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FAI6-782 Page 8 of 8 Keith L. Scott, Sr. Report by: K.A. Collins, M.) Ross, M.D. CASE SUMMARY: A complete autopsy (second autopsy) is performed on the body of Keith L. Scott, Sr., upon the request of and after due authorization by, the decedent's wife. A signed consent forty is obtained. The examination is performed in the Newberry County Memorial Hospital Morgue on 09/30/2016 at approximately 9:00 AM. Autopsy findings include two penetrating and one perforating indeterminate range gunshot wounds. Gunshot wounds are to the left back, left abdomen, and left wrist. The body has been previously autopsied. Autopsy findings upon this examination include rib fractures (left posterior #6-#7), vertebral fracture of L4-5, Left wrist fractures, left lower pulmonary lobe perforation, right pulmonary hilar contusion, small intestinal perforation, lumbar spinal cord maceration, and psoas muscle disruption/laceration. Sections of all organs demonstrate the aforementioned findings. Specimens are drawn for Vilzcous chemistry although itis unknown whether or not the vitreous was sampled in the original autopsy and the eye orbits re-injected. Sections of liver and brain are taken for toxicological analysis. Its the opinion of the prosectors after review of the history and autopsy findings on this victim, Keith L. Scott, Sr., the cause of death is two, penetrating, indeterminate range gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen. The manner of death is best deemed homicide, ea LoM=20/é im A. Collins, M. D. Date Signed Forensic Pathologist Janice E. Ros : “Date Signed Forensic Pathologist KACzajg, 09/30/2016