's

about geoDex. The GEOS-com- with geoDex's easy- toga time!
patible directory that generates to-read graphics. The search is
mailing lists. Prints address Our most in over. So if you're
labels. And sorts out ail sorts of viting feature. Of tired of looking
things for your Commodore. course, once you've for friends, waltz
Try directory assistance. gotten your friends right down to your
With a little help from geoDex, organized, the next thing we software dealer and ask him for
you can call up a directory recommend you do with geoDex geoDex. We can't guarantee it'll
organized from any three catego is really very simple. win you more friends, but it'll cer
ries you choose. Which means Throw a party. tainly keep you from losing them.
you can list your friends by name, You see, geoDex comes with
telephone number or geoMerge, a mail To wriff fflfl 1-800-443-0100 ext. 234
almost anything else merge program that
geoDex $39.95
that can be assigned customizes form let (California residenls add 6.5% s.ilos (ax.)
its own three- ters, announcements S2.5U US/S5.50 Foreign for shipping and
character code. —even party invita handling. Allow six weeks for delivery.
Like "MEN" for tions—with the b mj ps a trademark "I G* :E!cclmmcs, l.lil CEO&

guys you know. Or names and addresses

"GRL" for girls you stored in geoDex.
know. Or "FOX" for girls or guys
you'd like to know.
First you write the letter with
geoWrite. Then you select a GEODEX
But no matter how you choose list from geoDex.
to categorize them, if you can

Reader Service No. 242

The brightest minds are working at Berkeley.
220 SYS 49256: IF PEEK(49244)=1 THEN F=l
and so on. The reduction was enormous, as expected.
The program took 122 jiffies, or just over two seconds.
But this version had an unfair advantage: after each time
the flag was set lo 1, the program would have had to
POKE 0 into 49244 to set the routine up for the next
call. That POKE would have eaten into the time advan
tage of version 4.
Now for USR. Version 5 of the program was this:

200 POKE 785,10:P0KE 786,192

210 TM=TI
220 FOR 1=1 TO 100
240 NEXT

This final version cut version 4s time in half: It took 51
jiffies for the 100 loops, less than one second. And it
was automatically ready for the next cycle.

You'll find the USR command in line 260 of lights
Out. Notice the zero in parentheses following USR; this
value in parentheses can be passed to the machine lan
A Word Processor guage subroutine beginning at the address POKEd in lines
110-120: POKE 785, 104:POKE 786, 192. In this case,
we don't care what the value in parentheses is because
Yprak-ti-kalN we're not going to use it for anything. What we do care
)ou know, like ediblejunk mail about is what we get back, the value that the command
assigns to the variable WIN.
• RUNS IN C128 "EAST" MODE There is no question that USR takes some extra work
• 80-COLUMN WINDOW to master. The book by West mentioned above is an excel
lent place to start, as long as the reader keeps in mind
that he doesn't have to use every feature of a command
for that command to be valuable. Those who want to dis
• MERGE C64 FOES FROM MOST WORD PROCESSORS assemble a very simple machine language routine for
USR may wish to examine the data statements in line
FORMATS TEXT AUTOMflNCALIY AS YOU TYPE One final note: As with any game requiring fast hands
EASY COPY-MOVE-DELETE COMMANDS. on a joystick, Lights Out is going to need some cali
brating ihe first time you play it. Some fire buttons have

\3-'ford-a-bal\ a hair-trigger; others need to be mashed. Some joysticks

respond instantly; others have a lot of free play. The vari
Loosely 'defined' as kss than your meekly grocery bill.
able that controls the difficulty of the game is GS (for
Ghost Speed) in line 150. It is initially set at 15, and is

reduced by 2 for each successive ghost in line 410: GS-
GS-2. Get the starting value first-increase GS in line
Ask your Local Dealer... 150 until you can beat the first ghost easily. If, at that
or call w - We hue yourface. value, ghost five doesn't give you much of a problem,
try making the reduction greater, changing the first com
mand in line 410 to something like GS=GS-3. Ideally,
you should have a lot of trouble with the fastest ghost.
Type the game and save it to disk or tape. After you've
saved it, type RUN 5000 to check your entry of the data
HesWare • 415-871-0570 statements. Lines 5000 to the end are a checksum pro
390 Swift Ave. #14 • So. San Francisco, Ca. 94080 gram that will tell you whether you've entered the data
correctly. Once you get OK's from the checksums, you
can delete everything from 5000 on. □
r Sirvlci Ho. Ml

24 AHOY!
Running a software company There are investment
is no picnic. We have to dp major functions. Averages. Even a
calculations every day. Tilings random number generator.
like payables and receivables- And writing your own
Taxes. Budgets. And lord only formulas is as easy as, urnrn.,*
knows how many quarterly one, two, three.
cost projections. With mouse in hand, you
That's why we developed can zip alt over the huge
geoCalc. The spreadsheet spreadsheet, sotvine what
program forGEOS-equipped if' questions with a lew quick
Commodores. clicks. Questions like, "If
You see, we not only sell Sheila takes the waitress job,
software for Commodores, how much can we expect our
we actually use them in taxes to increase?" Or "How ,
our own offices. So when much faster will the Chevy go if
Lee needs to project in we rip out the muffler and the
ventory costs, or Brian back seat?"
wants to figure employee No matter what the problem,
bonuses, trie first if it has to do with numbers,
thing they do is load geoCalc can solve it. Fast.
upgeoCalc, So if you notice a need to
The very same spread decimate digits, consider
sheet you can use at home for crunching them with geoCalc. We
figuring finances, mastering math rely on it for our business. In fact,
mysteries or persona] production we couldn't manage without it.
5*i-l J(* , («1 ■ (p'sflM ;Ifl
eI3 A | B I C i |- « With geoCalc, you get 112 To order call 1 -800-443-0100 &tt. 234
1 TJ
columns and 256 rows to fill with geoCalc S49.95
Hew. ■■■"■: all kinds of text and numbers. tCalifornia residents add 6.5% sales tax,)
isase ^ ■... Jjai*f.J And formulas that range from 52.50 US/$5.5O Foreign for shipping and
simple addition to arctangents handling. Allow six weeks for delivery.
) i--..
M t'li «T [JTOrPBT" I \t
and cosines that could knock any
'--'i'Z'Z physicist cold.

nl[nla| mi»! nut Cfttl

]!■ 1

The brightest minds are working at Berkeley.
Sorvlcg No, JO
^ _y

For the C-6
By John Fedor
Just before World War III destroyed the Earth, a aware of. One is that the rtuqibcr of lives left for each
small group of scientists escaped to a small, un player is indicated by the asterisks under each player's
known planet in our solar system. This planet score. The high score is updated automatically and kept
was named Geehonk after the small creatures posted with each player's score. Player 1 is the green
that lived there. The Geehonks got along well with the spaceship, while player 2 is the light green ship. A play
Earthlings. and soon allowed them to colonize a small er can die by 1) hitting a column, 2) hitting an alien,
section of the planet. A few years after the colonization 3) hitting another ship, or 4) hitting the other ship's shot.
was established, a large tremor was felt. Tom Gauthicr, The two player mode with both players on the same
the leader of the colonization, sent a scout ship to see screen is the mosi enjoyable. You can try (o kill the other
what the problem was. ship and keep the points to yourself. You can also work
About 100 kilometers from the colony was a large hole together and cover each other's backs.
in the ground. The pilot. Nick Huculak. reported back When shooting at columns there are two things you
thai he was going to enter it. As he entered the hole, he should know. Shooting at the bottom of the column only
realized it was more like a cavern. The walls had col eliminates one block of the column for 5 points. If you
umns that grew from the ceiling and changed to different shoot from the side, you destroy that block and all blocks
shades of blue. Since he needed the flying room, Nick below it. You also score 5 points for each of the blocks
started to shoot the growing columns. The columns just that are destroyed. This is the fastest way to score. It can
continued to grow. After awhile, an alien appeared and aiso be dangerous. Just sitting at the bottom of the screen
started moving towards his ship. Nick tried to shoot it and shooting up will not work, because the columns on
but nothing happened. The columns continued to grow, either side of your shot will come down and get you.
so he continued shooting. Then another alien appeared. Every 1000 points, a new alien will come out. On the
Nick radioed back that he needed help. Just then, Nick's two player mode with both players on at the same time,
ship hit a column and exploded.... another alien comes out when the sum of the two scores
Such is the basis of Caverns of Geehonk. The object is divisible by 2000. A note will sound off when an al
is to destroy the columns before they destroy you. You ien is coming onto the screen. You can pause the game
fly your ship with a joystick (Port I for player 1, Rut by pressing the RUN/STOP key. Pressing it again will
2 for player 2). Pressing up. down, left, or right will move restart the game. So when playing this game, keep these
you in that direction. Pressing the button will release a points in mind.
shot in the direction you are lacing. You have an unlimi
ted number of shots. Remember that the aliens are im TYPING IT IN
mune to your shots. This game is made up of three programs. The first is
There are 42 different gameplay combinations, made a short BASIC program that boots up and executes the
possible by three choices: player mode, level, and lives. game, the second is the sprite shapes, and the third is
There are three player modes. The first is a one player the ML routines. For the second two programs, you will
game; the second allows two players to alternate in taking need to use Flankspeed (sec page 93). First, type in
turns; the third allows both players to play on the same the first program and save it under "GEEHONK CAV
screen. This option is controlled by the 11 key while the ERNS". Next, type in the second program using Flank-
title screen is in view. The (3 key changes the level. There speed. Use 3B00 and 4000 for starting and ending ad
are 7 levels to choose from. Level 1 has all the aliens dresses. Save the file under the name "COG.SP". Finally,
appear in front of the columns, while level 7 has all the type in the third program using Flankspeed. Use C000
aliens appearing behind the columns. The other levels and CE4C for starting and ending addresses. Use
have varying numbers of aliens behind the columns. The "COG. M L" for the filename. To play the game, just load
number of aliens does not change according to the level, "GEEHONK CAVERNS",8 and run it.
just the number of aliens that appear behind the columns. With the numerous options available, you can play this
The third option has two settings. You can choose be game a while without its becoming dull. A final note for
tween three and five lives to play with. This option is two players on the same screen: Never trust an alliance.
adjusted by the f5 key. The f7 key starts the game. You never know if that person will .shoot you in the back. D
While playing the game, there arc several things to be SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 107

26 AHOY!
lit i mi urn it.
* i i tt I 11 i •
11 t i i

Having thousands of facts is one Once your data is in, the real fancy, you can display your infor
thing. Finding the ones you need is fun begins. mation graphically with geoCbart.
another. Which is why you should You want names of bus drivers? And geoFile does it all in
consider buying geol-ile. The From Arizona? Under five foot six? seconds.
easy- to- use database manager for Between the ages of 33 and 35? With Now, with all that in mind, what
GEOS-equipped Commodores. incomes of $22,396 or more? Who are you going to do—spend a few
Whether they're sneezed inJune? bucks on geoFile?
receivables or reci Just click your Or spend all night wishing that
pes, once you have mouse and watch you had?
geoFile, you can fly geoFile go to work.
through facts in sec Searching. Sorting. To order rail 1-800-443-0100 art 234
onds, clicking and Comparing and listing
geoFile $49.95
picking the ones you the data alphabetically.
(California residents add 6.5% sales tax.)
want, just the way Or numerically. Or in S2.5U US/$5.5U Foreign for shipping and
you want them. whatever priority your handling. Allow six weeks for delivery.
It's as simple asfill- form specifies.
ingout a form. You can put the data
The geoFiie "form" organizes all into form letters and lists with geo-
kinds of information. Like names, Merge. Or into math functions, with GEOFILE
numbers, rates of objects' accelera geoCalc. Or if you really want to get
tion when dropped from two-story
buildings—you name it. As much as
you can fit on a printed page.
The brightest minds are working at Berkeley.
Reader Service No, 244


DRIVE ■ 9.54 MHZ. 8088-1 PROCESSOR
S899 " WY 1400-02

WY 1400-20
1399? 8E62

P.P.I '34«
Qt commodore 80-25 ChWRACTER FIELD, 2000



M.W. 350 I OK BUFFER 69* SP-1OOD
S22995 BuilHn Commodore Interface
2-Year Warranty

IL Near Letter Quality Mode

ft commodore
64C INCLUDES 154 95
GEOS/SOFTWARE m i < r ft n ■ c m

128 SB-10


*N X'*NP-10
Paperback Writer 128 IBM COMPATIBLE
Paperback 100 CPS ■ 25 NLO • 9 WIRE DOT MATRIX ■
£* commodore
Paperback 64E PACKAGE
Planner 121 INCLUDES:
YOUR CHOICE •Commodore 64 Conputw
•Commcdore 1541 Disc Drrve
S29»s • A Color Monitor with CadPes
for thu Commodore 128 CALL FOR PRICE

ChKk, Money Ofd if. WC or VISA xtepled. No

1-800-221-2760 xUrikvul charge ta MaittrCard and VPu. CSl tor

shipping ,w3 handling rnfonrutlDn I NY£ rnMKnii
OUT OF STATE CALL xu .wxaW i*^■. Lax ■ Prirn and jv^Iafrllty Mr
sutjett to change A^UioLri natkF ' AH fjciorv tmh
i ■"!. '•.-*■- j ;.- h\. rr rrunufjcturtf Li wvranty. DrMn
FOR ALL OTHER INFO 81 TERMINAL DRIVE '.'h ' k i -■■ ■ • ri.'i far ri' r f'( price rpducitoni and rmv
refute Information. Piui shipping and handling. No
516-349-1020 PLAINVIEW, NY 11803 i-l : i ,■ M ■ *.* rf irlum authoriutlon number
Rud*r 9*rvl« No. JM
OOO For the C-64 OOO
By Tony Brantner

efore the intrcxluction of home computers,

playing pinball meant either pumping a ton of
quarters inlo someone else's machine, or buy
ing one of your own and throwing out the
living room sofa to make room for it. Pinball Arcade
does away with all the expense and inconvenience by con
verting your Commodore 64 into a pinbail machine which
can be easily stored on disk or tape.
Using Flankspeed (page 93), type in Pinball Arcade
and be sure to save a copy before running. Type SYS
49)52 and press RETURN to start. Use a joystick plugged There are five targets, each with a corresponding point
into Port 2 to move the spring in the lower right corner value displayed in the center. An extra ball is awarded
up or down, pressing the fire button to release the ball. for every thousand points with a maximum of nine in
Once the ball is in play, the fire button is used to control reserve. The score is displayed at the top of the screen,
the flippers al the bottom of the screen. When hilling along with the number of turns remaining and the high
the ball back, you can also set the tbrce of the rebound score for the current session. Press the SHIFT LOCK key
by simultaneously pressing the tire button and moving to freeze the game, and press it again to resume play. □
the joystick up or down. SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 100

Once you load Fontpack 1 mind. ILIilte p good, follow these simple
into your GEOS-equipped So Fontpack 1 comes with a words of wisdom-
Commodore, your papers total of 2t§tyles that BUH Font f^ck I. or efSe,
are never the same. work with your GEOS
fl Friend.
You see, Fontpack 1 lets system.
you feel mean and nasty You see, with Fontpack 1, To order call
Or mysncAL. Or calm you're not just writing a 1-800-443-0100 act. 234
Fontpack 1 $29.95
AKIED ®EW}?UE and statement; you're tfi&Klfejti g (California residents add 6.5% sales tax.)
good. And it's great for l&ttjfel&Nt!] about your $2.50 US/S5.5Otweign for shipping and
handling. Allow six weeks fur delivery.
those times you're feeling writing. . k I mi It- ik ki > flm «i. *■ l r.-k .. I Ifc-rk.*-. J. im • 1.

absolutely chZ/d/sh. So if you want your

But sometimes you have papers to make you look
important things on your FONTPACK1

n Softworks

Tlie brightest minds are working at Berkeley.

Heidor Service Ho. 339
ISSUE W7-MAY '85 $4.00 ISSUE 028-APR. TO $4.00
Disk drive enhancements! Install ■ re Comet catching! Survey of action and
set switch! Assembler escapades' And slralrgj games! Screen dumping! And
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unin Directory! DSKDU! Raid! DOS Air fescue! Notemaker! Screen Window!
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Music & graphics entry systems! How 128 graphic bit map! Epy* strategy guide!
modems work! Insult the 6510! And 128 commands! ML music programming!
ready to enter: Quail-print! Mapping And ready to enter Bigprim! Slar Search!
4.4! Towers nf Hanoi! Speedy! Duck Failsafe! English Dans! Ski Folly! Free
Shoot! The 6510 Simulator! RAM Check! Alchemist's Apprentice!

Use the coupon below to complete your iSUE 019-JULY '85 $4.00 ISSUE #30-JUNE '86 $4.00
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collection of Ahoy!, and catch up on all , on VIC/64! Speeding pixels! And
Debugging dilemma.';! Public domain soft
ware! Winning at Ultima! Computer Aided
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intelligence! Synapses Ihur WoIOMrJ- graphics! Joystick programming! And Sprite programming! And ready to en Infinity! C-64 war simulation*! fasciil
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Build a C-64 cassette interface! Vid Programming the joystick! 1541 disk dumpers! Choosing a copy program! Cus Amiga RAM expanders! And ready U
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Use coupon or facsimile. If or

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Money Order for $
list choices on separate sheet. Copies of issue number. ._
Copies of issue number (Outside the USA please
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more complete information on ION
any of the back issues listed, INTERNATIONAL INC.
call Moj'/'s Bulletin Board Ser 45 West 34th Street
vice at 718-383-83!)!:. Suite 407 ADDRESS
For the C-64
By Bob Blackmer
'S 's w arcade game for the C-64
Wlt1' multicolor sprites, realistic anima-
(inn and music. The object is to find and
collect the keys that will make the wi two keys touching each other. The weight of the combined
zard appear, so you can catch him. You reach the differ keys is [oo much for you to pick up. The only way to
ent floors of the castle by using the ladders, while avoid collect these is to run back and forth across them until
ing the monster vines that will be patrolling some floors. they are taken.
When the game begins, the wizard hides himself and At the beginning of the game you can easily outrun
places three keys in the castle. The theme music will be the vines. In fact, you will find yourself waiting for them
gin playing at a slow tempo and the vines will slowly to move to go after a key. After a few levels you will
make their way back and forth across the castle floors. see this advantage reverse. The speed of the vines will
Make your way around the castle, collecting all ihc keys. force you to make split-second decisions getting through
When the wizard appears, tag him. After tagging the wi a floor.
zard, he will play along with the music on guitar. The The highest level I reached was the 15th. I'm confi
background music will step up in tempo as will the move dent there are some readers who will surpass that level.
ment of the monster vines. The wizard will men hide Another challenge: can you guess what song the theme
himself and place three more keys to see if you can tag music is (aken from?
him again. WwmI Tag is written entirely in machine language and 3
I must warn you about the monster vincs-any contact must be entered using Flankspeed (see page 93). After I
with these beauties will result in the wild thrashing of typing in and saving Wizard Thg, reset the computer and ™
your body as the vines ensnare you with their killer ap LOAD "WIZARD TAG"8,1 then SYS 49152 to start. □ <
pendages. Sometimes, to be cruel, the wizard will leave SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 97 i


Okay, so maybe we're The Icon Editor can complete with sound effects.
being a little dramatic. But replace your GEOS icons Deskpack 1. It's not only
when you see how much with whatever art you've loaded. It's practically
Deskpack 1 adds to your created. Or borrowed. stuffed with practical stuff.
GEOS-equipped Commo j"»- - The Calendar lets
dore, can you blame us? you book appointments To order call 1-800-443-0100 ext. 234
First, there's the Deskpack I $34.95
well into the year 9999, (California rcsidunls adiiti. 5% salts tax.)
Graphics Grabber. It with full monthly displays and $2.50 US'$5.50 foreign for shipping and
handling- Allow six weeks for delivery.
runs through clip art a memo reminder. Lrpninxx lf>n'jt 31 ratfcnm 1 <il ^ornni'uli m- SmbbIx Lid.
I'ntvl Mi.,. H a trad.m>lk h.[fcod.srhrrHl ^t^air. Inc.
galleries like Print Shop,1" And when work I'MdVll' lr.-1-HIS. D^[fc I«
Wfcl [N

Print Master7" and News gets too boring, our

F« .1. I: ■ ■ .:i«-it - ire is .■!, mil .. 11', il, 1.T.JI...I..

room™ and copies them into Blackjack dealer pops

your GEOS photo albums, so
that you can use them with
up to give you a fast shuffle, DESKPACK1
n Softworks
geoWrite and geoPaint.

The brightest minds are working at Berkeley.

Render Service No. 230
Writing Bad Programs
without; Really Trying

Have you seen any bad programs recently? Have

you wriiten any? It is easy to recognize a bad
program. It is the program which asks you to
enter the date without giving you any clue as to
the expected format. After trying "2/12/87" "Feb.
^_ 12, 1987", "2-12-87", and every other variation you
| can think of. always with the same computer re
sponse, "INVALID DATE, TRY AGAIN!", you know you
have found a bad program.
A bad program is one which poses the question "Do
you want to continue (YES/NO)?" and won"t let you pro
ceed unless you type the entire word "YES". Entering
"Y" or < RETURN > brings the program to an abrupt
halt, discarding all the data you have been entering for
the last 10 minutes.
There are different degrees of program "badness." The This month we will discuss some of the fine details
message "PRESS A KEY TO CONTINUE?" might be of the art of programming. If you write programs to be
momentarily confusing. (Is it asking a question or giv used by others, these are things that you should consid
ing a command? Does it matter which key I press?) Al er. The "feel" of a program, its helpfulness or unobtru-
though this example is nearly trivial in comparison to siveness, and its forgiveness for errors are all character
the first two situations, it stiil represents bad, or at leasl istics which distinguish the good program from the bad.
second-rate, programming.

Let's start with some ways for the user to enter data
into a program. The most convenient method (from a
programmer's point of view) is to use the INPUT state
ment. A typical example is this:

32 AHOY!
1 INPUT"PICK A NUMBER FROM 1 TO 1000"jNl the INPUT statement is that it always acids the question
mark after the prompt message, whether the message is
The computer displays the prompt message defined by a question or a statement.
the quotation marks, adds a question mark, and then waits To avoid the question mark, you might use the follow
for the user to type a response and press RETURN. The ing sequence:
entered value is stored in Nl.
The advantages of the INPUT statement are that it in 2 PRINT"PICK ANOTHER NUMBER ";
cludes Ihe function of a PRINT statement to display the 3 0PEN,.l,0 : INPUT#l,N2 : CLOSE 1
prompt, and that it provides some error detection. For 4 PRINT : PRINT .M,N2
example, if the user enters a letter instead of a number,
the computer displays "?REDO FROM START" and waits Line 2 prints the prompt followed by two spaces. Line
until a number has been entered. The main problem with 3 opens device 0. which is the keyboard, and reads the

AHOY! 33
Is Getting The Answer To
Software Problems
A Bigger Problem Than
The Problem?

prompt, written answers to your frequently publish software reviews.

Don't stay on hold specific problems.^^. You can And you can find help for many
when there's help online even talk with ^ the actual other software products in our other
software computer-related forums for IBM"
from CompuServe* developers. Tandy! Atari' Applet Commodore!
Software Forums. TI" and others.
The last thing you
need when you've got
The new upgraded a software problem
version of , is a bigger
your software problem
locks up. getting answers.
And every Aldus' Ashton-Tate! Autodesk] So, from now
time you Borland International' Creative on, get .
reboot, Solutions' Digital Research^ Living prompt,
you get stuck in the Videotext) Lotus' Inc., Microsoft! informed
same place in the program. MicroPro: Misosys Inc and Software answers on
Publishing' all have CompuServe CompuServe Software Forums.
You've chucked the manual, Software Forums.
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So you call the software company more. computer dealer. Suggested retail
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Now you spend half a day beating
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busy signals, ranting at recorded or for more
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Meanwhile, progress is stopped mmai. t00r v \
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Several prom
You'll find they can give you lots just type *■*'—-
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recognize this
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CompuServe Software Forums. ways to expand the uses of your soft
ware, and offer free uploads of your
Now you can go online with Infonnatmn Smvees, RO. Bok 20212
own programs.
experts from (he companies that 5000 Aituigion Cenue Blwj. Columbus. OH 43Z20

produced your software and get Our online electronic magazines An hsrh«* company
Service No. 270
value entered by the user. The cursor remains on the in a letter instead of a number, N3 will have the value 0.
put line after the user presses RETURN, so the first Sometimes both a numerical and a string representa
PRINT statement in line 4 is necessary to drop to the tion of a number are required. Line 10 shows how to con
next line. vert the iwo numerical inputs into their string equiva
The disadvantages of the INPUT* statement arc that lents. Line II adds the number of digits in the three quan
the prompt must be separately printed, and, more impor tities. Three is subtracted, since the string representa
tant, that there is no built-in error recovery. If the user tion of each number includes a leading space character
enters a letter instead of a number in line 3, the program for positive numbers or a minus sign tor negative numbers.
stops dead with a ".'FILE DATA ERROR" statement. It is possible to read all three values with a single IN
A solution to the possible input error is to specify a PUT statement of this form:
string variable rather than a numeric one, as in the fol
lowing example: INPUT"WHAT THREE VALUES"; N1.N2.N3

5 PRINT"GIVE A THIRD VALUE "■ The user may enter the values separated by commas or
6 OPEN 1,0 : INPUT#1,N3$ : CLOSE 1 by pressing RETURN after each one. In the second ease,
7 N3=VAL(N3$) the computer displays double question marks for each
8 PRINT remaining input.
9 PRINT "AVERAGE VALUE IS"; (Nl+N2+N3)/3 There arc certain situations where this multi-variable
10 N1$=STR$(N1) : N2$=STR$(N2) form is satisfactory, but in general there is less chance
11 ND=LEN(Nl$)+LEN(N2$)+LEN(N3$)-3 for confusion if a separate INPUT statement and prompt
12 PRINT"T0TAL NUMBER OF DIGITS IS";ND is used for each variable to be entered. Consider the ef
fect on a Brat-time user from these two sequences:
Line 6 accepts any keyboard input (up to the first comma,
colon, or RETURN) and assigns it to N3S. To use the INPUT'WHAT ARE THE TWO NUMBERS"; X,Y
input numerically, the VAL function in line 7 converts
it from a string to a number. If the user actually enters or


THE BOOK ■=— Check out Boma of these
You fcnow the rouline by now: you bgy an
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At last — Xracker Jax takes you hind'
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beyond the protection barrier! The ■ ftracfcir Jim will back up tlllfls thai the
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yours with Krackar Jax revealed! eler copy syalnm MoSl volumes conlflkn ■ Kricktr Jmx requires NO special
wnli eivor 100 separate copy parameters. knowledge lo operjito!
What IS a parameter"* Just a custom pto ■ f nck«r J*.x slrips protection in a mailer
We'll show you exactly how lo defeat
gram thai allows you* 1541 or 1571 disk Of SECONDS!
five different protection schemes
rjfiva lo strip all, and we mean ALL. copy • Knehir Jix is priced RIGHT—|uaT
encompassing scores of current protection from your e-pensive software, 119 95 compiele!
programs. Our tutorial has twenty leaving you with UNPROTECTED. TOTALLY • Krtckar JansUNPROTECTEO-easyto
specific examples to lead you, step BROKEN back-ups " -*' '■'•" '-- copied wilh bach up!
by step, lo a new level of knowledge. even a simple Fasl copier • Krackar Jair updalps are available

Here's what you gel: QUARTERLVI

This system has many advantages ovor Ihe
Rememhnr, tfin mJnuin a new program Is
Old?' rUtihfor lypn of utihllft* Foi ono tMlrnj.
released, the KncMr Jix team will bn
• Krucknr Jax rsvealad. you don't have lo o*poNmont Each
diffvetoplng a new pjirjmetor (or M. This
parameter WILL back-up the tille it was co
• A reset switch, means that tuiure Krtrbir Ju disks will
ateu1 for Period
• A utility disk.
llwayfl QOntain paramoiors for trio hottest
For another, a back-up created with nftw titles on Ihe market! Xrmckir Jax is
• 20 parameters on disk. Kncktr Ju will NEVER tattle your disk the system [hat cannot fall behind the
drive head. And that means less dish drive times!
alignmQnt problems (or you. In Ihe cop/ pratoclion arms race, Xrickflr
ONLY $19.95 COMPLETE! J» Is ihe ultimate d^lense!
Please ndd S3 50 shipping & handling
COD orders must add $1 50 more ALL NEW VOLUME FOUR
Pleasn allow imo wagh& for dnhvery


Mail your order lo: Computer Mart. Dopt. A
2700 NE Andresen Road / Vancouver, WA 98661
MART Good Commissions.
Phone orders welcome: 206-695-1005
National Marketing.
Same day shippinrjrfC.O.D.s please aflfl 13.00.

Hind*' Servlct No. 310

AHOY! 35
INPUT"WHAT IS THE FIRST NUMBER"; X It is nice not to be forced to press the RETURN key
INPUT'WHAT IS THE SECOND NUMBER"; ¥ after typing "Y" in response to "Do you want to continue
(Y/N)?" as in the following example:
When a novice user is laced with the input "WHAT
ARC THE TWO NUMBERS?" his first questions are 14 PRINT"D0 YOU WANT TO CONTINUE (Y/N)?"
usually "How do I enter two numbers? Are they separ 15 GET K$ : IF K$=M" THEN 15
ated by a space, or a comma, or a RETURN, or what?"
If he chooses (he RETURN, he is then faced with the On the other hand, if the user has been required ft) pre»S
less-than-reassuring prompt '■?'.'". Should he now try to RETURN after other responses throughout the program,
reenter both numbers or only Ihc second? Who knows'.' through force of habit he may press "Y < RETURN >"
The second sequence generates separate prompts here as well. This is not disastrous if your program is
"WHAT IS THE FIRST NUMBER?" and "WHAT IS properly written, as we shall see.
THE SECOND NUMBER?" These are both clear for To increase the odds that the user does not press RE
anyone familiar at least with the concept of typing a TURN after press "Y" for a GET or GETKEY instruc
number and pressing the RETURN key. If your program tion, make sure that something happens immediately af
is for the absolute heginner, you might precede the two ter the key is pressed. Quickly clear the screen, or pre
INPUT statements with a PRINT statement prompt such sent the next prompt, or do whatever is appropriate, but
as "AFTER TYPING EACH NUMBER. PRESS THE remember that instant feedback is the key to preventing
< RETURN > KEY" unwanted RETURNS.
Since you cannot guarantee thai the user won't press
GETTING KEYSTROKES an unnecessary' RETURN, your program must properly
Other commands for reading keyboard input include dispose of such occurrences. The best way is to empty
GET and GETKEY. GETKEY is valid only for the C-128. the keyboard buffer just before issuing the next prompt.
They are useful for single keystroke responses without Unwanted keyslrokes are tossed into the bit-bucket. Put
requiring the user lo press the RETURN key. This char these statements before line 14 lo clear the buffer:
acteristic can be a mixed blessing.
13 GET JUNK3 : IF JUNK$<>"" THEN 13
IRS ACCEPTABLE tiut>kkeeping Ease By. . .
Dutiitft1 fin in1 This line is executed until there are no more keystrokes
THE in the buffer. Any previous RETURNS, for example, arc
flushed out before llie prompt line 14 is displayed.
ACCOUNTANT" There are other ways of clearing ihe keyboard buffer,
KF.S's Preferred* Accounting System Now Includes tin but they involve POKEs into machine-dependent loca
Professional Services PocJwge Written
tions. If your program might run on more than one type
Exclusively fur Commodore 128™
of computer, it is best to avoid such tactics. Line 13 works
on any Commodore computer.
199 Combo PMkaisc Line 15 may be changed for the C-128. It becomes simply
tUiac Accounting PturJuige THE 1NTF.GRATKD

Standaid Accounting Features;

• OoMnl LedgvT
■ Gtn crul Achnnttga for ProfewtnnaU:
■ Check Register • 400 Cliunrs
The GETKEY statement causes execution to pause until
■ Ovor 20 R11 port* Automatically • 2000 TrailuiminWMumli a key is pressed, unlike GET which takes a keystroke
■ Payroll CompuMium &. Writr-up ■ Pruw CiiMmu Sc.i(L'itienl»
• P.iynJl Cln*L Wrmnv 10 EbnnMinf Opdani from the buffer only if one is waiting there. A disadvan
• W-Z I'nnlinw • FAST Stictn Di-pl..)-. ■ milmc 1 Ibtny tage of GET and GETKEY is that the cursor vanishes
• QtMiccrl} RrpcirE ^ Camm Datance
■ Accounts Receivable *Rllng SpKmT and the user's keystroke is not displayed unless the pro
• CiwoniCT S[j|cmcn(4 • Chafes G»mpitieJ By Specific Service
■ Accounts I\i>mMc "Films Swem" Rj[e. Emphni'C Raic. Timtr UiLluuuon
gram adds a PRINT statement to show it.

* "Qommod&re'i Microcomputers Magorfnei Indepewdeni Revieicer DEFAULT VALUES

Rated THE ACCOUNTANT"' -?»\ m Pnfertnce^- Often a program can anticipate a response from the
for Commodore 128'" Productivity"
user. In that case, the computer should generate the re
sponse for the user and save him some keystrokes. For
KFS Software, Inc. for C.O.D. Oidera Phone:
1501 Semlnole Blvd. #117 (813) 584-2355 example, in this averaging program, the computer will
Largo, Florida 33540 loop back for more data until the user presses "N":

(FL Residents add 5% Sales Tax)

(All figures in U.S. Dollon) 20 N=
r Service No. 276
36 AHOY!

Ahoy! uses only

premium quality disks.

Why waste time typing?

A!! the programs in this
issue of Ahoy! are avail
able on disk or cas
sette! Use the cou-
i pon below to order a
or a subscription...
as welt as the spe
cial disks de-



(Postage and Handling Included) U.S.fl. CANADA ELSEWHERE
In Canada add $2.00 per issue; outside US
□ March '87 Ahoy! Disk
S 8.95 $ 12.95 S 13.95 and Canada add S4.00 per Issue.
□ March '87 Ahoy! Cassette
G 12-Month Disk Subscription □ S8.95 □ S8.95
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Send coupon or facsimile lo: NAME.

Ahoy! Program Disk/Cassette
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CALL C614J 864-9994 • P.O. Box 13428 • COLUMBUS. OHIO 43213


CE commodore
etc computer EASY RNAMCCI 1M
imicDiskdrive ... ie9M ■un CHRISTMAS
1802 COLOR MONITOR 179.99 PRINTSHOP 29.99 ZORK2 6.99 vrmo basic s.ts
STARNX10 23999
PARTNER128 48.99 DH. 3EUIS 7.99
DATA MANAGE II 1?,! 4«.BS fish mi n;; 4.M
V.OilDWIim li ■.... 48.9«
STARSO10 31996
STAR 1210 189 99
SAKATA 13" COLOR 149.99
SAMSUNG 14" COLOR 119 99
SONYS/SD/O .' 6.99 5Vi" MR. KOOL 3.99
SQNYD/SD/D 8.99 5tt"
NASADAD/SDJD 7.99 5tt"
3MS/SD/O 10.99 5V VIC-20 2." YOUH CHOICE
BONUS O/S D/D 7.99 SVi"
GENERIC S/S 0/S ..13.99 3'*1'
13 99
2.99 most software
NXIC 7.99
QUICK SHOT2 . .7.99
SG10 . . .2.99
SQ10 [COLOR) .3.99
1625 .7.99
601 -.7.99
Call or write.
1S26 . . .7.99
EPYX500XJ 13.99 NINTENDO 119.99
LX80 7.99
BOSS 11.99 SEGA 88.W




Re«Oer Service No. 369
50 SUM=SUM+V the improvement.
70 IF K$="Y" THEN 20 110 N=:N+1
80 IF K$O"N" THEN 60 120 PRINT'TTEM f';N
Line 60 displays the prompt "ANY MORE DATA (Y/N) 150 IF V$="N THEN N=N-1 : GOTO 180
[Y]?" The input choices are shown within parentheses 160 SUM=SUM+VAL(V$)
(Y/N) and the default value is shown within square brac 170 COTO 110
kets [Yj. (You might prefer to use reverse video for the 180 PRINT"AVERAGE IS";SUM/N
default rather than the square brackets.) This means that
user need only press the RETURN key to select (he de For novice users, the prompt in line 100 should be ex
fault response "Y1 in order to enter more data. Of course. panded or included in line 140's prompt. As before, the
"Y < RETURN >" would also be accepted. user presses RETURN after each data item. But now,
Here we are dealing with subtleties. Run ihis program once the last data item has been typed, the RETURN
several times to see how it "feels." Next, sec the result key is simply pressed twice.
of eliminating the default value. Change the KS="Y" in Run this program for a while and see if you agree thai
line 60 lo K$=" ", a little additional programming effort made the program
Now the user must explicitly enter "Y" to continue. significantly better.
Run this program a few more times to see the difference Notice that the value of N is corrected in line 150 since
the lack of a default value makes. If you had 50 num it was already incremented after the user entered the last
bers to average, a savings of 50 "Y" keystrokes would data item. A string variable VS is used for the input so
be quite welcome. the program can tell when the RETURN key by itself
We can make this program even easier to use by elimi has been pressed. In that case, V$ retains the null value
nating all additional keystrokes. Try this program to see assigned to it in line 130. (To appreciate this concern.

( SCHOOL P.O.-s ACCEPTED") fs commodore

•C.P.U. IS HEFUHSISHED - FULL 90 DAY PARTS Rock Bottom Pricing! 499.95
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64 • 128 COLOR INK 326.00

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• Heavy duty power supply and
We Want Your Bu;.-i.-..
L.'J. 1200 BAUD sturdy case
• All units completely refurbished
Panasonic SFD 1OO1 with lull 90 day warranty


liliICi Rock
SEIKOSHA SP-1000VC 1670 CalS PWRSuprjIj ...29.96
'„";! bottom COMMODORE READY Tax Program . r. .Call OkimnlnColoi .Cull
10911 PRICING $15495
NEAR LETTER DUALITY Please unlink- phone number. Dealer Inquiries
Invited. All prices discounted fo' cash or check.
MicroCamputnr Borvicon add 3% for MC/VISA. Shipping! Piintari M0.OO.
Educator «20.0D. Dilk. W.00 per 100. (Wail Coasl
°gNgs BOO-433--775G 100 up 50 99
- add »Z.OO per order). Add SJ.OOfor C.O.D.

