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His struggles in searching for tea franchises.

Before he started Chatime, he was looking for a type
business that is ideal for Malaysia. He thought about
venturing into business that revolves around cold beverages
and the idea of business of tea popped out of his mind as it
was not really well-known, not like coffee.
In order to make his idea come true, he decided to flew
to Taiwan that is known as the capital of milk tea, with the
hope to bring back any top brands tea franchises in Taiwan
back to Malaysia. It was really amazing experience for
Initially, he wanted to bring back the top 10 brands of
tea into Malaysia. however, rejection keeps haunting him in
his effort to make his dream come true. So, Bryan Loo flew
back to his homeland, Malaysia without achieving his goal.
Then, he was informed by his cousin about Chatime.
Driven by his ambitions and dreams, Bryan Loo immediately
called the owner up and explained to the owner about his
business plans. The owner of Chatime came to Malaysia in
the next 24 hours and Bryan Loo opens his first Chatime
outlet on August 2010.
Opening of Chatime first outlet.
Bryan Loo had to face one of his biggest challenges,
that was opening of the first Chatime outlet in Pavillion
Shopping Mall. As tea is not well known and the idea of
selling bubble tea was not prevalent in Malaysian
commercial market, this causes the confidence of
Pavillion management in this product to slowly fade.
However, he was determined in showing them the
value and uniqueness of bubble tea that is made up

purely tea with no artificial colourings and also other

facts that differentiate Chatimes bubble tea from the
bublble tea that is available in the Pasar Malam. Then,
the Pavillion management decided to give Bryan Loo
opportunity to open a Chatime outlet in Midvalley.