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1. a. Look at the pictures. Which of the leisure activities can you see?


Going for a run

Playing the guitar





Going to the gym



Surfing the Internet

b. Discuss the following questions in pairs or small groups.
Which of these things do you enjoy?
Which of these things dont you enjoy?
What else do you do in your free time?
2. Practice
1.Use the prompts below to make more sentences about the three athletes on page
Eat/ Ania/ a healthy diet/ always
Ania always eats a healthy diet.
a. for many hours/ all of them/ train/ every day.
b. much money/ Ania and Toshi/ not earn.
c. Ania/ at seven/ get up/ usually.
d. never/ before midnight/ go to bed/ she
e. live in/ Toshi/ a special training camp called a Heya
f. on the floor/ he/ sleep/ often
g. lots of fan letters/ receive/ every week/ he
h. not play/ Joao/ in every match
i. two sports cars/ own/ he
j. miss/ he/ his family in Brazil
k. phone/ aboutHOW
four times
a week/ he/ARE
his mother
2.a. You are going to interview your partner. Work in groups, A and B.
get up as soon as you wake up?
looks at the
text below.
looks at page
2. B
getting ready in the morning, or usually
leave the house quickly?
Complete the gaps with are you? or do you?
3. walk to school or work, or .. go by car or
4. How often run upstairs?
5. . Often sleepy after lunch?
6. . Energetic when you come home in the
evening, or usually tired?
7. How often . Stay up very late or all night?

b. Work in pairs with a person from the other group. Ask and answer the questions.

What time do
you usually
get up?

Normally about
half-past six. How
about you?

1. Lets listen
What did these people do last weekend? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1. He ..
a. went dancing
b. watched TV
2. He ..
a. met a girl
b. went to his brothers house
3. She
a. went to the gym
b. entered a bodybuilding competition

4. He .
a. played with his nephews
b. went out with a friend
5. She .
a. went to a party
b. went to a movie
6. She
a. rented a video
b. watched baseball on TV
2. Lets listen
Task 1
Did these people enjoy their weekend? Listen and check () the correct answer.




Task 2
Listen again. What did each person do on the weekend? Circle the correct answer.
1. He ..
a. watched an adventure movie on TV
b. played video games
c. went to a movie
2. He .
a. stayed at home
b. went to the beach for the weekend
c. went to the mountains
3. He .
a. read lots of interesting magazines
b. used the computer

c. read an interesting book

4. She
a. played in a band
b. went to a concert
c. played tennis
5. She
a. stayed home and watched TV
b. studied for an exam
c. went out with friends
6. She /
a. visited friends
b. went to the countryside
c. went out with friends
3. Lets listen
Task 1
People are talking about their weekends. How was each persons weekend? Listen
and circle the correct answer.

1. a. so-so
c. great
2. a. disappointing
c. boring
3. a. tiring
c. wonderful
4. a. awful
c. enjoyable
Task 2
Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check () the correct answer.
1. A. She won a contest in a music store.

B. She won a trip to Las Vegas.

2. A. They went to a restaurant for dinner.

B. His friend has a very interesting job.

3. A. The park is very far from town.

B. They didnt see any wild birds or butterflies on the trip.

4. A. There were a lot of interesting people at the party.

B. The party ended early.

Answer Key
1. Lets listen
1.She was too tired. weekend
3. next month
4. three
5.a really good-looking guy she met
6. slept
2. Lets listen
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes





3. Lets listen
1.three high school party bus
4.a birthday
1. Lets listen
A. So how was your weekend, Don?
B. Well, I wanted to go dancing with my girlfriend but she was too tired to go out
A. 50 what did you do?

B. We just stayed home and watched TV.

A. I had a great weekend
B. What happened?
A. I met this really terrific girl and I think she likes me.
B. Really?
A. Yeah, were going out next weekend.
B. All right!
A. What did you do last weekend?
B. Umm, I spent most of the time at the gym
A. How come?
B. Well, I plan to enter a bodybuilding competition next month.
A. Gee, I didnt know you were a bodybuilder.
B. Yeah. Want to see my muscles?
A. 50, what was your weekend like?
B. Not very good. My brother came over.
A. Yeah?
B. Well, hes got three young boys. I spent all weekend playing computer games
with my nephews. Now Im exhausted.
A. Ill bet!
A. Did you have a nice weekend?
B. Mmm.. Not too bad
A. Did you do anything special?
B. Well, I saw a really good movie.
A. Who with?
B. Oh, I dont think you know him. Its this really good-looking guy I just met.
A. Did you have a nice weekend, Teresa?
B. It was okay.
A. So what did you do?
B. Well, I met some friends on Saturday and we rented a video.
A. How about Sunday? Did you see the World Series on TV?
B. The what?
A. The baseball game
B. Oh. No, I was too tired. I slept most of the day.
A. Youre kidding! You missed a really great game
2. Lets listen
A. So how was your weekend?
B. Oh, I went to see that new science-fiction movie downtown.

A. Oh, yeah? How was it?

B. Boring. I think I fell asleep in the middle of it!
A. What was your weekend like?
B. Awful!
A. How come?
B. I went to the beach for the weekend. But it was cold and wet the whole time.
A. Oh, yuck!
A. So, what did you do over the weekend?
B. oh, I stayed home and read.
A. Sounds pretty boring.
B. Not really. I finished reading a terrific novel. Want to borrow it?
A. Maybe some other time.
A. How was your weekend?
B. I went to a great outdoor concert and met some really interesting people. And
guess what? I met this guy who loves tennis. Were going to get together for a
game on Saturday.
A. So youre not playing tennis with me?
B. Oh, well, umm-no, sorry!
A. Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?
B. well, I had to study for an exam.
A. All weekend?
B. Yeah. It was pretty awful
A. Whens the exam?
B. Today
A. Well, good luck
B. Thanks. Ill need it
A. Did you have a good weekend>
B. Yeah, I had a great weekend. I was out both Friday and Saturday night with
friends but now Im so tired. I wont do that again for a while.
A. Too bad. I was going to ask you out next weekend. Oh, well
3. Lets listen
I had a really great weekend. I didnt have anything to do on Saturday afternoon so
I went to the mall. I went into a department store to look around. They were
having a contest. All you had to do was write answers in a box. Then they pulled
out three names for a prize. And guess what? Mine was the first name they pulled
out. I couldnt believe it. And its a terrific prize.