In Michigan [313] 4E7-OEB7 DS/DD 40 .55 Reduced shipping for large quentitiffs.
Returns ere for Exchange/ Repair only.
HOURS MDN -SAT 10.00 A.M. -BOO PM 3%DS/DD». 1.80 2.00 Pricvl And availability subject to change
12BG4 Farmington. Livonia, Ml AB150 LIFETIME WARRANTY ■ LABELS

Render Snrvlce No. 267

AHOY! 39
try rewriting the program using a numeric variable in the document. It anticipates and displays the user's most
stead of V$.) likely response, which is Ihc previous filename under
To put finishing touches on the program. C-128 users which the document was saved.
might modify the PRINT statement in line 180 as follows: lithe user wants to resave the document with the same
filename, he merely presses RETURN. The user may
180 PRINT"[UP][UP]" CHR$(27) "@ AVERAGE prefer to change the last few characters of ihe filename
IS"; SUH/N to indicate a different version of the document, such as
from "FILE#0l" to -*FILE#02" for example. In that case,
This moves the cursor up two lines and uses the Escapc- the user presses the DELETE key the proper number
@ sequence to delete to the end of the screen, ihcreby of (imes and ihcn types the new characters.
eliminating the unused Kern it prompts. C-64 users could The unusual aspect of this routine is that ii "senses"
create a similar effect by adding another PRINT state when the user wants to use an entirely different filename.
ment at the beginning of line 180 to give: If the user presses any key other than DELETE or RE
TURN, the program erases the default filename and dis
180 PRINT"[UP][UP][10 SPACES]" : PRINT"A plays the keystrokes as the user enters them.
VERAGE IS"; SUM/N Run the program and try the various possibilities. Of
course the routine is not limited to inputting filenames.
DEFAULT FINALE Change PROMPTS in line 10 and DFLT5 in line 20 tor
We have barely scratched the surface of program es your own applications. Your program can access this rou
thetics and the user interface. As a final example of an tine at line 70 after lines 10 ihrough 50 have been exe
input routine which goes one step further to provide "us cuted. You will probably change line 430 to RETURN
er friendliness," refer to the program Default Prompter if you use a GOSUB from your main program to this
on page 102. It is based upon the filename prompt rou routine.
tine in a commercial word processor. When the user FL$ stores the input string (filename) and LF is the
presses the "Save File"' key on that word processor, the length of that siring. BSS is the DELETE character. CRS
word processor asks lor the filename with which to save is the RETURN character, and CSRS is a cursor char
acter followed by a Cursor Left. Each keystroke is stored
in K$. The subroutine at line 200 reads the keyboard and
Businesses Need An Edge!
filters the keystrokes so that only the RETURN. DE
Commodore Computer Owners LETE, or alphanumeric characters are accepted. The
subroutine at line 500 handles the case in which the us
Have One. . .
er starts by typing an alphanumeric character. The de
fault filename is erased and FLS is given the value of
that first character.
Any additional alphanumeric keystrokes arc handled
=Serial Bo&= by the routine at line 140 in which FLS is built up char
64 K SERIAL PORT PRINT BUFFER acter by character. The subroutine at line 300 handles
A SERIAL BOX lets you print one job backspacing with the DELETE key. The routine at line
400 erases the cursor and prints (he resulting filename
while you are working on another.
in FLS once the RETURN key has been pressed.
No Waiting. . .More Computing... "No big deal" is what some of you may say to all this.
More Output. . .Good Business. In a sense you are right. This is a very small portion
of a very large and complex word processing program.
ONLY sQQ95(suggested list price) It is. however, precisely the type of detail thai makes the
Price Effective March 1, 1987 word processor a pleasure to use (and also a perennial
You can dump 15 pages of text in21/2 minutes best-seller).
GEOS1" COMPATIBLE Certainly not every program you write warrants a two-
Dealer Inquiries Requeued
hour programming effort to include a "friendlier" input
CALL 1-BOrj.328-7261 FOH ORDERS AND INFORMATION prompt routine. The important thing to remember is to

R. J. Brachman Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 1077 Havertown, PA 19083
I look at your program from the user's point of view as
you are writing it. A program's responsiveness, helpful
ness, and ease of use are all pan of the "user interface."
Foreign flhlppkngandhnndllng'Canada/Wealcoadd 55 00;
allcltiemoddSIOOO. Anyone can write a bad program by not really try
VISA MC Chrck or Monty Orders accepted COO add SI 50
ing...and many people do. By putting a little more ef
■f QNT f H # (O"l U
fort and consideration into the user inteface, anyone is
iuhlttl to zhiny pnlthoul nolle*
more likely to write a good program.□

40 AHOY!

Featured This Month:


Under Construction:

Ultimate Wizard 45
Multiplayer Games for
The Movie Monster Game 46
the Commodore 64/128 Championship Wrestling 47
Worship 48
By Arnie Katz and Bill Kunltel

Say "computer game" to most peo

ple, and they immediately think of a
solitaire contest. The image of the
solo computerist sitting in front of the
monitor communing with the screen
is etched in our consciousness.
In irulh, most leisure programs for
home systems are mean! to be played
by an individual. This tradition got
started early in the history of com
puter entertainment. The first wave
of microcomputers had small viewing
screens and required players to en
ter their commands through the key
board. This made it difficult for more
than one person at a time to interact Answer trne-or-false questions
with the machine comfortably. A lit1 about love, sex, and human relationships. REAPER SERVICE NO. 230
tie later, the popularity of translations
of coin-op games for the home mar problems which always bedevil multi Robot Rascals (Electronic Arts),
ket and the dominance of the Apple player computer games. The first two Ozark Softseape's newest creation,
II+. which has only one joystick, fed participants in a round of M.U.L.E. eliminates the unpleasant jostling, be
this bias toward one-player games. employ the joysticks to perform all cause it avoids situations in which
Two-player computer games are functions. Without touching the key more than one participant needs con
much more common than multiplay board, participants can select parcels trol over the screen at the same time.
er ones. Most sports simulations and of land and set the buying and sell In this lighthearted scavenger hunt,
many wargames include a hcad-to- ing prices in the real-time commod one to lour players move their robot
head option, but few computer games ity auction. This makes tor a relative rascals around the planet Lausten-
of any type permit three, four, or ly smooth-playing game, even though fbwnd in a hunt lor valuable and pow
more to compete. Even Word Chal M.U.L.E. demands sophisticated stra erful artifacts.
lenge (Haydcn), Auto Duel (Origin), tegic planning from outer space en The multiplayer capability is not
and other .software titles based on trepreneurs. the only unusual aspect of Robot Ras
non-electronic multiplayer board- A problem arises with the intro cals. This is a hybrid design which
games arc generally restructured for duction of the third and fourth finan supplements electronic action with
one, or at most two, players when ciers. Since there arc only two joy two packs of cards. The "luck" and
they arc revised for home computers. stick ports on a Commodore 64 or "item" decks greatly increase inter
Ozark Softscapc is one of the few 128. the additional piaycrs must em action among the players in a way
design houses which has focused on ploy the keyboard to direct their on which would be difficult to achieve
creating computer games for groups screen surrogates. This creates traf in a totally computerized contest.
of two or more. Its M.U.L.E. (Elec fic congestion at the console, as two After participants select one of the
tronic Arts) allows up to four human sets of hands grope for the right key 10 charmingly drawn robots, they re
participants to struggle against the strokes. And since two of the players ceive three or four item cards, de
environment and each other to estab have to sit right in front of the screen, pending on the desired length of
lish an economic empire on a newly those inputting orders through the game.

founded space colony. joystick often have trouble following All robots can scan for items, steal
This foray into futuristic econom the many details which flash across prizes from rivals, and erect shields
ics illustrates the command control the display monitor. to protect their booty. Each round,

AHOY! 41








• Includes Both...




1200 BAUD




803-C $138

COMMODORE $138 $59



6870 Shingle Crk. Pkwy. #103
Minneapolis, MN 55430
Reader ' -. . - Uo. 35fl
(612) 560-6603
a robot gains a fresh supply of ener like Scrabble will adore Crosscheck
gy which it expends by moving and (Intellicreations). This likable elec
performing other activities. It is pos tronic boardgamc for up (o four word-
sible to handicap a better player's ro wise computerists requires partici
bot by limiting its energy supply. pant?, to display sound strategic plan
Robot Rascals has three levels of ning as well as a good vocabulary.
play: beginner, standard, and ad The program offers two different
vanced. Even young children will be views of the game board. A close-
able to participate at (he easiest lev up of the center of the board is the
el, which makes objects easier to find default option. The joystick scrolls
and hold. The advanced rules are a the cursor around the board to facili
little more complicated, but Robui tate the placement of new words. A
Robot Rascals: suited to group play. player can also access an overview
Rascals is perfect for a family gam
ing night or light party entertainment. of the whole board with a keystroke.
The "luck" cards keep Robot Ras The object in the standard version
cals constantly surprising and excit is to create a chain of words between
ing. Drawing "force a swap." "pass the the starting position on the side of the
trash," or "steal a card" can turn a diamond to a home base in the corner
game topsy-turvy in an insiant. of the board. Crosscheck can also be
There are four types of cards in the played for high score or against a pre
"item" deck: good, bad, neutral, and selected time limit.
special. Artifacts like the Digital Do- Each player, in turn, presses the
nut and the Holograph Hat don't af space bar to stop the electronic 10-
fect the robols' operation, bin snag .sideil die displayed on the screen.
Word power is a must in Crosscheck.
ging the Helpless Handbag (no The program then presents a one-line
shields) or the Action Anchor (no clue tor a word with a number of let
movement) is a mixed blessing. On est, they'd have to round up players ters equal to the die-roll. The gamer
the other hand, locating the Dynamo at gunpoint. On the other hand, the types in an answer, which Crosscheck
Diamond (more energy) or the Velo theme guarantees that computerists rules correct or incorrect. When a
city Vitamin (faster movement) will have no trouble enticing one to player enters a different word than the
makes it easier for (he robot rascal seven people into trying this sexual program expected, an onscreen
to complete the scavenger hum. ly oriented trivia quiz. prompt inquires whether the player's
Special cards exert an even bigger Players take turns trying to answer word is a synonym. If it is, the game
effect on the course of ihe game than a set of four true-false questions about gives credit for it.
the "luck" deck. The most ingenious love, sex. and human relationships. Once a player correctly identifies
is the "Killer Kard." It has no match Any contestant who gets at least three a word, he or she places it anywhere
ing item, so a player must pass it to out of four correct gets a bonus mul on the board where it can be attached
an opponent in order to win! tiple-choice question drawn from the to an existing word. The positioning
Robot Rascals is well-suiled to clinical Hies of noted sexologist Dr. of the words is as crucial as unravel
group play. The onscreen images are Ruth Wesiheimer. ing the clues. With a little fore
large and easily distinguished. Since After (wo rounds of play, the (wo thought, a player can wind a trail of
participants take turns entering com top scorers go hcad-to-head to decide words from trie starting diamond to
mands with the joysticks, there is no the winner. Only the first to answer the target corner before his opponents
battle for the keyboard to take ihc four true-false questions and a bonus reach their own goals.
edge off the fun. multiple-choice gets credit, and the While elaborate audiovisual effects
Most of all. Robot Rascals is a sen highest total earns the victory. would certainly enhance Crosscheck,
sitively designed game. Dan Bunten The scoring system credits both it needs no fancy trimmings to thor
and his Ozark Softscapc teammates speed and accuracy. A player gets the oughly delight word game fans. Not
have always produced well-balanced, number of points showing on the only is it entertaining, but it may even
satisfying works like Seven Cities of countdown clock for a correct re help build word knowledge.
Gold (Electronic Arts), and Robot sponse. A wrong answer deducts half If you customarily spend hours
Rascals is worthy of the outfit's sterl the value on the onscreen counter alone gaming against your Commo
ing reputation. from the gamer's running total. dore, now is the time to break out of
If Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Sometimes it's better to skip a query voluntary solitary confinement. The
Good Sex (The Avalon Hill Game which draws a blank, because there's multiplayer programs described in
Company) depended on its play-me no penalty for passing. this article can add a new dimension
chanics or graphics to generate intcr- Fans of crossword strategy contests to your computer entertainment. D

44 AHOY!

where the mood strikes, the fruitful

combinations will practically jump
ULTIMATE WIZARD off the monitor. Any valuable discov
eries can be noted for inclusion in
Building Playfields for more carefully planned playfields.

the Action-Strategy Hit By Ted Salamone

When concocting a new piayfield,
the best approach is to begin at ei
A lot of the enjoyment in Electron Working on some topflight play- ther the top or bottom. Such screens
ic Arts' enhanced reissue of Progres fields before creating one from are easier to revise and debug than
sive Peripherals & Software's previ scratch also provides a necessary in those which arc created haphazard
ously released (and highly success sight into the aesthetics of game de ly or which expand from the verti
ful) Wiztml derives from [he play field sign. Almost anyone can master the cal centerline.
construction module. mechanics of the construction mod Once the computerist positions the
Ultimate Wizard, the new title for ule in a sitting. The key factor is not platforms, treasures, ropes, ladders,
this climbing and jumping extrava how many play-features the user and obstacles, a dry run is a good
ganza, blends old and new elements crams onto the screen, but rather how idea. This is the place to catch dead
in a virtually irresistible combination. cunningly he or she arranges them. ends, lack of territorial continuity
The 40 prebuilt playfields furnish Altering Ultimate Wtwrdi origin (places where the wizard can't cross
hours of fun, but experienced Ulti al screens is a snap. Just remember without consistently plunging to his
mate Wizard addicts will want to try to save them under another number doom), and other trouble spots.
their hand at creating customized so the program isn't confused during Correct these before adding mon
screens. runtime. (Unless a notch is cut in the sters, spells, and background colors.
Thanks to the construction set ca master disk, there is no way to over In the beginning its best to Mick with
pabilities, every game can be differ write the original screens.) Ultimate default monster settings and simple
ent. Selecting "Construction" from Wizard expects to sec custom screens treasure layouts. Once the basics are
the menu loads the tool box, an elec numbered 40 and above, so don't in mastered, change monster images
tronic magical myslcry tour. vite trouble by overlooking such a mi (sprites) while retaining the creature's
The screen then displays a blank nor detail. original attributes and add treasure
screen with a cursor in the upper left After the compulerist takes apart matrices.
corner and a parts box laid out in a some professional playfields and puts Changing the appearance without
single row at the bottom. This is<he them back together, it's lime to re altering the function of a monster is
control board from which the user move the training wheels and go it a handy shortcut. Monster manipula
can design, save (to a data disk), and alone. Creating completely original tion allows the constructor to tum a
play original works. screen layouts, traps, tricks, and an rat into a ghost without worrying
A journey of a thousand miles be tics is the biggest, and most enjoy about play-balance considerations.
gins with a single step, and that's able, challenge. All 16 colors are available, though
good advice for aspiring alchemists. cyan colored creatures pose no threat
It is far better to learn the basics of Work This Way to the wizard. With practice you can
play field design and construction Gather ideas. Study the original transform one denizen of the dark and
with a relatively modest project than Ultimate Wizard screens during actu dank into another right onscreen.
to attempt to produce ihc ultimate Ul al play and the self-running demo. In the matrix mode, magic masters
timate Wiwrd screen on the first try. Read the playing tips for ways to create tripwires. Endowing the area
The best way to start is to imitate make the screens tough, but not over surrounding a treasure with a special
and revamp the layout of existing whelming and unforgiving. Review properly makes possible all sorts of
climbing-and-jumping contest like other games and add a personal touch. tricks and treats. This option lets you
Jumpman (Epyx) and Lode Runner Before the first element is placed, roast him or reward him. Among
(Brodcrbund). Another good source the user should become thoroughly possible nasty surprises; Make the
of inspiration is Ultimate Wizard's familiar with the game editor. The re escape key appear only when a cer
own piayfield library. sulting playscreen will be much bet tain treasure is taken; have a deadly
Reworking favorite screens from ter if the designer understands all the pit appear when the onscreen surro
other games, particularly titles which parts in the tool box. including their gate snags a prize; or burn the fel
don't have screen editing capabilities, idiosyncraeies and interactions. low in the pointy hat to a crisp when
is a great way to "do the designer one Don'i be afraid to experiment with he takes the wrong one.
better." Just because the theme is dif junk screens. Clearing the screen Play test each screen. Load the
ferent, magic as opposed to jungles banishes all mistakes to limbo. If the game routine, call "Customize" from
or skyscrapers, doesn't mean the play- computerist makes layouts, places the menu, and have a go at it. Work
action can't be as thrilling. monsters, and adds spells when and through as many screens as possible

AHOY! 45
before returning to ihe editor for fine ground is devastating. It renders them THE MOVIE MONSTER GAME
tuning. Repeat until perfected. invisible to you, but not the monsters. Epyx
Tliis gambit is not recommended for Commodore 64
The Official Apprentice's Guide (he faint of heart. Disk; $39.95
Even apprentice sorcerers get some The bonus bar is adjustable, but the "There are some things Man was
counseling before being sent to stir wise designer will resist the tempta not meant to know," the Oriental sci
the cauldron. The prime directive is: tion to slow it down so much that a entist says in perfect but toneless
Don't make screens too busy. Keep leisurely stroll around the screen still dubbed English. The music rises, the
the special effects down to a mini nets a sizeable bonus. The function cameras pan to the rising sun of a
mum. Overuse confuses play-action of the time limit is lo force the play brave new day, and the theater cur
and reduces the impact of each indi er to think last and keep moving. tains close on another Japanese mon
vidual feature. For instance, though The "Help" menus, reached ster movie. Epyx has taken these cin
the program allows three sliding stairs through the function keys, arc the ematic festivals of death and destruc
to be placed on each screen, don't use computerist's staunchest ally. Fl ac tion out of the movie houses and put
more than two. Add trap doors, ele cesses construction command keys, (hem on the home computer gaming
vators, and ladders (suspended over and 13 unlocks the mysteries of the screen.

fire pits, maybe) for variety. monster and treasure modes. F7 dis A few years back, Epyx published
Match spells to monsters to liven plays the disk directory, useful for a game called Crush, Crumble, and
up the chase. Throw in a few screens tracking the last custom screen num Chomp for the Apple II family of
without spells or without deadly ber. (Note: the manual incorrectly computers, with subsequent transla
spells as a change of pace. Remem lists these keys.) tions for other machines. Despite the
ber, a lot of the impact of a multi The easiest way to organize your crude graphics imposed on the pro
screen contest conies from the juxta creations is with multiple data disks. gram by the Apple II+'s 48K mem
position of dissimilar playfields. Disk "A" can have 60 screens. Disk ory limitation, Crush, Crumble in
Setting the platforms, ladders, and "B" another 60, etc. Rearrange the or sinuated itself into the hearts of more
ropes to the same color as the back- der of favorite screens on different than a few computerists. There's
disks to add yet another wrinkle to something irresistible about tempor
payability. arily assuming control of mighty
Above all. don't forget a key to un movie monsters.
lock the portals. Unfortunately, it took a lot of im
agination to connect the static, sim
The Dark Side ple images used in Crush, Crumble,
There are a tew typos in the man and Chomp with the highly kinetic
ual, but they are easy to detect. More and visually stunning depictions of
insidious are the gyrations needed to menacing creatures in B-movies.
lest and refine the customized screens. Crush, Crumble became a cult clas
There is no real-time test mode in the sic, an underground favorite passed
construction module. The user must from one knowing gamer to the next.
reload the program to test a screen, As computer technology advanced,
80D-315-CLUB ami reboot again to reinstall the con fens of the game began lobbying
201-794-3220 struction module. For this reason, it's Epyx to produce a new version which
best to design and test a number of would take advantage of these im
screens at once. provements in hardware and software.
A few more feaiures would make The company definitely deserves ku
life easier for apprentice designers. dos for heeding the pica. Vie Movie
Ultimate Wizard needs a cursor loca Monster Game is almost everything
tion (row/column) display. Also, there the most ardent fans of the earlier ti
is no way to customize the audio. tle could have desired.
The preamble to the game beauti
DISK-OFTHEMONTH CLUB WiiWotds fully evokes the ambience of a mov
P.O. BOX 116. FAIR LAWN, N.J. Q7410-0116
These faults are, at most, petty an ie theater. First the solitaire selects
noyances. Ultimate Wizard is an ad a monster, a city, and a premise for
dictive action-strategy test which goes the scenario from a screen which
beyond its inspiration in a number of looks like a theater lobby.
areas. Its construction capabilities add There are six monsters: Godzilla.
new dimensions and insure a never- Mr. Maringue, Sphectra, The Glog,

Reader SarvlCD No. .T,1.

ending supply of (mis)advcnturcs. □ Tarantus. and Mechatron. The cities

46 AHOY!

they can menace are Tokyo. New

York. London. Moscow, San Fran The Movie
cisco, and Paris, Possible objectives Monster Game
include the destruction of famous allows players
landmarks, an attempt to dine on the to menace one
local populace, a hunt for a mon of six cities,
strous offspring, simple flight for self- with such ob
preservation, and (a personal favor- jectives as the
ile) wanton wholesale destruction. destruction of
Variety-minded players won't quickly landmarks, the
exhaust this large number of combin gobbling up of
ations, and it's certainly fun to play the citizenry, or
each of them more than once. plain wanton
Once the selection process is done, destruction.
the display moves into the theater. READER
The house lights darken, the curtain SERVICE NO. 233
gently rises, and a scries of commer
cials lor other Epyx games and movie T!w Movie Monster Game is an un in the practice mode, and remain off
candy flicker across the screen. qualified success. The only blemish the canvas for more than 30 seconds
Then it's time for the "feature pre is Epyx's unaccountable omission of is cither a joystick mutant of some
sentation." A series of text screens ex author credits. When a game is this sort or is doing nothing more than
plain the monster's origin and outline enjoyable, we want to know whom to running away from the opposition.
the facts of the current scenario. thank. Now, how about a sequel? The program features 21 different
Alter Hipping the disk when Epyx. P.O. Box 8020, 600 Galvcs- moves, each worth a specific number
prompted, the user sees a psuedtv-3-D ton Dr.. Redwood City. CA 94063 of points, available to the grappler.
view of the streets and buildings of (phone: 415-366-0606). -Amie Katz Trying to remember which maneuver
the city which is to serve as the lo goes with which joystick position can
cale of the game. The gamer guides CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING prove profoundly frustrating.
the monster through the metropolis Epyx The user holds down the button to
with the joystick and presses the ac Commodore 64 execute a move. Otherwise, the stick
tion button to employ one of the crea Disk; $29.9S-$39.95 controls the movement of the wrest
ture's three special powers. This second attempt to bring the ler. When the player's grappler is far
Controller response varies mark sizzle of professional wrestling to the enough away from the opponent,
edly depending on the monster in home screen suffers from the same pushing the joystick forward while
volved. Those who choose Godzilla fundamental defect as its predeces pressing the button causes a flying
should expect a suitable amount of sor. Both Mindscape's Bop'N Wrestle drop kick. A pull back on the stick
trouble when trying to make the regal and now Epyx's Championship Wrest results in a spin kick.
reptile run down a street. ling try to do too much too quickly. At closer quarters, moving the stick
A shrinking bar located just below Anyone who can pick up Champion forward or back initiates, respective
the wide-screen main display records ship Wrestling for the first time, even ly, a punch or kick. From this point
the monster's energy level. Human at
tacks and the strain of running amok The computer-
deplete energy, and the creature suc controlled grap-
cumbs when the bar reaches zero. plers in Cham
The life of a erazed creature, even pionship Wrest
a powerful one like Godzilla, is not ling are so fierce
free of complication. Armed civili thai beginners
ans, tanks, helicopters, and other wont last long
weapons take their toll on the play enough against
er's surrogate, and it's a rare creature them to learn
which achieves its goals, escapes, and much. Human
lives to destroy another day. Except
opponents are
in the "escape" episode, survival is not better for
really the main objective. The highest novices.
scores go to those players who visit READER
the greatest destruction upon (he city
and iis inhabitants.
AHOY! 47
on it gets a little complicated. Mov strength remains. The more complex
ing the slick left or right gets the foe the move, the more strength it re
into a headlock, and the control quires. The wise manager accumu
scheme is revised to include a new lates a little strength before attempt
assortment of possibilities. ing anything too difficult. Should the
Championship Wrestling incorpor grappler run oui of strength before
ates most of the mat world's more finishing a move, he usually is out of
spectacular finishers, including atom the match as quickly as the referee
ic drop, giant suplex, body suplex. can say one-two-thrcc.
pile driver, body slam, airplane spin, Epyx. P.O. Box 8020. 600 Galves-
and the ever-popular leap off the top ton Dr.. Redwood City, CA 94063
turnbuckle. It's even possible to throw Championship Wrestling includes body (phone: 415-366-0606).
the opponent out of the ring! slams and other spectacular finishes. —Rick Teverbaugh
The imaginatively drawn crowd
generally reacts badly to having a One good way to enjoy this game WARSHIP
sweaty mat warrior dumped into their is to stage a multiplayer tournament Strategic Simulations
hips. The fans vent their displeasure which leads to a climactic title show Commodore 64
with pithy comments inside comic down. Each gamer can manage a dif Disk; $59.95
strip world balloons. ferent wrestler. It had to happen eventually. So
It is possible to gain some momen The eight wrestlers available are many popular conflict simulations
tum and leverage advantage by learn (with hometowns and custom move): have included utilities to create new
ing how to bounce off the ropes. This K.C. Colossus, Kansas City, Trash scenarios that it was only a matter of
tactic is not without drawbacks, how Compacior; Purple Hays, Canton, lime before a construction module
ever. A well-timed bounce can have Ghetto Blaster: Colonel Rooski, became the main focus instead of an
a devastating effect on the opponent Moscow, Great Bear; Prince Vicious, added feature.
if a move is tacked on at the end. but Sunnyvale, Vicious Circle; Zanto- That trend began with Avalon Hill's
if"the rival wrestler is ready and wail klow. Unknown, Klaw Hammer: Under Fire. What that game did for
ing with a move of his own, a quick Zeke Weasel, Cowpens. Block and land combat. Warship attempts for
three-count could be the outcome. Tackle: The Berserker, Tasmania, sea battles between the American and
The grapplers are well-drawn and Rip-Top: and Howling Manslayer. In Japanese fleets in the 1941 to 1945
the action well-animated. The point dianapolis. Bow and Arrow. lime period.
of view is from slightly above the ring In the competition mode, the com Having a yen to construct custom
and in one corner. Il is fairly easy to puter can control up to seven of these ized scenarios isn't compulsory for
see what's happening inside the com grapplers in a tournameni format. enjoying Warship, but it helps. The
bat zone, but doing something about The top human scores are saved to four prepared scenarios (Guadalcanal
it is another mailer. The pace of the disk. I and II, Empress Augusta Bay, and
action is. lo say the least, frantic. The computer also keeps track of San Bernardino) arc probably better
In fact, that's the major complainl the three-minute time limit for each than any military simulation that
about the game. By the time the com- match. A bar graph under each com could be bought up lo about two years
putcrist figures out the proper strat petitor's name shows how much of his ago.

egy and recalls the combination of

joystick actions necessary to enter the
Warship fea
maneuver, the opportunity is gone
tures four pre
and most likely ihe match is nearly
set scenarios
and a do-it-
With most games, it is a good idea
yourself war-
to brush up on the skills by working
game kit allow
out against a compulei-directed oppo
ing the user to
nent before taking on a human foe.
define such pa
With Championship Wrestling, ex
rameters as
actly ihe opposite is true. The roboi
battle area,
adversary is so fierce that it is hard
date, fleet com
for a beginner to make the malch lasi
position, and
long enough to learn much. Novices
game length.
should compete against a mortally
fallible foe before tackling the cold
precision of the computer.

48 AHOY!
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■jLjari-iieea ana jireci go^ernmeni Slale _ -Zip
If>e LockheetJs. the Drg evapora there Cv 'nirneoiaieiy puiirrio
tions, not tor Ine frttte guy o' small loani CuriouHy enough ih*j on me t-qii 'ota <o ooiamin^ i MAIL TO.
companies" elc Flninclal Freedom Publlihera
110 W. 5thSLDepL AW-1
©1985 flttdftr Sirvlc* No, 357
Commodore Product Potpourri
Hardware, Software & Firmware for your C-64, C-64C, C-128, AMIGA


II all began 8 years ago when Commodore The new Skyles Electric Works 1541 FLASH! Rhythm King Is a drum machine lor the C-64
produced a wondrous PETCompuler with 8 loads programs and hies to your Commodore and C'!28. Rhythm King is a disk and an audio
Kbyles of memory Skyles Electric Works 64/64C Or Commodore J28 (64 mode] three output cartridge that plugs into your C-64 or
then ottered to double Hie PET memory wilh C-128. Rhythm King has 8 different percussion
times laster than an unenhanced Commodore
an 8 Kbyte memory addition. sounds Built-in and Rhythm King will play up to
1541 diskdrive. 1541 FLASH! saves programs 3 drums at a time. You may write "patterns of up
History repeats itsall 7 fears later. At
20to50percenlla5ler. 1541 FLASH! formats to 24 bars, wilh up to 32 notes per bar. with up to
1 '3 the price oi the Original PET memory
expansion. Skyles Eloclnc Works now otters a disketle in 25 seconds, a real Itash. 64 steps per note Up to 64 different patterns
3E times the memory That's right" 256 The 1541 FLASHI is a permanent hardware may be linked together into a "song", with up lo
KBytes ot AMIGA mamory expansion for installation in your Commodore G4/G4C and 255 repeats per pattern Songs may be linked
onlyS79.9S'. Commodore 12B (64 mode] and 1541 disk together to form "Megasongs' of up to 255
Buy your 256 Kbyte AMIGA memory drive. No programs to load, no cartridge hassles. pattern steps.
expansion from SKylos Electric Works at RHYTHM KING 128 C-128 S89.951
Ihe lowest price liom Ihfl most reliable and
Wo have special versions ol the 1541 FLASH!
lor the SX-64 and Iwo 1541 s. RHYTHM KING 64 C-64 S89.95"
mo9t proven Commodore expansion
memory builder in the world. In addition to its blinding speed ol program and
256-K Memory lor AMIGA S79.95' lile loading, the 1541 FLASH! adds over 50 Prevent and preclude premature
entra commands lor Ihe Commodore pratfalls, by perplexed pro
54/64C/I28 user These include a built-in
gramming postulants
A panoramic passe/ of pelucid DOS/Wedge, Easy Editor, and FLASHMON!
paragraphs presented by a machine language monitor,
premier purveyor 1541 FLASH! C-64/C-64C& 1541 ... $69.95' BASIC PROGRAM
1541 FLASH! C-64/C-64C&
two1541s S109.95' COMPILER
C-12B FLASHI C-128 & 1541 S79.95" BLITZ! isthelaslesl. easiest to use. most
Available now tiom Skyles Electric Works.
C-128 FLASH! C-12B& popular. BASIC program compiler available tor
We had so much fun developing the 256-K two 1541s S11995' Ihe Commodore 128, C-64, and C-64C. Your
Memory for Amiga that we decided to offer 1 SX-64 FLASH! SX-64 & 1541 S69.95* BLITZ! compiled programs will run Irom 5 to 20
Mbyte, and 2 Mbyte. Memories for Amiga. SX-64 FLASH! SX-64 & limes faster alter you BLITZ! thorn BLITZ!
Consider. 1,048,576 Or 2.097.152 byles Of two 1541s S109.95' translates and reduces your BASIC programs
into a much, much faster code.
memory designed to plug directly into the right
sidool the Amiga Each memory board offers BLITZ! C-128, Disk S59.95'
lull 86 pin buttered pass-thru with Addmem or A powerful panoply ot pertinent, BLITZ! C-64/C-64C, Disk S59.9S"
Auto-config on turn on. We searched America potent, peripheral products
lor the bosl Amiga Memory and found it BASIC PROGRAMMING AID
1 MegabyteAmlga Memory .... S499.95" VICTREE isa BASIC programming aid cartridge

2 Megabyte Amiga Memory .... S949.95" lor the VIC-20 and C-64/C-64C computer.
VICTREE adds 42 extra commands for BASIC
programming ease and full DOS control.
A Standard MIDI IN, 2 MIDI OUT, and MIDI
VICTREE commands include CHAIN, EXECUTE,
THRU Interlace lor the Amiga Computer QUICKSILVER 128 our premier IEEE-438
Plug it into the RS-232 Port on the roar ol your Interlace lor Iho Commodore 128 is now in BACKUP, COPY, APPEND, DSAVE, DLOAD,
Amlgo and you aro rondy lo use Musical stock and even belter lhan we rtad planned. DIRECTORY, RENAME, SCRATCH, CATALOG.
Instrument Digital interlace (MIDI) instrument Quicksilver 128 oilers an IEEE Inter lace for the INITIALIZE. AUTO. DELETE, RENUMBER,
and devices with your Amiga. Designed to be Commodore 128 in Ihe C-128 mode (40 or 80 MERGE, LCOPY, LMOVE. PRINT USING. FiND.
used with standard MIDI cables and all the columns) and in Ihe C-64 mode as well. CHANGE. PAGE, HELP. DUMP, and TRACE.
presently available Amiga MIDI software. The QUICKSILVER 128 w.ll inter-conneel your VICTREE 54 Cartridge, C-64/C-64C S49.95-
MIDI for Amiga Interface gets the job done Commodore 128 to Commodore SFD 1001. VICTREE 20 Cartridge, VIC-20 ... S49.95'

at atiargain price. 2031. 2040, 3040. 4040, 8050, 8250. 9060, and
MIDI lor Amiga Interlace S49.95* 9090 Disk Drives QUICKSILVER 128 will ASSEMBLER CARTRIDGE
connect your Commodore 128 lo Commodore If your C-64 programming needs have extended
CLOCK for AMIGA 2022,2023. 4022. 4023 and B023 Printers beyond BASIC. Skyles Electric Works now otters
We Were Shacked When We Discovered MIKRO. a machine language assembler
QUICKS1LVEH 128C-12B S119.951 cartridge lor Iho Commodoie 64/64C. Trie
that the otherwise friendly Amiga "would not
even give us the limo ol day". We immodialely MIKRO cartridge coniams everything you need
for machine language programming.
set about fixing the problem with Clock lor
Amiga. No longer is il necessary lo set Ihe
A priceless programmers pallett of MIKRO Cartridge, C-64/C-64C S49.95'
clock via Preferences. Wilh Clock (or Amiga practical products and programs
you can have the lime of Cay set automatically The periodically puzzling, pre
each time you turn on your Amiga Clock lor
carious, path to perspicacious
Amiga is a small cartridge that plugs onto the
program perfection and prowess
86 pin connector on the right side ot your
Amiga Clock lor Amiga runs for two years IEEE Flash! 64
even if your Amiga is turned Ol*. Gel Clock
If EE Flash! 64 our premier IEEE-488 INCOMETAXPROGRAM
lor Amiga today and let your Amiga be an
Interlace (or iho Commodore 64 is now in Taxware, the most comprehensive, easy to
stock and even more transparent (program use. all year around record keeping and tax
ClockforAmlga S79.95"
compatible) than QUICKSILVER 64. IEEE preparation system available for the Com
2for1 MONITOR CABLE/C128 Flash! 64willinter-connecl your Commodore modore 64/G4C. is now available lor the
Tne 2 lor 1 Monitor Cable allows all 64 to Commodoie SFD 1001. 2031. 2040, 3040, Commodore 126. Better yet. both the improved
composite video monitors to be used with the 4040, 8050. B250. 9060. and 9090 Disk Drives. C-64 and C-12S versions ol this popular
Commodore 12B In all modes ol operation IEEE Flash! 64 will connect your Commodore package are available in one comprehensive
Don't throw out your present green or amber 64 to Commodore 2022. 2023, 4022, 4023, and package TaiWaro includes lorms 1040,2441.
monitor, buy a 2 tor 1 Monitor Cable. 8023 Printers. and Schedules A, B.C. D, E.G. Wand SE.
)EEEFIash!64C-64'C-64C S99.95" TAXWARE, C-64;C64C or C-128,
2lor1 MonltorCnblelorC-128 ., S24.951
1541/1571 S49.95

TO ORDER: Call 1-800-227-9998 or 1-415-965-1735 (CA) or wriie to:
Electric For More Information: Send Stamped Self Addressed Envelope to;
231 -E South Whisman Road, Mountain View, CA 94041
Reader Service No. US


The real meat here, however, is the Once the battle starts, the armchair square grid which represents the
do-it-yourself wargamc kit. admirals can enter commands for playing area selected. The location of
Declining the prompt to choose each ship. These include hold fire, each ship appears on the grid. When
one of the four historical scenarios torpedo lire, gun fire, open lire (both the player moves the cursor to that
leads right into a series of questions guns and torpedoes), change of speed ship, information about that vessel is
that establish the guidelines for the or course, and change formation. displayed at the top of the screen.
setup ihc gamer wants to create. The program rates the main guns, Despite all the options and vari
User-defined parameters for cus secondary mounts, tertiary mounts, ables. Warship is an easy game to
tomized scenarios include battle area speed flotation, radar, armor, year of penetrate. Even a novice will lall into
(open sea, Sava Sound, or custom availability, and torpedo tubes for ev (he rhythm by the end of the first
map), time and date of battle, game ery available vessel, it is possible lo round of play.
length, visibility level, air control alter any of these figures before the At no time did a ship do something
over battle area, damage control lev battle. diametrically opposed to its orders.
els, type of action (Japanese or Al Victory conditions are preset for The individual captains do their best
lied transport, bombardment, orbat- [he historical scenarios. For those de lo follow each instruction to the let
tleline), large or small battle, and signed by the computerist. the game ter. Seafaring World War II gamers
tleei composition. There arc 53 dif awards points for different actions. won't want to be without Warship.
ferent American and 27 Japanese The player with the most points at the Strategic Simulations Inc., 1046 N.
ships from which to pick. It is also end of the game is the victor Rengstorff Ave.. Mountain View, CA
possible to have the computer make One of the most enjoyable aspects 94043 (phone: 415-964-1200).
the selection. Fortunately, the pro of the game is its handling of dam —Rick Teverbaugh
gram makes such choices with a keen age to ships. There is no simple dam
eye toward historical accuracy. age total that, when surpassed, caus
Picking ships manually gives the es the boat to sink. There can be
Reviewed Next Month:
gamer the ability to set up many damage from fire and Hood to elec
"what-ilV" situations. A sure winner
• Video Vegas
trical sysfems, bridge, rudder, and
for lovers of naval slugfests is to take weapons. Damage impairs the perfor • Titanic: The Recovery Mission
the biggest and baddest battleships mance of the ship, but won't neces
• Howard the Duck: Adventure on
from each side, put them in the mid sarily cause it to sink from view.
Volcano Island
dle of the open sea, ring the bell, and The onscreen map is a 60 X 60
lei them fight it out. Even those who
are ordinarily bored by the leisurely
pace of sea battles should get a charge
out of this type of melee.
High praise for the construction
module shouldn't mislead prospective
buyers. There's a lot more here than
a battle generator, and Warship sce
narios are definitely as much fun to
BACKUP PROTECTED • Includes fast loader, 12-second
play as they are to construct. format.
The game starts with the deploy Requires a Commodore 64 or 128
From the team who brought you
ment phase. Both players will adjust computer with one or two 1541 or
Copy II Plus (Apple), Copy II PC (IBM)
1571 drives.
the starting location, speed, and di and Copy II Mac (Macintosh) comes
a revolutionary new copy program for Call 503/244-5782, M-F, 8-5
rection of each ship. If the computer the Commodore 64/128 computers. (West Coast time) with your ^; $g
is controlling one side, it takes care • Copies many protected In hand. Or send a check
for $39.95 U.S. plus $3 s/h, SB
of this job. programs—automatically. (We
update Copy II64/128 regularly to overseas.
The computer can handle both handle new protections; you as a
fleets while the gamer merely sits and registered owner may update at
any time tor $15 plus $3 s/h.) Central Point Software, Inc.
watches. In fact, (his is a good way 9700 S.W. Capitol Hwy. #100
• Copies even protected disks in
to learn about the game. Porlland, OR 97219
under 2 minutes (single drive),
The computer can command either
side against a human foe. It is possi
• Copies even protected disks in
under 1 minute (dual drive). CentmlFbint
ble to handicap cither side with a • Maximum of (our disk swaps on a SqUVOTB
single drive.
10-20% strength reduction, which
makes it easy to have an even match Backup utilities also available tor the IBM, Apple II, Macintosh and Atari SI
Thts proifuci Is provided tor the d g o't>"Bttftrtg you to make afct»val copies only
up between two human commanders
of unequal experience. r Servlci No, 261

AHOY! 51
Only NRI teaches you to service all computers
as you build your own fully IBM;
compatible microcomputer
With computers firmly established in
offices-and more and more new
applications being developed for every
facet of business-the demand for
trained computer service technicians
surges forward. The Department of
Labor estimates that computer service
jobs will actually double in the next ten
years-a faster growth rate thui for any
other occupation.

