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by : Desty Prilianingrum
Youth in Indonesian dictionary mean young people; maybe, in my opinion, is man or
woman who still in a middle aged but not old, and still can do something for their self and
people around them. Young people in a country is the young generation who become a future
and hope for the Nation. Their contribution will be a good part of their Nation. Youth have a
special section and job to ensure their country become better every year.
To improve their country and nation, they need a good education. Education from
compulsory education like they get from elementary school, junior high school, senior high
school, and if they can reach university, is very important. They can meet many types of
person, many kinds of perspective and opinion that can upgrade their knowledge. Youth can
build their personality and own idealism from a discussion with many kinds of the person
from same or different field study or educational background (ex. Professor in college,
lecturer, teacher, or friend).
Build personality and idealism.
In my opinion, personality can build in every step when you grow up, from people
around you especially your closest circles like family and friends. Your family always give
moral value about life, parents give their knowledge about life and make you a better person
than them. Friends are about how you choose the right one, separate good and bad influence.
Idealism in Indonesian dictionary means a belief about something that you very trust
and believe and certain that is the rightness. Young people need their own idealism to back
from another idealism. Someone idealism not always right, but at least when you should
choose between many idealism or thought, you can choose your own thought. Great idealism
needs flexibility, so you can increase your thought.
In this era, young people is equivalent with the gadget. More you use the gadget every
time, you may lose the battery more and more. You should give a rest for your gadget, and
you must charge the battery. Youth treat their self like the gadget and battery like their spirit,
because if youth think too much about something they will quickly lose their spirit. The worst
is their spirit is hard to charge. Young people need a passion to easily charge their spirit.
How the youth found their passion is a big question, because in this information
freedom and very much faster social-media development, you can get everything in a one
touch. You can get information and maybe very updated information in every second. If

young people can hold their personality and idealism well, maybe they can get a bad
influence from there.
Terrorism is a worldwide issue, every country always against their own terrorism.
Indonesia is one of the countries who feel the bad impact from terrorism. Like we know Bali
Tragedys when the bomb explodes in there and kill many people. Not only Indonesian
people who become the victims but many foreign people too. The world shocked and gaze
the tragedy with anxiety, many people think thats Indonesian enemy, although, in my
opinion, Indonesia does not have any enemy or competitor that too brave to made a disaster
like a bomb explosion.
After a very long investigation, the police force with a special force found if the agent
for this bomb tragedy is Indonesia people, and know theirs get their punishment that is the
death penalty. Tragic when know who destroyed the country and nation is an Indonesian
citizen like you kill your own family, brother, and sister and you did not regret what you
already did.
This is a time when personality and idealism very important for a young generation. A
huge trust will send to them so they can manage their belief, upgrade their knowledge, and be
more open minded. A young generation or young people must build a good personality with a
huge responsibility for the nation, and concern about worldwide peace. We know in this
globalization many terrorism threats appear, terrorism for some country about religion,
dominance, government, SARA, economic, etc. and terrorism for some people an individual.
Terrorism threat for the country is about country defense and you can give the
responsibility to the Government. Your part as a youth and young generation is to improve
yourself, increase your knowledge, expand your sociality life, hold on your religion well as
your bastion, learn more about your own country, love your nation, do not being fool, and
easy trust any kind of person, that is how you against the terrorism what come to every
person. Terrorism is a course how people can manage their thought and belief.
Improvement of youth well-being, the involvement of young people in a good
social life, finding, and promotion of young leader, especially a young leader for against
terrorism is homework for every country and the Government.
Indonesian first president, Soekarno said Give me a thousand old men, I will rock
Mount Semeru. But give me ten youths, I will rock the world.