A weekend for two in Las Vegas!

Saturday morning, I got a phone call from an old school friend. I havent seen her
for a long time. She was one of my closest friends in high school, but she moved
to Los Angeles to work. She was in town for four days so she invited me to a
restaurant for lunch. We had such a pleasant time together. She was telling me
about her job in Los Angeles. It sounds really interesting. She works for a movie
company and she has to find places where they can film movies-you know, places
like restaurants, hotel lobbies, parks, and streets.
My brother and I wanted some exercise on Sunday so we decided to go on a nature
walk. Theres a big park near the town where there are supposed to be wonderful
wild birds and butterflies. We took a bus there and walked along a forest trail for
about four hours. It was pretty tiring be-cause it was a really hot day. The worst
thing was, we never saw any wild birds or butterflies! I dont think well go there
I went to my friends birthday party on Saturday night. I dont always enjoy going
to birthday parties because you often have to play stupid games and things. Well
we did have to play all sorts of stupid games, but I really enjoyed myself. I guess it
was because the people at the party were all interesting. And there was good
music, too. Somebody brought along some dance music and everyone had a great
time dancing. I didnt get home until after 2 a.m.
1. Question words
Complete the questions with question words.
a. . were you born? In 1986.
b. .. did the journey take? About two hours
c. . colour do you prefer: red or green?
d. . is that young man? Thats my sister!
e. ..... did you get here today? I walked.
f. .. music do you like? R&B. How about you?
g. does this word mean?
h. do you live? In Bejing.
i. colour are his eyes? Blue
j. did you come here this evening? Because I wanted to talk to
k. . do you go to the gym? Everyday
l. children does he have? Three, I think.

2. Word order in questions

Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
a. at the concert/ be/ tomorrow night/ Will/ you?
b. Cristina/ Does/ like/ skateboarding?
c. Can/ football/ play/ tomorrow night/ you?
d. late/ the train/ this morning/ was/ Why?
e. did/have lunch/ today/ Where/ you?
f. at home/ Is/ today/ your brother?
3. Present simple
a. Put the following sentences into the negative form.
1. I like wet days.
2. My brother lives in the town centre.
b. Put the following sentences into the question form
1. You know my cousin.
2. Your friend likes snowboarding.
c. Change the sentences to She
1. I speak perfect Spanish.
2. I fly home once a year.
3. I have lunch at home.
4. I catch the early train to work.
4. How often .?
Put the words in brackets into the correct place.
a. We go to our holiday home a month. (once)
b. I go for a walk before going to bed. (always)
c. I am tired when I get home. (usually)
d. We go to the beach day in summer. (every)
e. Juana-is late for class. (never)
f. We go swimming before breakfast. (often)
5. Leisure activities
Match the word(s) in A with the word(s) in B to make phrases.
a. play
1. a video/ DVD
b. go to
2. run
c. rent
3. yoga
d. go for a
4. the gym
e. go
5. a video game
f. do
6. Swimming
6. Questions you cant live without
Match the phrases in A with the phrases in B to make complete questions.
a. Anything
1. are you from?
b. Can we have
2. the bill, please?

c. How do
d. How much
e. Can I
f. Wheres
g. Which part of Mexico
h. Could you

3. does this cost?

4. else?
5. help you?
6. the nearest bank, please?
7. repeat that, please?
8. you spell that?

1. How do the people feel in each of the pictures? Choose one of the adjectives from
the box. (There may be more than one answer.)



in a good mood






2. Match a sentence from A with a sentence from B

1. Hows your mum today?
2. What do you feel like doing tonight?
3. What time did you go to bed last night?
4. How do you feel like a rest after your journey?
5. Ooh, your hands feel cold!
6. Do you feel like a rest after your journey?
7. How was work?
8. I feel terrible about what I said to Tina.
a. Oh, before nine. I felt really tired.
b. Dont worry Im sure she wasnt upset.
c. No, its OK, I slept a lot on the plane.
d. Oh, shes feeling much better, thanks.
e. Oh, terrible. Sometimes I feel like walking out.
f. I think hes OK. Hes got some good ideas.
g. I dont know whats on at the cinema?
h. I know I felt my gloves at home.
1. Lets listen
Task 1
Four hotel guests are calling for a taxi. Are these statements true or false? Listen
and check () the correct answer.



1. The callers flight leaves in four hours.

2. The callers wants to go to another hotel.
3. The caller needs to catch a train.
4. The callers friend is going to have a baby soon.
Task 2
Listen again. How much will each ride cost? Circle the correct answer.
1. A. $14
B. $40
2. A. $12
B. $20
3. A. $15
B. $50
4. A. $18
B. $80

2. Lets listen
Task 1
Visitors are talking about taxis. Listen and check () their opinions about taxi




Not good


Task 2
Listen again. Circle the correct answer.
1. The thing she hates the most is that the
a. taxis arent air-conditioned
b. drivers drive too fast.
c. drivers are rude
2. The thing he likes the most is
a. the prices
b. that the taxis are clean
c. the drivers
3. The thing he hates the most is that the
a. taxis are too expensive
b. drivers dont speak English very well
c. taxis are not very safe
4. The thing she likes the most is that the ..
a. taxis are comfortable
b. drivers speak English well
c. taxis are very cheap
Answers Key
1. lets listen
Task 1
1. False 2. False
3. True
Task 2
2. lets listen
Task 1
1. Not good
2. Okay
3. Good
4. Okay
Task 2
1. Lets listen
A. Are you free?
B. Sure. Hop in. Where to?
A. The Central Hotel. Do you know where that is?
A: Yeah. Its not far from here. About a 10 minutes ride.
B. Okay.
2. Lets listen
A. One ticket to Chicago, please.
B. Yeah. Okay. Thats $24.
A. Does this one have a dining car?
B. Yeah, theres a dining car and a snack bar. Heres your change.