Total systems training

No computer stands alone...
it's part of a total system. And if
you want to learn to service and repair
computers, you have to understand
computer systems. Only NRI includes a
powerful computer system as part of
your training, centered around the new,
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this highly rated. 16-bit, IBM-compatible
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NRI Discover}- Lab", professional digital
multimeter, and logic probe. Like your
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AMredllCd Dy IF'-Cr NaUOial Home Study Council |

DIGI-VIEW We have already pointed out that
New Tek the Digi-View module plugs into the Reviewed This Month:
Price: $200 Amiga's parallel port. This will most
Time after time we have ex likely displace many a printer. As the Digi-View by Morton Kevelson 53
pounded on the value of the visual, port may be difficult to access, seri
in terms of the textual. An Amiga ous consideration should be given to
equipped with the Digi-View video including an A-B switch in the cost
digitizer system raises the price of the of the package. This will most likely Impact! by Cheryl Peterson 60
digitized image to even greater involve some custom cabling, as the
heights. We are of course setting our Amiga's 25 pin. male. D-subminia-
values in terms of computer memory ture connectors are not usually asso
■■: 11
::„■ 111
rather than a form of legal tender. In ciated with computer printer ports.
simplest terms, the greater the detail Note that page 121 of the 1987 Radio
in the digitized image the greater are Shack catalog lists ail the parts for
its memory storage needs. As we constructing custom cables.
shall see. Digi-View is capable of Digi-View is somewhat fussy on E+<l Grn It I u

highly detailed digitized images. the quality of its video signal. It will
The Digi-View system consists of be happiest with a source of RS-170
three components: a diminutive hard monochrome video with 2:1 interlace
ware module, a tri-color filter wheel, and a 2A inch vidicon. The last re
and some rather sophisticated driv quirement insures sufficient resolu
ing software. This report will look at tion for the Amiga's 400-line inter
the currently available Version 1.0 of laced display. This pretty much rules
the system software. We will also pre out most video sources which may
view some of the new feaiures of Ver be found lying around the house. In
sion 2.0. The latter should have be fact Digi-View will digitize practical
gun shipping by the time you read ly any kind of video signal. However.
this review. if the above requirements are not met,
The Digi-View hardware module is sonic degradation of the image will
in an epoxy sealed 2x3" plastic occur. This could range from a slight
package which is barely an inch thick. loss of resolution to pronounced col Top: Digi-View's color palette con
The last dimension includes the 25 or fringing or other interference pat trol panel. Bottom: a sample image.
pin connector, which males to the terns. READER SERVICE KO. 288
Amiga's parallel port, and the oppos In fact, according to New Tek, the
ing RCA jack through which it ac preferred video source is the Pana The greatest benefit was with the hi
cepts the video signal. As the pack sonic WV-1410 black and white secur res monochrome digitization. The
age is solidly sealed from the outside ity camera. We didn't just take New WV-1410 has one other notable advan
world, we have foregone our tradi Tek's word on this. Inasmuch as we tage which may not be available on
tional gory expose of its innards. already had an Ikcgami ITC-40 lay other cameras: an easy to use, screw

In fact. New Tek has several rea ing about from our C-64 video digi driver-driven mechanical focus on the
sons for the impenetrable packaging. tizer projects, we decided to go ahead back of the camera. This adjustment
One of these, we suspect, is to limit with it. We even went so far as to in lets the camera get extremely close
the possibility of casual duplication. stall the optional 2:1 interlace chip in to small objects - close enough to im
In a more practical vein, the rigid as the Ikegami camera: a procedure age pans of a 35 mm slide.
sembly aids in keeping the module which cost about $25. required wait Digi-View will generate full color
in place after the hookup is complete. ing six weeks to get the part, and took digitized images, bul it abhors color
We have also been told that the high about one hour of our time. video signals. Instead il expects a col
input impedance of the precision The results were perfectly satisfac or separation of the original image.
comparator upon which the circuit is tory, although the digitized images This is accomplished by successive
based makes the board extremely seemed to lack some of the snap of digitizations through a three color
sensitive lo changes in humidity. the New Tek samples. We finally (red, green, and blue) filter wheel.
Thus, sealing ihe module in epoxy broke down and got the WV-1410. Although we show a square "wheel"
successfully addresses several con This resulted in a small but notable in our sample photographs, New Tek
cerns. improvement in the digitized images. has finally gotten around to cutting

AHOY! 53
the corners. All current Digi-Views ory expanders for the Amiga before blue portions of the image file. Con
will ship with circular color wheels. embarking on this project. trol of brightness, contrast, and
The current version of Digi-View The lo-res version supports four sharpness is also available.
requires the manual positioning of the image formats. The first actually A look at Digi-Vicw's digitization
color wheel. As of this writing. New saves ihe three separate black and process will give a better picture of
Tek is getting ready to offer an auto- white images which correspond to the how it works. As with the other digi
tizers we have looked at, Digi-View
Compare this
does a slow scan of the incoming sig
multicolor cap
nal. A vertical column of pixels is
ture to the
digitized every 1/30 of a second.
black and white
Since the signal is in 2:1 interlace,
every other half frame is not used for
tized images on
lo-res mode. Thus a single color
page 64. Digi-
scan, composed of 320 columns,
View converts a
takes nearly 11 seconds to complete.
4096 color
An RGB image, composed of three
RGB image to
scans, requires 33 seconds to com
32-hue IFF
format, ready
Digi-View actually stores 21 data
for user man
bits for each pixel, seven tor each col
or. This is nine more bits than the
Amiga graphic display can actually
All images on use. In effect. Digi-View is working
these pages are with a pseudo-paletie of 2,097,152
in the Amiga's colors. The extra data bits are what
lo-res (320 X Digi-View uses to manipulate the col
200 pixel) or balance, brightness, contrast, and
mode. These sharpness of the 4096-color RGB im
magazine re ages.

productions A 4096-color HAM image may

lack much of also be saved in IFF Hie format. Al
the detail of though there are no paint packages
the original for (his format at this time (New Tek
images as seen is currently showing a very prelimi
On the Amiga nary version of Digipaint, a HAM
screen. paint package), these images may stil!
be viewed with the various "slide
mated version for an additional $50, digitized data obtained through the show" programs available for the Am
This will be comprised of a small color filters. Images saved in this iga. Once saved as an IFF HAM file
stepper motor connected to the sec RGB format can be recalled with the the image cannot be manipulated by
ond joystick port, and appropriate ability to perform all of Digi-View's Digi-View as it does not retain the or
driving routines added to the software. color modifications still intact. RGB iginal RGB data.
images are very expensive in terms Perhaps the most fascinating aspect
System Software of memory. A single image is worth of lo-res Digi-View is the option
Digi-View 1.0 is actually two sep nearly 200 kilobytes! How about that which converts the 4096 color RGB
arate programs. The RGB version us for the information content of a pic image to a 32 color IFF format. This
es the Amiga's !o-res screen (320 by ture? format can be manipulated by Amiga
200 pixels) lo create digitized imag Once the RGB data is in the Ami paint programs such as Deluxe Paint
es with up to 4096 colors. The hi ga's memory it can be manipulated or Aegis' Images. The surprising part
res version works in the Amiga's 640 in several ways. The most impressive is how well a "natural- image can be
by 400 pixel display to generale black is to use the 4096 color option to dis represented with only 32 colors.
and white images in 16 shades of play a HAM {Hold And Modify) im As a final option, the red portion
gray. New Tek has plans for a hi-res age. As the accompanying samples of the image may be saved as a 32-
color driver for Digi-View, but this show, these images can be astonish level gray scale IFF image. Of course
will require humongou.s amounts of ing for the quality of the digitization. prior lo using this option the red digi
memory. They are waiting for the Color balance of the image can be ad tization should be done using the
proliferation of muitimegabyte mem- justed by fiddling with the red and clear part of the filter wheel.

54 AHOY!

The original manual fails to docu scmbled from 64,000 pixels. Digi- Digi-View range from the frivolous
ment an interesting, but esoteric, View assumes that every image has to the sublime. We know of one per
Digi-View option, [f so instructed, a pure white and a pure black com son who digitizes X-ray photographs
Digi-Vicw will display a histogram of ponent. The histograms are always for presentation and analysis. We
the digitized image. A pair of un adjusted to achieve this state. have also found that a color screen
marked vertical line graphs will ap As we mentioned above, the hi-res dump of a HAM image is an excel
pear. One of these graphs represents mode only supports a 16-level gray lent way to dress up the children's
the raw digitized data, the other dis scale image in IFF format. Neverthe book reports.
plays the adjusted data. Separate sets less it is still possible to manipulate The basic Digi-View package is not
of"graphs are maintained for each of the brightness, contrast, and sharp overly expensive considering all (ha!
the three eolor files. The horizontal ness of the digitized image. The it does. The 2.0 release is shaping up
axis represents the 12S possible gray amount of delail in the hi-res digitized into an even more impressive prod
levels of the red, green, or blue por images, using the Panasonic camera, uct. However, a fully functional set
tion of (he image. Remember that was surprising. We were able to ob up can add up the dollars. The cam
seven data bits are internally main tain readable copies of digitized icxt. era alone more than doubles the sys
tained tor every pixel of each color tem cost. A copy stand and lights are
file. The vertical axis of the graph Digi-View 2.0 almost essential. We have been using
represents the proportion of pixels We were able to obtain an alpha re a sturdy tripod equipped with a hor
which have the associated brightness lease of Digi-View 2.0. Even so, nu izontal arm to position our camera.
value. Note that a lo-res image is as- merous additional features were al If you are already into photography
ready implemented. A 4096+ mode you may already have invested in
improves significantly on the quality many of these accessories.
The Digi-View Connection
of the HAM images. The result is in New Tek, 701 Jackson Suite Btf.
The Digi-View manual specifi
creased detail, along with the elimi Topeka, KS 66603 (phone: 913-354-
cally warns against using a "Y"
nation of the color fringing which oc 9332). -Morion Kevetson
adapter to split the video image for
casionally occurred using the 4096
viewing on the monitor screen.
mode. Alternate Lenses
Nevertheless, some means of
Two more lo-res digitizing routines Good quality "C" mount video
monitoring what the camera sees
have been added. A five second mode lenses can be expensive. The lens
is essential for proper framing and
trades off speed for lower resolulion. from a 35 mm single lens reflex
focus. We have also noticed that
A twenty second mode offers higher camera may be usable with a vid
the camera must be connected to
resolution with noisy video signals. eo camera. "C" mount adapters are
Digi-View when il is first booted
These may occur under low lighting available for many popular 35 mm
up. Lack of a video signal during
levels. Three samples are taken of camera mounts. Note that the
bootup results in a gross distortion
each pixel. The results arc averaged "standard" lens for the security
in the width of the digitized im
to cancel out much of the noise. The cameras has a 16 mm foeal length.
age. A convenient camera switch
twenty second mode may also be Thus most 35 mm camera lenses
ing setup can be assembled from
used with home color video cameras. will act as telephoto lenses when
readily available parts. Simply run
The results will still not have the res mounted on a video camera.
the camera cable to a two way co
olution which is possible with a black
axial switch (Radio Shack 15-1254,
and white camera, and the color fil Lighting
$4.95, is ideal). Two short lengths
ter wheel will still be required to get Adequate lighting is important
of audio patch cords connect the
a color image. for good digitization. Although the
output of the switch to the mon
A color palette control panel has black ami white security cameras
itor's composite video input jack
also been added. Images may be are extremely sensitive for low
and Digi-View. The coaxial switch
created using between 2 and 32 col light operation, low light levels can'
transfers the camera signal be
ors. Individual control of each color result in "noisy" images. Video
tween Digi-View and the monitor.
is also possible. Three sizes of digi noise appears as a graininess to the
The Amiga 1080 monitor has a
tized images are also available. These displayed image. The low light
front panel switch to select be
occupy the full screen, 1/4 of the problem is aggravated by the Digi-
tween RGB and composite video.
screen, and 1/16 of the screen. View color filler wheel. The blue
The coaxial switches arc usually
fitted with "F" type screw-on con in particular substantially cuts
Conclusion down on the light. We found that
nectors. These can be adapted to
We consider Digi-View to be a tru a pair of 100 watt bulbs, in five
the RCA push on connectors with
ly fun product. It never ceases to fas inch photo flood reflectors, gen
female RCA to male "F type jacks
cinate us. nor does it ever fail to erated adequate quantities of light.
(Radio Shack 278-255. $1.19).
amaze our friends. Applications lor

AHOY! 55
PAGES ETTER by clicking on one or more of the You can select from six different
Gold Disk, Inc. three Ail Board layout gadgets along styles of borders (including none),
Disk; $149.95 the right side of the screen.. The first with three methods for displaying
PageSemr is the first desktop pub displays or hides the grid-you can those borders (all four sides, left and
lishing software for the Amiga. As change the size of the grid (1/2". 1/4". right only, or top and bottom only).
such, it stands on the shoulders of a 1/8", or 1/6") by selecting a different You can also select a background for
well-established and growing variety measurement under the Art Board your box-a white-to-black gadget in
of similar software for the Macintosh; menu. The Ruler along the outside the center allows this option.
it has thus avoided most of the early of the page and the Margins (includ The Current Box window aiso al
pitfalls and oversights of first gener ing the columns) can also be toggled lows you to select the leading (pro
ation software. Gold Disk lias created into and out of view by selecting their nounced "led-ing") and the tracking
a package that is easy to learn and gadgets. One difficulty 1 had was in of the text. Leading refers to the space
use, yet maintains a great deal of remembering when these gadgets between the lines of your text—this
depth. What failings PageSetter has were "on." When they are de-selcc- is how you can gel the double space
seem to be related to the rush to mar- ted. they are darkened-this makes look. Tracking has to do with micro
kel. and are definitely correctable. them look like they are highlighted. justification, an important concept in
Opening PageSeiter (via Work- An important consideration to re desktop publishing. The aim of mi
Hunch orCLl) leads you to a blank member is that the margins and col crojustification is to avoid relatively
desktop. A la Deluxe Paint, a scries umns are guides and not boundaries, large amounts of white space between
of gadgets along the right side work and can be overwritten at any time. characters or words while flush-jus
in conjunction with the drop down Once your page is set, you are tifying text. In PageSetter, this fea
menus to handle your layout chores. ready to create your first box. This ture is user-definable. You can deter
Both are very intuitively arranged, is done by selecting the box icon on mine the maximum amount of track
and 1 found them extremely comfort the side of the screen. Then, just as ing, in points, for both characters and
able lo use. in any graphics program, you click words. This is a very sophisticated
Pa^eSetter's primary vocabulary the mouse where you want to start the feature for an entry-level program.
consists of "pages" and "boxes." You box and drag it open to the appro Finally, the Current Box request
first create a page by selecting the op priate size. Boxes in Pa^eSetter con er is where you select the fonts lor
tion from the menus —the resulting tain all the elements that go to make the text within the box. Clicking on
requester window contains all the up the page and are fully adjustable the font name-Topaz 9 is the stan
pertinent information for the basic in size, position, and attributes. dard ROM font-brings up a direc
page format. Page size is selectable For a quick demonstration of the tory requester showing you all the
from standard (8V2 X IT) or legal flexibility of boxes, let's set up a available fonts. I much prefer this
(8V2 X 14"); the European style siz headline using the QuickText gadget. method to that of NowPcid and its
es, A4 and B5, are also supported. Clicking on this icon brings up a drop down menus, as it allows far
You can also enter your own width string requester which allows you to more fonts to be accessed. All the
and height measurements in the ap enter up to 100 characters. Type in Amiga fonts are supported, as are any
propriate boxes for your own individ your headline and press RETURN. that adhere to the standard, includ
ual size. Maximum page size is S'/a Your box now has the text printed in ing the commercially available Zuma
X 11" and the minimum is 2 X 1". side. Notice how quickly the text was fonts and several public domain va
Column layout is also accompanied rendered. This is one of PageSctter's rieties. These can be made available
in this requester. Simply fill in the hallmarks: speed. Compared to Page- by assigning the fonts to another di
number of columns and their widths maker for the Mae. PagcSctter is rector)'. For example, my assign state
in the respective spaces. You can se blazingly fast. ment is now in my startup sequence—
lect as many columns as you can fit Now let's see what options are "Assign fonts; Allfonls:fonts". The
on a page; PageSemr checks for il available to you. Selecting Current best part of this is that PageSeiter, be
legal combinations of measurements. Box from the menu strip brings up sides having the usual underline,
This feature works on all elements of a requester similar to the Page For bold, and italic algorithms, has in
the Page Format requester. For ex mat one. Here there arc options for cluded a few of their own: shadow,
ample, you can have three columns making your box solid or transparent outline, and reverse. And they all
2Vi" wide, but only if you shrink the (allowing you to overlap text and work with other fonts! This is almost
left and right margins to '4" each. graphics), and with or without a drop worth the price of the software alone.
Otherwise. PageSeUer will warn you shadow. This is where you decide But man does not live by headlines
that your "Columns are Too Large" how the text in your box is to be jus- alone. The key to desktop publishing
and redo your settings to the previ tilied, as well as the top and left mar is easy formatting of bodies of text.
ous one. gins. Choosing a border will give you Text can be split over many pages and
You can now see your empty page a minimum figure for these margins. a desktop publishing package needs

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separates desk the image you loatl in or draw (clipan)
top publishing from is monochrome. fixgeSetterv/Hl load
fancy word process any IFF file and convert the colors
ing is the ability to to its scries of shadings. I loaded the
mix graphics and King Tut pictures from Deluxe Paint
text, as in this with superb results. Clipart should be
page printed on a designed in medium resolution (640
Gemini 10X and X 200) with desktop publishing in
reduced 50%. mind. Although there is a si/ing tool.
PageSetter doesn't always give you an
ideal reproduction: it is best to scale
the drawing to its approximate size
elsewhere and import it. A variety of
graphic tools are available here:
smooth and dot draw, line, fill, rec
tangle, ellipse, ami two levels of mag
nification. Once your image is com
plete, use the Frame tool to surround
it and clip it either in 1:1 or 5:4 ra-
tios-the latter gives a better repre
sentation of the actual printer output.
Now, like the text editor, quitting the
graphic editor returns you to the main
screen. Selecting the "Paint" icon will
turn your cursor into a paintbrush and
allow you to click in an empty box.
Presto! Your image has been trans
irol codes are exposed it is very easy ferred from graphics buffer to page.
sophisticated text handling ihai allows to make all words thai have been un You can fine-tune the placement by
you to quickly format columns of text derlined into bold, italic ones), and clicking on the Graphic Adjust gad
while still being able to go in and edit easy movement within the lile both get arrows to move the image within
that file, PageSetier handles this with menu and key commands are sup the box.
its built-in Text Editor. This menu op ported here. Weil, we've been cooking for a
tion brings you to another screen with Once you have edited the file, quit long time-how does it taste? Print
its own text commands. Files can lie the editor and select the "Write" icon outs in this release of I'agcSdtcr are
loaded that are either in Generic from the gadgets: your cursor will be available to any of the graphic print
(ASCII). Scribble!, orTextCraft for come a pencil. Now clicking the ers in the Amiga preferences, All one
mat, PageSetter automatically con mouse in a box will spill the text from has to do is select "Black and White"
verts the latter two file types to its the editor into that box. If the text under the Graphic Printer preferen
own format with control codes ex overflows, a small "Size Me" gadget ces. 1 printed a document on several
posed. PageSetteruses the" \ "asan appears in the lower right corner. different printers to test this vital area.
escape character to toggle commands Clicking and dragging here allows The first time through 1 selected
such as hnld. italic, underline, out you 10 resize the box. Or you can use "Press-Current Page" under "De
line, shadow, and reverse. There is the "link box" feature. Linking two partment" menu. This resulted in a
also a " /n * lor "normal" which turns or more boxes will cause the text to document with a W horizontal white
Off all other display codes. Two nice flow from one to another, filling as line about every two inches. A call
additions are a soft hyphen, allowing much space as possible. This is the to Gold Disk verified the problem
PageSetter to break a long word if key to PageSetter^ case of use. Box and a solution. PageSetter attempts
necessary, and a paragraph command es can also he unlinked to isolate par to hold the entire page as one raster
for easy entry of multiple lines dur ticular passages of text; however, this image in memory-as the program it
ing QuickText. effect carries over into the text editor, self is very large, this is frequently
The PageSetter text editor refresh separating your text file, not possible. In this case. PageSet
es on a line-by-line basis: a touch What separates desktop publishing ter will break the page into smaller-
slow for my taste. However, it does software from fancy word processing slices and send that entire rastport to
contain all expected features: a full software is the ability to mix graph the printer at a time: upon sending
cut-and-paste block menu, search- ics and text. PageSetter has a graph the next rastpoit, most printers will
and-replaee options (because the con- ic editor to handle these chores. I [ere reinitialize and many will execute a
58 AHOY!

linefeed at iliat lime. Gold Disk has Memory considerations are a ma right off the bat.
supplied ;i print Utility, PagePrint. to jor stumbling block with FageSetter. Future releases of PageSetter will
overcome ihis problem. As iliis is a Because of a bug in Intuition that include an interlace option that allows
much .smaller program, the entire does nn! return memory once a font you to view 14 of ihe page at a time
page can be held in memory at mice has been opened and then closed, under full magnification instead of
and the previous problem is not en large blocks of RAM go quickly. the '/* currently available. This will
countered. Gold Disk recognized the problem also allow for Landscape printing.
Do! matrix output is surprisingly and has four steps to aid this dilem PostScript will be built in. as will
clean. I found ilial by adjusting the ma. First there is Quick.Move. which support for the HP LaserJet. Color
.size (12 point works well) and the turns off the use of the bliiier for is being considered; however, (his
leading (a value of ] or 2 is best), moving text so thai you only see the may lead to more memory problems.
my document is extremely readable. box outline—perfectly acceptable lor In conclusion, I would rate Pttge-
As FageSetter uses a graphic dump, most texi or graphic repositioning. Senervery highly for its speed, ease
the printout can lake a lony time. Then there is a toggle for the Mem of use, and superb user inierface.
Neither PostScript nor DDL. the la ory Warning. This advises you to save Shortcomings arc the kludgey solu
ser printer languages, are imple your document as memory is getting tion to the printer problem, and the
mented in this version of FageSetter; low. It is wise to keep this on. Third, lack of more keyboard shortcuts.
however, a module lor both should there is Memory Cleanup, which at However, Gold Disk's commitment to
be available by the time you read this. tempts to piece together fragmented the product is such thai I feel these
I also attempted to print a page us blocks of memory into one continu failings will soon be a memory. An
ing ;i Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Plus. ous block. It also serves to refresh the excellent first program in what is
However, as ihe LaserJet can only screen if necessary. Finally, [here is bound lo be a hotly contested field
handle one half page of graphics at an "Emergency.Save" file (hat will on the Amiga.
a time-again a memory problem, hold your document should a memo Gold Disk, Inc., P.O. Box 1H9,
only this time on the LaserJet -1 was ry crash occur. It is reassuring to see Strcctsvillc, ONT, Canada LSM 2C2
only able to get a half page printed. a company address these problems (phone: 416-828-0911). -Joe Loweiy


promenaded1" CAPTURE'"
The Eprom Programmer Thoughtfully designed. Take control ol your '64 or 128' with this easy to use
carefully constructed. thepromonacteCr'isrespected cartridge. Lets you make a back-up disk of your
around the world for quality and value The original memory-resident software. Your program is then fully
software controlled programmer does away with accessible to you and your program can be re-booted
personality modules and switches. Intelligent from your disk 3-5 times faster. Or make an auto-
programming capability can cut programming time by starting cartridge using the promenade C1 and a CPR
95%i With Disk Software still just 399.50 cartridge kit. Its magic!
CAPTURE'" is a bargain at 39 95
CPR-3 - Three socket board, case and 3 eproms, for use with CAPTURE'" 29.95
PCC2 - Two 2732 (4K) or 2764 (8K) eproms. For '64 or '128 in 64 mode 4.95
PCCA - Four sockets for 2764. 27128 or 27256 (32K) eproms. Bank switching 17,95
PCC8 - Like the PCC4 but twice the capacity. For multiple programs 29.95
PRB4 - Four sockets, eprom & battery backed RAM combination 24.95
PTM2 - Basic 128 mode cartridge board. Two 2764 or 27128 eproms 5.95f
PTM4 - Four sockets, 27128 & 27256 eproms 128 mode bank switcher 19.95t
PCCH2 - Plastic case for above cartridges (except PCC8) 2.25
Eproms - Always in stock at competitive prices. tavailable June '86
'when in 64 mode.
Datarase - Hobbyist eprom eraser. 2 at a time. 3 lo 10 minutes 34 95
PE14 - Industrial quality eraser. 7 to 9 at a time 79.95
Starter Set - CAPTURE", promenade C1 and one CPR3 kit 149.95
Deluxe Set - CAPTURE'-, promenade C1. Datarase and two CPR3 kits 199.95

TO ORDER TOLL FREE 800-421-7731

■ JAoUIM-riAnintlM TECHNICAL SUPPORT 916-823-3284

Reader Servlco Nn, 271

AHOY! 59
IMPACT! solves these problems. retaining its copyright to the module.
Aegis Development With the Amiga's outstanding col The Impact! program on the other
Disk; $199.95 ors, resolution, and ease ol'use. Im hand is licensed for the owner's per
Impact! is not a program for the pact! can be used to design screen sonal use only and must not be on
average computer user. Instead, it displays with complicated graphics disks that are given out. If you wish
seems aimed at a very specific por and text overlays in a fraction of the to send your creation out on disk., all
tion of the buying public: those who time it would take to create custom you need do is put the appropriate
need to design graphics presentations ized slides. But Impact! doesn't stop screen files and the slide show pro
that can be displayed on a computer there. It includes a slide show pro gram on a disk,
screen for easy viewing. Salespeople gram that will take these screens and The only limitation I found in us
and eorporaie managers frequently present ihcm in a prescribed order. ing this package was the lockups that
use slides to illustrate their presen The slide show module also lets you occur when you run out of memory.
tations. Some of the slides can cost do fades, spiral ins and outs, and With only 512K of memory, it took
up to S50 apiece by the time they are screen wipes, in addition to jumping me very little time to get too com
finished, so simulating slide show between slides. plicated for my Amiga. The docu
presentations with a computer can lie Creating screens can be great fun. mentation does warn of this and en
much cheaper. With over 4000 colors to choose from, courages use of more memory and/or
In addition to the dollars saved, a you could waste days just looking at RAM disks to speed things up and
great deal of production time can be the color selections. I really enjoyed eliminate memory overflow.
eliminated by using computer slide using the color palette section. Us The program does have printer
shows. Creating slides with special ing a sliding gauge, you modify the support and screen illustrations can
graphics and text overlays can take as amount of red, green, and blue in be written to disk in IFF format, so
much as two weeks. The time delay each color until it's just the way you you can use your illustrations with
can result in lost sales or uninformed want it. The corresponding colors in programs like Aegis Draw Plus, Ae
decisions. A program like Impact! the fill patterns are modified at the gis Animator, Deluxe Paint, and De
same lime. luxe Video. Unfortunately, screens
Screens can be drawn freehand or that are created with other programs
MONITORS you may use commands to create cannot be used by the slide show
12"TTLAmbar SB8. geometric shapes in whatever size or program.
720 x 350
color you need. You have a choice of The manual is a softbound book
'•■: cui.jr urouji $289.
nine brush styles. There is no facil thai bears a suggested price of $24.95
BGB, TTL ity for designing your own brushes. on the cover. Interesting concept, but
compoBlle input
There are bi-co!ored till patterns I wouldn't pay more than $12.95 for
available for use in "coloring" your it. Adequately illustrated, it has a tu
shapes, but these only work with torial section in the front that gets you
shapes created using the program's right into using the program. I found
shape commands. If you try to fill a the index lacking.
box or other shape that just happened f WHS pleased to find that the pro
naturally, it doesn't work. gram wasn't copy protected. With a
Graphs can be created using nu package like this, I wouldn't want to
meric data entered one number at a work from my only copy. When the
time in the graph creation module, occasional lockup occurs it can be fe
or by reading in figures from an out tal to the disk in use. I strongly agree
put file created with a spreadsheet with the manual that you should al
package or word processor. This file ways work from a backup copy.
must meet certain parameters, but it Impact! is a fun program to draw
is a commonly used format. with and the presentation graphics are
You can overlay text on top of your excellent. For those with a need for
graphics to identify pans or explain a product like this, I'd recommend it.
figures. Text can be presented in 1 do think that at S199.95 it's over
many different point sizes and fonts. priced, but with the slide show mod
Text can be in bold, italic, shadow, ule being freely distributable it isn't
underline, or outline. that unreasonable.
The slide show program that is in Aegis Development. 2210 Wilishire
cluded as a separate module is used #277, Santa Monica, CA 90403
Srneuing & Handling add on abovu or ice m»^-i*HrLii*i. to design the presentations and Ae (phone: 213-392-9972).
Ulldir S«rvlc« No. 175 gis encourages its distribution, while — Cheryl Peterson

60 AHOY!
TURBOPOKE Commodore Compatible
and only... $149.00
For the C-64
By Jim Frost
ASIC games and utilities often include pages
of data statements for machine language rou
tines, sprites, and graphic effects, READ and
POKE commands arc then used to convert
the data to usable machine language. But BASIC han
dles data so slowly that the pause for POKEing data usu
ally allows time for a cool drink, a trip to the rest room,
FSD-1 5'/4"Disk Drive
Directly replaces the Commodore 1541 disk drive. get the point. Turbopoke is a short machine lan The FSD.1 Disk Drive is 3 versalile and etlicion! disk drive built tor Ihe Com
guage utility that moves data to memory at a blazing 11000 modore series ol personal computers. This disk drive is fully compatibla
with Uie Commodore frr computer and directly replaces the Commodoro
bytes per second so your program can start immediately. 1541 Disk Drive.
To use Turbopoke, type and save the listing on page
Special Features Visa & MasterCard wolcc™? Creditcard
113. Next, add Turbopoke to your program using a merge orders shipped in 24 hrs Allow £1200
• Runs all C-S4 commercial software shipping and handling Send mail oider
utility. If you don't have one, list the data onscreen, de • Ready lo run right Irom ine box wiih paymont 10"

lete line 395, then load your program, typing the load • Full 6 month warranty
• Heavy duty construction .
commands directly under line 390. Press return for each • Vanied metal chassis ;
> Built especially for i",M users
data line, then reentcr line 395. Your program may need
to be renumbered to avoid line number conflicts. Next
To Order call toll free
modify the READ/POKE routine in your program lo load Emerald Com pan en I International
1-800-356-5178 Ucpi SINE
the 170 bytes of Turbopoke to the cassette buffer ;ii ad 541 Willamette Street

dress 828. Since Turbopoke is short, this takes only a Eugene. OR 97401
Tel. 503-683-1154
few seconds. Now add the following line to your program:
Reader Service No. 263



ADDRESS is the place where the remaining d;ita belongs
and LINE is the line number where the original data be VALENTINE'S PRESENT:
gins. Turbopoke fills memory with data from the spe RENT IT SOME SOFTWA RE!
cified line number and continues until the last data state
ment or until a data value of 256 is read. To move blocks
of data to different locations, add an extra DATA 256 We have a complete line of
to the end of each data block and use separate SYS828. name brand software for rent
ADDRESS.L1NE for each. Turbopoke works reliably for
correctly typed data statements including substitution of or sale. All the most popular
commas for zeros; however, part of its speed is achieved programs are available for your
by eliminating SYNTAX testing. Test your data statements
Atari, Atari ST, Commodore,
using BASIC READ and POKE, since errors in data will
cause unpredictable results. Amiga, IBM and Apple Com
In writing Turbopoke 1 tried to maximize speed as puters. Use your credit card
much as possible while keeping length reasonable. Sub
routines were used only in initialization where they are for fast phone orders, or write
executed once. In the main program loop, key sections for our complete list of titles!
of code are repeated to eliminate time-consuming sub
routine calls. Whenever possible, branching decisions arc
planned so lliat the branch occurs on the least likely event. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!
This .saves the extra machine cycle required when a
Call toll tree duisicle Tenas: 1-800-433-2038
branch is taken. The number converting routine uses - Inside Texas call: ai 7-292-7396

lookup tables rather than ROM routines or slower, more

general calculations, and is limited to numbers of 0 to OS 5316 Wtiodway Drivt
255. The special case of 256 exits to BASIC. □ Fort Worth. Tf*as 76133
SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 113 Ili-iKl'.-r Service No. 264

AHOY! 61
STOW AWAY you'll be given a chance to cancel. Stow Away verifies
that the program you want to stow is within the 16,384
byte range before proceeding. If it isn't. Stow Away lets
For the C-64 you know you've got a monster on your hands. Then it
cancels the option ami returns lo BASIC.

By Buck Childress The second option quickly salvages your stowed goodie
and places it back in BASIC RAM. If you already have
something in BASIC memory. Stow Away gives you a
Wouldn't it lie great if you could load or chance to cancel.
save a program in mere microseconds, Whether you're stowing or salvaging, the ease and
without using a disk drive or cassette re speed are terrific. The process takes less than a second
corder? I'm talking about the times when for most programs. My 475-line, 16,235-byte monolith
you wish you could instantly save a program in order takes about two seconds. When it's done. Stow Away dis
to check out a different version or routine. The last thing plays the byte count of your program.
you want lo do is come up with another strange sounding Should you inadvertently find yourself staring al the
name to save it under, let alone wait for the disk or tape menu, all the while wondering what you're doing there,
drive to merrily do its thing. Oh. the pain! Now you have the third option will let you make your great escape back
lo wait again while il loads back into the C-64. Then you lo BASIC. It", like me. you frequently do things and la
have to scratch that strange name you saved it under. ter wonder why, this little tidbit will come in handy.
Whew! There's got to be a bciier way. But instant storage Last but not least, option four deactivates Stow Away.
without a recording device? Can it be? You betcha! A message verifies it's off. SYS 52000 reactivates Slow
Stow Away stows (saves) and salvages (loads) BASIC Away.
programs in the blink of an eye. It's great for those times Here are a few things to remember when using Slow
that you want to look at another program or routine, with Away. You can load and save all the BASIC programs
out (he hassle of a disk or tape operation. Maybe you you want without affecting Stow Away or anything you
want to try another version of the program you're working may have stowed. You can run programs, too. Just be
on. but want the current version left intact. Or perhaps sure they don't POKE data into Stew Away's domain
you just want a copy stashed away in case of an accidental (520OO-52920). If the program you want to run has cus
NEW. Slow Away does the trick. tom characters, or in any other way switches the ROM/
Stow Away doesn't actually load and save in the con RAM memory (most don't), you'll have to save a copy
ventional sense. Il transfers your BASIC program lo an of your stowed program to disk or tape first. You should
invisible area of RAM entirely separate from the BASIC deactivate Slow Away before you run a program. Since
and FREE RAM areas. This area of RAM lies under Stow Away actually saves your work to another area of
the BASIC interpreter and operating system ROMs. It C-64 memory, not disk or tape, be sure to save a copy
isn't available for most applications since it must be of your work before you switch the computer off.
switched in and out, with various preparations before Give Slow Away a try. It's a fast, unique way to in
hand. However, its perfect for our use. Besides, why let stantly save and load your work. □
all this good RAM go to waste? With it you have 16,384 SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 106
bytes of storage area lor your program-storage area thai
wont interfere with whatever else you may have in mem
ory. 16.384 bytes will hold a mighty big program. I have Vault of Terror {October '86)
one (hats 475 lines long and uses 16.235 bytes. An error in line 159 may prevent the player from winning.
To eliminate this problem replace the current line 159 with
Stow Away is easy to use. Here's how. After saving a
iho following:
copy of Stow Away, run it. The BASIC loader POKEs
the machine language data into memory and checks for 159 DL(CC,2)=B0(8)
errors. When it's finished, type SYS 52(XX> and press RE Rebels and lord* (December '86)
TURN. A message verifies Stow Away is on. Once Stow Under certain circumstances, the program will not he able
Away has been activated, don't run the loader again. Do to tell when no armies are left. Fix Ihe bug by replacing line
ing so will upset important pointers. 590 with:
When you want to use Stow Away, press any letter key 590 NEXT:UD=M:QD=0:IFA<WTHEN630
followed by RETURN. 1 thought this would be handier
than having to SYS 52000 every time you want to use Hanger 14 (January '87)
il. (The cursor must be at the beginning of a blank screen Lines 9 and 99 were missing characters, Replace them with:
line when you do this.) Four options will appear on your 9 GOSUB104:TI$o"OOOOOo
screen. Just press the corresponding number key to use
them. Here's what they are. 99 P$-"[4" "][D0WN]t4"[LEFT]"][4" "][D0W
The first option quickly stows your program in that N3[4"[LEFT]"][4M rt][UP][UP]
hidden RAM area. If you currently have something there,
62 AHOY!
'64 or '128 Software
BASIC Compiler
Take your Pick!
Complete BASIC compiler Now you can learn COBOL,
and development package.
the mosl widely used
Spoofl up your programs 3( commercial programming
lo 35«. Compile to machine
coflo, compact p-coflo
boin. A great package thai no
or Compiler language, on your 128 or to.
COBOL Compiler package
comes complele wilh syntan-
software library should be checking edilor, inlerpreler
without. '128 version: AO or and symbolic debugging
SO col. monitor oulpul and aids. New '128 version works
FAST mofle operalion, exten- wilh 407S0 column monitors
sivo 80-page programmer's Speeds up your BASIC programs by and is quicker lhan the "64 . \Complctc »iUi Editor,
guide. C-64 139.95 3 to 35 times. For C-64 and C-128 version, C-64 139.95 " \ Lnteptetcr anl Debugge
C-12B J59.95
. C-128 J39.95
3 Super Pascal
For software development or Complete system for dBvol-

school. Learn the C lang oping applications in Pascal.
uage on the '64
Compiles into fast machine
or '128. Extensive adilor. Standard J
& W compiler. Graphics
Pascal Language
code. Combine MIL & C library. If you want to learn Compiler
using CALL; 51K available Compiler Pascal or develop software
for object code; Fas I loading; using the best tool available,
Expend yptg
Two standard I/O librarys
plus main S graphic libraries.
Learn the the language of Supor Pascal is your firsl
horizons on your '64 and
choice. Added '128 fealures:
Added '12B IsaUres: CP/M- the 80's and beyond RAM disk; 100K sourca/ono '128 with this second most
liko operating system; 60K driva or 250K/IWO; BO/40 ..used language:
RAMdisk. C64 $59.95 on your'64 and'128 column, C-64 $59.95
C-UB $59.95 New! C-12B $59.95

*! Cadpak
your 64 or 128 to commun Easy-to-use interactive draw
Lei your 64 or 129 commun
icate with the outside world ing package for accurate
icate with the outside world.
graphic designs. Dimension
Obtain information from
ing foaturos lo create enact
various compulor networks.
scaled oulpul lo all major
Ffeiiblo. command driven
dot-malrii printers. Input via
terminal software package.
keyboard or lightpen. Two!
Supports most modems.
graphic screens for COPVing
Xmodem and Punter transfer
from one to the olher. DRAW,
protocol. VT52 terminal emu-
lalion with cursor keys, large
available. Define your own
45K capture buffer S user
library of symbols/objects-
definable funclion keys.
storo up to 104 separate
Contains bath varalom
SpeedTerm Objects. C-64 339.95
C-64 & C-12B 139.65
C-12B $59.95

Chartpak PPM
Create professional quality Comprehensive portfolio
management system tor tho
charts last— without pro
gramming. Enter, edit, save 64 and 128. Manama stocks.
bonds, mutual funds, T-bills;
and recall data. Interactively
record taxable or non-taxable
build pie, bar, line or scalier
dividends & interest income;
graph. Set scaling, labeling
reconcile each brokerage
and positioning. Draw charts
account cash balance with
6 different lormais. Statistical
the YTD transaction file;
routines for average standard
on-line quotes through Dow
deviation, least squares and
Jones or Warner. Produces
forecasting, lisa data from
spreadsheets. Output to most
printers. C-64 S3 9.95
fM iCHARfPAKT any type of report needed lo
analyze a portfolio or
security. C-64 $39.95
C-12B $39.95
C-128 $59.95

Call now for the name of the dealer nearest you.