A. Thanks.
III. Writing
1. Past simple
Put the following sentences into the Past simple
a. The programmer are extremely popular
b. Do you watch television?
c. I take my exams.
d. My brother stays up late.
e. I dont get home until midnight.
f. I buy presents for everyone in my family.
g. We watch a video in the evening.
h. Renate sings beautifully.
i. The match begins at 8:30
j. I feel so tired.
2. Time phrases with at, on, in and
Put the phrases in the box in the correct place in the table.
A year ago


June 18th
last year
The twentieth century

a minute ago

the 1990s

last night

eleven oclock

Friday afternoon

A year ago

3. Words to describe feelings

Put the letters in bold in the correct order to make words to describe feelings
a. I was so e r v u s o n before I took my driving test I couldnt speak.
b. My sister was really d e c r a s of the dark as a small child.
c. Everyone was very d i e p o n d I t s a p when we lost the match.
d. I was really in a d o g o d o m o when I got home.
e. Are you p u r d r i e s s by what she said?
f. Donna is very i r o d r e w about her exams next week.
g. I was so r e d o b I nearly fell asleep.
h. The children are very t e x i d e c were going on holiday tonight.
i. I felt b r a s s r a m e e d at making such a stupid mistake.
4. fell
Choose the correct alternative
a. Id like to know how people feel about/for/of the new plans.
b. Whenever I remember what happened, I always feel sad/sasly/unhappily.
c. How are you today? Are you feeling as well as/better/like better now?
d. Lets rent a video: I dont feel like go/going/to go out tonight.

e. After eating so much food, I began to feel like bad/badly/ill.

f. I took a couple of aspirin, and an hour later I felt fine/finely/the finest.
5. Linking words
Complete the sentences with and, so, because, then or but
a. We didnt have any money .. we couldnt go to a restaurant.
b. He closed all the doors and windows, and he left the house.
c. I was feeling very tired, . I went to bed very early.
d. Romina is usually on time, .. tonight she arrived half an hour late.
e. I couldnt sleep .. there was a party next door.
f. I phoned all my friends .. invited them to come to my house.
g. It was very cold outside, I put on my warmest clothes.
h. We couldnt go out the weather was so bad.
i. He looked through the window for a minutes or two, went inside.
1. Which of these days do people celebrate in your country? Which month are they
Chinese New Year

Fathers Day

American Independence Day


Christmas Day

St Valentines Day
Mothers Day

May Day


New Years Eve

2. A. Match the word(s) in A with the word(s) in B to make phrases connected with
special occasions.
1. cook a
a cake
2. dress
cards to people
3. Eat
5. have a day
6. invite people

7. make
8. send
special meal
9. stay up
to your home
10. visit
11. buy
off work
1. Lets listen
Task 1
People are discussing cars at a rental agency. Listen and check () the correct
1. Rental period
one week
more than a week
2. Rental period
one week
more than a week
3. Rental period
one week
more than a week
4. Rental period
one week
more than a week
Task 2
Listen again. Why does each person want to rent a car? Circle the correct answer.
1. a. business
b. pleasure
c. business and pleasure
2. a. business
b. pleasure
c. business and pleasure
3. a. business
b. pleasure
c. business and pleasure
4. a. business
b. pleasure
c. business and pleasure
2. Lets listen
Task 1
A car rental agent is suggesting different options to customer. Do the customers
accept or refuse the options? Listen and check () the correct answer.






Task 2
Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check () the correct answer.

A large car costs an extra $5 a day.

A city guide costs $50.
The customer is leaving on Saturday.
The customer thinks that the cost of the accident
insurance is reasonable.
5. The customer is the only person that will be
driving the car.
6. The customer rarely rents a car.



1. Lets listen
Answers week, medium, airport
2.weekend, large, city week, small, airport
4.more than one week, medium, airport
2. Lets listen
1. Lets listen
A. Hi. Im in town on business and I need a car.
B. Sure. How long do you need it for?
A. I guess for seven days. Then I can use it to go sightseeing over the weekend
when I finish my business here.
B. Fine. We have lots of cars for you to choose from. But first, will you be the only
A. Yes. I will

B. Okay. What kind of car would you like?

A. Just a regular, medium-size car.
B. Great. When you finish with the car, do you want to leave it ill the city or at the
A. Ill leave it at the airport.
B. Certainly. Let me just check and see what we can offer you.
A. Can I help you?
B. Yes, Id like to rent a car, please. I need it from Friday till Sunday. Its my
wifes birthday and were celebrating.
A. Certainly, sir. We have special rates for the weekend.
B. Thats perfect!
A. Will you be the only driver?
B. No. My son will also be driving.
A. Okay. Would you like a small car?
B. Well, no. There will be six of us, so well need a large car or van.
A. Of course. No problem. And do you want to leave it at the airport when you
B. No, well be staying in the city for a few more days, but we wont need the car
after Sunday.
A. Okay. Then you can leave it at the city location.
A. Hi. Id like to rent a car please.
B. Sure
A. Im here for meetings all next week, and Ill need a car to get around.
B. Certainly. Just for yourself, maam?
A. Thats right. Ill be the only driver. I dont need a large car.
B. How about a nice new Volkswagen Beetle? Its small, but very comfortable.
A. Sounds good
B. And you can either bring it back here to the airport when you finish or drop it
off in the city.
A. Ill bring it back here to the airport, thanks.
B. Fine. Then, let me tell you how much its going to cost.
A. hi. My sister and I are here for a vacation and wed like to rent a car.
B. All right. Is that for a week?
A. No. Itll be for ten days altogether.
B. Okay. I have a nice large car available.
A. Well, there are just the two of us, so we dont need such a big car.
B. I see. Just you and your sister. Will both of you be driving?
A. Not, just me. She doesnt have a license.
B. Okay. I think I have a nice new medium-size car that just came in. hows that?

A. Sounds great.
B. And where will you drop it off when you finish?
A. Oh, here at the airport, if thats okay.
B. Thats fine.
2. Lets listen
A. Right new youre taking a small car, but you know, I can give you a much
more comfortable car if you like.
B. How much more will it cost to take a large car?
A. Its only an extra $5 a day if you take it for the whole weekend.
B. Oh, thats a good idea because well have more room. We have three children,
so a bigger car would be much more comfortable.
A. Would you like to buy a city guide?
B. How much is it?
A. Its $15.
B.Fifteen dollars? Can I look at it?
A. Sure. Here you are.
B. Let me see what kind of information it has in it. Hmm, sightseeing, restaurants,
hotels. Actually, I ready have a guide that has all that information. So, thanks
A. No problem.
A. Its cheaper for you to take the car for three days instead of just for two days.
B. How come?
A. Well, its $30 a day, but if you take it for three days, we have a special rate of
just $70 altogether.
B. I see. Actually, Im leaving on Sunday. I really only need it for two days.
Thanks anyway.
A. Would you like to take out accident insurance? We have an excellent policy we
can offer you. Take a look at this brochure. It gives you all the information youll
B. Thanks. Let me see what does it say? Oh, I see. It only costs an extra five
dollars a day. That seems pretty reasonable.
A. So, youll take the accident insurance?
B. Yes, I think I will because I can drive without worrying.
A. You certainly can.
A. Now, are you sure you wouldnt like to rent a bigger car? The car youve asked
for only has two doors. Its probably more convenient to have a four-door car.

B. Does it cost any more?

A. Its just an extra $10 for a four-door.
B. Well, I dont think its necessary because Ill be alone. A small two door car is
fine. Thanks anyway.
A. You rent cars a lot. Are you interested in joining our car rental club? You can
save money on car rentals that way. We have branches in all the major cities.
B. Hmm. Sounds interesting. Can I took at the brochure, please?
A. Here you are.
B. Hmm. This is good, I can get a 20 percent discount every time I rent a car.
A. Thats right. Twenty percent off every time.
B. Excellent. I think Id like to join, please, I can save a lot of money.
III. Writing
1. Present continuous
Put the following sentences into the Present continuous. Be careful with the
spelling of the verb.
a. We travel first class.
b. It begins to rain.
c. My brother is the one who lies on the sofal.
d. This train stops at every station.
e. They make a lot of noise.
2. Present continuous and Present simple
Choose the correct verb.
a. Who cooks/ is cooking the dinner? It smells great!
b. Do you know/ Are you knowing what that sign means?
c. My parents are coming/ come to stay with us every Christmas.
d. I dont like/ m not liking tea.
e. Eva comes/ is coming home to spend Easter with us this year.
f. We have/ re having a birthday party on Saturday. Would you like to come?
g. Do you want/ Are you wanting any more bread?
h. Normally, I take/ m taking the train to work but this week I walk/ Im walking
3. Dates and special occasions
Cross out the noun that does not go with the verb.
a. Buy
a cake/ a card/ flowers/ relatives
b. Celebrate a birthday/ Christmas/ a meal/ an anniversary
c. Send
a card/ a ceremony/ flowers/ a present
d. Make
a cake/ a meal/ a party/ coffee
e. Have
breakfast/ a day out/ a meal/ cards to people
f. Visit
friends/ a meal/ relatives/ your family
4. Day
Put the words in the correct order to make phrases with day

a. I sent the package yesterday/ the/ before/ day, so its probably there now.
b. He wont be here tomorrow, but hell be back after/ day/ the/ tomorrow.
c. Thursday is off/ my/ day, so I can meet you then.
d. Thank you for coming! a/ day/ good/ Have.
e. We check the kitchens a/ day/ twice.
f. I felt really fed up after such bad/ a/ day.
g. The tourist office is all/ open/ day.
h. Im sure that your son will be an international sportsman day/ one.
i. The postman comes day/ ten oclock/ every/ at.
j. Would you like to for/ day/ go/ out/ the/ on Sunday? How about the beach?
k. I saw Simon in the street other/ the/ day.
l. The restaurant is open a/ week/ days/ six. Were only closed in Mondays.
5. Phrases for special occasions
Complete the phrases with words from the box.
good (x2)
a. anniversary!
b. birthday!
c. Christmas!
d. health!
e. New Year!
f. Thanks coming!
g. I hope you feel soon.
h. Many returns!
i. luck!
j. The of luck for the future!
k. I hope youll be very

happy (x5)


1. Look at the four pictures below. Discuss how the girls clothes change her
appearance in each picture, using the adjectives in the box.








2. Practice
Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
1. is/ like/ new dress/ What/ your?
2. are/ colour/ eyes/ her/ What?
3. hair/ he/ long/ Has/ got?
4. dark/ fair/ hair/ her/ Is/ or?
5. in/ Is/ his/ thirties/ he?
6. Does/ wear/ glasses/ she?
7. Is/ me/ or/ she/ shorter/ taller/ than?
3. Wordspot
The sentences below all have a phrase with look. Complete the sentences with
a phrase from the box.
Look for

have a look

look good

look like

look after
look out

look at
look up

Look round
looking forward
a. You can use your mini-dictionary to .. any words you dont know
b. Whos going to . Your dog while youre away on holiday?
c. There was a very . Man watching us so we ran away as fast as we
d. Everyone us really .. to your visit.
e. . at this website its got some brilliant photos.


Tell me the truth. Do you think I .. in this new dress?