Or order directly form Abacus using your MC, Visa
or Amex card. Add $4.00 per order for shipping.
Foreign orders add $12.00 per item. Call (616)
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money back software guarantee. Dealers inquires P.O. Box 7219 Dept H3 Grand Rapids, Ml 49510
welcome-over 2000 dealers nationwide. 'hone616/241-5510 -Telex709-101 -Fax616/241-5021
Rustler Service No. 251

For the C-64
Text and Photos by Morton Kevelson

[i seems that everything is going quantum physicists in our audience), resulting sound is nearly indistin
digital these days. Compact discs it is possible to digitize these process guishable from the original.
have revolutionized home audio re es with acceptable accuracy. In this The advantages of digitizing ana
production, digital televisions are way a finite series of samples, with log data are numerous. Endless cop
starting to appear, and digital audio a limited range of values, can be ies of digital data can be made with
tape recording is ready and waiting made 10 adequately represent the or out any loss of resolution. The data
in [he wings. All of these processes iginal data. itself may be manipulated by compu
have one thing in common. Their or The required degree of accuracy is ter processing emphasizing the de
iginal data is fundamentally analog. of course determined by ihc intended sired response while eliminating
Precisely speaking, an analog pro application. For example, audio digi noise and distortion. Anyone who has
cess is one which is characterized by tization for compact discs is accom compared the best vinyl recordings
a continuous!) varying signal. The plished by sampling the sounds ap to the compact disc will attest to the
value obtained by measuring the sig proximately 44,000 times per second effectiveness of this process.
nal is dependent on the precision and with twelve data bits allocated to each Visual images may also be cap
response time of the measuring in- sample. When properly decoded, the tured as digital data for computerized

stiument. It is thus possible to glean

additional information from an ana Top left: Com-
log signal l\v improving your measur putereyes high
ing instru ments. contrast cap
By comparison, a digital process ture in Koala
is characterized by the presentation multicolor for
of data in discrete packets at uniform mat. Top right:
ly timed intervals. Once data is A 280 X 192
placed in digital form, the limits of pixel image by
precision are fixed. The quality of Computereyes
dala in an eight bit format is not im II and Spar
proved by feeding it into a sixteen bit tan. Right: 8
machine. level, 160 x
Although analog phenomena are 200 pixel Kin-
characterized by theoretically infin ney image.
ite resolution (our apologies to the

64 AHOY!
Another Abacus
Anotner* QEqS lnside and Qut
GEQS /ns/de and Q[jt

If you use GEOS then our now book, GEOS Inside and Out, has the info you need.

A detailed Introduction Is laid out lor the novice-beginning with how to load the
GEOS operating to create a to alter the prelarence to format disks...learn geoWrite and geoPaint In detail...use geoPaint
for designing Moor plans or drawing electronic diagrams. Easy-to-understand
examples, diagrams and glossary are included to enlighten the beginner. To receive your copy of GEOS Inside and
Out and/or GEOS Tricks & Tips, call now
The advanced user will find more detailed information on GEOS's internals and for the name of the dealer or bookstore near
useful tricks and tips. Add a constant display clock-includes assembly and BASIC you. Or order directly using your Visa, MC or
listing...complete listing ol our FileMaster utility (converts your programs to GEOS Amex card. Add $4.00 per order for shipping
format with an Icon editor) with a line by line explanation...create a single-step and handling. Foreign orders add $10.00 per
simulator for observing memory and the various system registers...learn about book. Call or write today for your froe catalog.
windows and how to use them to your advantage...understand GEOS file structure. Dealer inquires welcome—2000 nationwide.

If you'rB just getting started with GEOS or getting to the point of wanting to add your Ordor both today!
own applications, then GEOS Inside end Out will help you on your way. $19.95
Vdu Can Count On

CornMGEOS Tricks & Tips mm

Continuing the tradition established by our famous C-64 reference library, GEOS
Tricks & Tips is a collection of helpful techniques lor anyone who uses GEOS with
their Commodore. It's easy to understand without talking down to the roader, and
P.O. Box 7219- Dept. H3
detailed in the applications ol the routines. Includes a font editor to create up to 64 Grand Rapids, Ml 49510
point text and a machine language monitor. A perfect companion volume to GEOS Telex 709-101 • Fax 616/241-5521
Inside and Out. Available Second Quarter. $19.95
Phone 616/241-5510
GEOS. gaoWrilB. geoPaint are tradsnames ol Barkeley Soflwnrks.

Just a few of our books

ny of Ih* C-S4 Tricks* Tip* tor III* O*4 lS tor Ifit £4 ..-..'.'. -t 0«Jc tor r ft * t." 11
s gukm id'6* imamm Boil -.'■<-■ on v ■ <• -•• Collection ol easy-to-use tech >n- Gepl h oip Ian ar lo ns Beat reTerenca, covers bite
Grapnlet. sound, I/O, kornal, ovplalns all Filled will many niques: advanced graphics, ol PEEK, POKE, USR. and and advanced Graphics
memory maps, and much ommples programs, utilities improved data Input CP'M, other BASIC commands. Sprints, Hires. Mufllcoto^ 3D'
ora, Compl&ia commenled Fufly commonied 1541 ROM enhanced QASIC, onta hand Learn Iho "tmide" tricks ahoul graphfcs. IRQ, CADb pro|ecl-
(') I brings. SQOpp " "■' « ling and mor* 279pp £1995 yourTM 200pp $14 35 tons, njrvfis 350pp $1395

3S51 1©


C-126 INTERNALS J 571 INTERNALS C'12B7f1ICXS& TIPS C-128 PEEKS A POKES C- i -' ■ 045K; 7.0 /n f ■., r i i'.
i-: ! if i ■ i ■ inlormation Essential reference internal Fasclnallng and practical inlo Dozens of programming Gel all tha InskJe Info on
Covers graphic chips MMU, drive functions. Explains on tne C-1ZS 80-col hires quick-hhtera lechnqueg cm UASIC 7 0 This enhaustiva
I/O, 50 column graphics and various dish and lib formali graphics, bank awptchlng. rn* opsrarmg syiTem. tUcU. handbook Is cornptote wiin
fully CDmmanlad1 ROM Fully-cornmflnied ROM pages of uioful inform, rero paga, polnisrs d fully commantod BASIC 7 0
Ifliirigs. more 5COcp 5i9» it 45O cn lor svBryona Sifl 9$ BASC. 2*C Si fiOM Eerngs w* 9$

Header Service No. 252

Value-Soft For ORDERS only

9513 S.W. Barbur Blvd. M-56 1-800-544-SOFT

Portland, Oregon 97219
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pmiai ■ Hum Fa


JILT-1* " -I'll ■(!!- lUTTOM Will ■-. "


■ "i - F USC MUCH I '■■ i '■ Vic-20, C16, Plus 4, C64, C128, AB switch
2 computers to 1 drive and printer or two
tn s PfliNIFD Ciacun 0OARD FBOV printers to 1 computer. 3 female sockets,
THl PHESSURE OF PLLK1GING 'N plugs in in seconds.

STOSAVER4 $79.95

DABBl ER C-G4 POWER 4 Commodore computers to 1 drive/printer,

great for schools or business.
»(cision souuke
notch in tmi diskette
SOIHI fLiOilDE CAN ■( USED $29.95 Share 1 monitor with 2 computers,
output at the turn of a knob. The box has

2, 5 pin cables, 1 to each computer, plus

a 8 pin socket for the monitor. C64/C128
6 Ft.6 pin,male"both ends tt B68 $6.95
9 Ft.6 pin,male both ends *t B69 $8.95 CENTRONICS AB SWITOl $39.95
18 Ft.6 pin,male both ends tt C618 $16.95 All 36 pins switched, female connectors,
6 Ft.G pin,male/female tt A66 $6.95 gold pins, high quality push button.
9 Ft.6 pin,male R-ang/male tt R69 $9.95
6 Ft.Monitor, 5 pin/4 RCA tt D56 $9.95 camraics abcd switch $59.95
6 Ft. Monitor exten., 5 pin tt E56 $6.95
All features of the AB except 4 computers
6 Ft.Centronics, male/male tt C6MM $14.95
6 Ft.Cent. , male/female tt C6MF $14.95
to one device. Rotary switch.
6 Ft.RS-232,
100 write protect tabs
male/male tt G625 $14.95
# TAB $1.49
RS 232 AB SWTCH ).95
100 Tyvek disk sleeves tt DS $5.95 All 25 pins switched, female connectors,
6 jewelers screw drive set tt SC6 $4.95 gold pins, high quality push button.

PROTECTION REVEALED NOW $15.95 128 CABLE 40/80 colum $9.95

A begginers guide to software protection. 80 columns with the 1701/1702 monitors.
Become a master of illusion.
Book is 141
free disk of 21 utilities included 128 40/80 switchable cable $21.95
80 columns, plus built-in switch

$15.95 POWER
THE The best friend a C128 owner $59.95
BLnCK ever had. Includes CG^, 128, EMI filtering, 16 AMP breaker, surge pro
BOOK CPM 3.0, 1541, & 1571 drives tection, lighted rocker switches,heavy all
S61 pages, 75 easy charts & metal case. $5.00 shipping this item only
tables. Think of Black Book
C-128 as a dictionary,always ready
to answer your questions. ULTOATO Sound Systei *Pj& $39.95
Add an exciting new dimension to sound on
the C64/C1B8. Creates 100% stereo, with a
!'S PAK $15.95 built-in
amp to power speakers directly,
1.150 popular subroutines on disk, add to Also works with VCR & TV
your own programs, graphics, sorts, etc.
2.poster (21x28) screen/color memory map.
3. extensive C64 memory map E.H.C.S. Husic Construction Set ).95
4.18 bound cheat cards, commands at hand The powerful music processor for the C64,
All four items in one great package price Plays 32nd notes,allows long compositions
A 2 disk set, also 40 pre-recorded song's.

CARTRIDffi P(«TCABLE $19.S&|BRAND X G4 Disk Cataloger $19.95

10 in. extension cable for cartridge port 4,000 files or 100 disks. Add, save, etc.
Identifies 14 file types, print lists in
APR0SPAWH4 $29.95| 1, 2 or 3 columns, prints disk labels.
slot switchable expansion board, plus a
reset button/fuse protection. Plugs into VIDEO LOG 64 $19.95
cartridge port, has 4 switchable (singly Catalog the movies you have saved on your
or any combination) expansion connectors. VCR. 1,000 films or 250 tapes. Print list
jives your C64 or 128 full expandability. of titles/tape tt, labels for tapes. Data
This is superbly designed unit. saved: title, start/end, length, category

Renflsr Service No. MB


processing. We first looked at this as the C-64 only displays 16 colors,

fagr Company s™, No.
process on the C-64 a bit over one it is possible to store two color val
63 Abacas Software Inr. 251
year ago. At that time we reported at ues in each color byte. The value of 65 Aliens $oltvin 1 tit-. 252
some length on the Computcreycs the lower half of the color byte cor C-4 Access Soltwiiri1 Int. US
1U ActoSadr
video digitizer tor the C-64. The responds to pixels whose bit value is
1!) Accolade 212
qualify of (hat product, its relative zero. The upper color nybble is 85 '., ■ hi lnH Computer Products 282
simplicity in terms of both hardware linked to pixels with a bit value of 41 i In- "'A ilon Hill Game Cunlpanv 230
20,21 lkrkckj Soil""rki 237
and software, and its reasonable cost, one. There is a 64 to 1 correspond 29 liurkcli:* Snfiuurks 23R
combined with the growing si/.e of ence between the 8000 byte bit map .H Herkeltv Sull^orks 239

the Commodore market, led us to be and the 1(XX) byte color map. Every 23 Herki'ky Soft mirks 24!
25 llerkelev Softwurkt 243
lieve thai we would have been able 8 by 8 area of the bit map screen is 27 Berkeley Soft works 244
to present several such products well assigned to a single byte of the color 4'J 111: !!.■- Opp'irlultilv 1'nl'li Ii - 257

before this time. Thus when we fi 57 Business Opportunity fublishers 25H

■n Uii-.ii:.1*. Opportunity Publishers 259
nally accumulated three digitizers The multicolor mode produces a 87 BLt\inca-> Oppurhmilv IHiMishm 260
from what it turned out were not in graphic screen consisting of 160 pix 51 Central 1 Soltuttre Inc. 2bl
7 Chentshi-ei Products. Ine, 183
dependent sources, we forged ahead els across by 200 pixels high. This 11 COMAL liscr* tir*iu|i USA —

with this presentation. is half the horizontal resolution of the 1.1 COMAL Users Croup I'SA -

We have previously indicated the hi-res mode. Note that the screen dis 1.1 ComniiHlurr Irilcrmiliiimil 295
.14 CompuServe 271)
worth of a C-64 image at up to 10.001 play is the same size, as each pixel 35 Computer Mart 240
bytes. If we consider the byte as is now twice as wide. The advantage 2S Computer t'eniers ni America 250
W Computer Swap, IiK- XJl
equivalent to a computer word, this of multicolor mode is increased col
C-2 Di}!iUil Solutions Inc. 266
is .substantially more than the 1.000 or flexibility. Since two bits now cor c-i Dreumridcr SoflHiirc lm\ 2M.

words normally charged for a picture. respond to a single pixel, we can gen 14 JJiine Systems 287
44 Kfltetronie Arts 231
As we have pointed out, a word is erate four values and display as many
38 Kite! runic On* 269
worth a millipicturc. The price of a as four colors within each eight byte, 61 iimiTiilil Component ini'l 263

C-64 image has not changed a bit. 64 bit, 32 pixel display cell. One of 47 Ep\\ 233

■>7. EpjA 234"

However, if you peruse the review of these colors is defined by the contents 71.. Free Spirit Software, Int. 268
Digiview for the Amiga elsewhere in of a single nybble which sets the 24 HesWara 241
12 Howard IV Snnis & Co. 294
this issue, you will find out the true background color of the entire display
68 Ink"tit Sj'Mems 254
cost (in terms of data and not dollars) screen. Two more of the colors are 44 Intel lirreut ions 23Z
of quality graphics. We must issue a stored in a 1000 byte block which 59 jRsuti'Knnucini 271
36 KFS Software, llu\ 2T6
strong word of warning before you corresponds to the color data of the
11 Leant Program Hindquarters m
turn to the Amiga Section. Side by hi-rcs screen. The remaining color is 4^ Lyco Computer 255

side comparisons of Amiga graphics taken from the values in an addition 12 Matter Software 172
60 MaMrnn ITS
against 64 has been known to cause al 1000 nybbles of color data. Thus 52 McGrm mil -

grown men to weep, women to sigh, each four by eight pixel block of the m MetM'cmieo

and children to crow with delight. multicolor screen may display up to 39 Microcomputer Serika 267
S3 Micro-IV. I!i-.tri1m!iii|!. Inc. 279.
The net effect is invariably stressful three independent colors and a fourth ii
MidiuM Software 2H5
on your pocketbook. background color which is common 5.) tin Tek 2KB
H2 Ohio Computer Serviiv-, Ilk. asr
to the entire screen.
15 Precision l^ripherwK & Software 253
A Brief Dissertation on the C-64 To summarize, a hi-res image con 42A1 I*rn-Toeh-T™ni cs 256

Bit Map Display sists of 8000 bit map bytes and 1000 16-19 Protects Knlerprizes 277

411 ll.i. llE3idliii:ui A^soe. lite. 262

An appreciation of the way the color bytes for a total of 9000 data 8 Sinio» \ Scbtottf Softwarr 2W)
C-64 displays bit-mapped images will bytes. Each eight byte, 64 pixel S3 Skylit Electric Works 249
SoftWBrt Discounters 247
be useful for getting the most out of graphic block of the hi-rcs screen has ')

e S&S Wholesiilcrs. Inc. 246

your video digitizer. The C-64 has an associated color byte which de 48 Strule^ic Simulations 235"-
two bit map display modes. Both fines its two possible colors. A mul R Suntom 2B9.
14 Superior Mieru Sis(ems, Int. 286
modes utilize iin 8,000 byte data block ticolor image contains all of the above
13 Supra Cnrporalion 296
as the basis of the display. plus an additional 1000 nybbles of Nil T.C lilleclroiiloi 274-

The hi-res mixle generates a graph color data plus a single nybble to de 83 TL-eTruiis 281)
4f> I.,!-:.... Softnure \nc. 265
ic screen which is 320 pixels wide fine the screen background color. fit, tolue-S.ift 24X

hy 200 pixels high. A quick calcula Since the color memory nybbles each M ^nl ■■■ini.i F^ntal 264
Xetec. Ine. 284
tion reveals a one-lbr-one corre occupy a unique byte address, the to 10

spondence between each bit of the bit tal multicolor picture consists of J0-- Ahvy! Back Issues

10.001 bytes. Each eight byte. 32 pix 38 .'.hay! Disk

map and every pixel. Associated with
the hi-res bit map is an additional el graphic block of the multicolor The publisher t'amnrt RtnnK rrsponsllillity for
1000 bytes of color data. Inasmuch screen has associated with it V/i bytes errors in Ilic ttwve lisllnn-

AHOY! 67
w COMPUTEREYES of the digitized image. The software
Draw A "Winner" Digital Vision Inc. provides for a special adjustment
With Commodore 64/128 mode which continuously scans the
D Price: $129.95 image without blanking the display.
C This lets you make a coarse setting
We reported on Computereyes, in of the brightness control. The line ad
D considerable defai], in the September justment will stil! have to be done
1985 issue of Ahoy! Our opinion of during the actual digitization.
this product remains unchanged.
Since thai time, the manufacturer has System Software
added some additional support soft All of the Computereyes operations
From Inkwell ware to link Computereyes to recent are listed on the single menu screen.
Systems C-64 graphics packages. A concise manual details all of Ihe
Computereyes consists of a hard functions. Most of the manual can be
a ware module and supporting software dispensed with, as all of the essen
H on disk. The Computereyes black tial operating instructions arc includ
v box plugs right into the C-64/C-128 ed in a set of disk-based help files.
The basic system software lets you
l capture an image in several formats.
A single scan digitization creates a
high contrast black and white image
in about six seconds. The digitization
process captures a single column of
of color data which define three in pixels on every video scan. Since the
dependent colors for each cell. THE GRAPHICS FORMAT NTSC, non-interlaced frame rate is
CONVERSION PROGRAM 60 times per second, it tikes over five
Video Sources THAT NOW SUPPORTS seconds to capture the 320 pixel col
You can't digitize an image with umns of the C-64 hi-res mode.
out nn image to digitize. None of ihe In addition, a 4-level and 8-lcvel
C-64 digitizers are particularly fus capture can be performed. These re
Including GEOS
sy about the source of the images, as • FloHidraw i
quire a corresponding number of ad
long as the)' arc fed a standard NTSC ■ Doodle' i Koala ditional scans. Digitization lime for
video signal. In a pinch, the video • Print Shop i Billboard Maker the 8-level capture is over 50 seconds.
• Print Master « Blazing Paddles
output of a home VCR can be used • Newsroom ■
All of the images are pure 8000 byte
Animation Station
if nothing else is available. A station • Cadpak 64 ■ Super Skelch
f -w

ary video frame is essential, as the Plus • Stand alono prinlnr drivers _ -,
digitizers all require several seconds • Siidi? Show

to capture an image. Some time will
also be required to adjust the digitiz
er's brightness control. A video cam
era is the best source, as it also lets user port. It does not interfere with
you choose the subject matter. The the cassette port (on the C-64) or the
color camera of your home video sys RGB port (on the C-128), as it is the The Icon. Font and
tem will do just fine. same width as the user port connec Character Generator
Connection to the digitizers is via tor. Two adjustments are provided. • Create custom Icons, fonts
a standard RCA type phono jack. The first syncrhonizes Computereyes and characters with ease

Some cameras have a special cable to your video source. This setting is • 33 font styles to use right

for their VCR. A simple solution is easily done with the help of the sup

• The perlect companion to

to patch the camera through the VCR porting software.
the Flexidraw Hi-Res Gfiiphics
using its built-in video output. For The second adjustment compen System
the bargain-conscious Commodore sates for the brightness of the image
user, a possible low-cost alternative or the intensity of the signal. The set
to a color camera or VCR is a black ting of this control has a direct bear
and while camera. These cameras ing on the appearance of the image.
can often be found selling as no-frills
security devices ranging in price
The adjustment is also rather sensi
tive, with small movements resulting
from $150 to $300. in a large change in the appearance
finder Snrvlct No. J5*
68 AHOY!

bit maps. Separate color data, which map while marking the menu area
defaults to black and white, is not with a purple stripe.
saved to the disk. Instead the gray lev The Koala package uses the C-64
els arc produced by varying the dot multicolor format to generate 160 by
patterns. This type of bit map is well- 200 pixel color graphics. In this for
suited for printing on a black ribbon mat the Computereyes basic gray
dot matrix printer. scale scans will give peculiar results.
Although you can use the digitized Instead, Ihe Koala compatibility soft
images in your own programs, the ba ware provides two gray scale captures
sic Compulereycs format does not in multicolor format. These are sim
correspond lo any of the commercial ilar to the low-contrast and high-con
graphics packages which arc. available trast captures mentioned above. The
for the C-64. For these, Digital Vi image files are saved in the Koala for
sion offers optional compatibility mat for use with that package. Inter
software in support of several popu estingly enough, the Koala format
lar formate. graphics provided the most natural
DOODLE! from City Software was looking digitized images. This was a
one of the first drawing programs result of the additional color detail
available for the C-64. It utilizes the available with the multicolor format.
C-64's hi-res format to produce 320 For this application, the additional
by 200 pixel colored images. The color outweighed the higher resolu
Computereyes compatibility software tion of the hi-rcs format.
for the DOODLE! package adds low- There arc two image formats used
contrast and high-contrast modes to by Print Shop. The most popular is
the three captures available with the a clip art format which uses a frac
basic software. These extra modes tion of the entire C-64 bit-map. The
make use of all five of the C-64's gray second Print Shop image format is
levels (black, white, and three shades simply the entire 8000 byte hi-res bit
of gray). The gray scale data is saved map which is used by the Screen Ma
in the hi-rcs color map which is part gic section. The Screen Magic bit
of the DOODLE! file format. The re maps are identical to the Computer-
sulting images have more detail and eyes images as created by the basic
finer gradation than the standard cap System Software.
tures. The low-contrast capture uses The clip art images exist in two siz
four scans at adjacent brightness lev es, one for use with non-Commodore
els of the video image. The high-con printers and the other for use with the
trast capture is similar, except that a 1525/MPS-8O1/MPS-8O3 line of
brightness level is skipped between Commodore printers. Print Shop us
each scan. This increases the con ers may be familiar with the terms
trast, or brightness range, of the cap "Side A" or "Side B" of the Print Shop
tured image. disk. The first class of clip art arc 88
The Flextdmw package is a light by 52 pixel images. The second class
pen driven hi-res drawing package are only 44 by 45 pixel images. The
from Inkwell Systems. The compati Piint Shop compatibility software lets
bility software for Flexidraw is very you save a portion of the digitized bit
similar to the DOODLE! support map in either clip art format. Since
package. The differences lie in the the clip arts are a small portion of the
disk file format and the size of the entire bit map (only 7.15% and 3.1% At top: inside Computereyes. Note
bit map. The Flexidraw file format respectively). Computereyes blocks robust pair ofpotentiometers, com
saves the color dala in a separate l(XX> out a larger section of the screen. A pared to low-cost dials sported by
byte file. Thus Flexktraw image files 2 by 3 pixel block of the hi-rcs bit Eyescan, next down. Third down is
with color actually consist of two disk map is translated into a single pixel Computereyes II laid bare. Bottom:
files. Flexidraw also uses (he 48 of the larger size clip art. A 4 by 3 the Kinney semi-kit. They provide
rightmost pixels of the bit map screen pixel block translates into a single the software, printed circuit board,
as a menu area. Thus Flcxulraw im pixel of the smaller clip art. and assembly instructions; you pro
ages are only 272 pixels wide. Com- In other words approximately 43% vide the parts, time, and labor.
putcrcyes still digitizes the entire bit (for the larger an) and 37% (Tor ihc
AHOY! 69
Computereyes Print Shop compatibil the Eye-Scan package. In addition,
ity software lets you pick any part of an undetermined number of these
screen as the clip art. A three level units may still be sitting on dealers'
capture is also provided for use with shelves. We feet that a brief overview
the Screen Magic portion of Print of the Eye-Scan package would be
Shop. This is in addition )o the basic useful.
captures mentioned above. Since the The overall package is about one
Computereyes software can load as fourth the volume of the Computer-
well as save Hies, it may be used to eyes. This size reduction was
convert any C-64 8000 byte bit map achieved by simply replacing the full
to Print Shop format. For example, sized brightness and sync potentiom
Flexidmw files are already in the eters with smaller sized, less costly
vi.» cc» isi i EV SlS [lit UISICH. IKC. proper format. DOODLE! files may trimmer resistors. As a result the crit
be easily converted by stripping off ical brightness adjustment is even
■ the one kilobyte of color data at the more difficult to make. Long term
3 t"P'L'Pc
start of the file. durability of the potentiometers has
i. d!Sx KJceSs
The Newsroom compatibility soft also been compromised.
ware lets you save any 231 by 168 pix We had considerable difficulty dis
el block of the 8000 byte bit map as assembling the Eye-Scan package.
a Newsroom photo. These photos may The cartridge case had been thought ii'j»EE= ■: ;r use " ilM REVS 1 fl BMW then be manipulated with the News- fully sealed with copious quantities
room's photo lab. As with the Print of siliconc adhesive. However, we
Shop, Computereyes will let you man persisted and our efforts were re
{-■> \ utiii'i
ipulate any 8000 byte C-64 bil map. warded. At this point we discovered
low i JITT3.1
Digital Vision Inc.. 14 Oak Street- that all the chip identification marks
Jho p our iitl*"( riun
Suited, Needham, MA 02192 (phone: had been scrupulously scraped off,
617-444-9040). making identification impossible. Not
E'.oi aT 'hJi'H '■?:*]"■: Started' it
VOU i.'w not us*d Eyp-St.m Mforo. quite! A comparison with the Com
EYE-SCAN pulereyes circuit board revealed that
Digital Engineering and Design all of the remaining components had
$89.95 identical values. At this point we tried
We received our sample of the Eye- the acid test. We ran up the Eye-Scan
Scan video digitizer at the West Coast module with the Computereyes soft
Commodore Association's extrava ware and vice versa. The result was
ganza last fall. Initially it appeared perfect performance in both cases.
to be a worthwhile addition to the In terms of software the folks at
growing list of C-64 third party peri Digital Engineering and Design did
pherals. As we began using this pack take the trouble to completely rewrite
age we encountered a strong feeling the user interface. In the process they
of de'ja vu. This was cleared up when created a flashy series of pull-down
we looked at what was beneath the menus for operating the system. Al
surface. It turned out that Eye-Scan though these menus are very pretty,
was a superficially disguised clone of they do not facilitate the system's op
Digital Vision's Computereyes. eration. The straightforward single
Top: Kiumy Software main control
Well, we hated being cast in the keystroke menu of the original Com
menu. Second down: Compulereyes II
role of whistle blower, but blow the putereyes software was fester and eas
main control screen. Hems 2, 3, and 5
whistle we did. After a quick con ier to use.
bring up additional screens. Third
firmation, the folks at Digital Vision Ai first glance the Eye-Scan pack
down: Eyescan control screen. All com
look the expected action, and. to our age did seem to offer more than the
mands are accessed via pull-down
knowledge, Eye-Scan is no longer basic Computereyes software. Imag
menus. Bottom: Coinpulereves menu
available. Frankly, we are sorely dis es could be saved in DOODLE!, Ko
for 1)001)1.!■;! .4// commands are dis
appointed by this entire incident, al ala, or Blazing Puddles format. The
played, and accessible by one keystroke.
though it was not unexpected. The first utilizes the C-64"s 320 by 200
Commodore market is large enough pixel hi-res format. The other two use
smaller art) of the 8000 byte bil map to attract all sorts of promoters. the 160 by 200 pixel multicolor for
arc used to generate the clip art im Nevertheless, we expect that a fair mat. However, images were limited
ages. Within these constraints, the number of our readers have bought lo the basic bit pattern gray scaling

70 AHOY!
c^ihiiit eSoflojaze, On:.

without use of the C-64's own colors ohmeter to complete the checkout of
to generate a five level gray scale. the finished project. SUPER DISK LIBRARIAN
The extra color data saved with the The circuit board is slightly larger A lull lealured disk cataloging and library
files contained default values which than a standard C-64 cartridge. Its fi system lor I tie C128 Wiih one keypress all
programs on a disk arc cataloged and a label
did not enhance the images. nal appearance is dependent on the printed' Catalog up lo 1000 disks and 15.200
If you did happen to buy the Eye- case you select to put it in. We were program names1 Operates in- fas! modewithSO
column display. Catalogs 64,128 £ CP/M Plus
Scan package, you may have saved running ours fully exposed with just lormalted disk directories. Reads even heavily
some money off the price of the a paper backing on the circuit side protected disks' Printer output incljdes library
index, lull library report, master program list,
Computercycs package. \bu may of Ihc board. As with the other digi category program list S disk labels. Also
consider sending all or part of this tizers, connection is to the C-64's us contains full featured disk utilities seclion
including all CBM DOS commands plus rename
difference to Digital Vision. This er port. As the board is the same a disk, copy protect a disk, change disk formal
would not be a contribution by any width as the user port connector, without affecting data & much more1 Fully
documented Organize your disk library 8
means. In exchange you would be there is no interference with die cas more lor only S2995'
buying the Compuiereyes compatibil sette port or the RGB port on the C-
ity software for the package of your 128. A standard NTSC video signal
choice at their usual price. These pro is fed into an RCA jack mounted on Avoid easily repair bills' Insure maximum
performance from your diskdrive. 1541/1571
grams do a good job of adapting the the board. The RCA jack was not on Drive Alignment diagnoses S reports the
Eye-Scan/Conipuiereyes hardware to the parts list, so be forewarned. alignment condition ol Ihe disk drive as you
perform adjustment An on-Screen help menu
the graphics program for which they As with the other packages, the op is available while the program is running. Full
were designed. erating system consisted of the digi documentation includes section on how lo load
alignment program even when the disk drive is
tizing routines written in machine badly misaligned' Easy to use. Auto-boots to
VIDEO DIGITIZER (V. 1.2) language with the user interface and all modes. Works on 1541, 1571 in 1541 or 1571
mode, C64. C128 in either 64 or 128 mode Don't
Kinney Software menu display written in BASIC. The wail weeks fnrtherepair service! Peiformyout
Commodore 64/128 digitizing routines were surprisingly own alignment in minutes' More fealures than
the competition and a better price! Only S34.95I
Price: $39.95 fast, requiring less than lour seconds
Dick Kinney has a rather unusual to creaic an image. This time was in PROGRAMMER'S NOTEBOOK
offering for the Commodore 64 us dependent of the number of gray lev
Programmer's Notebook uses indexed files to
er. This is a first, if not the only, els chosen for the final image. The maintain records of magazine articles, short
routines, interesting tips & tricks It eliminates
semi-kit we have come across. When short digitizing times arc achieved by the need to maintain a notebook near the
you buy this package you will get a grabbing a vertical column of pixels computer while programming It's different
(ram ihe typical indexing program because it
system disk, a bare printed circuit every sixtielh of a second. The gray stores not just Ihe location of the material, but
board, an instruction manual with level of (he image is determined at the material its pi! plus a user comment line lor
special notes about the record. Very fast
parts list, and nothing else. You will the same time, so only a single scan search 5 Display (about 3sec for740recordsl
then have to go out and purchase all of all 160 columns is required. The Program is menu driven 8 has full printer
capability Keep track of those important
the parts with which to complete the use of a 160 column digitization subroutines' ForllieC12B8 1571. Disk ■ S1995
package (about $20-$30 more). You marks the Kinney digitizer as primar
will also have to supply your own ily intended for use with the C-64's
tools, lime, labor, and expertise wiih multicolor display formal. Free Spirits Music of the Masters series is a
must lor all music lovers An hour of classical
a soldering iron and electronic as Any number of gray levels, from
music per disk loi Ihe C64 or C128 in 64 mode.
sembly. When you are done, you two to eight, may be chosen for the Music ol Ihe Maslers I - Handel. Haydn. Mozart.
Beethoven. Bach 8 many others!
should have a working video digitiz digitized images. However, the dis Music of Ihe Masters II - Minuets, waltzes,
er at about half the price of its only play format utilizes only four of the sonatinas S more from Bach, Brahms.
Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert 8 many others
known competitor. 16 available colors. Uniform values Music al the Maslers III - Mostly Mo/art
We found the entire concept to be arc placed in the background nybblc, Music ol the Maslers IV Best of Bach
Music ollhaMaslBrs V ■ Popular themes from the
intriguing. In fact it evoked fond the low and high nybbles of the greatest 8 best known works of the Masters
memories of our younger days when screen color matrix, and the color S9 95 per disk 2 for SI7 95. 3 Ioj S24 95. 4 for
S31 95. all 5 for only S38.95'
we constructed all our short wave ra map. You do have the option of
dios and hi-fi equipment from kits. changing these default values for any The Winning Edge - The most comprehensive 8
amazing casino craps program ever olfered (or
However, the Kinney kit is a long way of the available colors. The addition IheCW Disk -S19 95
from the polished Heathkits we had al gray levels of the captures which
grown accustomed to. Although it is use more than four are achieved by FREE SHIPPING & HAHDLIHGI Illinois residents
add 8°j sales lax Send check or money order
not a complex project and its con varying the dot pattern. lo.

struction is straightforward, we can The digitized images may be saved

Free Spirit Software. Inc.
recommend it only to those with to disk in several formats. These in 538 S. Edgewood
some prior experience with electron clude a pure 8000 byte bit map, Ko La Grange. IL 60535

ic construction techniques. We also ala, DOODLE!, Prim Shop Screen

suggest that you have access to a volt- Magic, and Newsroom Photo file.
Servlct No. .'■. l

AHOY! 71
The last option defaults to a central to the internal construction of the The disk is normally supplied for use
area of the screen and takes about two Spartan's slots. Once installed, the with ProDOS which we were unable
minutes to .set up. Due to the 160 col circuit board is not readily accessi to use on the Spartan. Digital Vision
umn digitizing -scan used by this ble to the user. As a result all adjust has agreed to supply Ahoy! readers
product, the best looking images are ments have lo be done via the com and Spartan users with the DOS 3.3
in the KiHila format. Acceptable re puter's keyboard. The initial calibra version.
sults can be obtained in the DOODLE! tion of Computereyes II is performed Digital Vision Inc.. 14 Oak Street-
format by carefully choosing the automatically with the setup param Suite 2, Necdham, MA 02192 (phone:
number of gray levels. eters saved to the system disk. These 617-444-9040).
Kinncy Software, 121 N. Hampton are automatically loaded with each
Road-Dept. A, Donnelsville, OH subsequent use. Even the brightness Conclusions
45319 (phone: 513-882-6527). and contrast adjustments are per Unfortunately, C-64 users do mil
formed via the keyboard with a have a wide range of options when
COMPUTEREYES II graphical display. This makes for re- it comes to video digitizers. Unless
Digital Vision Inc. peatablc adjustments which are not you are prepared to assemble your
Commodore 64 with Spartan available with the manual controls on own hardware there is only a single
Price: $129.95 the C-64 version. choice: Cumputercyes from Digital
Strictly speaking. Computereyes II Computereyes II is also equipped Vision.
is not a 64-relaled product. It is in with three video cables. One of these If we disregard the problem of

tended for the Apple II series of com intercepts the video connection to the hardware assembly, direct compar
puters. However, due to the limited computer's monitor. A second hooks isons are possible. Computereyes
does provide u better digitized im
selection ofC-64 video digitizers, we up to the monitor and the third picks
chose to bend a tew rules, twist some up the video signal. The result lets age, in particular with the optional

the user easily switch between the

DOODLE! or Koala Compatibility
anus, and threaten some kneecaps so
Software. These supplementary pro
we could present this as a Spartan display of the computer's output or
grams fully utilize the Commodore
peripheral. As we pointed out in the the video source directly from the
64's color capabilities for better
September 1985 issue, the Spartan is keyboard. This arrangement is very
looking gray scale images.
a bona fide C-64 add-on. In fact, this convenient when setting up an object
When it conies to speed, Kinney
opens the door for a whole new world for digitization.
Software is the clear winner. A
of C-64 (via Spartan) peripherals. In terms of image quality, the C-
complete image may be digitized in
Speaking of the Spartan, those of 64's superior graphics win handily. less than four seconds, with up lo
you who attended the lasl World of The Spartan's hi-rcs graphic display eight gray levels. However, the dig
Commodore in Toronto had the op consists of 280 by 192 pixels. This itized image is limited to only 160
portunity to pick one up for a mere is somewhere between the resolution pixels horizontal resolution. Kinney
$129 Canadian! Mimic Systems is ap of the C-64's multicolor and hi-res also does a less than optimum job
parently clearing out their remaining displays. In addition, the restrictions of utilizing the C-64's color capa
stock. They did mention something in the way the Spartan handles color bilities by limiting color choices to
about further size reductions of the limits its use with digitized images. lour out of five possible levels.
Spartan through the use of further cir As a result, Computereyes II must Overall, we find some room for
cuit integration, and the development rely entirely on dot patterns to estab improvement with both products.
of a universal model which may be lish the gray levels. Computereyes would greatly bene
adapted lo several computers. With the Spartan you have a choice fit from faster digitization routines.
Additionally, the review of the of two image captures. The first is a We would al&O like the convenience
Compulcreyes II gave us the chance single level scan which generates a of automatic calibration and switch
to sec how one manufacturer imple pure black and white image. The sec ing between the video source sig
nals. Digital Vision has already
ments the same product on two dif ond is a multilevel scan which sim
demonstrated this capability with
ferent machines. We would expect to ulates a gray scale by the use of dot
Computereyes II and the Spanan.
see some similarities, as both the C- patterns. Either scan is accomplished
Kinirey Software could also add true
64 and the Spartan are eight-bit, 64K in a bit over six seconds. Images may
320 pixel hi-res capability and better
computers running on a 6502 micro be saved to disk in cither packed or
C-64 color routines to their product.
processor. We were not prepared for unpacked format. The former saves
the major difference in operating con disk space; the latter is the standard
venience that we found. Spartan bit map for use with other All programs In this
In terms of ease of use, the Spar Spartan graphics packages. issue are available
tan version wins hands down against If you do decide to order Compu
on disk. See page 37.
the C-64. We expect that a large part tercyes II for the Spartan, indicate
of the additional convenience is due your need for the DOS 3.3 version.