.. ! Theres a car coming!
Will you help me . My keys? I cant find them anywhere.
Its not good manners to . your watch every few seconds.
Wed like a chance to the apartment before we rent it.
Richard is a very . Young man and all the girls like him.
People always say that I my mother.
Lets listen
Task 1
People are discussing parties. What kind of event are they talking about?
a. dinner party
b. surprise party
a. potluck dinner
b. barbecue
a. surprise party
b. birthday party
a. buffet
b. birthday party
a. buffet
b. barbecue
a. potluck dinner
b. buffet
Task 2
Listen and circle the correct answer
a. The cake is homemade
b. The cake came from a store
c. A friend brought the cake
a. Shell play now
b. She might play later
c. She doesnt play
a. The punch does not contain fruit juice
b. The punch only contains fruit juice
c. The punch contains fruit juice and something else
a. He has met the parents before
b. He hasnt met the parents before
c. He doesnt want to meet the parents
a. She bought it
b. It was a present
c. She painted it herself
a. The cat isnt very friendly
b. The cat is very friendly
c. The cat is tired

2. Lets listen
People are talking about parties. What did they do at each party? Listen and
circle the correct answer.
1. She ..
a. played party games

b. danced
c. sang songs
2. He .
a. watched a home video
b. danced
c. ate lots of food
3. She ..
a. danced
b. sang songs
c. met old friends
4. He
a. played games
b. ate junk food
c. \listened to music
1. Lets listen
Task 1
Task 2
2. Lets listen
1. Lets listen
Task 1
A. Here we are. Can you turn on the light? My hands are full.
B. Sure
C. Surprise!
A. Happy anniversary, honey
B. And I thought you forgot!
A. Are you going to Joes party?
B. Yes, I am
A. What are you going to bring?
B. Im going to bring a home-made pizza. How about you?
A. I think Ill bring a dessert-maybe a chocolate cake.
A. David, are you doing anything this Saturday?
B. Not a thing. Why?
A. Andy is turning 20 and Im having a party for him. Can you come?
B. Sure! I cant wait to see him try an blow out 20 candles!

A. Great! Show up at about 7:30

A. Are you going to Susies party?
B. Yes, I am
A. What kind of party is it?
B. Well, I heard shes going to make dinner for everyone. The food will be
served buffet style, I think
A. Sounds nice
A. Hi, Ted
B. Hi, Lynne
A. Hey, are you free on Saturday afternoon?
B. Yeah. What do you have in mind?
A. Well, Im going down to the park with some friends. Were going to grill
some steaks down there. Why dont you come?
B. Okay. Thanks. Ill bring something to drink.
A. Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night? Im having few people
B. Yeah, sure. Is it potluck?
A. Yes, it is.
B. Okay. What should I bring?
A. Well, you could bring dessert-and a date, if you want.
Task 2
A. Mmm, this is really delicious. Did you make it yourself?
A. yes, I did
A. Whats it got in it?
B. Chocolate-and more chocolate.
A. Do you play?
B. Yes, I do. Well, a little. Why dont you play something for us? Maybe in a
while, after Ive met a few more people.
A. This is really good. What does it have in it?
B. Three different kinds of fruit juices and some soda.
A. Well, the three different juices make it delicious. I think Ill try it for my
next party.
A. Are they your parents?
B. Yes, they are. Come on over and Ill introduce you to them.

A. Oh, I like this. Who did it?
B. I did
A. Really? I didnt know you painted
B. Yes, I do, but this isnt one of my best.
A. Hes cute. Whats his name?
B. Well, its a she really. Her names Fluffy.
A. Can I hold her?
B. Of course
A. Ouch! Whyd she do that?
2. Lets listen
Hey, what a great party that was! There were lots of interesting people
there, and some really cute named Tony I think hes going to call me next
week. Anyway, the best thing was the music.
Everyone danced a lot. Im really glad we didnt have to play party games
or sing stupid songs. The food was good, too. We are outside-you know,
barbecue style
Peters party was terrible. We had to play all sorts of stupid games, like
memorizing everyones name.
Twenty questions I think. Then we watched a home video of Peters vacation in
Hawaii. Boring! Actually, I prefer parties where people just sit around and talk and
eat, but we didnt eat till very late. The worst thing was when we finally did eat,
there wasnt enough food. I was still feeling hungry when I left.
I went to this party on Saturday night. When I arrived, I looked around and I
didnt know anyone there, but everyone has really friendly and soon I got to know
a lot of people. I really enjoyed myself. I thought it was going to be a dance party
but no one really felt like dancing. We listened to some nice music, though, there
were some guys from Spain there. One of them had a guitar and could play it
really well. The best thing was he taught US some neat Spanish songs. We all
really enjoyed singing them.
I went to a school party on Friday. No one had really planned the party. That
was the main problem. Also, I think we were all too tired after the exams. The
worst thing was no one brought any music. We just stood around talking and

eating junk food. Someone said, Lets play some party games, but no one
wanted to play games. Everyone went home before 10:30.
III. Writing
1. Should, shouldnt and forms for giving advice.
Complete the sentences with one word only
a. dont you ask that man for directions?
b. You try to speak English as much as possible in class.
c. .. putting a little salt in the water: itll taste much better.
d. You .. worry so much. Im sure everything will be OK.
e. I go to the hairdressers or not? What do you think?
2. Can, cant, have to, dont have to
Rewrite the phrases in bold using can, cant, have to or dont have to
a. You are able to leave early if you want to.
b. Its not necessary for you to pay me back today.
c. It is possible for my friend to come, too?
d. It is necessary to carry my student card with me?
e. Its not possible for you to see him at the moment.
3. Daily routines
Match the beginnings in box A with the endings in box B




turn off

get into

have a

the alarm


the light




4. Making requests and asking for permission

Put the words in the correct and asking for permission
a. you/ please/ Could/ the/ open/ window?
b. smoke/ I/ mind/ Do/ if/ you?
c. borrow/ I/ your/ Can/ please/ newspaper?
d. later/ back/ Could/ phone/ you?