72 AHOY!
An Introduction
By Richard Herring

If it's not clear from the name appearing above Loefstedt, decided there had to be a better way than
these words, we'll be talking in the months to BASIC. By the time ihey finished, that better way was
come, you and I, about the programming language COMAL. They saw that BASIC'S simplicity derived from
COMAL. Sort of. the programming environment it created rather than from
This is also supposed lo be a beginner's column. And the language itself.
it would probably be nice for both of us if this column When a BASIC programmer types 10 PRINT "HEL
were valuable to you even though you do not program LO" and then runs his program, he is immediately rein
in COMAL, or program at all for that matter. (Let me forced. Program lines can be inserted, deleted, or edited
note that a version of COMAL exists at, shall we say, one at a time, so no separate text editor is required as
the right place in the public domain.) in Pascal. But COMAL's authors saw thai BASIC'S envi
That's an interesting set of criteria for the contents of ronment made it all loo easy for building young program
a column. Since they arc my criteria, not the editor's, mers to be led into the trap of writing totally unstruc
you and I will have to grow together. tured programs "on the fly."
Obviously, we will talk about COMAL every month. They looked longingly at Pascal, which had just been
its strengths, its weaknesses, and a few helpful hints. In developed by Dr. Niklaus Wirth of Zurich, Switzerland
describing all that STUFF, 1 hope lo get into some good in 1970, because il has program structure as its very ba
computer discussions. sis. Pascal is block structured; its programs arc composed
Everyone who has reviewed COMAL has compared of blocks of code (akin to modernized subroutines) that
it 10 BASIC and to Pascal. When we do those compari start with BEGIN and terminate with END. In effect,
sons though, we may wander a bit into why BASIC was each of these blocks is an independent program. This
created and why it became so popular. And why the uni allows Pascal programs to flow logically from start to
versity community is so infatuated with Pascal. finish of their code without the abrupi jumps and shifts
COMAL is fast. When we discuss its speed, well ven that characterize BASIC.
ture into the arcane worlds of interpreters and compil | Ever wonder why some computer languages are capi
ers. COMAL does turtle graphics. But that docs not make talized and others aren't? Though not obvious, the an
it LOGO. Rather than stopping with the differences be swer is simple. Any name that is an acronym is automa
tween the languages, we'll get into the reasons for LOGOs tically capitalized. Thus we have COMAL for COMmon
existence anil which of those are supported by COMAL. Algorithmic Language and BASIC for Beginners All-pur
COMAL also does windows. (Which is certainly not pose Symbolic Instruction Code. Pascal, however, is
to imply that you should ever stoop so low.) In addition named after the seventeenth century mathematician.]
to seeing how, we can talk about windows as a user in If you are anxious to read more about COMAL be
terlace and some of the conceptual background. fore we meet again in the next issue of Ahoy!, check out
When we hit COMAL's sound and sprite capabilities, your back issues. (You do keep all those back issues of
we will have to delve into interrupts. And if it doesn't Alioy!, right?) The disk version of COMAL, which leaves
get edited out (just kidding David), we might even re only I0K for your program, is reviewed in the February
view how COMAL runs on "those other computers." With "85 issue. The far superior cartridge version, which gives
luck we'll have some fun along the way too. you a full 30K lo program in, is covered in the Cadet's
It would be easy to characterize COMAL as a souped- Column in the September '86 issue.
up version of BASIC. Unfortunately, that would be about Any of you who have questions, suggestions about this
as misleading as calling LOGO a specialized version of column, or programming hinls you'd like to share should
BASIC because it too has some similar commands. write to me; Richard Herring, P.O. Box 1544, Tallahas
Since most BASIC commands are included in COMAL, see, FL 32302. This column-for thai matter, this whole
programmers familiar with BASIC will have a strong magazine-is designed to meet your needs.
foundation with which to begin their COMAL program To be honest, it's also fun for me when you write, In
ming efforts. The wealth of additional commands offered a couple of previous articles I've encouraged you to write
by COMAL tell only part of the story about why it is me about specific topics. Whether your letters were from
a language in its own right and not just an improved beginners or advanced programmers or from elementary
BASIC. COMAL's programming environment is, in iruth, school students or retired businessmen, it has been great
the more distinguishing theme. to correspond with you. A couple of us have even become
In 1973 two Swedes, Borge Christcnsen and Benedict friends. Let me know what you think. □
AHOY! 73
Art Gallery Disk Sale
The images on these pages are now available on'^Tnbnthly
disk. Multicolor images are supplied in Koala format, while
high-resolution images are in DOODLE! format. Included are
a slide show for easy viewing, along with a bit map dump for
your 1525 printer or properly interfaced equivalent. Annual
(12 month) subscriptions are $89. Individual disks arc $12 per
After a two-month cultural lag in the pag
month. A sample An Gallery disk with slide show and printer
es of Ahoy!, the Art Gallery returns this
dumps is $10; or send a stamped and self-addressed envelope
(business size) for a listing of available An Gallery collection month with a trip to the final frontier, be
disks. Prices shown are for US and Canada. All others add ginning with Klingon, above, rendered by
$3 per disk. New York State residents please add appropriate Bik Bewen on the lech-Sketch Micro Illus
sales taxes. Disks may be ordered from Morton Kevelson, P.O. trator. Continuing clockwise we encounter
Box 260, Homecrest Station, Brooklyn, NY 11229. Alberto Valsecehl's Spaceman and Saturn.
This marks the fourth Art Oattory appear
Contribute to Ahoy!'a Art Gailory ance for the Milano, Italy based artist's
The Ahoy! An Gallery offers the opportunity for fame and work, all created with Koala Painter on
fortune lo any and all aspiring Commodore artists. Simply send
the Koala Pad. Next Is Space Race by Ja
Morton (see address above) your work on disk indicating the
son Alan Franxcn, age 15, of Omaha, HE.
drawing package or file format of the images. All graphics
And finally. Iron Man, cast by 18-ycar-old
produced on the C-64/C-128 and Plus/4 computers are eligi
Steven Dlstasio [Valhalla, NY) en DOODLE!
ble. In exchange your work will receive the opportunity for
display in these pages. All published works will receive roy
alties based on the monthly An Gallery disk sales. In addi
tion, both published and unpublished images may be included
on the various An Gallery collection disks.
Note that the An Gallery is not a contest. Published pic-
s are selected in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by
Ahoy! Art Director based solely on the artistic merit of
e individual images.

■s; ■■-.^■"■"

74 AHOY!
AHOYt 75
"Programs by Users, for Users'


10 powerful and exciting programs for your Commodore computers not seen in any other publi
cation at a price hardly worth mentioning. Disk comes with a booklet with complete instructions
for all programs.

MIGHTY MAN Arcade type game
Maneuver your Super with amazing graph
man look-alike against ics. Help your Pegasus
superior beings. fight off the attacking


Maneuver your tank A word processor
through a maze, mode especially for
avoiding obstacles people with eye prob
Whtle fighting off your lems. Utilizes large let
opponent. ters for easy viewing.


Alpha Eater: Choose your words carefully here. 1541 Commander: Helps cure those DOS blues.
SCHNATHING: Not your ordinary dice game. MINEFIELD: You'll need a lot of strategy here.
BLOODTEST: Another 'FANTASTIC VOYAGE' game. CASTLERUN: Arcade style adventure....

P.O. BOX 1861


Please RUSH me the following order (postage and handling included):

D Volume 5 (Mar. '87) issue of the "MAXI-DISK" $ 12.95 $ 15.95 Vol. D
a 1 Year Subscription to the "MAXI-DISK" $119.95 $139.95
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MICROTEK Sottware Is looking (or quality gamos, militias or bjslnass programs written by you, trie computer enthusiast, lo share with your fellow
hackers. At trie same lime, you can make extra cash and get Ihe satisfaction and recognition you deserve
MICRO-TEK publishes Ihe "MAXI-DISK." "MAXI-DISK" is a C-64 program disk with 10 quality programs, not published by any other publicalion. A new
and exciting program disk is produced each and every month. Our premier disk will be available November 1986
If you are interested in submitting your programs, please observe Ihe following rules:

1. All programs must be written and owned by you and submitted on C-G4 formatted disk.

2. Typed, double-spaced documentation must accompany the program.

3. Rejected submissions will only bo returned with S.A.3.E.

4. Prices subjecl to quality and length of program.

5. Upon acceptance, you will be sent a conlract to which you must sign and return.

MICIRO-TFK Knfiwsn" navs nnnnrnus rnvahi«>; to nrnarammers based on ihe number of disks sold lor as lono as the disk is far sale.
By Buck Childress

h, no! You just lyped NEW and hii RE disturb your soon-to-be-awakened masterpiece current
TURN. Sure, you meant to type LIST, but ly hibernating in BASIC RAM. You'll be asked whether
your mind wandered for a splii second. An you want to have the machine language version saved to
incredible work of art has just been hurled disk or tape. Rescue 128 then creates the machine
into oblivion...or has it? Don't pull your hair out yet. language utility "MLRESCUE". This is the program
Call Rescue 128 to the rescue. Rescue I2H recovers that which you'll need to use whenever you have to perform
lost jewel from the Great Microchip in the Sky. any rescues.
Whenever you NEW a program, it isn't actually re Let's say you've accidentally NEWcd your latest gem
moved from memory. The C-128 just resets a few point and have calmed down enough to peel yourself off the
ers and gives (he appearance of being vacuum packed ceiling. Take a deep breath and prepare to rescue your
(empty). As long as you don't enter any new lines, loud pride and joy. If you're using a disk drive, type LOAD
a different program, or turn the computer off, your crea "MLRESCUE",8,1 and press RETURN. For tape drive,
tion can be rescued. All you have to do is change the type LOAD "MLRESCUE"J,l and press RETURN. Be
pointers back to where they were before you typed NEW. sure to type it as shown. When MLRESCUE has fin
It's simple enough to do, with Rescue 128. ished loading, type NEW and press RETURN. Now just
After you've entered and saved a copy of Rescue 128, type SYS 6912, press RETURN, and list your program.
run it. The loader POKEs the machine language data into Bingo! You'll sec your once-lost masterpiece in ali its
an area of memory totally separate from BASIC RAM, splcndored glory. That's all there is to ii.
then prepares to make a save to this data directly from For safety's sake. I strongly suggest you save your resur
memory. By saving the data in this manner, you'll have rected goodie before you do anything else. Unless, of
a 100% machine language utility that loads directly into course, you want to tempt fale one more time. C
the area of memory it was saved from. Loading it won't SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE IB



Volume #1 Volume #3
File Copy Window 64 Nicknames Pen to
Converter Video Sidokkk Autorun Maxtor File
1541 Disk Monitor Stalkers BBS System Shlpwrock
Obienxlon > i>pi i ' In 111'-. Gold Trllon Illusion Master
Loil Sword Disk Lock Financial Sheet Bingo Caller

Volume #2 Volume #4
5 Card Poker Program Packer Chemist Qublc
Journey Music 64 Craps Shlsim
Cross Reference Database Mgr. Moondog Wizard Trap
Sprite Rlre Dlik Jacket Snowball Fight Break the Ice
Suporbowl Help i illlllllil Buzzword Power Squares

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USA $38.85 Foreign $47.85

By Scott Miller Petty

ow many times have you realized ihc limita location of this buffer is often not ideal -Micro-Illustra
tions Of your disk drive - namely the lack of tor files load from 6364 to 16384. leaving a scant 4K
space that the 1541 allows on each disk for Of RAM in bank 0 in which a BASIC program can reside.
storage? 664 blocks of disk space are very The second method involves the splitting of each 40-
few indeed when you are Storing large files such as high- block picture file into three parts and resaving these "pic-
resolution screens, lengthy sequential files, or simply big parts" to your disk. The largest part, a 32-block. 8K sec
programs. How many limes have you drawn intricate and tion of the picture, contains the data for the bit-map,
beautiful high-resolution screens with your drawing util which determines whether each of the 8000 pixels on
ity, and been unable to efficiently use those drawings in your TV or monitor screen is on (lights up) or off. The
your programs? other two parts, both requiring IK of memory (four blocks
The utilities that accompany this article will put an of disk space), determine the colors of those 8000 pix
end to these frust rations. With the machine language sub els. After splitting the picture files into these components,
routine Compressor you will now be able to compress each component can be directly loaded into its appropriate
any area of RAM, including the RAM under the BASIC RAM location. As you can sec, loading, splitting, resav
and Kernal ROMs! After saving the compressed file to ing, and reloading each picture can make for big head
your disk, decompression is just a SYS call away by us aches and still shares some major drawbacks with the
ing Decompressor, the other ML program accompany first option: both options still take up 40 blocks of pre
ing this article. Additionally, two short BASIC programs cious disk space, and both options still require the time
arc included—Plcmasher and Decamp Demo—which will associated with loading 10K of data into your compu
convert Kuala Painter, Micro-llhtstnttor, and various other ter's memory. Picmaslier will transform these cumber
multicolor hi-res pictures into a common, compressed some. 40 block long picture files into smaller, faster load
format that can be easily and efficiently loaded and ing files- most of these files will load in under the BASIC
viewed within BASIC programs. or Kernal ROMs, without occupying a single byte of
So many advantages can be obtained by using files free RAM!
compressed by Compressor:
1. Saved storage space: for example, the high-res pic USING COMPRESSOR
ture P1C.GIRL (hat comes with ihe Tech Sketch Micro-Il Compressor is a 417-byte ML subroutine that takes any
lustrator drawing package normally occupies 40 blocks area of RAM. including the RAM under the BASIC
of disk space. After compression. PIC.GIRL takes up ROM (40960-49151) and the RAM under the Kernal
only 12 blocks of disk space. ROM (57344-65535), and through a series of calculations
2. Smaller Hies load faster: PIC.GIRL. before com compresses that area of memory. The compressed data
pression, loads in 28 seconds on an unmodified 1541 disk can again be placed in any area of RAM in the C-64.
drive. Following compression. PIC.GIRL loads in a quick A short save routine is built into Compressor and can
10 seconds. be used to save the compressed data. To compress an
3. Decompression by Decompressor is nearly instan area of RAM. use the following format:
taneous: Decompressor is able to 'uncrunch' a 10K file
in less than one second. SYS CP, SA, PA, RA
4. Load most hi-res pictures with the ease of a few
SYS calls: By using the program Picmaslier, most com CP stands for the starling address of the ML program
mercial (and private) multicolor high-resolution pictures Compressor, which, as written, is equal to 49152 (how
can be converted into a common, shortened format. Be ever, Compressor can be relocated with Relocator—see
fore writing Picmaslier. i had only two options when below). SA denotes the starting address of the area of
loading hi-res pictures into my programs. One method, RAM which you want to crunch. PA stands for the start
the method supplied by Micro-lHuslraior and Kuala Paint ing address, in RAM, where Compressor should place
er, involved loading the 10K picture into an area of free the compressed data. Finally, RA stands for the number
RAM and then relocating that picture with ML subrou of bytes, starting at SA, which should be compressed.
tines. Unfortunately, the programmer must leave a I0K Thus, if you want to compress the memory from 10000
buffer within his or her program so thai the picture can to 19000 (which is 9000 bytes of memory) and place the
be loaded into this buffer prior to relocation. And the compressed data starting at 20000 (with the ML for Com-

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pressor at 49152), you would type the BASIC ROM), to save our file:

SYS 49152, 10000, 20000, 9000 0PEN2,8,2,"compressed file.P.W"

SYSCP+324, 20000, EA, 40960:CL0SE2
To save the compressed data:
The new, compressed file COMPRESSED DATA will
OPEN2,8,2,"filename of compressed file,P load at 40960 and can be decompressed with Decompres
,W" sor as shown below. Notice that by specifying the load
SYS CP+324, SA, EA, LA:CL0SE2 ing address LA to be 40960, no free RAM need be allo
cated for the compressed file to be loaded into your C-64.
Here, CP+324 is the sinning address of Compressor + Another locale that can be used as a buffer when load
324 (if Compressor resides at 49152, CP+324 would ing in compressed files-one that also uses no tree RAM
equal 49476). SA denotes the starting address of the data -is under the Kernal ROM at locations 57344-65535.
to be saved, EA denotes the ending address of that data, Now, let's find out how to decompress our crunched files.
and LA stands for the desired loading address of the saved
file. Thus to save the compressed data created in the lines USING DECOMPRESSOR
above we know the starting address (2(XK)0) but do not Decompressor is a 255-byte ML program which un-
yel know (he ending address of that data. The last ad crunches compressed disk files or areas of memory
dress POKEd by Compressor is stored in memory loca crunched by Compressor. There are, again, two ways to
tions 253 and 254 and can be calculated with the follow use Decompressor, depending on whether or not you wish
ing line: Decompressor to load in a compressed file. To load in
a compressed file and to decompress that file:
Thus with SA = 20000, EA = value calculated above,
and LA = any value we choose (let's say 40960 —under DC siands for the start address of Decompressor which
is relocatable (with Relocaior) and, as written, equals

COMPUTER 49152. F$ denotes the filename of the compressed file.

LA represents the load address of that file, while DA
BOO-a21-777Q stands for the destination address of the decompressed
< ami,'.

(Jala. Thus, to reverse the compression that we carried

Commodore Commodore
\ out above:
\\ Disk Drive
Mom.o ?60.00
Commodore SYS DC, "compressed data", 40960, 10000
S99.00 ■45.00
Computer It's that easy! The data from 10000-19000 is restored to
its original state when we first treated the file COM
Commodore Commodore
Printer * 50 Oft Printer '60.00
PRESSED DATA. Another method can be used if you
M PS 801 do nut wish to load in a compressed file (the compressed
M F S 8Q3_ MPS 802
data must be already resident somehere in RAM). The
HSD SDI. SDZ Commodore
format is as follows, with DC, LA, and DA having the
COM 128 moo '85.00
8032 same connotations;
CBM 1571

m commodore SYS DC+26, LA, DA

I Buy C.,- ,. E , , . ■
Commodore Parti Fw Sal*
M 65.00 Here LA represents the sum of the area in memory to
6502 j 05
1541 75.00
BOi!) 15^ 00
0501 5.95
be decompressed, not the loading address of a file. Final
»I0 5.85
USD 502
id ) m
FOR 65SI B.flS ly, let's look at P'tcinashcr and Decamp Demo, two short
BS31 HE!

100 00
SALE 65fl7
Gill I
IBti BASIC programs that reveal some of the applications
SXM 1 DO 00 which Compressor and Decompressor can he used for.
Please add 5.00 «S1O 10.98
HSD-SDI 75 DO 'III .tB ••
lor shipping 7701/1701 lO.tS
Po-voi sup. 64, 27.OS
This program converts multicolor high-resolution pic
ture files, such as those created with Micro-Illustrator
HWY36 PO 1129 CBM Equip. CALL
and Koala Painter, into a common, compressed format
HARTSELLE, AL. 35640 800-221-7770 which loads in at any user-specified address. If you will
Header Service No. 274
Continued on page 114

80 AHOY!
Compiled by Michael R. Davila
fiend your best short routines and hints to Tips
future use (whichever comes first)? It can be saved to
Ahoy!, cjb Ahoy! Magazine, Ion International Inc., disk using the BSAVE command, but that doesn't do much
on paper.
as West 34th Street-Suite 407, Mew York, NT
10001. Payment Is made on acceptance. This routine, added to an existing program, asks for
the sprite number, a starting line number, and a line in
40 COLUMNS IN 80 COLUMN MODI crement. It then prints a DATA listing of the sprite and
Okay, I know what you're thinking: Why would some a FOR-NEXT loop to save it in the appropriate place.
one want 40 columns on an 80 column capable compu The cursor is homed, and 11 RETURNS make the sprite
ter? I have several good reasons. First of all, not every a part of the program with no further effort.
one likes 80 columns. I myself think it's a nice feature, It may not be the perfect method, but it beats what
though. If you wear glasses and can't sec very well, this ever^ in second place. -Bob Renaud
also applies. Secondly, for those of you who arc pro Pittsfield, MA
grammers know what happens lo the 40 column screen
when you enter FAST mode. (For those who don't, the • 63000 PUDEF'V:A$="[4'T1 ]": B$="[3"#" ],"
screen blanks.) In 80 columns, FAST mode doesn't af -63010 INPUT"[CLEAR][DOWN][DOWN]SPRITE #
fect the new 8563 VDC chip. Thirdly, those who have (1 TO 8)";N
written programs for their 64s and are in the process of •63020 IFN<10RN>8GOT063000
converting a 40 column program into an 80 column pro ■ 63030 A=3584+(N-1)*64:S=A:F=A+62
gram don't have to bother; just use my routine below. ■63040 INPUT"[DOWN]ENTER START LINE NUMBE
And my final reason: To switch from 80 to 40 columns, R";L
you first have to switch the mode on the monitor, press •63050 INPUT"[DOWN]EN'TER LIME # INCREMENT
cither ESC then X or press the 40/80 key, and then RUN
STOP and RESTORE. My routine totally eliminates this. •63060 PRINT"[CLEAR]"L"REM [3"*M] SPRITE
The program listing below must be carefully typed in, #"N
or a crash couid occur. The program is written for a 1902 ■63070 L=L+I:FORJ=1TO9:PRINTL"DATA ";
monitor (not a 1902A). Noic there are changes after the • 63080 FORK=1TO7: PKINTl)SINGB$; PEEK (A);
program for Ihose who own a 1902A type monitor. •63090 A=A+1:NEXT:PRINT"[LEFT] ":L=L+I:NE
• 20 C0L0R6,1:C0L0R5,8:WINDOWO,1,39,24,1 ■63110 PRINT"TO";:PRINTUSINGA$;F;
•40 POKE 54784,B :POKE 54785,C: NEXT
N." Using the FRE (dummy) command on the C-64 can
•60 DATA 1,40,2,116,6,24,8,11 be a pain in the diode for two reasons. First of all, what
•70 DATA 13,79,22,136,25,80,27,40 is the dummy for? It isn't used in the calculation. Couldn't
the command just have been FREE or FRE? Second,
CHANGES FOR 1902A MONITOR sometimes the number returned by the FRE (dummy)
command is negative, and to find the real amount of
•30 FOR A=1TO2O STEP2:READ B,C memory remaining you have lo add 65536 to the result
■60 DATA 1 ,40,2,116,6,24,7,31,8,11,9,232 of the command.
My program. F-RAM Check, abolishes this problem.
The program reprograms the synchronization of the F-RAM Check places an ML routine in memory (I place
horizontal axis by changing several registers oriented with it starting at location 679, but you can place it elsewhere
the display routine in the RGBI 80 column mode. Re by changing the value of S in line 10). My ML routine
member lo save the program lo disk for future reference. uses built-in ROM subroutines in find the amount of free
- Robert J. Tiess memory. For the calculation, the routine calculates the
Middletown, NY difference between the end of BASIC arrays (also the end
of BASIC variables) and the end of BASIC memory
SPRITE LISTER space. The end of arrays is stored as the normal low byte,
One of the most useful features of the C-128 is the high byte standard at locations 49 and 50. The end of
SPRite DEFinition mode. The question is, once you've BASIC memory space is in locations 55 and 56, also in
designed one, how do you preserve it for posterity or low byle, high byte standard.

AHOY! 81
To use F-RAM Check, type in and RUN the program. to place myself in front of a TV screen and do in a six
If you are informed of an error, check your DATA state pack during the course of an evening. Now that comput
ments, [f everything is as it should be, you will be told ing has become my hobby, i prefer my monitor over my
whai location to SYS. For a tesl, run the program and TV. It soon became apparent, however, that after just
SYS the right location. Surprise! Don't worry, everything a lew beers I no longer had the concentration necessary
is intact. Now. use the old FRE (dummy) command to for serious programming. I solved this problem by switch
compare. There may be a difference of a few bytes be ing to one of the new low alcohol brews. Now I can hack
tween the two results occasionally, but F-RAM Check is ;ind sip as long as I like. -Ed Horgan
more accurate. For a quick, easy, accurate, and familiar Coatesville, PA
display of the amount of remaining BASIC bytes free,
jusl SYS the routine at any time. You can even use it SIMPLE SCROLL
in a program! -Charles Balson III While playing around with the M1DS command on my
Bolingbrook, IL C-64. I made a little routine which acts as a great atten
tion-getter as a program subroutine, or all on its own.
•10 S=679:CK=0:F0RI-ST0S+34:READB:P0KEI,B Simply RUN it, type in your message, and respond to
:CK=CK+B:NFJCT the VIEWING AREA? prompt with the number of
■20 TFCK=416<mMNPRINT"DATA OK. SYS"S"T0 characters of your message that you want displayed at
CHECK if OF FREE":PRINT"BYTES.":END a time. Your message will be automatically centered, and
■30 PRINT"ERROR IN DATA STATEMENTS.":POKE will start to scroll across your screen.
•40 DATA165,49,164,50,32,8,164,169,115,16 •10 INPUT"MESSAGE";M$:INPUT"VIEWING AREA"
0,228,32,30,171,165,55,56,229,49,170 ;VA:PRINT"[CLEAR]":B$=M$+"[3"."]"
■50 DATA165,56,229,50,32,205,189,169,96,1 •20 A=18-(LRN(M$)/2):IF VA<LEN(M$) THEN A
60,228,32,30,171,96 =20-(VA/2)
•30 B$»RIGHT$(B$,LRN(B$)-l)+LF>T$(B$tl):C
In days of olde il was my habit, alter a hard day's work. C$
■40 FOR X=l TO 70:NEXT:G0T0 30

O COMMODORE-64 —Andrew Miller)

Asbestos, Quebec
lainsion oi OCS lie)
We guarantee you'll never again buy useless software lor
While a sound is still in its release phase, you should
your personal computer.
wait until it is finished before trying lo use the same voice
♦— ♦ NO OBLIGATIONS ♦— « again. If a voice is releasing, and you try turning it on
Whtn you • nroJl you will Hi aligJblt for our Bonus Point Plin— to make another sound, what usually happens is that the
■ dcHtlEinit Onnounu ■pphad lowird
• Ktap only tha loflware lhal you can voice will simply ignore your attempt and finish the sound
uat. Enamlni far ■ full 10 d*ya: If Ifi
noi whit you wint, f*lurn ft for a full
lacfllva our Informallvi monthly m*l-
it is currently doing. This means that if you want a voice
Ifltlftr full of halpful . |.- for getting 1h*
refund* moil Irom your c <> ■ irjje*6-1 to be repeatedly turned on and off, you must give it a
■ Ractlvc dlicounlt up lo 30% on your • Ricvlvt nolle* oi Special Sale* wh«n
■oft wire cfroJcat- you'll aave At much bi 50% aft Nil, very brief release stage. Otherwise, some of the sounds
The Satiware-oMhe-Montfi Club is Unique. may not be heard at all. If you have noticed that some
No minimum purchase! are required—no automatic shipments to you. of your sounds arc not being heard, this may be why.
Enroll now and receive absolutely free Public Domain Software.
However, during a voice's release, you can still change
Please check 71 Casietie G D+ik some of its other features, such as the frequency or wave
GHEAT IDEA: I cini lot*. Enrolt m* now In the SoHwari-oMrnManTh Club. I form. Nice sound effects can be produced this way.
und*raiand lhart li no obligation. Enciuami la my HO mtmbarahlp lo*.
It has become common practice for machine language
. rhBtk . Money Ordar Bank Card
programmers to use voice 3 to provide random numbers
for their routines. (When set to the Noise waveform, Voice
3 generates random frequencies which can then be read
from Register 27, at address 54299. The numbers will
(. >anaiioti tlaiv . always be in the range 0 to 255.) One might think that
turning off the voice's gate bit would stop the How of ran
Cut o\il and ntail Ec^day to
dom numbers. Il doesn't. Even when the voice is off,
Ohio Computer SitmcHa, Inc. it continues to generate random values as long as il is
P.O. Boi 1I87I3
CincinniH. Ohio »5312
set up for the Noise waveform {that is. as long as its wave
form register contains the number 128 or higher). This

r Service No. ifli

way. you can use the voice freely lor noise sound effects,

82 AHOY!
and for random numbers at the same time. Just be sure
that when the sound is turned off, it's done by storing
the number 128 (not 0) in the waveform register. Of SOFTWARE BACK-UP BLUES!
course, you could silence the voice by turning on bit 7 The complete update to the
of Register 24, but then the voice would end abruptly, 1571 Clone is now being

and you could not hear its release phase. shipped. Our new manual is
almost 50 pages long and
It's known that a voice's frequency registers control the explains all aspects. We
pitch of its sound. But did you know that when Voice Improved the GCR & Nibble
3 is used for random number generation, its frequency copiers and added a MFM
also controls how quickly the numbers will be produced? Copy (back up IBM disks
on Commodore?). The
The higher the pitch, the more often the random values
expansion section has over
change. This means that if the frequency is very low, the 50 files. Included is a block
numbers read from Register 27 will remain the same for editor, auto boot maker,
long periods of time before a new number appears. Since single or 2 side copy, copy
machine language is very fast, you must provide high to alt. sides, track analysis
[sync marks, density, block Available from ,
frequency for the voice, to ensure that the numbers will

size. GCR data, Hex data),
keep pace with the program. —Robert Masters bulk erase, format, copy &
Central Square, NY combine files, plus more.
Over 25 selections from
1342B Route 23
APPENDING PROGRAMS ON THE C-128 menus. Use with a 1 or 2
Butler, N.J. 07405
1571 drive system.
This short utility makes it easy to combine BASIC pro- CALL (201)838-9027
grains on the C-128. The program takes advantage of the STILL ONLY $49.95 \
128's programmable function keys and its ability to cre S10 UPGRADE for all
<BX&$-W MOSTWEtyTMlXg registered 1571 CLONE
ate windows. The program redefines the fl and f4 keys,
prints instructions in a window on the screen, and ends. WE'LL STILL GIVE YOU S10 TRADE VISA . MASTERCARD
Run the program. When the READY prompt appears, IFOR YOUR OBSOLETE COPY DISK DEALER & DIST INQUIRES
load the first program. Hit the fl key and then load the
Render Service No. 279
program you wish to append. If more than two programs
are to be combined, hit fl again and load the next pro
Transfer Your Data From Commodore
gram. Continue until all programs to be combined are
loaded. Hitting the f4 key clears the screen and com C64/128tolBM-PC/RS232
bines the programs. If any of the line numbers arc the or Vice Versa
same, renumber the new program before saving and run
ning it. It couldn't be easier! You don't have to remem
ber anything. The directions are protected in a window,
so you won't lose them. Reset the computer to return the
function keys to normal, after saving the new program.
Here's how it works. Line one redefines the fl key to
print commands on the screen and then execute them.
The commands calculate the ending address of the pro
gram in memory and moves the start of BASIC up to
this location. The commands are printed in the back
ground color so they can not be seen. Line two rede Brief Description:
fines the 14 key to move the BASIC pointers back to nor y- Baudrate 225 to 57600 selectable
mal and clear the screen. The remaining lines print the ** Hardware or XON/XOFF Handshake

directions onscreen and create the window. w EEPROM-No Dil Switches

** Selectable Device Address
^ 64 KByte Buffer Capacity
•1 KEY 1,CHR$(151)+" A - PEEK(4624)+PEEK(
4625)*256-2: C=INT(A/256): B=A-C*256: PO Price: Only $149 (Part-N°:98064)

KE 45,B: POKE 46,C"+ CHR$(153) + CIIR$(13 i rrndiknti jdd r.m b '■% Srn[>[jing'MHindling [US*1 ridrf W on ai\ Qffltn Iri-in
|Pt r to jvjiljhiltty and isnct ciunflp ^iihoui n«[Kr Snd ihetli or monev or
) thr]
•2 KEY 4,CI!R$(151)+" POKE 45,1: POKE 46,2 Wp carry mti-rliiceuntJ Clbltt f04 rnoM i and fuml

8: WINDOW 0,0,39,24,1"+CHR$(153) + CHR$( I>cTrarr> Guer[*,:

•3 PRINT CHRS(147)+CHR$(17)"[3" "]T0 APPE
ND.. FOLLOW THESE STEPS": PRINT CHR$(17) Valley HkJ . Alh.imlwa ( A

"1 LOAD FIRST PROGRAM": PRINT"2 HIT Fl K IBM POKTfAl *rt- iijdirnjrki ol lnl«rnl(lontl BujlnmMachlM
CHM I'M1 128 jr.- lr.idrm.itki nl I nmtnniimi- Bullnra M.irli.nn
Servlen No. ."'■>

AHOY! 83
•4 PRINT"3 LOAD PROGRAM TO BE APPENDED": The first register is the register you wish to PEEK or
PRINT"4 HIT F4" POKE. The second register is the actual PEEK/POKE
•5 PRINT"5 RENUMBER AND SAVE NRW PROGRAM" value. The two registers are below:
24,1 POKE 54784,9 : POKE 54785,233 <RETURN>

-Earl Caid I must also mention thai it is extremely necessary to type

Jackson. MO the two POKE values in on one line, not separately. It
is also worthy of note that to achieve this trick you must
Many of you out there who arc the happy owners of 1W2), though I do not know why.
one of Commodore's latest computers, the 128. may have To restore the screen back to normal, you have two
noticed the great attention given to (heir other new in options. The first is the customary pressing of the RUN
vention, the AMIGA. The 128 is the only computer in STOP and RESTORE keys, or by typing in:
the Commodore family lhat has 80 columns. The reso
lution in 80-column mode is good. However, it can be POKE 54784,9 : POKE 54785,231 <RETURN>
improved. Those of you ihat are not quite familiar with
the innards of the 128 might not he aware of the new. -Robert J. Ticss
powerful 8564 VDC chip. This chip is dedicated the 128's Middletown. NY
80-column mode. With a little experimentation, I have
discovered one of the registers that controls the vertical READY CHANGER
resolution of the 80-column text screen. The register eon- Wouldn't it be nice if you could change ihe '"READY"
tains the value for the number of raster lines per charac prompt on ihe Commodore 64 to any word you desired?
ter. So logically if you increase the value, you will get Maybe even ch;inge it lo your mime, or to useful words
a crisper image. Before I show you this rather simple like LIST, RUN, SAVE, LOAD, etc., to reduce the
trick, I find it necessary to explain the routine of access amount of typing it takes to create a program?
ing the VDC chip. The chip contains only two registers. Now you can with Ready Changer. Simply type in anil
SAVE the following program. When you RUN it, you
will be prompted to enter a word up to 6 letters long.
After typing it in and hitting the RETURN key. your word
will replace the "READY" prompt in a split second!
Some things to remember about Heady Changer are:

(I) Be sure to type in the program exactly as it is shown
or it will not work. (2) There can be no punctuation,
spaces, or characters other than the letters A thru Z in
your word. (3) If you must do ;t RUN STOP/RESTORE,
just execute a POKF 1.54 and your word will be restored.

I-ri., Feb. 20, 10:00-6:00
9:POKE 1,54
■ Sat., Feb. 21, 10:00-6:00
•10 DATA 0,192,0,192,0,0,0,0,160
"Sun., Feb. 22, Noon-5:00
•15 X=41848:Y=1136:Z=160

^Brooks Hall, Civic Center •20 PKINT"[CLEAR]THE WORD 'READY.' CAN BE

San Francisco NG."
DOOR PRIZES The Conimod'irr Show is Ihe only
West Cnjsl exhibition jnd
•30 IF PEEK(11A2) <> 32 THEN PRINT"[3"[D0
contevnee (ocusjng exclusively on
the AMIGA, Commodon 128 PC"
SHOW SPECIALS AND and C"-hJ marketplace.
One Djy Only—$10
■40 POKE X,U64:X=X+1:Y=Y+1:IF Y=1U2 THE
For More Information Or To Reserve Kxhibit Space Contact N END
•45 GOTO 35
POBox 18906. San Jose. CA9515B
(408) 978-SWAP • 800-722SWAP • IN CA 800-2d2-SWAP -David S. Krause
Headnr Service. No. 276
Grissom AFB. IN

84 AHOY!
ABACUS Superoase 128 S56.95 Alter Ego S29.95
WlCO Boss Joystick S11 50
Basic 128 $42 95
Superbase 64 46 95 Cross Country Hoad Race 19 95
WIC0 Dai Handle
Basic 64 Superscript 128 47 95 Mmdshadow 19.95
29.95 Joystick 15.50
Cadpak 45.95
Superscript 64 46 95 Murder on the Mississippi 21 95
WlCO Three Way
Cadpak 64 29.95 TIMEWORKS Joystick . 18 95 Rocky Horrow Show 18,95
Chanpak i28 29 95 Daia Manager 128 S42 95 Xetek Graphic Interface 54 95 Shanghai 21 95
Charlpak 64 29 95 Data Manager II 29 95 Xekei Graphic Jr 34 95 Spindizzy 18.95
Corjol 64 29 95 Partner 128 42 95 RS 232 interlace 34 95 Transformers 21 95
Cobol 128 45 95 Swill Calc 128 w/Sideways 42 95 Masler Modern] 34 95 Tass limes in Tonelown 21 95
Super C Compiler 64/128 42 95 Swilt Calc 64 w/Sideways 29 95 Flemdram Light Pen 74.95 Gamemaker 24 95
Sjper Pascal 49 95 WoraWnler 128 w/Speller 42 95 Disk Nolcher 5.95 Gamemaker Sci/Ficmon 14.95
Word Wrner 64 w/Speiler 29 95 AICP Disks (10) 7 95 Gamemalter Sporls 14.95
Drive Cleaner 7.95 Hacker II 21.95
wnere in the World DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Music Studio 21 95
Disk Storage Case (50) 7 95
is Caimen Santiago S21 95 Pockel Filer 128 .... S31 95 Aliens 21.95
P/S Library 1-2-3 ea 15.95 Pockel Filer 64., 24 95 ELA LaDynntn .... 21.95
Pnnl Shop 26 95 Pocttel Planner 128 31.95 Bard's Tale S24 95 Howard trie Duck 21 95
Prtnl Shop Companion 21 95 Pocket Planner 64 24 95 Chessmaster 2000 26 95 . 25.95
Toy SHop 38.95 Pocket Wriler 128 3! 95
Lords of Conquest 24.95 EPYX
P/S Holiday Library 15 95 Pockel Wriler 64 24.95 Marble Madness. 21 95
fast Load . .. S23.95
Muliiplan 64/128 40 95
Conflict in Vieinam 24.95 Moebius 26.95
General Manager Disk . $24 95 Programmers Toll Kl! . . 27.95
Crusade in Europe Movie Maker 24.95
Micro League Baseball , 24.95 24 95 Vorpal 21 95
F-15 Strike Eagle . 21.95 Orge 26.9!)
Team Disks 16.95 World Karale
Gunstup 21.95 Ultima IV 39 95
Championship,. 18.95
Silent Service . 21.95 Ultimate Wizard 22 95
RIBBON World's Greatest
Top Gunner. 13 9!) Bard's Taie II 27.95
Axiom Elite 5 LCD. , $ 5.95 Baseball 23.95
Auto Duel . 3-1.95
Brother 15, 25. 35.. 5.95 SPRINGBOARD SuperCycte .. 24.95
Scrabble 22,95
Commodore 1S25 6.95 Certihcate Maker World Games .... 24.95
129 95 America's Cup 22.95
Commodore 1526 Clip Art I World's Greatest
6,75 20.95
Epson 185. Clip Arl II MIN0SCAPE FootBall 24,95
6.35 24.95
Epson 85 Clip Art III . Bop and Wrestle Mouk! Monster . 24.95
4.96 18.95 $10 95
Epson mx, fx. r< 100 6 95 Newsroom 29.95 Dolphins Rune 18.95 FIREBIRD
Epson mx. fx, rx 4.75 Graphic Expander . 21.95 Fjirhght 18.95 Bile $19.95
Gorilla Bananna.. 6.95 High Roller 18 95 Colossus Chess-IV 21 95
Juki 6000 4.95 ACCESS Indoor Sports . 18 95 Frankie Goes to
Juki 6100 3.95 Leader Board S24.95 Infiltrator 18 95 Hollywood 21.95
Legend 880, 1080, 808 6,75 L B Tournament Disk 14 95 Halley Project. 18.95 Music Systems 24.95
MPS 801 5 75 Macti 128 30.95 Lords ol Midnight 17.95 Advance Music Systems 49.95
MPS 803. 6 95 Mach 5 21.95 Quake 1 17.95 The Pawn 28 95
OKI 182. 192. . 9.75 10th Frame 24 95 Luscher Profile 18.95 Battle of Britain/
OKI 82. 92, 83, 93 2.25
BERKELEY SOFTWARE Battle lor Midway . 13 95
SG 10-15 2.25 E HOT SELLERS ARC of YesooV
(Mm. 6 per order) " Star Fleet 1 S29 95 Nodes of Yesod 13.95
Commando ... 21.95 GEDS Fontpak 1 1895
GEOS Desk Pack.. 22 95 SSI
GalO 19.95
Wriler Work Shop 31 95 Battle ol Afitrelam S29.95
Fung Fu II ... 19 95
INFDCOM Geodex 24 95 Carrier Force 36 95
Tag Team Wrestling 21 95
Encnamer 2t 95 Sinke Force Cobra 13.95 AVALDN HILL Phantasie II 24.95
Hitchhiker's Guide 21 95 X-15 Alpha Mission 19 95 Rings ol Zelphin 24.95
Superoowi Sunaay. S19.95 Wirard s Crown 24 95
invisiciues ea 6 00 Team Disk . . 12.95 Roaflwar 2000 24 95
Leather Goddesses OATASOFT
ol Phonos . 21 95 Alternate Reality . . S24 95 SOLID STATE SOFTWARE SUBLDQIC
SpellDreaker 26.9b Conan VizaStar 128 .... 579.95
27 95 Ffighl Sim II S34.95
Trinity 128 24.95 Crosscheck 18 95 VizaWrite 128 59.95 Football 27 95
Zork 1-2-3 ea ... __25 95 Goomes 18 95
ACCOLADE Jel 27.95
Mercenary 18 95 PureStal Baseball 34 95
LANCE HAFFNEH Mind Pursuit IB 95 Dambuslers SIS 95 Scenery Disk 1-6 ea 14 95
Never Ending Story 18 95 Fighl Nighl 18.95
3-in-1 FooiOall $24 9!, BATTERIES INCLUDED
Gunslmqer 19 95 Hard Bali 18 95
Pro BaskelDall 24.95
Law ol Itie West 18 95 Paperclip II S49.95
22IB Baker Si 19 95
College Basketball 24.95
Theatre Europe 21.95 PSt 5 Trading Ccmp. (8 95 Consultant 64/128 36 95
Crosscheck 19 95 Kill Until Dead 18 95 Paperclip w/Spell 64 28.95


Orders 8 1800 634 AICP Only
'n sack items ihtpaea wiltnn M nrs lor prepaid orders (crjrt ciieck visa
Customer Service 0 to LOO. Crqers accepien pioast and %i 00, niusl do cash or ccn cneck
R ONLY NY!, residents M10 8V/. nips la. Atwcniirja pros rolled a 4% dis
count lor cash. cfbOH card ami i'h All ordsrs nt 1310 snipping aM uindnno
wihirt me Un11nen1.11 U S Internaiioiji orOars gdo Jii ou • snipinno arrd
runaring F'eisonjil cncchs .lllow 2 wks lor clearance Uafylily and pricing
10AM to 6PM P.O. Box 175B
E m ; itiicct vi clunfls wilnoul nance lirt snipping in CorameriMi U a on soil wire
orders over SlbO 00 nEIICHl/E mCHANGt ONI ¥ fun SOWS PH0DUC1
R F Hntochmg Ut on unopened nu ugicchw iumi reiumeo Htturns jicboIbU
E.S.T. Slalen Island, N.V. 10314 15 nays ol ih|jpmo fl.iit nniy All reiurns require flttum Autnornaiion
0 numtieri
Rendoi Service Hd. 2B2 Scnml inqmiEt iriviicd W[ Ira NOT GUarwjlfi COWPAriBILITY
By Dale Rupert


ach montli, well present severaJ challenges designed to
This is based on a program sent by Dr, Curryfavor's
stimulate your synapses and toggle the bits in your cere
bral random access memory. W: invite you to send your alter ego Eddie Johnson (Albuquerque, NM). The user
solutions to: enters an integer value from 0 to 255. The computer dis
Commodores, c/o Ahuv! plays 1) the binary (base-2) equivalent of that number,
P.O. Box 723 2) the binary "mirror image" of that number, and 3) the
Bechc!, CT 06801 decimal value of this "mirror image" number. The mir
We will print ;ind discuss the cleverest, simplesi, shortest, most ror image is formed by taking the bits of the first num
interesiing and/or most unusual solutions. Be sure lo identify the ber and putting them in reverse order. For example, if
name and number of the problems you are solving. Also show the user enters 130, the computer displays the three re
sample runs if possible, Be sure to tell what makes your solutions sults 10000010. 01000001, and 65. Dr. Curryfavor uses
unique or interesting, if they are.
his routine to create a backwards character set. Perhaps
Programs on diskette (1541 formal only) are welcome, but they
you advanced programmers might try the same.
must be accompanied by listings, You must enclose a stamped,
self-addressed envelope if pu want liny of your materials returned; -
Solutions received by the middle of ihe month shown on the mag
azine cover are most likely to be discussed, but you nuy send PROBLEM #39-4: ROOT POWER
solutions and comments any time. Your original programming We all know that every number is equal to the square
problems, suggestions, and ideas are equally welcome. The best root of its square. Three equals the square root of nine.
ones will become Commodaresx.
Four equals the square root of sixteen. Unfortunately the
computer can only approximate the square root function,
and it will tell you that SQR(3 t 2) does not equal 3.
PROBLEM #39-1: EXPONENTIAL POWER It will even tell you that SQR(3*3) does not equal three.
Here is a problem sent by Nolan Whitaker (Jefferson- Write a program to display only those numbers for
ville, KY) which was given at a high school computer which the SQR function of the square of the number is
team competition. The EXP(X) function in BASIC cal equal to the number. Try both exponentiation and mul
culates the transcendental number e (approximately tiplication for calculating the square and compare your
2.7182S) raised to the Xth power. EXP(X) can be approx results. Send your conclusions.
imated by the expression:
Stop the presses! Don't print those schedules for the
(X"2/2!) + (XA3/3!) + ... next five seasons of intermural underwater volleyball yet.
You must make two changes to the solution of Problem
#32-3: Round Robin (Commodores, November 1986) be
where N! (N factorial) - 1*2*3. ..*NanciX t N fore it will work properly for all teams. In lines 150 and
means X raised to the Nth power. 160, change TS(K+N/2) to TS{N - K -■ I).
The user enters values for X and N. For example, if Many thanks to Charles Kluepfel (Bloomfield, NJ) for
X=l and N=2, the program displays: being the first to send this correction. Thanks to all others
who called and wrote about it. If you find your team stuck
E TO THE POWER OF 1 IS APPROXIMATELY 2.5 at the bottom of the pool against the same team for thir
ty games in a row, teil the coach to change those two
lines in his scheduling program (but not if you're win
ning, of course).
Here's one for novices and experts alike submitted by
Here are a couple of items before we look at Commo-
Steven Steckler (Columbia, MD). The power company's
dares from November 1986. Paul Sobolik (Pittsburgh,
rate schedule looks like this:
PA) pointed out that it is possible to compress numeric
12 kilowatt-hours (kWH) or less = $2.79 data for storage on disk. The integer 125 would normal
next 78 kHW or less = 0.1259 cents per kWH ly take up six bytes if you used X%=125 : PRINT#8,X%
next 510 kWH or less p 0.1052 cents per kWH (see Tons of Data in the November 1986 Ritpen Report).
balance over 600 kWH - 0,0928 cenis per kWH
Paul suggested this encoding scheme so that unsigned
Write a program which asks the user to input his cur integers from 0 to 65,535 could be stored in two bytes:
rent and previous meter readings (in kWH). The pro
gram then calculates and displays the amount due the X=125 : XH=INT(X/256) : XL=X-XH*256
power company. PRINT#8,CHR$(XH)CHR$(XL);

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r Sanies No. 260

To retrieve the data, use this: accepted the advanced programmers challenge of writ
ing this as a machine language interrupt routine so the
GET#8,XH$,XL$ : X»ASC(XH$+CHR$(Q))*256 + message can be displayed even while another program
ASC(XL$+CHR$(O)) is running. Fred's solution for the C-64 is listed below.

Of course your program must properly OPEN and ■1 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #35-1:
CLOSE the data file. A BASIC bug causes the ASC func ■2 REM ROUND ABOUT
tion of a null string to give an "Illegal Quantity Error" •3 REM SOLUTION BY
on the C-64. The CHRS(0)"s bypass the bug and are not ■4 REM FRED SIMON
needed for the C-128. •5 REM *** FOR C-64 ***
With a similar method, unsigned integers up to ■9 REM === FOR CCW MOTION:
16.777.2lf> (2 to the 24th power) could be stored in only ■10 REM *REM0VE REM FROM LINES 150
three bytes, and integers from I) to 15 take only a nibble ■15 REM AND 220
apiece. ■20 REM *ADD REM TO START OF LINES 140
Necah Buyukduni (Ankara. Turkey] suggested the fol ■25 REM AND 210
lowing solution to October I'J.HlYs #34-3: Digit Decompo ■30 REM *CHANGE CC=22481 IN LINE 40
sition. ■35 REM TO CC=22587
■40 CC=22481
•5 REM •70 FOR AD=49152 TO 49311:READ X:POKE AD,
■10 CT=208 : BF=842 :REM C-128 KBD BUFFER X :OC=CK+X:NEXT
■30 POKE CT/J : WAIT CT,1 ■90 POKE 49284,LEN(W$):F0R 1=1 TO LEN(W$)
•40 D=PEEK(BF)~48 : PRINT D; : S=S+D :POKE 49311+1,ASC(MID$(W$,1,1)):NEXT
•50 POKE CT.O WAIT CT.l •100 POKE 792,0:P0KE 793,192:P0KE 56589,1
•60 IF PE1!K(BF)<>13 RINT "+";:
THEN PRINT "+ GOTO 27:POKE 56589,130:POKE 56580,26
40 ■110 POKE 56581,20:POKE 56590,17:POKE 565
70 PRINT "=" S 82,SP:POKE 56583,0
'120 PRINT CHRS(14)CI1R$(147):POKE 56591,8
Several readers mentioned last month used a similar 1: END
method of reading each keystroke directly from the key •130 DATA 72,138,72,152,72,160,0,185,0,0,
board buffer. The problem was to display each digit of 153,0,193,200,208,247,132,251,173,159
a number separated by a plus sign with the sum of the •140 DATA 192,201,126,144,5,169,0,141,159
digits displayed after the RETURN key is pressed. For ,192,133,252,165,252,41,127
example, the number 12.14 is displayed as •150 REM DATA 192,234,234,16,5,169,125,14
1 + 2+3 + 4-10 ■160 DATA 201,40,176,9,133,211,169,0,133,
Lines 10 and 20 choose the proper values for the key •170 DATA 214,169,39,133,211,76,110,192,2
board buffer. A count of characters waiting in the buffer 33,24,201,40,176,15,133,250,169,40
is kept in memory location 208 of the C-128 and 198 of ■180 DATA 229,250,133,211,169,24,133,214,
the C-f>4. The actual keystroke characters go into a mem 76,110,192,233,39,201,24,144,7,230
ory buffer starting at address 842 (C-128) and 631 (C-64). •190 DATA 252,230,252,76,32,192,133,250,1
DSS is a special disk status variable for the C-128. On 69,25,229,250,133,214,169,0,133,211
the C-64 it is an ordinary, undefined null string. There •200 DATA 32,108,229,174,158,192,164,251,
fore DS$=" " is true only for the C-64. and the keyboard 185,160,192,168,32,24,234,230,252
buffer parameters are redefined. •210 DATA 230,251,165,251,201,13,176,3,76
Now for a look at the best solutions to the Commo- ,32,192,238,159,192,160,0,185
dares from the November l')86 issue. Problem ff35-I: •220 REM DATA 230,251,165,251,201,13,176,
Round About from Bill Sinclair Jr. (Hurlock, MD) 3,76,32,192,206,159,192,160,0,185
brought some very sophisticated solutions. The problem •230 DATA 0,193,153,0,0,200,208,247,172,1
was to scroll a message counterclockwise around the out 3,221,76,94,254,1,0
er perimeter of the screen in a marquee fashion. Daryl
Brunor (Hartselle, Al.) and Fred Simon (Chbbsboro, NJ) Fred's program has a clockwise/counterclockwise op-

88 AHOY!
lion. As written, the program asks for the siring to be are the full seven games long.
displayed, and ii scrolls the string clockwise around the Congratulations to Howard G. Reiser (Joliet, IL), Ka
screen. The speed of the motion is determined by the ren Middaugh (San Diego. CA), Jim Speers (Niles, MI),
value of SP in line 60. When SP is 0, the string really David Hoffner (Brooklyn, NY), David Brouse and Troy
flies. The larger the value, the slower the movement. The Shoap (Shippensburg, PA), Paul Vaughan (San Jose, CA),
string must be less than 124 characters and should be and Ellis Hormais (Maitland, PL) for their solutions to
entered in the upper/lower case mode (after pressing this problem. Ellis mentioned that he lost a night's sleep
SHIFT-COMMODORE). To stop the program, either on this problem. He thought of the algorithm just as he
press ihe RUN STOP key or use POKE 56591,80 direct was dozing off, and he couldn't gel back to sleep until
ly or from your program. he had worked out the program, Hopefully the world-re
To make ihe siring move counterclockwise, remove the nown of having your name published will make up for
REMs from lines 150 and 220 and add REMs at the be the lost sleep, Ellis. Thanks for writing,
ginning of lines 140 and 210. Also change the checksum Problem #35-3: Time Converter from Jim Speers
total CC in line 40 to 22587. C-128 users should run this (Niles, MI) brought quite a few solutions. The problem
program in C-64 mode. As always, save this program was to enter a number of hours in decimal format and
before running it the first time. If there is an error in have the computer convert it to hours:minutes:seconds
a DATA statement, line 80 will advise you of the fact. format. The shortest solution was Ihis COMAL program
Check those numbers carefully. from Paul Sisul (St. Louis, MO):
Jim Speers (Niles, MI) and Ron Weiner (Lcvittown,
PA) both created an array of the addresses around the 0001 // coinmodares problem #35-3:
perimeter of the screen, then sequentially POKEd the 0002 // time converter
siring values into those addresses. See the solution to Cen 0003 // solution by
tipede Scroller in the December 1986 Commodores for 0004 // paul sisul
an example of this method. Thanks aiso to Michael 0005 // coitieiI solution
Drinkwater (Berwyn, IL) lor his solution to this problem. 0006 t:«6.42135; h:=int(t); i:=3600*(u m
The solutions to Problem #35-2: Series Sequence sug od h); m:=i div 60; s:=int((i mod 60)+.5
gested by James Bickers (Shepherdsville, KY) ranged in
length from three lines lo fony lines. The shortest solu
tion came from Keith Kushner (Brooklyn, NY) and is
listed below. NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!

•1 REM C0MM0DARES PROBLEM #35-2: The ultimate utility pack for [In- 128
■2 REM SERIES SEQUENCE RAM DISK responds to a]! the usual commands such as J 77: :
•3 REM SOLUTION BY <X\r and behaves exactly like a floppv disk—■ except a< lighten- s)-jut J
•4 REM KEITH KUSHNER lag speed and is accessible from BASIC or machine code. -—— J
■5 REM IOOLKIT adds eight valuable new command rn make your BASIC program
ming more enjoyable and effective.
•10 Y=7:X=INT(Y/2)+l:Z=2[UPARROW]Y-l:FORT
COMPRESSOR reduce! you; programs to minimum irte making your code
=0T0Z: 13$="" :W=0:C=T: FORV=1TOY: B=C: B=B/2: smaller and faster and protecting your prognuw from unauihorfted lampering.
•20 C$=STR$(B>C):B$=RIGHT$(C$,l)+B$:W=W-( • Full standard Pascal & eatensfons
• Fast. . .ro compile and run
B>C):NEXTV:ON-(W=X)G0SUB30:NEXTT:END ■ Evident [in Ram) and disk compiler
• 30 W=0:F0RU=lT0Y:Q=VAL(MID$(B$,U,1)):PRI ' Graph;cs Dnd sound extensions
NTCHR$(-(W<X)*(76+11*Q));:W=W+Q:NEXTU:PR page tutorial /reference manual • Full linker
• Powerful Editor • Compact Code • Stand alone compiled programs
INT:RETURN OXFORD PASCAL includes iwo compilers
• Otic thai runs in RAM jusi like a BASIC interpreter, Great for learning
and debugging.
Keith explained that the loop in lines 10 and 20 cre
• A full disk compiler which lets vnu use the whole of memory for
ates 2 to the Yth power binary strings from 0 to Z. The PASCAL programs
number of all possible wins and losses for Y games is PETSPEED BASIC COMPILER
2 to the Yth power. W counts the number of wins which • UP TO 40 TIMES THE Si'EED OF BASIC
• Compiles all eommandj
are Is in each string. The ON-(W=X) statement selects
• Compatible with machine code
all strings which have exactly X wins. ■ Makes hiR programs small
In line 30, W counts the wins and the CHRS expres • Extensions to BASIC
• Long variable names
sion prints W or L, depending upon the value of Q. If • Recommended by Commodore
X=W the series is over and the CHRS value is 0. Change
Y in line 10 to be the maximum number of sanies played.
I5i E Scotts Valley Drive • Scom Volley, CA 95066
If Y is even, the series winner must win by two games. Td: (US) S00-AKA-META ICA! 80O-OET-ME1A
mhill CompuServe- 7 !247.522 • Add 6»% ui. if CA (old
Be sure to use abbreviations on the C-64 to type line 30.
There are 35 possible world series sequences, 20 of which Reader Service No. 273

AHOY! 89
0007 print h,":",m,":",s verted to the next smaller integer. Change 1.4 to —1.4
to see that X% is now -2 and Y% is -3.
Paul's solution uses the integer operators MOD and Some of the Tune Converter solutions added AM or
DIV to easily get the number of seconds and minutes PM if the decimal number of hours was less than or great
from the fractional number of hours. T stores the deci er than 12. Paul Mather (Warminstcr, ONT) used the
mal number of hours. C-128's PRINT USING statement to easily display the
Howard Reiser (Joliet, IL), Leo Brenneman (Erie, PA), outpui this way:
and Karen Middaugh (San Diego, CA) all discussed the
rounding problem when the decimal value of hours is PRINT USING"##:##:##";H;M;S
4.33333 for example. If the fraction is converted to min
utes and then lo seconds, [he result may be 4:19:60 in Dwight Jones (NASB. ME) added that the time-conver
stead of the standard 4:20:00. Howard's solution to this sion routine is useful for astronomers and others doing
problem is to convert fractional hours to seconds and then angle conversions since degrees, minutes, and seconds
to calculate the number of minutes, both with proper are in the same ratio as hours, minutes, and seconds.
rounding as shown in lines 30 and 40 of his program: Thanks also to Wallace Leeker (Lemay, MO), John
Czupowski (Wheeling. IL), Wayne Jorgensen (Monona.
•1 REM C0MM0DARES PROBLEM #35-3: WI), and Jon Schoenfeld (East Chicago, IL) for their
•2 REM TIME CONVERTER work on this problem.
•3 REM SOLUTION BY Karen Middaugh (San Diego, CA) used her Dale Ditty
•A REM HOWARD G. REISER program discussed last month to solve Problein #35-4:
•5 REM Bad Luck. Her program asks for the current date. It then
•10 INPUT"NUMBER OF HOURS IN DECIMAL FORM calculates the next occurrence of Friday the 13th.
•30 S=3600*(HX-INT(HX))+.5 •2 REM BAD LUCK
■A0 M=INT(S)/60:M$=" :"+STR$(INT(M)) ■3 REM SOLUTION BY
•50 S$=" :M+STR$(INT((M-INT(M))*6O+.5)) ■4 REM KAREN MIDDAUGH
-60 PRINT HX;" HOURS = ";H$;M$;S$ •5 REM
•10 DIM P(12) : FOR J=l TO 12 : READ P(J)
Karen's and Leo's solutions simply calculated integer :NEXT
values of minutes and seconds, then tested to see if the •20 INPUT"YEAR: 19";Y: INPUT "MONTH (1-12
number of seconds was 60. If so, it was set to zero and ): ";M:INPUT "DAY: ";D:IF D>12 THEN 70
the number of minutes was incremented. Leo's solution •30 UINT((Y+3)/4):DA=6+Y+L+P(M)+13: IF I
below is interesting in its use of integer values H %, M %, NT(Y/4)=Y/4 AND M>2 THEN DA=DA+1
and S%. • 40 DA=INT((DA/7-INT(DA/7))*7+.5)
■1 REM C0MM0DARES PROBLEM #35-3: E 13TH IS"M"/13/"Y :END
-3 REM SOLUTION BY •70 M=M+1:IF M>12 THEN M=1:Y=Y+1
•5 REM •90 DATA 0,3,3,6,1,4,6,2,5,7,3,5
•20 H%»H : M=H-H% :M=M*60 : M%=M : S=M-M% Jim Speers (Niies, MI) went a step further and calcula
: S»S*60 : S%=S : IF S=>.5 THEN S%=S+1 ted all Friday the I3th's in the twentieth century. You can
■30 IF S%=>60 THEN M%=M%+1 : S%=0 modify the program above to do the same thing. Remove
•A0 IF M%=>60 THEN H%=ll%+1 : M%=0 : S%-0 the END statement at the end of line 50. Then run the
-50 PRINT H% CHR$(58) M% CHR$(58) S% program and enter 0, I, and 1 for the year (1900), month,
and date respectively. Stop the program when the year
Notice that H % = H in line 20 automatically performs passes 1999. Jim said that there are 170 such Fridays this
the conversion from floating point form to integer. Try century. Thanks also to Paul Malher (Warminster, ONT)
this lo see how it works: for his solution.
You might enjety modifying this program further to per
X=1.A : X%=X : Y%=X+X : PRINT X,X%,Y% form other types of calendar analysis. Could there be
a year without Friday the 13ih? Could any year have more
X% is 1 and Y% is 2. When a positive floating point than three of them? What are the longest and shortest
value is assigned to an integer variable, the decimal por periods of time between these notorious days? Have fun
tion of the floating point number is chopped off (irun- wilh (his month's challenges. out for black
catcd). In general a floating point value is always con- cats. D

90 AHOY!
Attention new Ahoy! readers! You must read the following information very
carefully prior to typing in programs listed in Ahoy! Certain Commodore
characters, commands, and strings of characters and commands will appear in
a special format. Follow the instructions and listing guide on this page.

n the following pages you'll find several pro and SHIFT i by [s J].
grams that you can enter on your Commo Additionally, any character that occurs more than two
dore computer, Bui bdbre doing so. read this times in a row will be displayed by a coded listing. For
entire page carefully. example, \3 "|LEFT]"| would be 3 CuRSoR left com
To insure clear reproductions, program listings mands in a row, [5 "[s EPfj would be 5 SHIFTed En
are generated on a daisy wheel printer, incapable of print glish Pounds, and so on. Multiple blank spaces will be
ing the commands and graphic characters used in Com noted in similar fashion: e.g., 22 spaces as [22 ""'].
modore programs. These are therefore represented by Sometimes you'll find a program line that's too long
various codes enclosed in brackets | |. For example: the for the computer to accept (C-64 lines are a maximum
SHIFT CLR/HOME command is represented onscreen of 80 characters, or 2 screen lines long: VIC 20 lines,
by a heart ^ The code we use in our listings is a maximum of 88 characters, or 4 screen lines). To en
[CLEAR]. The chan below lists a!! such codes which ter these lines, refer to the BASIC Command Abbrevia
you"!l enconnier in our listings, except for tine other spe- tions Appendix in your User Manual.
cia! case. On the next page you'll find our Bug Repellent pro
The other special case is the COMMODORE and grams for the C-128 and C-64. The version appropri
SHIFT characters. On the front of most keys arc iwo sym ate for your machine wili help you proofread our pro
bols. The symbol on the left is obtained by pressing thai grams after you type them. (Please note: the Bug Repel
key while holding down the COMMODORE key; the lent line codes that follow each program line, in the
symbol on the right, by pressing that key while holding whited-OUt area, should not be typed in. See the instruc
down the SHIFT key. COMMODORE and SHIHT char tions preceding each program.)
acters are represented in our listings by a lower-case V Also on the following page you will find h'lankspeed,
or "c" followed by the symbol of the key you must hit. our ML entry program, and instructions on its use. t
COMMODORE J, for example, is represented by [c J], Call Ahoy! at 212-239-0855 with any problems.

When Whw
Wi Sn> li Mini* vmi rtpc Will -Srv Miu Set If Mwm Viii Im> Will Sir



[UP] ftii'Mir I [i SHIKI ( fK.SK 1 a [RED] Kt-d CNTRt. .1

[DOWN] CtiiMtr l>«n 1 CRSH 4 E [CYAN] (>un CNTRI. 4



[RIGHT] furwr Kiehi -fKSK* Q [GREEN] (inru IVIHI, .. lu

[SS] ShifU-d Span- SHIFT Sparc ■ [BLUE] Blue CNTKI. 7


[DEL] IVST/DKI 11 [F1J hull. 1 hill 1 n a

[R1TSON] Kl'UTsi1 Oil l-VFRI. H3 [F2] hlllMliiill 2 SHIKI H El
[RVSOFF] Knnv on ( MTU. 1) ■ [F3] hiiiii'liiMi .^ K.I S
[UPARROW] L [> Arm" * ■ [FA] Kimditni 4 SHIKI VS 11
[BACKARROW] Bjtk %rvtni * li [F5] Hllh'lhill 5 KS 11
[PI] [>] It « [F6] J-Ulliljrill (t SHIKI F5 a
[EP] Knyli-ih K hi nil t [F7] Kundfun 7 PI ii
[P8] KitiK'liim K SHIKI 1-7 ■

Bug Repellent is u checksum prugrum used for proofreading BASIC listings typed in from Ahoy! magazine. Vox each program lino you enter. Bug Repellent
will produce u Iwo-letler CO(Jfl that should match the code listed beside that line in the magazine.
Type in. save, and run the Bug Repellent. (If you have a C-64. type in the C-64 version. If you have a C-128. you will need to type, in (he C-64 version
for use with C-64 programs, und Ihe C-128 version for use with C-128 programs.) If you have .typed in Bug Repellent properly, you will gel the message UUC
REPELLENT INSTALLED; otherwise you will gel an ertot menage. If you gel an error message, double check the Bug Repellent program for typing mis
takes. Type NEW and hll RKTURN. Then type in and saw. or load, the Ahoy! program you wish to check. Type in SYS 49152 for the C-64 version or SYS
3072 for the C-128 version and hit HHTURN (this will begin execution of Bug Repellent). Yim will «e the pmnipl SCREEN OR PRINTER 1 Hit S if you
want the codes listed on the screen, or P if you want them liswd on the printer. To pause the listing depress and hold the SHIFT key.
Compare the codes your machine generates to those listed to the right of the corresponding program lines. If you spot a difference, that line contains an
error. Wrile down the numbers of ihc lines where the contradictions occur. LIST each line, locale the emirs, and correct them.


•100 FOR X = 49152 TO 49488:READY:S=S+Y AB •130 PRINT"[4" "]TYPE SYS 3072 TO ACTIVATE" IN
•110 IF Y<0 OR Y>255 THEN 130 EA ■140 DATA 32,161,12,165,45,133,251,165,46,133,
•120 POKE X,Y:NEXT:G0T0140 ID 252,160,0,132,254,32,37 OF
■130 PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN]**ERROR**":PRINT"[DOWN -150 DATA 13,234,177,251,208,3,76,138,12,230,2
]PLEASE CHECK LINE"PEEK(64)*256+PEEK(63):END ID 51,208,2,230,252,76,43 NC
-140 IF SO44677 THEN PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN]**ERR •160 DATA 12,76,73,78,69,32,35,32,0,169,35,160
OR**":PRINT"[DOWN]PLEASE CHECK DATA LINES 170 ,12,32,80,13,160,0,177 0L
-500":END HJ -170 DATA 251,170,230,251,208,2,230,252,177,25
■150 PRINT"[CLEAR]":P0KE53280,0:P0KE53281,6:P0 1,32,89,13,169,58,32,98 EF
KE646.1 •180 DATA 13,169,0,133,253,230,254,32,37,13,23
■160 PRINT"[RVS0N][6" "]C-64 BUG REPELLENT INS 4,165,253,160,0,76,13 JO
TALLED[6" "]" •190 DATA 13,133,253,177,251,208,237,165,253,4
•170 DATA32,161,192,165,43,133,251,165,44,133 1,240,74,74,74,74,24 LC
•180 DATA252,160,0,132,254,32,37,103,23^,177 •200 DATA 105,65,32,98,13,165,253,41,15,24,105
•190 DATA251,208,3,76,138,192,230,251,208,2 ,65,32,98,13,169,13,32 DE
•200 DATA23O,252,76,43,192,76,73,78,69,32 •210 DATA 220,12,230,65,208,2,230,66,230,251,2
•210 DATA35,32,0,169,35,160,192,32,30,171 08,2,230,252,76,11,12 GM
•220 DATA 160,0,177,251,170,230,251,208,2,230 -220 DATA 169,153,160,12,32,80,13,166,65,165,6
•230 DATA252,177,251,32,205,189,169,58,32,210 6,76,231,12,96,76,73,78 CP
■240 DATA255,169,0,133,253,230,254,32,37,193 •230 DATA 69,83,58,32,0,169,247,160,12,32,80,1
• 250 DATA234,165.253,160,0,76,13,193,133,253 3,169,3,133,254,32,107 HC
• 260 DATA 177,251,208,237,165,253,41,240,74,74 •240 DATA 13,201,83,240,6,201,80,208,245,230,2
•270 DATA74,74,24,105,65,32,210,255,165,253 54,32,98,13,169,4,166 GK
■280 DATA 41,15,24,105,65,32,210,255,169,13 •250 DATA 254,160,255,32,116,13,169,0,133,65,1
•290 DATA32,220,192,230,63,208,2,230,64,230 33,66,133,250,32,125,13 LB
-300 DATA251,208,2,230,252,76,11,192,169,153 •260 DATA 32,134,13,166,254,32,143,13,76,73,13
•310 DATA160,192,32,30,171,166,63,165,64,76 ,96,32,98,13,165,211 JF
•320 DATA231,192,96,76,73,78,69,83,58132 •270 DATA 234,41,1,208,249,96,32,89,13,169,13,
•330 DATAO,169,247,160,192,32,30,171,169,3. 32,98,13,32,152,13,169,4 GD
•340 DATA 133,254,32,228,255,201,83,240,6,201 •280 DATA 76,161,13,147,83,67,82,69,69,78,32,7
■350 DATA80,208,245,230,254,32,210,255,169,4 9,82,32,80,82,73,78,84,69 PL
■360 DATA 166,254,160,255,32,186,255,169,0,133 ■290 DATA 82,32,63,32,0,76,44,13,234,177,251,2
■370 DATA63,133,64,133,2,32,189,255,32,192 01,32,240,6,138,113,251,69 OK
-380 DATA255,166,254,32,201,255,76,73,193,96 •300 DATA 254,170,138,76,88,12,0,0,0,0,230,251
■390 DATA32,210,255,173,141,2,41,1,208,249 ,208,2,230,252,96,170,177 FJ
•400 DATA96,32,205,189,169,13,32,210,255,32 ■310 DATA 251,201,34,208,6,165,250,73,255,133,
■410 DATA204,255,169,4,76,195,255,147,83,67 250,165,250,208,218,177 GA
•420 DATAH2,69,69,78,32,79,82,32,80,82 •320 DATA 251,201,32,208,212,198,254,76,29,13,
•430 DATA 73,78,84,69,82,32,63,32,0,76 0,169,13,76,98,13,0,0,32 FJ
•440 DATA44,193,234,177,251,201,32,240,6,138 -330 DATA 170,13,32,226,85,76,180,13,32,170,13
•450 DATA113,251,69,254,170,138,76,88,192,0 ,32,50,142,76,180,13,32 OF
■460 DATAO,0,0,230,251,208,2,230,252,96 •340 DATA 170,13,32,210,255,76,180,13,32,170,1
■470 DATA170,177,251,201,34,208,6,165,2,73 3,32,228,255,76,180,13,32 AK
■480 DATA255,133,2,165,2,208,218,177,251,201 •350 DATA 170,13,32,186,255,76,180,13,32,170,1
•490 DATA32,208,212,198,254,76,29,193,0,169 3,32,189,255 BP
■500 DATA 13,76,210,255,0,0,0 •360 DATA 76,180,13,32,170,13,32,192,255,76,18
0,13,32,170,13 FP
•370 DATA 32,201,255,76,180,13,32,170,13.,32,20
4,255,76,180,13,32,170 ID
■380 DATA 13,32,195,255,76,180,13,133,67,169,0
,141,0,255,165,67,96 BJ
•390 DATA 133,67,169,0,141,1,255,165,67,96,0,0
,0 IF

92 AHOY!
Flanks-peed will allow you to enter machine language Ahoy! programs withoui any mistakes. Once you have typed (he program
in, save it for future use. While entering an ML program with Flankspeed there is no need to enter spaces or hit the carriage
return. This is all done automatically. If you make an error in a line a bell will ring and you will be asked to enter it again.
To LOAD in a program Saved with Flankspeed use LOAD "name", 1,1 for tape, or LOAD "name"8.1 for disk. The function keys
may be used after the starting and ending addresses have been entered,
fl — SAVEs what you have entered so far.
f3 — LOADs in a program worked on previously.
f5—To continue on a line you stopped on after LOADing in the previous saved work.
F7—Scans through the program to locate a particular line, or to find out where you stopped ihe hist time you entered the program.
17 temporarily freezes the output as well.