1. Match the verbs in A to the phrases in B to make expressions to do with
1. learn
2. become
3. earn

4. start
a house or flat
5. go
how to drive
6. get
7. buy
1 million
8. appear on
a novel
9. go to
10. write
the world
11. go round
12. have
your own business
2. Look at the list of what these people were or wanted to be before they
were famous

child actor/actress


3. Listen to the extract from the radio programme Before They Were Famous.
Match the job to the person.

a. Tom Hanks

b. Cartherine Zeta-Jones

c. Colin Farrell

d. Keanu Reeves

e. Renee Zellweger

f. Kate Winslet

g. Tom Cruise

h. Sting
1. Lets listen
Where do the people decide to eat? Listen and circle the correct answer.
1. a. Chinese restaurant
b. Fast Fried Chicken
2. a. Quick Burger
b. Pizza Pit
3. a. home
b. out
4. a. steak house
b. Korean restaurant
5. a. seafood restaurant
b. pizza restaurant
6. a. Mexican restaurant
b. Japanese restaurant

7. a. fast-food restaurant
b. French restaurant
8. a. home
b. vegetarian restaurant
2. Lets listen
Are these statements true or false? Check () the correct answer.
1. The customer is not very hungry

2. The customer loves fries

3. The customer hates spicy food.

4. The customer cant have salt on the fries

5. The customer wants cold pie

6. The customer wants lots of sugar in

the milk shake

3. Lets listen
People are talking about restaurants they ate at recently. Listen and check () their
opinions about each restaurant.

The location
The interior
The menu
The food
The prices
The location
The interior
The menu
The food
The prices
The location
The interior
The menu
The food




Not good

Not good

Not good

The prices


Not good

The location
The interior
The menu
The food
The prices
1. Lets listen
2. Lets listen
1.False 2.True
3. Lets listen
1.Good: the menu, the food, the prices
Not good: the location, the interior
2.Good: the location, the interior, the menu, the food
Not good: the prices
3.Good: the interior, the menu, the food, the prices
Not good: the location
4.Good: the location, the food, the prices
Not good: the interior, the menu
1. Lets listen
A. What do you feel like eating tonight?
B. Oh, something quick. We had a huge lunch at that Chinese restaurant, so
lets just pick up some Fast Fried Chicken.
A. Im really starving. Where can we eat?
B. Well, theres always Pizza Pit or Quick Burger.
A. Pizza sounds better to me than humburgers.
B. Me too. And its your treat this time
A. Do you want to eat out tonight or would you rather eat at home?
B. Weve eaten out a lot this week. Im perfectly happy to stay home for a
change-c-as long as I dont have to cook
A. Where do you want to eat tonight?
We could try the new Korean restaurant, or would you rather go to the steak

B.Lets have Korean food. I dont feel like steak tonight.

A. Id like to try a seafood restaurant today. What do you think?
B. Seafood sounds good. I was going to suggest a pizza, but seafoods a lot
A. Where do you want to eat tonight?
B. Im really hungry. Do you feel like Mexican food?
A. Sure. Weve had Japanese food a lot this week, so Mexican would be nice
for a change.
A. How about hot dogs or hamburgers, for dinner?
B. Oh, Im sick of junk food. Lets do something really special. Why dont we
try that new French restaurant?
A. Whats the occasion?
B. Ive got something I went to ask you.
A. Well, all right.
A. Do you feel like vegetarian food today?
B. Sure! Know a great Thai vegetarian restaurant
A. Yeah, but I made a great vegetarian spaghetti last night. Do you want to
come to my house and try it?
B. Sure. Why not!
2. Lets listen
A. What would you like to order?
B. I think Ill have the fish
A. Okay, and would you like asparagus or a baked potato?
B. Ill have the asparagus. And could I have some tea please?
A. Sure
B. Oh! Could you ask the chef to hurry? Im really starving
A. Okay. Ill try to get it for you as soon as possible
A. What would you like to order?
B. Id like the steak, please.
A. Would you like baked potatoes or fries with that?
B. Id like fries, please.
A. Okay
B. And make sure there are lots of fries, please. Theyre favorite food.
A. Sure
A. Have you make up your mind?

B. Yes, Im going to have spaghetti and a small salad

A. Anything else?
B. When you bring the spaghetti, could you bring me a bottle of hot sauce?
A. Hot sauce? Like Tabasco sauce?
B. yes, I like really spicy food.
A. No problem
A. What can I get you?
B. Id like a cheeseburger, French fries, and a cola.
A. Okay
B. But could you make sure theres no salt on the French fries?
A. No salt? Okay
B. Thanks. Im on a salt-free diet.
A. Ill make sure theres no salt on the fries. Dont worry.
A. Are you ready to order?
B. Yeah, Im just going to have some dessert. Ill just have a piece of apple pie
A. Fine. With ice cream?
B. No, just pie, thanks
A. Fine
B. But please dont heat it
A. You want it cold?
B. Yes. I hate hot pie
A. Okay
A. What can I get you?
B. I dont want anything to eat. Just a milk shake, please
A. Sure. What flavor would you like>
B. Vanilla, please
A. Okay. One vanilla milk shake coming up
B. And please make sure they dont add any sugar to it
A. No sugar?
B. Thats right. I dont like sweet shakes
A. Certainly
3. Lets listen
We went to Luigis Italian restaurant last night. It was the first time Id been
there. It took us a long time to find it because its not a very easy place to get
to, actually. The restaurant was okay, I guess. Its small and they really need
some new furniture to make the place look nicer, though. The menu was great.
It had lots of choices and most of the dishes were pretty cheap. I had a terrific
pizza. Everything was so cheap-only 53 for a small pizza. Unfortunately, the

service was very slow. I think they need to hire more staff. Our dinner took a
really long time to come, so we didnt leave a very good tip when we left.
I tried that new Mexican restaurant last weekend. Its downtown near the post
office. What a great location! You can sit inside and watch everyone go by. It
has very nice dcor and lighting. The menu has some great choice, too. They
have the usual Mexican food you find everywhere, and they also have some
different dishes that Ive never tried before. The food was really delicious, but
you might need a credit card to eat there. It cost over $100 for the two of us-a
lot more than I expected. Ill probably go there again, though. The server who
waited on us was really nice and quick, too, so we though she deserved a good
I went to a Thai restaurant on Sunday. Its called Bangkok Restaurant. You
have to drive for about haft an hour to get there and theres always a lot of
traffic. Thats the only trouble. Its a really nice place when you get there.
Quite music and lovely flowers everywhere. The menu is good with lots of
choices. The food was very spicy, which is the way I like it. Fantastic desserts.
It was really cheap, too. The server was very polite and took good care of us so
we left a big tip.
Theres a new Chinese restaurant just five minutes from my house. Its a very
simple place. A little boring inside, actually-just a few tables in an empty room,
they need to add more dishes to the menu, too. Right now, they serve only four
or five things. But theyre all delicious. And very cheap. You can get a good
meal there for around $5. All the people who work there were very friendly and
helpful, so left a good tip
III. Writing
1. Present perfect: irregular verbs
Here are the irregular verbs from the tapescript of Before They Were Famous.
Write the Past simple form and past participle for each one.
a. Become
e. know
i. take
b. can
f. make
j. teach
c. dream
g. say
k. tell
d. have
h. spend
2. Present the correct alternative
Choose the correct alternative
a. I have stayed/stayed with my grandparents a lot when I was younger.

b. The couple next door have lived/lived there for twenty-five years: Im sure
theyll never move.
c. Gordon has stared/ stared his first business in 2001
d. So far this year, we saved/weve saved over 500.
e. Before becoming a banker, my brother has studied/studied abroad for several
3. Present perfect and Past simple with time words
Underline the correct position for the words in brackets: (1) or (2)
a. Mr Ferris (1) has (2) gone out. (just)
b. The gym opened about (1) a year (2). (ago)
c. Have you (1) been to see Spiderman (2)? (yet)
d. Ive (1) seen an elephant (2). (never)
e. We (1) have (2) seen this film three times. (already)
f. He came (1) to England (2). (last year)
4. Ambitions and dreams
Choose a verb from the box that belongs with all the words in each group.






a. . a car.
a flat
a house
b. . famous
a singer
c. . how to drive
a language
d. abroad
round the world
to university
e. a book
an e-mail
a novel
f. . a film
a lot of money
a mistake
g. . an ambition
an idea
h. . a lot of money
$1 million
1,000 a month
5. Phrases with for
Cross out the word/phrase that does not belong with for
a. He asked/ Hed like to speak/ Its for you
b. Are you thinking/ looking/ waiting for someone?
c. Did you have/ What do you want/ Whats for lunch?
d. Do you think that eggs are bad/ good/ healthy for you?
e. Im going to eat/ Its time/ Well be late for breakfast.
f. Theyre too late/ Shall we go/ They went for a walk
Match the modern items in A with the more traditional items in B
a. air conditioning
board games


booking online
central heating
charge and credit cards
computer games
a dishwasher
downloading sound files
a microwave oven
renting a DVD
sending text messages
shopping malls
a washing machine
1. Lets listen
People are discussing items in a store. Listen
each item
1. Jacket
The style

The color

The size

2. Lamp
The price

The color

The size

3. Watch
The style

The color

The price

4. Sofa
The size

The color

The price

washing clothes by hand
street markets
a cooker/stove
buying a CD or cassette
electric fans
going to the cinema
queuing up for tickets
sending letters and faxes
coal fires
doing the washing-up
and check () their opinions about

Not good

Not good

Not good

Not good

2. Lets listen
A salesclerk is describing things in a store. Listen and circle the correct information
about each item
1. The microwave oven ..
a. has a 3-year guarantee

b. is sold in many stores

c. is made in the United States
2. The jacket .
a. is washable
b. is made of leather
c. comes in two different colors
3. The TV .
a. is made in South Korea
b. is cheaper than a regular TV
c. comes in two sizes
4. The watch ..
a. is made of metal
b. is popular with business people
c. has changeable bands
1. Lets listen
1. The style: Okay
The color: Good
The size: Not good
2. the price: Not good
the color: Good
the size: Good
3. the style: Good
the color: Okay
the price: Okay
4. the price: Good
the color: Okay
the size: Not good
2. Lets listen
1. Lets listen
A. What do you think of this jacket?
B. They styles okay, I guess. How much is it?
A. Its $40
B. Wow! Thats really cheap. What colors does it come in?
A. Looks like they have it in black, gray, red and brown
B. I like those colors-especially the red one. Try it on
A. Okay. Well, how do I look?

B. I dont know. Its not exactly your size

A. Really? Do you think I should buy it, anyway?
B. No, dont get it. Its too big
A. How about this lamp?
B. Its unusual
A. You mean, you dont like the style
B. Not really. And look at that price. $1601
A. Is that bad?
B. Well, it sounds pretty expensive to me
A. What about the Color?
B. Actually, the Color is perfect. It goes perfectly with everything in the room.
And the size is just right, too. But its very expensive
A. We could put it on the credit card
B. Thats true. I guess. Lets just buy it and go home.
A. I have to get my sister a birthday present. What do you think about this watch?
B. Its ready cute. I love the style
A. It only comes with a black or brown band, though
B. Yeah, Id prefer some brighter colors. Brown is so-so. How much is it?
A. $69.95
B. Its okay, I guess
A. What about the size?
B. Its great! Shell love it. Just get it!
A. Okay
A. Look at this sofa. What do you think?
B. Oh, Im not sure I like the style, Its too heavy looking
A. Is it comfortable? Try it
B. Mmm. Its really comfortable. And Id like to have something this size. Our old
sofa is way too small. This size is perfect
A. What do you think of the color?
B. Well, green isnt my favorite color, but its better than awful brown one we have
now. Its okay, I guess
A. How much is it?
B. Oh, no! Its $999! Thats really too expensive. We cant afford it right now
A. I know. Why dont we wait til next month for their mid-year sale? It might be
cheaper then.
B. Hey, thats a good idea
2. Lets listen