■100 POKE532flO,12:POKE53281,ll LL 5 HD

■115 PRINT"tRVS0N][9" "]CREATED in G. F WHEAT[9" "]" CM ■400 PRINT"?EKROR IN SAVB"iGCT0415 PP
■125 F0RA.54272TOr>4296:POKEA,0:NEXT 1M ■415 POKE54276l17!POKE5A276,16:RSrURN BH
■130 I'0KE5427;>I4: P0KK54273,48:POKE542?7,0:P0KE54278,249:PO ■420 OPEN15,8,15:INFUT*lr),A,A$:aOSEl'wPFTNTAS:KETUKN IM
■14') DATA169,251,166,253,164,254,32,216,255,96 HJ ■435 IFLEN(TS)<>4THKNGOSUB380:GOT0430 NP
■145 DATA169.0,166,251,164,252,32,213,255,96 JB ■440 FORA=1T04:AS»MIDS(T$,A,1):GOSUB450:IFT{A)=16THENGOSUB
■155 GOSUR4HO:IFB»OTHEN15O GN ■445 NEXT:B-(T(l)*4fj96)+CTC2)*256) + (T(3)*lG)+T(4):RETURN GF
■160 POKE251,T(4)4T(3)*16:POKE252,T(2)+T(1>*16 KE -450 IFAS>"^"ANI)AS<"G"TlfESTfAJ=ASC(A$)-5r):RETURN EH
-165 B$="ENI)INfi ADDRESS IN iiEX":COSUB430:EN=B L0 •4^5 IFAS>'7"ANUAS<":"THF.NT(A)-ASC(A$)-48:RKriJR[{ KP
■170 GOSUB470:IFB=OT1IEN150 EE •460 T(A)-16;RETI)RN NP
■175 POKE254,T(2)+T(1)*1G:B=T(4)+1+T(3)*16 MN -<V65 REM ADRESS CHECK LI
■180 IFB>255THENB=B-255:POKE254,PEEK(254)+1 GE •470 IFAD>ESTHEN385 LB
•190 REM GET HEX LINE IL ■480 IKB<256OR{B>40960ANDB<49152)ORB>53247THEN395 HG
■195 COSUB495:PRINT": [c P][LEFT]";;F0RA-0T08 NH ■485 RETURN IM
■205 NEXTB ME ■495 ACAD:A.4O96:(;OS!IB520 FD
■210 A%U)=T(l)+T(0)*16:IFAIHA-l=ENTIiEN34'j LE ■5'/) A-256:GOSUB52O pg
■215 PRINT" [c PHJ.EFT]"; IK ■505 A=16:GOSUB52O M
■220 NEXTA:T=AD-(INT(AD/256)*256):PRINT" " PD ■510 A=l:COSUB52O IL
■225 F0R4-0T07!T-T+AXfA)!lFT>255THENT-T-255 LK •515 RETURN
■230 NEXT IA • 520 T=INT(AC/A): IFr>9TI!ENAS=CHRS(T+55) :GOTO530
•235 IFA%(8)<>TTHF.NGOSIJB37S;GOTO19S LE ■525 A$=CHR$(T+48) jp


■245 RF,M GET HEX INPUT AB ■535 A$="**SAVE**":GOS»B585 LH
■250 GETA$;IFA$»""THEN250 HK ■540 OPEN1,T,1,A$:RYSG80:CLOKE1 LH
■255 TKA$=CI!R$(2fj)THEN305 HF ■545 IFST-OniKNRND EO
•260 IFA$=C1!R$(133)TIIEN535 KH ■550 GOSUB40/J1IFT-8THBNGOSUM20 CM
■265 IFAS=CI!R$(134)THEN56'j JM ■555 GOTO535
■270 IFAS=CHR$(13r))THENPRtNT" ":G0TO620 EG ■560 A$^ill'»L0AI>**":G0SUti585
■275 IFA$=CHRK13i>)THF.NPnrNT" ":GOT0635 AB ■565 OPEN1,T,0,AS:S¥S69i"j:CL0SE1
■230 IFA$>"e"ANDA$<"G"THENT{B)«ASC(A$)-5S-!GOTO295 DL ■570 IEST-64THEN195 LC
■285 IFAS>'7"ANDA$<":"THKNT(B)»ASC(A$)-48:G0T0295 HD ■575 GOSUB405:ln-8THiiNC0SUB420 AN
■290 GOKUB415:GOTO250 JJ ■580 GOT0560 CL
■295 PRTNTAJ'V P][L£FT]"i OA ■58D PRINT" ":PRINTTABC14)A$ fg

•300 GOT0205 CF •590 PRINT: A$-"":]NPUT"FI],FNAMK"; At m

■305 IFA>0THEN32O PG ■595 IFA$=""THEN590

•315 G0TO220 bm
•605 GETBS:T-1:IFH$«"D"THENT-8:A$-"fO:"+Ai:RETURN
-320 IFB=OTHRNPRINTCHR${2O);CJiRS(2O);:A=A-I HG ■610 lFB$O"T"THEfl605 BO
■325 A=A-1 BE ■615 RETURN IH
•340 PRINT" ":T-MMINT(AD/256)*25f>) GJ ■630 PRINT:GOTO195 PH
•34 5 FORB=OT{)A-l:T"TtAS(B):irr>2l;5THF.NT-T-255 PL ■635 BS-"BEGIN SCAN AT ADnRF_SS":(;OSUB43O:AD->B FA
■350 NEXT IA ■640 COSUIi475:tFB-'/rHEN635 IB

AHOY! 93
I IMPORTANT I Lett8rs on wnile background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 91 and 92 explain these codes
IIVII UlllfllV I . andprovideotheressentialinformaiiononenteringdhoy/programs.Refertoihesepagesbeforeenteringanypragrarns!


>1 THEN PR=PR-1:POKE 52216,3:G0T0 260 LN
•8 REM CARY, N.C. 27511 MK ■280 GOTO 200 BO
•9 REM JD •299 : DI
•20 POKE 198,0:WAIT 198,1:II=PEEK(631):P0 •310 GC=1:G=G+1:IF G=10 THEN G=l LJ
KE 198,0:RETURN OP •320 POKE V+2,H0(GR(G)):P0KE V+3,VE(GR(G)
•30 POKE S+5,136:P0KE S+6,24O:POKE S+1,20 )+14:P0KE V+21,7:R=GR(G) MP
•40 POKE SC,11:POKE BO,11:PRINT"[CLEAR]"; •399 : DI
•50 POKE 781,L(R):P0KE 782,C(R):POKE 783, GM):POKE BO.GH(GM):FOR I=1TO1O:NEXT HK
O:SYS 65520:PRINT LI$(L):LI(R)=L AO ■420 POKE SC,11:POKE BO.ll:L=O:FOR R=1TO9
•70 FOR CL=S TO S+24:POKE CL,0:NEXT:POKE -429 : DI
S+24,15:RETURN AA •430 Pl=(TI-TM)/60:P2=INT(Pl/60):P3=INT(P
■80 POKE S+6,24O:POKE S+l,40:P0KE S+4,17: 1-(P2*60)):LN=21:CO=5:GOSUB 90 FK
•90 POKE 781,LN:P0KE 782,C0:P0KE 783,0:SY " P2 "MIN.," P3 "SEC.":IF PKP0 THEN P0=
■99 : DI •450 B2=INT(PO/60):B3=INT(PO-(B2*60)):LN=
• 100 SC=53281:BO=5328O:BN=56576:LC=49244: 22:CO=5:GOSUB 90:PRINT"[WHITE]BEST TIME:
V=53248:P0KE V+21,0:S=54272:G0SUB 70 CJ "; PK
•110 P0=300:FORI=OT09:READ C(I),L(I),HO(I •460 PRINT B2 "MIN.," B3 "SEC.":LN=23:CO=
T:FOR I=0T07:READ A:POKE 52216+1,A:NEXT OP 20:P0KE V+21,0:IF 11=81 THEN 490 BB
•130 FOR I=39T046:READ A:POKE V+I,A:NFXT: •480 GOTO 150 CG
FOR I=4TO16:READ A:POKE V+I,A:NEXT AA ■490 POKE 648,4:P0KE 53272,21:POKE BN.199
•140 FOR I=49256TO49275:RF,AD A:POKE I,A:N :POKE SC,6:P0KE BO,14:PRINT"[CLEAR][c 7]
EXT:POKE V+23,1:POKE V+27,2:POKE V+29,0 PM ":END LA
-150 GS=15:GM=1:POKE V+21,4:GOSUB 500:TM= ■499 : DI
■160 K=1:GR(0)=0:GC=1:PR=0:G=0 CM 52:P0KE 648,2OO:GOSUB 40:P0KE V+24,44 KK
•170 N=INT(RND(l)*9+l):GR(K)=N:F0R I=OTOK •510 FOR T=lTO20O0:NEXT:R=9:L=0:P0KE S+5,
-1:IF GR(K)=GR(I)THEN 170 JA 6:P0KE S+6,255:P0KE S+4,23:VO=15 HE
•180 NEXT:K=K+1:IF K<10 THEN 170 HE •520 FORK=1T05:F1=20:POKE S+24,2:F1=2O:PO
+16,VS(PR):P0KE LC,1:POKE V+21,5 OK •530 POKE S+1,F1:FOR I=1TO4:POKE S+15,F2:
•199 : DI F2=F2*1.O2:NEXT:F1=F1*1.2:VO=VO-2:NEXT MB
•200 JOY=PEEK(56320)AND15:FIRE=PEEK(56320 •540 GOSUB 50:P0KE V+21,6:POKE V+2,H0(R):
)AND16 BA POKE V+3,VE(R)+14:R=R~1:POKE S+24,15 AJ
<>9 THEN PR=PR+1:POKE 52216,4:G0T0 260 01 T03:P0KE S+15,F2:F2=F2/1.2:NEXT BJ
•220 IF J0Y=14 THEN IF PR<7 THEN PR=PR+3: •570 F1=F1/1.5:NEXT:VO=15:IF R>OTHENGOSUB
GOTO 260 NP 50:POKEV+2,H0(R):P0KEV+3,VE(R)+14:R=R-1 MH
•230 IF J0Y=13 THEN IF PR>3 THEN PR=PR-3: •580 NEXT:POKE S+6,15:G0SUB 70:POKE V+21,
94 AHOY!
■590 POKE V+J,LNT(RND(l)*(255-40)+40):P0K [c F][BLACK][s H][s J][s K]" BB
E V+J+1,INT(RND(1)*(200-50)+50) FI •790 M$(ll)«"[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW][RVSO
•595 NEXT:NEXT:POKE V+21,4:POKE 52216,4:R FF][c K][c C][c V][RVSON][c K][BLACK][s
ETURN MN H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW] [RVSOFF][c K][
•600 POKE 53281,15:PRINT"[CLEAR][5"[D0WN] RVSON][c K] [BLACK][s Il][3"[s J]"][s G][
HIT ANY " CN F][BLACK][s H][s J][s K]" FO
•610 PRINTTAB(12)"KEY WHEN READY.":GOSUB ■800 M$(12)-"[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW][RVSO
20 GL FF][c K][RVSON][c K][RVSOFF][c K][RVSON]
•620 J=56334:F0R I=49152T049184:READ A:PO [c K][BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW]
•630 POKE 1,PEEK(1)AND 251:SYS 49152:P0KE 3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW] [RVSOFF][c K][RV
1,PEEK(1)OR 4:P0KE J,PEEK(J)OR 1 HF SON][c K][BLACK][s H][s J][s K]" OD
•640 REriD A:IF A—1 THEN 660 MO •810 M$(13)="[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW][c C]
-650 FOR I=0T07:READ B:POKE 61440+A*8+I,B [c V][c C][c V][BLACK][s H][3M[s J]"][s
:NEXT:GOTO 640 AM G][YELLOW] [c C][c V] [BLACK][s H][3"[s
■660 FOR I=0T0319:READ A:POKE 49344+1,A:N J]"][s G][YELLOW][c C][RVSOFF][c I][c I]
EXT BD [RVSON][c V][BLACK][s H][s J][s K]" AI
•699 : DI ■820 M$(14)="[s I][s J][s P][4"[s Q]"][s
•700 DIM M$(23),IN$(4):M$(0)="[BLUE][LEFT R][s I][s J][s K][s P][4"[s Q]"][s R][s
I][s J][s K][s P][4"[s Q]"][s R][s J][s
$(0) DB K][BLUE][][][][]» JH
•710 M$(1)="[BLUE][LEFT]][][][][][][][][] •830 M$(15)="[BLACK][s I][s J][s A][s B][
[][][][][][][" MJ s C][s D][s E][s F][3"[s J]"][s A][s
•720 M$(3)="[BLACK][s I][a J][s A][s B][s s C][s D][s E][s F][3"[s J]"][s A][s
C][s D][s E][s F][3"[s J]"][s A][s B][s s C][s D][s E][s F][s J][s K][BLUE]][][]
C][s D][s E][a F][3"[s J]"][s A][s B][s [][" FG
C][s D][s E][a F][s J][s K]" PM •840 M$(16)="[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW][c D]
•730 M$(4)="[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW] [c I] [c I][c I][c F][BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s
[BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW] [c G][YELLOW][c D][c F][c D][c F][BLACK][s
D][c F] [BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s G][YEL H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW][c D][c I][c I]
L0W][c D][c I][c I][c F][BLACK][s H][s J [c F][BLACK][s H][s J][s K][a U][s V][RV
][s K]" JM SOFF] [RVSON][s W][s X][s H]" BC
-740 M$(5)="[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW] @ [B •850 M$(17)="[s I][a J][s G][YELLOW][RVSO
LACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW] [RVSOF FF][c K][RVS0N][c K][RVSOFF][c K][RVSON]
F][c K][RVSON][c K] [BLACK][s H][3"[s J] [c K][BLACK][s H][3M[s J]"][s G][YELLOW]
[c C][c V][BLACK][s H][s J][s K]" PF VSON][c K][BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s G][YE
•750 M$(6)="[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW] @ [B LLOW] [RVSOFF][c K][RVSON][c K] [BLACK][
LACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW] [RVSOF s H][s J][s K][RVS0FF][6" "][RVSON][s H]
F][c K][RVS0N][c K] [BLACK][s H][3"[s J] HP
"][s G][YELLOW][RVSOFF][c K][RVSON][c K] •860 H$(18)-M$(17)iM$(19)="[s I][s J][s G
[RVSOFF][c F][RVSON][c K][BLACK][s H][s ][YELLOW][c C][RVS0FF][c I][c I][RVSON][
J][s K]" LI c V][BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][a G][YELLOW][
•760 M$(7)="[s I][a J][s G][YELLOW] [RVSO c C][RVSOFF][c I][c I][RVSON][c V][BLACK
FF][c I][c I][RVSON] [BLACK][s H][3"[s J ][s H][3"[a J]"][s G][YELLOW] [c C][c V]
]"][s G][YELLOW] [c C][c V] [BLACK][s H] [BLACK][s H][s J][s K][RVSOFF][6" "][RV
[3"[s J]"][s G][YELL0W][c C][RVSOFF][c I S0N][s H]" ML
][c I][RVS0N][c V][BLACK][s H][s J][s K] ■870 H$(20)-M$(8)+"[6"[s S]"][s H]":M$(21
GC )="[s I][26"[s J]"][s K][6"[s T]"][s H]" GO
•770 M$(8)="[s I][s J][s P][4"[s Q]"][s R •880 M$(22)="[s I][26"[s J]"][s K]"+"[7"
][s I][s J][s K][s P][4"[s Q]"][s R][s I "][c U]" OG
][s J][s K][s P][4"[s Q]"][s R][s J][s K •890 L$="[][][D0WN][4"[LEFT]11]OO[D0WN][
]":M$(9)=H$(3) IH 4"[LEFT]M][]nED0WN][4"[LEFT]"]<><>":LI$
•780 M$(10)="[s I][s J][s G][YELLOW][c D] (0)="[RVSOFF][BLACK]"+LS:LI$(l)="[RVSON]
[c F][c D][c F][BLACK][s H][3"[s J]"][s [YELLOW]"+L$:G0T0100 LD
G][YELLOW][c D][c I][c I][c F][BLACK][s •899 : DI
H][3"[s J]"][s G][YELLOW][c D][c I][c I] •900 DATA 169,0,133,251,133,253,169,208,1
AHOYl 95
33,252,169,240,133,254,162,16,160 KK ■1104 DATA 3,255,240,1,255,192,1,254,0 DI
•901 DATA 0,177,251,145,253,136,208,249,2 ■1105 DATA 7,255,192,15,255,224,15,255,24
30,252,230,254,202,208,240,96 CG 0 FN
•907 : DI •1106 DATA 15,255,240,7,255,240,3,255,224
•1000 DATA 0,255,255,255,255,255,255,255, ,0 U
255 Mil •1109 : DI
•1001 DATA 27,255,128,128,128,128,128,128 •1110 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH
,128 EG •1111 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH
•1002 DATA 29,255,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 MN •1112 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH
-1003 DATA 60,128,128,128,128,128,128,128 •1113 DATA 0,0,0,3,255,128,7,255,192 EM
,128 LA •1114 DATA 15,255,192,3,255,128,0,127,128 MN
•1004 DATA 62,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 KG •1115 DATA 3,255,224,7,255,240,15,255,240 131
•1005 DATA 128,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 EF •1116 DATA 15,255,240,15,255,224,7,255,19
•1006 DATA 155,0,127,127,127,127,127,127, 2,0 AC
127 HC ■1119 : DI
-1007 DATA 157,0,254,254,254,254,254,254, •1120 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH
254 CF ■1121 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,254,0 PP
•1008 DATA 158,255,231,195,129,231,231,23 •1122 DATA 1,255,0,15,165,240,62,0,124 CK
1,103 ML •1123 DATA 120,0,30,248,255,31,249,255,15
•1009 DATA 188,127,127,127,127,127,127,12 9 GO
7,127 IH •1124 DATA 253,255,191,124,255,62,62,126,
•1010 DATA 190,254,254,254,254,254,254,25 124 FL
4,254 IE •1125 DATA 63,255,252,31,255,248,15,255,2
•1011 DATA 193,0,255,14,240,199,159,62,0 GP 40 MP
•1012 DATA 194,15,240,7,254,252,0,127,0 L0 •1126 DATA 15,255,240,15,255,240,7,255,22
•1013 DATA 195,128,60,249,3,243,121,28,0 JK 4,0 GI
•1014 DATA 196,1,60,159,192,207,158,56,0 EJ •1129 : DI
•1015 DATA 197,240,15,224,127,63,0,254,0 OA •1130 DATA 0,126,0,1,255,128,7,255,224 MA
•1016 DATA 198,0,255,112,15,227,249,124,0 DL •1131 DATA 15,255,240,28,24,56,30,24,120 KK
•1017 DATA 199,140,206,134,150,146,154,15 •1132 DATA 31,153,248,25,255,152,28,126,5
2,156 CP 6 FC
■10L8 DATA 200,49,115,97,105,73,89,25,57 HL -1133 DATA 30,0,120,31,0,248,15,129,240 GL
•1019 DATA 201,0,127,0,255,255,255,255,25 •1134 DATA 15,231,240,7,255,224,7,255,224 PE
5 JJ •1135 DATA 3,255,192,3,255,192,1,255,128 Dil
•1020 DATA 202,0,255,0,255,255,255,255,25 •1136 DATA 0,255,0,0,126,0,0,24,0,0 AG
5 IK •1139 : DI
•1021 DATA 203,0,254,0,255,255,255,255,25 •1140 DATA 1,255,128,7,255,224,31,255,248 UN
5 HI •1141 DATA 63,255,252,127,255,254,127,255
•1022 DATA 208,0,63,159,192,255,255,255,2 ,254 HG
55 AB -1142 DATA 255,255,255,255,255,255,255,25
•1023 DATA 209,0,255,255,0,255,255,255,25 5,255 NI
5 OH ■1143 DATA 255,255,255,255,255,255,127,25
•1024 DATA 210,0,252,249,3,255,255,255,25 5,254 ND
5 OA •1144 DATA 127,255,254,63,255,252,31,255,
•1025 DATA 211,255,255,255,60,60,24,60,60 MM 248 EO
-1026 DATA 212,126,126,126,60,60,24,60,25 •1145 DATA 7,255,224,1,255,128,0,0,0 LK
5 PE ■1146 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 NC
•1027 DATA 213,255,135,156,176,224,240,24 ■1199 : DI
0,224 DJ •1200 DATA 30,16,16,169,5, 23,16,213,169,
•1028 DATA 214,254,128,0,0,0,0,0,0 PP 4, 14,16,140,169,4, 5,16,67,169,4 PF
•1029 DATA 215,127,1,0,0,0,0,0,0 DA ■1201 DATA 23,10,213,121,4, 14,10,140,121
•1030 DATA 216,255,225,57,13,7,15,15,7 GO ,4, 5,10,67,121,4, 23,4,213,73,4 1,1)
•1031 DATA -1 OE •1202 DATA 14,4,140,73,4, 5,4,67,73,4 FL
•1099 : DI ■1209 : DI
•1100 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH •1210 DATA 3,10,13,14,1,6,6,7,6,6,6,6,6,0
•1101 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH ,3,15,8,10,14,13,7 NC
-1102 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 JH -1219 : DI
•1103 DATA 0,0,0,1,255,192,3,255,224 CB •1220 DATA 60,65,12,65,60,60,140,121,140,
96 AHOY!
121,140,121,A HI COAO: FO OC CE 52 C3 AD 52 C3 A6
C0A8: 8D F8 07 AC 77 CO EE 52 FB
■1229 : D1
■1230 DATA 160,0,185,93,192,240,12,200,19 COBO: C3 4C A5 CO EE 54 C3 AD DB

2,9,208,246,160,1,169,0,108,5,0,96 DP C0B8: 54 C3 C9 05 DO 03 20 09 9C

•4999 : DI COCO: CB A5 FC C9 3C BO 01 60 47
■5000 COO:FOR I=49152TO49184:READ A:CC=C C0C8: C9 5D BO 03 AC OD Cl C9 88
C+A:NEXT FD CO DO: 7D BO 03 4C EC CO C9 9D 63
ES 900-901":ST0P PG COEO: 03 AC EC CO C9 DD BO 03 39
•5030 READ A:COCC+A:TF A=-l THEN 5050 HA COFO: BO 01 60 A5 FB C9 4 7 BO 66
■5040 GOTO 5030 GD C0F8: 03 4C 1C Cl A5 FB C9 CB 5D
■5050 IF CCO37856 THEN PRINT"ERROR IN LI C100: BO 01 60 A5 FB C9 D7 BO 06
NES 1[3"OM]-1O31":STOP GL C108: 03 AC 1C Cl 60 A5 FB C9 01
■5060 PRINT"C1IARACTER DATA OK":FOR I=0TO4 C110 : 83 BO 01 60 C9 8F BO 03 B2
:CC(I)=O:NEXT FG C118: AC 1C Cl 60 A5 FC C9 DD EC
■5070 CS(O)=5O83:CS(1)=4895:CS(2)=7O35:CS C120: DO 01 60 E6 FC A5 FC 8D 66
(3)=6822:CS(4)=10317 LJ C128: 01 DO 60 EE 54 C3 AD 54 63
•5080 FOR J=0T04:F0R I=0T063 GG C130: C3 C9 05 DO 03 20 09 CB 8B
•5090 READ A:CC(J)=CC(J)+A:NEXT KF C138: A5 FC C9 DE 90 01 60 C9 3F
•5100 NEXT:FOR I-0T04 DP C140: BE 90 03 4C 7E Cl C9 9E 87
•5110 IF CC(I)OCS(I) THEN PRINT"ERROR IN C148: 90 03 4C 63 Cl C9 7E 90 26
LINES"1100+I*10I1T0"1106+I*10:ST0P HN C150: 03 AC 7E Cl C9 5E 90 03 9B
•5120 PRINT"SPRITE"I+1"OK" LJ C158: 4C 63 Cl C9 3E 90 03 4C Bl
•5130 NEXT:COO CG C160: 7E Cl 60 A5 FB C9 3B BO 58
•5140 FOR I=1TO1O4 OP C168: 01 60 C9 47 BO 03 4C 8D 68
•5150 READ A:CC=CC+A LF C170: Cl C9 CB BO 01 60 C9 D7 7B
■5160 NEXT:IF CCO6382 THEN PRINT"ERROR I C178: BO 03 4C 8D Cl 60 A5 FB C9
N LINES 1200-1230":STOP OJ C180: C9 83 BO 01 60 C9 8F BO E9
•5170 PRINTALL DATA OK" KI C188: 03 4C 8D Cl 60 A5 FC C9 F3
C190: 3D DO 01 60 C6 FC A5 FC 66
WIZARD TAG C198: 8D 01 DO 60 A9 EE 36 C3 EA
FROM PACE 31 C1A0: AD 36 C3 C9 08 DO 21 A9 B5
C1A8: 00 8D 36 C3 AD 37 C3 C9 A2
Starting address in hex: COOO
C1B0: C6 FO 06 CE 37 C3 AC BC 41
Ending address in hex: CC87
C1B8: Cl EE 37 C3 AD 37 C3 8D 9A
SYS to start: 49152
C1C0: F9 07 8D FA 07 8D FB 07 El
Flankspeed required for entry! See page 93.
C1C8: 60 00 AD IE DO C9 00 FO 80
COOO : 4C 67 C5 EA EA EA AD 00 E7 C1D0: 3A 8D 50 C3 A2 00 BD 38 45
COOS : DC C9 77 DO 03 AC 26 CO 2D C1D8: C3 CD 50 C3 FO 24 E8 EO 5D
CO 10: C9 7B DO 03 4C 6D CO C9 6D C1E0: OF DO F3 A2 00 BD 47 C3 20
C018: 7D DO 03 4C B4 CO C9 7E 73 C1E8: CD 50 C3 FO 18 E8 EO 03 AO
C020: DO 03 4C 2B Cl 60 EE 54 DO C1F0: DO F3 AD 50 C3 C9 81 FO B3
C028: C3 AD 54 C3 C9 05 FO IF 90 C1F8: OF A9 00 8D IE DO 8D 50 OC
C030: A2 00 A5 FC DD 4A C3 FO 52 C200: C3 60 4C OE C4 AC D8 C2 2B
C038: 06 E8 EO 06 DO F4 60 A5 D9 C208: 4C CC C4 60 00 00 00 00 46
C040 : FB C9 FE FO F9 E6 FB E6 B9 C210: AD IB D4 C9 E6 90 28 AD C4
C048: FB A5 FB 8D 00 DO 60 A9 4E C213: 32 C3 C9 02 FO 12 CE 02 AD
C050: 00 8D 54 C3 AD 51 C3 C9 82 G220: DO AD 02 DO C9 18 DO 05 29
C058: C2 FO OC CE 51 C3 AD 51 FA C228: A9 02 8D 32 C3 4C 3F C2 A5
C060: C3 8D F8 0 7 4C 30 CO EE DD C23O: EE 02 DO AD 02 DO C9 EO ID
C068: 51 C3 4C 5E CO EE 54 C3 EF C238: DO 05 A9 01 8D 32 C3 AD E9
C070: AD 54 C3 C9 05 FO IF A2 B7 C240: IB D4 C9 C8 90 28 AD 33 5C
C07 8: 00 A5 FC DD 4A C'J FO 06 FD C248: C3 C9 02 FO 12 CE OA DO 7E
C080 : E8 EO 06 DO F4 60 A5 FB 18 C250: AD 04 DO C9 18 DO 05 A9 3A
C088: C9 12 FO F9 C6 FB C6 FB D4 C258: fil 8D 33 C3 4C 6E C2 EE 4B
C090: A5 FB 8D 00 DO 60 A9 00 9A C260: 04 DO AD 04 DO C9 EO DO 33
C098: 8D 54 C3 AD 52 C3 C9 CO 8C C268: 05 A9 01 8D 33 C3 AD IB 65
AHOY! 97
C2 7O: D4 C9 C8 90 28 AD 34 C3 36 C440: Fl AD 03 DO 8D 56 C3 18 73
C278: C9 02 FO 12 CE 06 DO AD 9A C448: AD 02 DO 69 OC 8D 55 C3 E4
C280: 06 DO C9 18 DO 05 A9 02 BA C450: AD 28 DO 8D 27 DO 4C 86 4F
C288: 8D 34 C3 4C 9D C2 EE 06 AF C458: C4 AD 05 DO 8D 56 C3 18 60
C2 90: DO AD 06 DO C9 EO
DO 05 66 C460: AD 04 DO 69 OC 8D 55 C3 FE
C298: A9 01 8D 34 C3 60 00 00 29 C468: AD 29 DO 8D 27 DO 4C 86 68
C2A0: 00 A9 3D 8D 09 DO 20 CE DD C470: C4 AD 07 DO 8D 56 C3 18 7A
C2A8: C2 8D 08 DO AO 00 AD IB 3B C478: AD 06 DO 69 OC 8D 55 C3 19
C2B0: DA C9 05 BO F9 AA BD 4B B2 C480: AD 2A DO 8D 27 DO A9 CO 19
C2B8: C3 99 OB DO 20 CE C2 99 3D C488: 8D F8 07 20 29 C5 20 9D E2
C2C0: OA DO C8 C8 CO 06 DO E6 AB CA90: Cl AD 00 DO CD 55 C3 BO 68
C2C8: AD LE DO DO DF 60 AD IB 3F C4 98: 06 EE 00 DO 4C A2 CA CE EO
C2D0: D4 C9 U 90 F9 60 00 00 6E C4A0: 00 DO AD 01 DO CD 56 C3 D8
C2D8: AD 50 C3 C9 11 DO OF 38 8D C4A8: BO 06 EE 01 DO AC B3 C4 E4
C2E0: AD 15 DO E9 10 8D 15 DO El C4B0: CE 01 DO EE F8 07 AD F8 E6
C2E8: EE 35 C3 4C C8 C3 C9 21 94 C4B8: 07 C9 C5 DO 05 A9 CO 8D ID
C2F0: DO OC 38 AD 15 DO E9 20 A3 CACO: F8 07 AD 59 C3 FO C4 60 Al
C2F8: 8D 15 DO 4C E8 C2 C9 41 6F C4C8: 00 00 00 00 A9 21 8D 63 8A
C300: DO OC 38 AD 15 DO E9 40 D2 C4D0: C3 A9 20 8D 9C C3 AD B8 B2
C308: 8D 15 DO 4C E8 C2 60 A2 76 CAD8: C3 8D 79 CB A 9 06 8D B8 65
C310: 00 BD 9B C8 9D 00 D4 E8 8D C4E0: C3 20 F4 CA 20 9D Cl 20 24
C318: EO 19 DO F5 60 05 01 00 3F CAE8: 5A C3 EE 57 C3 AD 57 C3 D9
C320: 82 AD IE FE DD EO 3A 18 7E C4F0: C9 00 DO ED A9 7F 8D 15 45
C328: 7 A EO BA 6B 40 73 6D 40 OB CAF8: DO AD 79 CB 8D B8 C3 A9 70
C330: 7D 00 01 02 01 00 04 C6 7C C500: 00 8D 63 C3 8D 9C C3 8D 30
C338: 03 05 09 13 15 19 23 25 D2 C508: 50 C3 8D IE DO 20 OF C3 8B
C340: 29 43 45 49 83 85 89 11 DE C510: 20 Al C2 CE B8 C3 EE 7B 4A
C348: 21 41 3D 5D 7D 9D BD DD FB C518: C9 A9 01 8-D 05 C9 AD IE BA
C350: 00 C3 Cl C5 03 74 7A 23 BO C520: DO DO DC 20 65 cc 60 04 55
C358: FB 00 CE IE C3 AD IE C3 94 C528: 00 A9 09 8D 07 D4 AD IB OD
C360: DO 29 A9 00 8D 04 D4 A9 14 C530: DA 8D 08 D4 A9 81 8D OB 33
C368: LI 8D OB D4 A9 01 8D LE 3D C538: D4 20 F4 CA A9 80 8D OB AF
C37O: C3 CE 20 C3 AD 20 C3 DO 49 C5A0: D4 EE 28 C5 AD 28 C5 C9 57
C378: L2 EE IF C3 AE IF C3 EO CE C548: 00 DO 08 EE 59 C3 A9 00 D6
C380: 60 DO 18 A9 01 8D 20 C3 E5 C550: 8D 28 C5 60 C5 AD 31 C5 96
C388: 8D IF C3 A9 00 8D ID C3 11 C558: C9 64 DO 08 EE 59 C3 A9 15
C390: EE ID C3 AD ID C3 C9 05 BD C560: 00 8D 31 C5 60 00 FB A9 EA
C398: DO F6 60 A9 00 8D 04 DA DO C568: 93 20 D2 FF EA EA EA EA 9A
C3A0: A9 11 8D OB D4 BD B4 C8 04 C570: 20 7C C9 A2 00 BD IB C6 19
C3A8: 8D 00 DA 8D 07 D4 BD 18 4A C578: 9D 00 30 E8 EO 00 DO F5 D6
C3B0: C9 8D 01 DA 8D 08 D4 A9 Fl C580: A2 00 BD IB C7 9D 00 31 92
C3B8: 1A 8D IE C3 18 6D IE C3 A3 C588: E8 EO 00 DO F5 A2 00 BD 79
C3C0: 8D 20 C3 4C 8B C3 00 00 CD C590: IB C8 9D 00 32 E8 EO 80 8E
C3C8: A9 00 8D 57 C3 AD B8 C3 45 C598: DO F5 A2 00 BD 23 C3 9D 44
C3D0: 8D 79 CB A9 06 8D B8 C3 5D C5A0: 00 DO BD F3 C5 9D F8 07 86
C3D8: 20 F4 CA 20 9D Cl 20 5A B2 C5A8: E8 EO 08 DO EF A2 00 BD 9B
C3E0: C3 EE 57 C3 AD 57 C3 C9 41 C5B0: FB C5 9D 10 DO E8 EO IF D9
C3E8: 23 DO ED AD 35 C3 C9 03 3E C5B8: DO F5 A2 00 A9 AO 9D 00 OA
C3F0: DO OA A9 8F 8D 15 DO A9 22 C5C0: 04 9D AO 04 9D 40 05 9D 87
C3F8: 00 8D 35 C3 A9 00 8D IE D4 C5C8: EO 05 9D 80 06 9D 20 07 97
C400: DO 8D 50 C3 AD 79 CB 8D F2 C5D0: 9D CO 07 A9 00 9D 00 D8 56
C408: B8 C3 60 CA 00 00 A2 00 52 C5D8: 9D AO D8 9D 40 D9 9D EO 26
C410: BD 38 C3 CD 50 C3 FO 29 C5 C5E0: D9 9D 80 DA 9D 20 DB 9D EA
C418: E8 E8 E8 EO OF DO Fl A2 28 C5E8: CO DB E8 EO 20 DO CD 4C 5A
C420: 00 BD 39 C3 CD 50 C3 FO AD C5F0: 95 C9 00 CO C6 C6 C6 C8 2E
C428: 30 E8 E8 E8 EO OF DO Fl C5 C5F8: C8 C8 C9 00 IB 2F 22 82 A3
C430: A2 00 BD 3A C3 CD 50 C3 70 C600: 7F C8 00 15 78 FO 00 81 48
C438: FO 37 E8 E8 E8 EO OF DO DB C608: OE 00 00 OB 09 Fl F2 F3 03

98 AHOY!
C610: OA 00 06 OD 04 OE 01 01 41 C7E0: 55 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 33
C618: 01 OD 61 00 00 00 00 00 87 C7E8: 24 24 42 42 42 42 42 42 BE
C620: 00 00 OC 00 00 3F 00 00 6B C7F0: 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 12
C628: 33 00 00 14 00 00 04 00 73 C7F8: 24 24 24 24 42 42 42 42 92
C630: 00 04 00 00 2A 00 00 2A 88 C800: 42 42 24 24 24 3C 3C 3C A5
C638: 00 00 2A 00 00 2A 00 00 8C C808: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08
C640: 2A 00 00 2E 00 00 14 00 AC C810: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10
C648: 00 44 00 00 44 00 00 41 12 C81S: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 18
C650: 00 00 40 40 00 CO CO 03 55 C820: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20
C658: C3 CO 00 00 00 00 00 00 DC C828: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28
C660: 00 00 30 00 00 FC 00 00 8D C830: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 30
C668: cc 00 00 50 00 00 10 00 95 C838: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 38
C670: 00 10 00 00 28 00 00 2A D2 C840: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40
C678: 00 00 2A 00 00 2A 00 00 CC C848: FC 00 00 cc 00 00 C7 FF D9
C680: 28 00 00 2C 00 00 14 00 E8 C850: FE cc 06 AA FC 07 OA 00 DA
C688: 00 14 00 00 14 00 00 14 C4 C858: 02 OA 00 00 00 00 00 00 64
C690: 00 00 15 00 00 33 00 00 D8 C860: 00 02 AA 80 OA AA AO OA EC
C698: cc 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 65 C868: AA AO OA 55 AO OA AA AO 09
C6A0: 00 00 30 00 00 FC 00 00 CD C870: OA AA AO 09 55 60 05 D7 61
C6A8: cc 00 00 50 00 00 40 00 06 C878: 50 05 55 50 05 55 50 07 25
C6B0: 00 40 00 00 AO 00 02 AO 34 C880: D7 DO OD 55 70 31 69 4C E2
C6B8: 00 02 AO 00 02 AO 00 02 FF C888: 33 55 CC 30 FF OC 30 FF 4A
C6C0: AO 00 03 AO 00 00 50 00 55 C890: OC 00 3C 00 00 00 00 00 D8
C6C8: 00 44 00 00 44 00 01 01 53 C898: 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 00 AO
C6D0: 00 01 01 00 03 03 00 03 DB C8A0: 09 09 00 00 00 00 00 09 BB
C6D8: C3 CO 00 00 00 00 00 00 5D C8A8: B5 80 80 00 00 80 09 09 Fl
C6E0: 00 00 oc 00 00 3F 00 00 2C C8B0: 00 00 00 8F C3 61 8F 18 OD
C6E8: 33 00 00 14 00 00 10 00 40 C8B8: D2 8F 61 D2 C3 8F 61 C3 C7
C6F0: 00 10 00 00 AO 00 00 AO 42 C8C0: DA 68 OC 30 8F 61 OC 61 9E
C6F8: 00 00 AO 00 00 AO 00 00 3A C8C8: 61 8F 61 OC 47 OC OC 00 86
C700: AO 00 00 BO 00 00 50 00 Al C8D0: OC 61 8F D2 8F 61 D2 C3 28

C708: 00 50 00 00 50 00 00 44 EC C8D8: 8F 61 C3 DA 68 OC 30 8F 9C
C710: 00 00 84 00 00 CC 00 00 61 C8E0: OC 98 61 61 8F 61 OC 47 8C
33 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4B C8E8: OC OC 00 00 00 18 D2 C3 AF
00 FC 00 00 4D C8F0: D2 18 D2 D2 D2 18 D2 C3 03
C720: 00 00 30 00
00 10 00 15 C8F8: Dl C3 D2 18 C3 Dl IF Dl FF
C728: cc 00 00 10 00
00 AS 91
00 C900: C3 D2 18 18 8F 01 18 00 6F
C73O: 00 10 00 00 A8
AB 00 00 8C C908: 00 18 D2 C3 D2 18 D2 D2 47
C738: 00 00 A8 00 00
00 00 54 00 E5 C910: B2 D2 D2 C3 Dl 00 FF 20 3E
C740: A8 00 00 A8
00 44 00 00 44 15 C918: 10 08 OA OE OF OA 08 OF 78
C748: 00 44 00
00 CO 00 00 5D C920: 10 OA 08 10 OB 09 07 OB 78
C75O: 00 00 4C 00
00 00 00 00 00 19 C928: OA 08 07 08 08 OA 08 07 6A
C758: CO 00 00
C76O: 00 00 00 00 00 30 00 00 90 C930: 06 07 07 00 07 08 OA OF 6C

C768: FC 00 00 FC 00 00 10 00 72 C938: OA 08 OF 10 OA 08 10 OB 96
C7 7O: 00 10 00 00 A8 00 00 AB D4 C940: 09 07 OB OA 07 05 08 08 81
00 00 C9 C948: OA 08 07 06 07 07 00 00 75
C778: 00 00 A8 00 00 A8
C780: A8 00 00 A8 00 00 54 00 26 C950: 00 OE OF 10 OF OE OF OF B8

C788: 00 44 00 00 44 00 00 44 55 C958: OF OE OF 10 12 10 OF OE D3

C790: 00 00 C4 00 00 OC 00 00 61 C960: 10 12 15 12 10 OF OE OE E4
C798: oc 00 00 7F FF FF 2A AA F8 C968: OC OC OE 00 00 OE OF 10 BB

C7A0: AA 42 42 42 42 42 4 2 42 IB C970: OF OE OF OF OF OF OF 10 E8
C7A8: 42 42 24 24 24 24 24 24 06 C978: 12 00 00 01 A2 00 A9 07 DE

C7B0: 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 C2 C980: 9D 00 D8 9D FF D8 9D FE OA

C7B8: 42 42 42 42 24 24 24 24 52 C988: D9 9D E7 DA E8 EO 00 DO 5D
24 24 42 42 42 E7 77 77 A6 C990: EF 60 00 00 00 A2 00 A9 2D
00 00 00 00 C8 C998: 66 9D AE 04 9D 45 05 9D D4
C7C8: 00 00 00 00
C7D0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO C9A0: 57 05 9D EE 05 9D 85 06 B7

C7D8: 00 00 00 7F FF FF 55 55 03 C9A8: 9D 97 06 9D 2E 07 BD 2B 9F
AHOY! 99
CB80 : 20 OF 16 05 12 10 12 05 04
C9B0: C3 9D D6 04 9D FE 04 9D 2B
7F 05 85 CB88 : 13 13 20 20 06 09 12 05 15
C9B8: 6D 05 9D 95 05 9D
9D 16 06 9D 3E AO CB90 : A2 00 BD 2A CC 9D 49 04 D2
C9C0: 9D A7 05
CB98 : BD 38 CC 9D Cl 04 BD 46 C2
C9C8: 06 9D AD 06 9D D5 06 9D 37
9D E7 06 9D 56 07 ID CBAO : CC 9D 01 06 BD 54 CC 9D 8E
C9D0: BF 06
2E C3 9D 26 6F CBA8 : 79 06 A9 07 9D 49 D8 9D 36
C9D8: 9D IE 0 7 BD
05 9D BD 05 9D CF 05 9D 56 CBBO : Cl D8 9D 01 DA 9!) 79 DA B6
C9E8: 66 06 9D FD 06 9D OF 07 AA CBB8 : E8 EO 07 DO D5 A2 00 BD 90
C9F0: 9D A6 07 E8 EO 03 DO 9F 79 CBCO : 31 CC 9D 71 04 BD 3F CC 9B

C9F8: A2 00 A9 AO 9D 47 04 9D 6C CBC8 : 91) E9 04 BD AD CC 9D 29 F2

CAOO: E7 04 9D 87 05 9D 27 06 EO CBDO : 06 BD 5B CC 9D Al 06 A9 AB
CA08: 9D C7 06 9D 67 07 A9 00 29 CBD8 : OD 9D 71 D8 9D E9 D8 9D CB
CA1O: 9D 47 D8 9D E7 D8 9D 87 51 CBEO : 29 DA 9D Al DA E8 EO 07 CF
GA18: D9 9D 27 DA 9D C7 DA 9D 6F CBE8 : DO D5 A9 07 8D 77 D8 8D AE
CA20: 67 DB 18 8A 69 28 AA EO 23 CBFO : El) D8 8D 2E DA 8D A4 DA 5B
CA28: 78 DO CF A9 14 8D B8 C3 09 CBF8 : A2 00 BD 85 CB 9D 52 04 9E
CA3O: A9 00 8D IF C3 8D 20 C3 BB CCOO : BD IF CC 9D 5D 04 E8 EO 72
CA38: 8D 7A C9 8D 59 C3 8D 50 92 CCO 8 : OB DO EF AD 00 DC 29 10 97
CA40: C3 8D 35 C3 A9 01 81) IE BO CC10 : DO F9 A2 00 A9 20 9D 52 37
CA48: C3 8D 7B C9 20 OF C3 Ay 7B CC18 : 04 -E8 EO 16 DO F8 GO 20 46
CA5O: 00 8D IE DO 20 Al C2 AD FE CC20 : 20 14 OF 20 20 13 u 01 CE
CA58: IE DO DO F3 AD 00 DO 85 10 CC28 : 12 14 E9 AO AO AO AO AO 5E
GA6O: FB AD 01 DO 85 FC A9 01 09 CC30 : AO 97 89 9A 81 92 84 69 8ii
CA68: 8D 32 C3 8D 34 C3 8D 33 32 CC38 : 20 E9 AO AO AO 20 20 20 84
CA7O: C3 BE 33 C3 20 90 CB 4C E2 CC40 : 94 81 87 69 20 20 E9 AO 12
CA78: BC CA FB 40 FB 00 FB FB 30 CC4S : AO AO AO AO 20 8C 85 96 93
CA8O: 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF 80 CC50 : 85 8C 69 20 20 E9 AO AO 37
CA88: 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 77 FF CC58 : 20 20 20 20 BO BO 69 20 C3
CA9O: 24 FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF B4 CC60 : 20 2 0 FB 00 FB AD A3 06 EF
CA98: 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 77 10 CC68 : C9 B9 FO 04 EE A3 06 60 D9
CAAO: 00 FF 00 FF 27 FF 25 FF EC CC70 : A9 BO 8D A3 06 EE A2 06 99
CAA8: 24 FF 00 FF 25 FF 00 55 47 CC78 : 60 02 OF 02 02 OC 01 03 FD
CABO: 14 FF 00 FF 25 FF 35 FF IF CC80 : OB OD 05 12 00 FF 00 FF AF
CABS: 37 FF 17 77 AE 7B C9 20 92
17 \
20 06 CO
A J\
20 CA Cl 23 FROM PAGE 29
fc. A E, A r,A AD 7A C9 FO OB 7F
Startim 1 address In hex: COOO
CAD8: EA EA EA A9 00 8D 7A C9 15
Ending address in hex: C707
CAEO: 4C BC CA AD 59 C3 FO 03 73
SYS to Itort: 49152
CAE8: 4C 2A CB 20 5A C3 20 F4 7E
CAFO: CA 4C BC CA Flankspeed required For entry! See page 93
A9 06 8D 27 F3
CAF8: C5 A2 00 E8 EO 00 DO FB F7 cooo : A9 8A AO C4 20 IE AB 20 A3
CBOO: CE 27 C5 AD 27 C5 DO Fl 19 C008 : 3A C4 AO 00 B9 D5 C5 99 96
CB08: 60 A9 00 8D 54 C3 AD 53 B8 CO 10 : CO 36 C8 CO CO 90 F5 AO 78
CB10: C3 C9 C4 FO OA CE 53 C3 43 CO 18 : 7F A9 00 99 80 37 88 10 2B
CB18: AD 53 C3 8D F8 07 60 EE B9 CO 20 : FA A8 A9 7E 99 80 37 C8 06
CB20 : 53 C3 4C 18 CB 80 7B 80 E3 C028 : C8 C8 CO 40 90 F6 A 9 3C 28
CB28: 5A 80 A2 00 BD 7A CB 9D 47 CO 30 : 8D C3 37 8D CF 37 A9 7E 75
CB3O: C2 05 BD 85 CB 9D 02 07 AD C038 : 8D C6 37 8D C9 37 8D CC AC
CB38: E8 EO OB DO EF A9 41 8D 46 C040 : 37 AO 18 B9 7C C5 99 00 C5
CB4O: 63 C3 A9 4 0 8D 9C C3 A9 E8 C048 : D4 88 10 F7 AO 06 B9 35 43
CB48: 09 81) B8 C3 20 5A C3 20 B9 CO 50 : C5 99 F8 07 88 10 F7 A9 E9
CB5O: F4 CA AD 00 DC 29 DO A4
10 CO 5 8 : OF 8D 2D DO A9 01 8D 27 52
CB58: F3 A2 00 AD 7E CB 9D C2 47 CO 60 : DO A9 3E 8D 1C DO A9 06 43
CB6O: 05 9D 02 07 E8 EO OB DO Bl C068 : 8D 26 DO A9 OE 8D 25 DO 28
CB68: F5 A9 00 8D 63 C3 8D 9C E6 CO 70 : A9 40 8D 17 DO A9 00 8D 07
C87O: C3 A9 14 8D B8 C3 4C 00 48 CO78 ; ID DO 8D IB DO 20 5A C3 IE
CB78: CO 11 07 01 OD 05 20 20 A4 C080 : A9 33 8D 3F 04 20 2D C3 3F
100 AHOY!
C088: A9 48 8D D8 C4 8D 00 DO 04 C258 00 DC 29 03 A8 B9 E4 C4 6D
C090: A9 01 8D D9 C4 OD 10 DO 55 C26O 4C 70 C2 C9 05 BO 03 20 82
C098: 8D 10 DO 20 F2 Cl A9 00 85 C268 EB C2 AC DC C4 B9 20 C5 05
COAO: 8D DE C4 20 13 C2 A9 7F PC C27O 8D DC C4 A5 A2 29 3F 8D DD
COA8: 8D 15 DO A9 05 8D DD C4 FA C278 DB C4 60 18 AD D8 C4 79 56
CO BO: AD 00 DC 29 03 AA 18 AD D7 C280 FO C4 AA AD D9 C4 79 F8 9F
COB8: DD C4 7D EO C4 C9 03 90 DB C288 C4 AC D7 C4 20 AF C2 C9 F2
COCO: 14 C9 10 BO 10 8D DD C4 9F C290. 20 DO OB A5 FD 8D D8 C4 5B
C0C8: OA 18 69 C6 8D 01 DO 18 92 C298 A5 FE 8D D9 C4 60 C9 05 98
CODO: 69 08 8D OD DO A2 19 20 89 C2A0 BO 03 20 EB C2 AC DA C4 6F
CODS: 31 C4 AD 00 DC 29 10 DO 63 C2A8 B9 20 C5 8D DA C4 60 84 5A
COEO: CF A2 54 8E OB D4 E8 8E 8D C2B0 FC 86 FD 85 FE A9 00 85 E5
C0E8: OB D4 A9 01 8D DC C4 A9 4C C2B8 A7 A9 04 85 A8 38 98 E9 F6
COFO: AO 8D DB C4 AD DD C4 4A 5A C2C0 30 4A 4A 4A A8 18 A5 A7 DD
C0F8: 4A 49 03 29 03 8D DA C4 E8 C2C8- 69 28 85 A7 A5 A8 69 00 3F
C1OO: A2 05 20 31 C4 AD DD C4 OE C2D0 85 A8 88 DO FO 38 8A E9 F5
C108 : FO OA OA 18 69 CE 8D OD F7 C2D8 14 85 05 A5 FE E9 00 4A 50
C110: DO CE DD C4 38 AD 01 DO OA C2E0 66 0 5 46 05 4 6 05 A4 05 8C
C118: E9 02 8D 01 DO C9 70 BO 4E C2E8 Bl A7 60 A8 A9 07 99 28 BD
C120: DF 8D D7 C4 AD 8D 02 DO 38 C2F0: DO AD 3 2 04 48 BE 30 C5 A2
C128: FB E6 03 AD DF C4 FO 11 62 C2F8 AO 04 38 B9 30 04 69 00 2D
C130: 20 03 C2 18 AD DF C4 69 E9 C300: C9 3A 90 02 A9 30 99 30 3A
C138: 01 29 3F 8D DF C4 4C 52 72 C308: 04 88 10 EF CA DO E9 68 82
C140: Cl A4 04 AD 00 DC 29 10 6E C310: CD 32 04 FO OB AC 3F 04 FF
C148: 85 04 DO 06 98 FO 03 EE 24 C318: C8 CO 3A BO 03 8C 3F 04 5F
C150: DF C4 AC DC C4 A5 03 39 25 C320: A2 14 8E 04 D4 E8 8E 04 B9
C158: E8 C4 DO 03 20 IE C2 AC 87 C328; D4 8E DE C4 60 AO 00 B9 E9
C160: DA C4 A5 03 39 E8 C4 DO 60 C330: 30 04 D9 48 04 FO 05 BO 31
C168: 03 20 7B C2 18 AD DB C4 30 C338: OB 4C 4F C3 C8 CO 06 90 C2
C170: 69 03 A8 AD DC C4 69 00 3E C340; EE 4C 4F C3 AO 05 B9 30 IE
C178: C9 08 BO 06 8D DC C4 8C BC C348: 04 99 48 04 88 10 F7 AO 63
C180: DB C4 A2 02 20 31 C4 AD 89 C350: 05 A9 30 99 30 04 88 10 95
C188: D7 C4 C9 F6 BO 24 8D 01 49 C358: FA 60 A9 00 8D 20 DO 8D 69
C190: DO AD D8 C4 8D 00 DO AD B8 C360: 21 DO A9 8E AO C4 20 IE 2E
C198: 10 DO 29 FE OD D9 C4 8D DA C368: AB A9 50 85 39 85 3B A9 37
ClAO: 10 DO AD DE C4 FO 08 CE 9A C370; 04 85 3A A9 D8 85 3C A2 IB
C1A8: DE C4 DO 03 20 13 C2 4C 62 C373: 00 BD 95 C6 85 02 AO 00 BA
C1 BO: 24 Cl A9 7E 8D 15 DO 18 4A C380: 46 02 90 08 A9 AO 91 39 76
C1B8: A5 A2 69 28 C5 A2 DO FC C8 C388: A9 02 91 3B C8 CO 08 90 23
C1C0: CE 3F 04 AD 3F 04 C9 30 BD C390: EF 18 A5 39 69 08 85 39 A7
C1C8: FO 03 4C 88 CO A9 00 85 81 C398: 85 3B A5 3A 69 00 85 3A 62
C1D0: C6 EE 86 02 A2 18 AO OC 76 C3A0: 18 69 D4 85 3C E8 EO 73 F5
C1D8: 18 20 FO FF A9 C5 AO C4 D6 C3A8: 90 CF A9 4E 8D 66 05 A9 A3
C1E0: 20 IE AB A2 C8 20 31 C4 4C C3B0: OF 8D 66 D9 A9 OA 85 02 C8
C1E8: 20 E4 FF C9 OD DO E2 4C C4 C3B8: A6 02 BC 00 C5 BD OB C5 72
CIFO: 80 CO AO OF A9 03 99 CC F4 C3C0: AA 18 20 FO FF A9 BC AO 9B
C1F8: DB 88 10 FA A9 00 8D DF 7F C3C8: C4 20 IE AB C6 02 10 E8 39
C200: C4 A9 30 09 OF AA AO OF 11 C3D0: A9 00 8D 86 02 A9 04 85 C3
C208: BD 3C C5 99 CC 07 CA 88 88 C3DS; 02 A6 02 8A OA A8 BD 16 94
C210: 10 F6 60 A2 04 A9 00 9D 65 C3E0: C5 48 OA OA OA 18 69 18 A6
C218: 28 DO CA 10 FA 60 18 AD OD C3E8: 99 02 DO BD IB C5 48 OA 46
C22O: D7 C4 79 FO C4 A8 AE D8 1C C3F0: OA OA 18 69 34 99 03 DO 28
C228: C4 AD D9 C4 20 AF C2 C9 95 C3F8: 68 AA 68 A8 18 20 FO FF 46
C230: 20 DO 06 A5 FC 8D D7 C4 F3 C400: AO 03 A5 02 09 40 20 D2 87
C238: 60 AE D7 C4 EO EC 90 23 65 C408: FF 20 D2 FF 20 D2 FF A9 97
C240: AD DF C4 FO 25 38 A5 05 8B C410: 11 20 D2 FF A9 9D 20 D2 4E
C248: E9 OC C9 10 BO 1C AC DA 6C C4I8: FF 20 D2 FF 20 D2 FF 88 86
C25O: C4 B9 28 C5 8D DA C4 AD 97 C42O: DO EO C6 02 10 B3 A9 48 50
AHOY! 101
IMPORTANT! Letters on whi|e background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do nol enter theml Pages 91 and 92 explain these codes
IIVI F Ull I Mil I ! and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy! programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

C428: 8D OC DO A9 60 8D 10 DO OB C5E0: F4 9F FF F6 7D 55 7D EA A7
C430: 60 AO C8 C8 DO FD CA DO 2D C5E8: AA AB 55 55 55 59 A9 A9 EB
C438: FA 60 AD OE DC 29 FE 8D El C5F0: 69 99 99 59 99 99 59 99 OD
C440: OE DC A5 01 29 FB 85 01 7D C5F8: 99 6A A9 A9 55 55 55 EA 3B
C448: A9 DO 85 3C A9 38 85 3A 26 C600 : AA AB 7D 55 7D 9F FF F6 3D
C450: AO 00 84 3B 84 39 A2 08 19 C608: IF FF F4 25 FF 58 OA 55 F8
C458: Bl 3B 91 39 C8 DO F9 E6 8A C610: AO 00 AA 00 00 00 AA 00 06
C460: 3C E6 3A CA DO F2 A5 01 F2 C618: OA 55 AO 25 FF 58 IF FF B4
C468: 09 04 85 01 AD OE DC 09 9D C620: F4 9F FF F6 7D 55 7D EA E6
C470: 01 8D OE DC AD 18 DO 29 A9 C628: AA AB 55 55 55 5A 96 A5 15
C478: FO 09 OE 8D 18 DO AO 3F D6 C630: 59 56 65 5A 96 65 55 96 87
C480: B9 95 C5 99 08 3A 88 10 OA C638: 65 5A 96 A5 55 55 55 EA IF
C488: F7 60 8E 08 93 00 OD 20 38 C64 0: AA AB 7D 55 7D 9F FF F6 7D
C490: 20 IE 53 43 4F 52 45 20 6C C648: IF FF F4 25 FF 58 OA 55 39
C498: 05 30 30 30 30 30 30 20 DE C650: AO 00 AA 00 00 00 AA 00 46
C4A0: 20 20 9C 54 55 52 4E 53 IB C658: OA 55 AO 25 FF 58 IF FF F4
C4A8: 20 05 33 20 20 20 81 48 2B C660: F4 9F FF F6 7D 55 7D EA 27
C4B0: 49 47 48 20 05 30 30 30 3F C668: AA AB 55 55 55 56 56 A5 11
C4B8: 30 30 30 00 9E Cl C2 11 7D C670: 5A 56 65 56 56 65 56 56 45
C4C0: 9D 9D C3 C4 00 12 20 20 D6 C678: 65 5A 96 A5 55 55 55 EA 5F
C4C8: 50 52 45 53 53 20 52 45 OF C680: AA AB 7D 55 7D 9F FF F6 BD
C4D0; 54 55 52 4E 20 20 00 00 5B C688: IF FF F4 25 FF 58 OA 55 79
C4D8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8 C690: AO 00 AA 00 00 FF FF FF DB
C4E0: 00 01 FF 00 03 02 00 01 E7 C698: FF FF FF 00 00 00 FC OF A4
C4E8: 00 01 03 07 07 03 01 00 FE C6A0: 00 00 00 EO 03 00 00 00 84
C4F0: FF FF FF FF 01 01 01 01 F4 C6A8: CO 01 00 00 00 80 01 00 EB
C4F8: FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 00 F8 C6B0: 00 00 80 03 00 00 00 80 B4
C500: OB 11 14 1A 05 20 OD 18 94 C6B8: 03 00 00 00 AO 07 00 00 63
C508: OB 1A 13 05 04 04 05 OB 5D C6C0: 00 AO 07 00 3E 00 AO OF 56
C510: OB OB OB 11 11 15 08 12 82 C6C8: 00 00 00 BO OF 00 00 00 88
C518: 1C 06 IE 08 07 08 10 10 8F C6D0: B8 IF 00 00 00 B8 07 00 68
C520: 06 05 04 04 03 03 02 01 3C C6D8: 00 00 AO 01 00 00 00 AO IB
C528: 00 00 01 02 05 06 07 07 44 C6E0: 01 00 00 00 AO 03 00 00 85
C530: 05 OA 05 01 01 DF DC DB DE C6E8: 00 BO 03 00 00 00 BO 07 54
C538: DC DD DD DE 45 47 47 48 CB C6F0: 00 00 00 B8 OF 00 00 00 B8
C54O: 48 40 40 20 20 40 40 48 12 C6F8: BC 3F 00 00 00 BF FF 01 B5
C548: 48 47 47 46 45 E4 EF F9 79 C700: 00 CO BF FF OF 00 FO BF 40
C550: E2 78 77 20 20 77 78 E2 36
C568: 48 47 47 46 45 E3 F7 F8 9F FROM PAGE 32
C57O: 62 79 6F 20 20 6F 79 62 47
l_. D I O .
r a
r o
V 7
r /
c ^ n
u / lf\
I U f\f\
■J1) fifi
U D -11
* ttFM
Kr-rl EM

C580: 00 1A 09 C7 OA AO OC 00 22 -2 REM DEFAULT PROMPTER DA

C588: 1A OA BF 4F 00 00 00 00 BB •3 REM RUPERT REPORT #39 PB
O C Q fl fifi (if\ f\ fi f\f\ HI?
o t
fifi fi7
U / 1 r
1 T? / A a f,
I\EjI 1 FM


C5B8: 7F 7F 7F 3F OF FO FC FE 72 •9 REM JD
C5C8: FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 FF C8 •20 DFLT$="FILE#01" AL
C5D0: FF FF FF 00 00 00 AA 00 7B •30 FL$=DFLT$ : LF=LEN(FL$) BF
C5D8: OA 55 AO 25 FF 58 IF FF 75 •40 CSR$=C1IR$(175)+CHR$(157) OK

102 AHOY!
•50 BS$=CHR${20) : CR$=CHR$(13) NP CO60 : CA EO 00 FO 42 C8 Dl FB D5
•60 REM ================================= io C068: FO F6 8E FD 03 88 E8 EO 32
■70 PRINT PROMPTS;DFLT$;CSR$; AJ C070: 04 DO FA AO 00 Bl FB 91 20
-80 GOSUB 200 :REM GET FIRST KEY DJ C078: FD 20 01 Cl 20 OF Cl 20 6A
•90 IF K$=BS$ OR K$=CR$ THEN 120 EL C080: ID Cl A5 02 DO CC 4C 53 44
■100 GOSUB 500 :REM FIRST CHARACTER NL C088: CO 91 FD 20 01 Cl 20 OF EA
•110 GOSUB 200 :REM GET NEXT KEYSTROKE MI C090: Cl A9 7B 91 FD 20 OF Cl F7
•120 IF K$=BS$ THEN GOSUB 300 : GOTO 110 C098: A9 01 91 FD 20 OF Cl 20 E3
-130 IF K$=CR$ THEN GOTO 400 : REM DONE C0A8: 03 20 ID Cl A5 02 C9 FF 1C
•150 FL$=FL$+K$ : LF=LF+1 BA COCO: 10 AD FC 03 CO FF DO 05 15
•160 PRINT K$;CSR$; II C0C8: AO FF 4C Dl CO Dl FB FO 07
•170 GOTO 110 CC CODO: E6 8C FE 03 A9 7B AO 00 OC
•180 REM ====================,============ HD C0D8: 91 FD 20 OF Cl AD FC 03 07
■210 GET K$ : IF K$=M" THEN 210 GK C0E8: 91 FD 20 OF Cl A2 00 E8 F4
•220 IF K$=CR$ OR K$=BS$ THEN 240 EM COFO: 20 01 Cl EC FE 03 DO F7 8B
-230 IF ASC(K$)<32 OR ASC(K$)>127 THEN 21 C0F8: A5 02 C9 FF FO 39 4C 53 34
0 JB C100: CO 18 A5 FB 69 01 85 FB 66
•240 RETURN IM C108: A5 FC 69 00 85 FC 60 18 OF
•300 :REM HANDLE DELETE KEY FI C110: A5 FD 69 01 85 FD A5 FE 46
•310 IF LF>0 THEN PRINT BS$;CSR$; FO C118: 69 00 85 FE 60 38 A5 F9 3E
•320 LF=LF-1 : IF LF<0 THEN LF=O OB C120: E9 01 85 F9 C9 00 DO OF 34
•330 FL$=LEFT$(FL$,LF) PF C128: A5 FA E9 01 85 FA C9 FF FD
•340 RETURN IM C130: FO 01 60 A9 FF 85 02 60 14
■400 :REM HANDLE RETURN KEY MN C138: 20 FD AE 20 9E AD 20 CE 60
■410 PRINT " " AD C140: Bl A5 65 60 20 38 Cl 85 FC
■420 PRINT"FILENAME IS "FL$ : PKINT HM C148: F9 A5 64 85 FA 20 38 Cl E6
•430 RUN II C150: 85 FB A5 64 85 FC 20 38 B6
•500 :REM HANDLE FIRST KEY GE C158: Cl 85 FD A5 64 85 FE A6 D2
•510 : REM ERASE DEFAULT VALUE LA C160: B8 20 C9 FF 38 A5 FB E5 C2
•520 FOR N=l TO LF : PRINT BS$; : NEXT GE C168: F9 85 FB A5 FC E5 FA 85 EC
•530 FL$=K$ : LF=1 KL C170: FC A5 FD 20 D2 FF A5 FE A8
•540 PRINT K$;CSR$; II C178: 20 D2 FF AO 00 Bl F9 20 D7
•550 RETURN IM C180: D2 FF 18 A5 F9 69 01 85 FA
C188: F9
A5 FA 69 00 85 FA 38 45
C190: A5 FB E9 01 85 FB A5 FC 41
FROM PACE 78 C198: E9 00 85 FC C9 FF DO DB 7B
C1A0: 60 00 00 00 01
Starting address in hex; COOO DECOMPRESSOR.O
Ending address in hex: C1A3
SVS to start: 49152 Starting address in hex: COOO
Ending address in hex: COFF
Fiankspeed required for entry! See page 93. SYS to start: 49152
COOO: 20 38 Cl 85 FB A5 64 85 2B Fiankspeed required for entry! See page 93.
C008: PC 20 38 Cl 85 FD A5 64 AC
C010: 85 FE 20 38 Cl 85 F9 A5 D3 COOO: 20 36 CO A5 02 A2 A7 AO A9
C018: 64 85 FA A5 FC C9 DO 90 CA COOS: 02 20 BD FF A9 00 A2 08 3C
C020: OA 78 A5 01 29 FD 85 01 F6 CO 10: AO 01 20 BA FF A9 00 20 56
C028: 4C 31 CO A5 01 29 FE 85 BA C018: D5 FF AO 00 84 02 20 5C 91
C030: 01 A9 00 85 02 20 53 CO 96 C020: CO A4 02 99 A7 02 A5 64 D4
C038: A2 07 AO 00 CA BO 00 FO IF C028: 99 AS 02 C8 C8 84 02 CO 4 5
C040: OA A9 7B 91 FD 20 OF Cl EF C030: 04 DO EB 4C 68 CO 20 FD 84
C048: 4C 3C CO A5 01 09 03 85 C9 CO 38: AE 20 9E AD 20 A3 B6 AO 6E
C050: 01 58 60 AO 00 Bl FB C9 22 C040: 00 Bl 64 85 02 C8 Bl 64 BC
C058: 7B FO 2E 8D FC 03 A2 04 27 C048: 85 F9 C8 Bl 64 85 FA AO C7

AHOY! 103
IMPORTANT) Letters on white background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter theml Pages 91 and 92 explain these codes
MY! rUn I Mil I ! anfl provide other essential information on entering Ahoy.'programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

C050: 00 Bl F9 99 A7 02 C8 C4 CC ■75 PRINT"[CLEAR]"S$:INPUT"[RED][DOWN][RI

CO 58: 02 DO F6 60 20 FD AE 20 6F GHT]FILENAME OF PICTURE ";F$:P$=P$+F$ OF
C060: 9E AD 20 CE Bl A5 65 60 B8 •80 PRINT"[UP]"TAB(23)"[RVSON][BLUE]"P$"[
C068: AD A8 02 C9 DO BO 09 A5 BA RVSOFF]" :IFLEFT$(P$,1)OCHR$(18)THEN95 HO
C070: 01 29 FE 85 01 4C 7F CO AC •85 L=LEN(P$):IFL<17THENP$=P$+CHR$(32):G0
C078: 78 A5 01 29 FC 85 01 AD Fl T085 MM
CO 80: A7 02 85 F9 AD A8 02 85 87 •90 P$=RIGHT$(P$,U):P$=CHR$(129)+P$ NO
C090: 02 85 FC 20 9E CO A5 01 3B ESS OF PIC ";F:N$=RIGHT$(STR$(F),LEN(STR
C098: 09 03 85 01 58 60 AO 00 84 $(F))-1) PJ
COAO: Bl F9 C9 7B FO 28 91 FB 38 •100 PRINT"[UP]"TAB(27)"[RVSON][BLUE]"N$"
C0A8: 20 B2 CO CO CO
20 4C AO CA [LEFT][RVSOFF]":F1=INT(F/256):F2=F-256*F
CO BO: CO 60 18 A5 F9 69 01 85 79 1 LJ
C0B8: F9 A5 FA 69 00 85 FA 60 9D -105 IFPTHEN165 CG
C0C8: FC 69 00 85 FC 60 C8 Bl 8C N [RVSON][PURPLE]1[RVSOFF] [RVS0N]2[RVS0
CO DO: F9 C9 7B DO 07 CO 05 FO 9E FF] [RVS0N]3[RVS0FF][RED] PARTS ?":WAIT1
C0D8: D8 4C CE CO AO 00 20 B2 01 98,15:GETT$:D=VAL(T$) MF
COEO: CO Bl F9 8D F8 0 2 20 B2 A8 ■115 PRINT"[UP]"TAB(15)"[BLUE][RVS0N] "T
C0E8: CO Bl F9 AA AD F8 02 91 3A $" [RVSOFF]" NB
C0F8: F3 2 0 B2 CO 4C AO CO 00 2E LENAME OF PART"I:INPUT"[UP][20"[RIGHT]"]
";F$(I) HA
"[RVSOFF]":NEXT:P$=F$(1):F$=P$ PG
0 JJ£M ******************* ************** DN ■130 INPUT"[DOWN][RIGHT][RED]ADDRESS OF V
1 REM ***** !3ICMASHER *****
AG •135 L1$=RIGHT$(STR$(L1),LEN(STRS(L1))-1)
3 REM ***** 407' B. SMITH AVENUE
4 RJ.>] ***** CHAPEL HILL, N.C. *****
5 REM ***** 27514 ***** EF •140 INPUT"[DOWN][RIGHT][RED]ADDRESS OF C
6 R£M ***** (919)-%7-8522 *****
7 REM ***#**#**###;H**# *************>!!*** DN -145 L2$=RIGHT$(STR$(L2),LEN(STR$(L2))-1)
•25 POKE53281,15:POKE5328O,12:POKE646,6 LD ■155 L3$=RIGHT$(STR$(L3),LEN(STR$(L3))-1)
•30 S$="[HOME][RVSON][c 4][16" "JPICMASHE :PRINTT1[UP]"TAB(30)"[RVSON][BLUE]"L3$"[L
R[15" "][RVSOFF]":PA=30960 JN EFT][RVSOFF]" GM
•35 KO$="[RVSON]"+CHR$(193)+"[RVSOFF]PIC 160 FORI=1264TO1743:POKEI,32:NEXT:PRINT"
":MI$="PIC." MJ [HOME][6"[DOWN]"]" HB
•40 PRINT"[CLEAR]"S$"[8"[D0WN]"]"TAB(12)" ■165 SC$="[RVSON][c " ][RVSOFF]":PRI
-50 WAIT198,15:GETT$:BG=0:BO=0 IIP •180 IFZ=0THENZ=l:L0ADF$(l),8,l Bl
■ 55 IFT$="K"TIIENP$=KO$: P=l: LU32576 :L2=33 •185 IFD>1THENIFZ=1THENZ=2:LOADF$(2),8,1 HN
576:L3=24576:BG=34576:B0=0 LJ •190 IFD>2THENIFZ=2THENZ=3:LOADF$(3),8,1 KP
•60 IFT$="M"THENP$=MX$:P=1:L1=6384:L2=738 ■195 IFZ=0THENZ=l:L0ADP$,8,l LC
4:L3=8384:BG=6364:BO=6365 HL •200 IFL3=24576THENP$=RIGHT$(P$,14):P$="[

104 AHOY!
=d 091 • aw ..UdosAH) am 01 dois/Nn
81 l+IOXZ5I6<?=iaOi 051 ■ a j,ih [NOSAajf,, ,,6][ama][Nwoa],,iNiad ss-
93 doixaK^jooioxo^aod:,, 'saaiH jjxa 01 asx a
3H10 ANV 1IH [V 3][NOSAa][,, ..EL.J.NIHd OS-
Of H[«",.E]ONIXaOM[»>1.E][V rr ,/aoioo aMnoao^ova ao
] [ KftOQ] uINIHd: V*9K-N-a: (95Z/N)XNI=V 0£I ■ NVH3 01 A3X - J.IH [V 3][MOSAa] ,,J.Niad 5^-
dd$4'1( awvNanu MaNtXHOiaHNMoaL.xndNi ozr tn ,,'acnoo aaaaoa bonvho 01 *ax + j,ih
10 H'u, N0IXV301 HaN[am8][.LH9I [? 3][N0SAa][,, tl£][NMoa][NHoa]niNiad ov*
a][NHoa][n«oa]l,indNi:,,[djosAa],liNiad on- wa in!,, Did do
XH r8'$iaV0i:i=VNaHX0=V.-fI 001- ssaaaav avoi[arna][n-ioia][Nrtoa]11xndNi ee-
Xd 06NaRL(eT)$aHD<>iI,!li:*lia3:ST'86TlIVft 06- ai %a-h aanxoi
w „ .liNisdNaHissz-iii:*,,!,, ,,OT]Nanjaa xi d do 3HVKaiid[arna][XHOia][NMoa]11j,ndrJi:9
H QNVf,, ,,ZT][NOSAa][* 3] [XHDiaL.XNiad 08- z=vNaHii=vdi oe-
hh „ ,,&„ oninivinoo :11[ll ,,n]owaa aoss
[NOSAHltv 3]ti.HOia][Nrtoa][Mrtoa]llj,Niad 3][NOSAa][awoH],,=U sz-
rd ovNaHi,,a,,<>$jaNvllo11o$jji 09• 1'8',,0'aossaadw
Nl 5SZ=i:ll0'X0SS3HaW003a11=$dN3HIlia,1=$1LII OS- ,,i,Niad: i=VNaHJ,o=vdi oz•
nv dV ai0:t?W<S5a30d:9ZX'9SaX0d:H[
amaL.iNiadJsi'iszEsaxodJzx'oszEsaxod si-
i ao n szNaHio<vdi 01-
] ao NO *#*******************#*********** H38 Z*
aoss3adwo[arrra]U>iosAS]o[(iaa}[NOSAa] aiv ho ***** ow3a aossaadwooaa ***** wrdH i-
oe- Nfl ********************************* H3H 0-
-*S 02- 0W3Q
ai 9'9V93)I0d:Zl'rj8ZESa)I0d:si'l82ESaX0d 01-
HO 0TTN3HI/j<VdI 8- HO SZaL09:SiaS010*,.i0I,,(
NQ a******************************** W3H 2*
dd ***** aoivooiaa ***** was i« Nd Uxao:5i'86UiVM:ll[ama](fi/A) and aaHxo
nq ********************************* waa o- nv [aaH]E,l[Nrtoa],,E],l$s,,[avaio],llLNiad soe-
13 UL3O:SI(86TXIVM r/j£-
UO1V3O13U oi ,,[jdosAa][dn] x'Ri anv x
ih [NosAa][aaa][nmoci],iCci)avxxNiadi,,saix
flnvs,,=[« ,^3aaAvs Aaowaw11(9)9vxxNiaa S6z-
oh li[ama][,1[* s]1162]ta3a]11(9)avxxNiad oez-
ia va-ooooi=vs = uSaxAa^vaxNiad:va-v
OZI a=va:-,,= HX0N3ri aiid MaN,,(9)avxxNiad S83-
******** Naaaos ivwaon ****** waa sti xt ltsaxAa [,,o,i^]i = Hionai and cnotam
ni 9][NH0a]11C9)8VJJ,NIMd:'78VS9SAS:ZaS0n0 08Z-
)'9£S9SaXOd:£aO(8£S9S)3ia3d'8£S9S3XOd Oil da (0a)$aH3(D9)i-ilH0'2#XNiad:d'va'Vd'AS
ao(S9ZES)xaad'S9Z£Sa)IOd:9S'Z£ZESaXOd SOT- (
NO ********* SXNV3 aDNVHD ******* W3a DOT- -($d)N31'