These microwave ovens are very popular. You wont find them in other stones
because theyre made especially for us. We import them from our factory in
Mexico. Theyre very well made and come with a three-year guarantee. Your
receipt is your guarantee. One great thing is they only weigh ten kilos, so you can
easily pick one up if you want to move it or clean it. They also have a really
special feature you dont find in other microwaves. They display popular recipes
on this little screen in front. It has recipes for over 500 easy dishes.
This jacket is very strong. Its made of nylon, so its very easy to take care of. It
comes in six different colors. You dont need to dry clean it. You can just throw it
in the washing machine, then hang it up to dry. And let me show you something
really special about it. Its reversible. It turns inside out so you can wear it either
way. See? The color inside is different from the color outside. Isnt that great? So
you really have two jackets for the price of one.
These new flat screen TVs are very popular nowadays. Theyre not from the
United States. Theyre made in South Korea. Theyre quite light, so you can pick
them up and move them around if you want to. And the special thing about these
TVs is that you can also hang them on the wall. Now thats something you cant
do with any other kind of TV! They come in three different sizes. Theyre more
expensive than a regular TV, but theyre very convenient, and they look great in
your house or apartment.
These new watches are very popular with teenagers. Theyre modern and made
entirely of plastic so theyre very light. Each watch comes with six different bands,
so you can change the band to match your clothes. Another thing is theyre very
strong. Theyre also waterproof. But whats really special is that this is not only a
watch. You can use it to send and receive e-mail messages.
III. Writing
1. may, might, will, definitely, etc.
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.
a. arrive/definitely/wont/ten oclock/before/We
b. for/There/not/food/everyone/might/enough/be
c. probably/spend/this year/at home/will/Christmas/ We
d. might/I/the children/later/take/swimming
e. not/time/be/There/enough/may
f. tomorrow/you/see/wont/I/probably
g. The/weather/tomorrow/better/get/may
h. definitely/a/will/be/It/game/difficult

2. Present tense after if, when, before and other time words
Choose the correct alternative
a. I tell/ll you if anything exciting happens/will happen.
b. I cook/ll cook the dinner as soon as we get/ll get home.
c. My parents might come/come to visit when they come/will come back from
d. I give/ll give you my e-mail address before I go/ll go
e. Is shell pass/passes all her exams, Ill be/m very surprised.
3. Modern and traditional
Put the letters in bold in the correct order to complete the sentences
a. Can you take your clothes out of the s n i g w a h h a n c i m e?
b. There isnt enough t h o t e w a r for a shower.
c. I cant hear. Someones using the m u c v a u r a n c l e e.
d. Many people nowadays enjoy playing p u t e m c r o c m e g a s.
e. Theres some cold lemonade in the g e f r i d.
f. The n e l c a r t h i e g n a t is off, so its cold in the house.
g. Many people book holidays over the t i n n t r e e.
4. Modern and traditional
Match words from A with words from B to make compound nouns.
a. Shopping
b. Air
c. Dish
d. Board
e. Credit
f. Microwave
5. if
write if in the appropriate place in each sentence.
a. What he cant play?
b. I were you, Id look for another job.
c. Do you know David is coming or not?
d. Do you mind I borrow your pen?
e. Ill take you to the station you like.
f. Well call the police necessary.
g. I wonder that new caf is open yet?
h. I dont know she wants to see me or not
i. Paul asked me I wanted to see his new motorbike
j. Id like you to send it to me tomorrow, possible



How many of the objects in the box can you find?


credit card

identity card

mobile phone




driving licence


shaving foam


1. Lets listen
Passengers are discussing a problem with a flight attendant. Listen and circle the
correct answer

1. a. Theres no sound coming through the headphones.

b. The sound from the headphones isnt clear.
c. The passenger didnt get headphones
2. a. The sound from the headphones isnt clear.
b. Theres no safety instruction card in the seat pocket.
c. There isnt a magazine in the seat pocket
3. a. The seat is uncomfortable
b. The seat is too close to the TV screen
c. The seat is too far away from the TV screen
4. a. Two passengers have the same seat number

b. The passenger should be in a different seat

c. The passenger wants to move to a window seat.
A. Excuse me. These headphones dont seem to be working properly.
B. Really? Are you hearing any sound at all?
A. Yes, but it isnt very dear.
B. Let me check them for you. Youre right. Ill get another set of headphones for you
after I finish serving the meals
A. Sure. Thats fine
A. Excuse me, I cant find the safety instruction card.
B. Oh, there should be one in the seat pocket in front of you.
A. Yes, I looked, but there isnt one there. Theres just the menu and the magazine.
B. Oh, Im sorry. Let me get another one for you right away
A. I wonder if I could change my seat
B. Oh, is there something wrong with is?
A. Well, I cant see the TV screen very well from where Im sitting. Im too far away.
B. Oh, I see. Do you mind waiting until all the passengers have boarded the airplane?
After everyone is on board, Ill see if I can move you to a different seat.
A. Thats fine. Thanks very much
A. Excuse me. I think theres a problem with my seat number.
B. Whats wrong?
A. I should be in business class, but this seat number is for a seat in economy class.
B. Could I check your ticket, please?
A. Yes, I see the problem. You should be in seat 2A, not in seat 22A. Im so sorry. Come
with me now and Ill find your correct seat-in business class.
2. Lets listen
III. Writing
1. Present simple passive
Write sentences in the Present simple passive, using the words in brackets
a. Thousands of cars every year. (steal)
b. All the tickets over the Internet. (sell)
c. A lot of the worlds gold in South Africa. (produce)
d. The rooms every morning. (clean)
e. Millions of barrels of oil to Europe. (export)

2. Past simple passive

Complete the sentences in the Past simple passive with the words in the box.





a. The three men arrested at about six oclock this morning.

b. The car . designed by a Korean company.
c. The new shopping centre was built .. an American company.
d. The painting was . during the night.
e. The Harry Potter books were .. by J K Rowling.
3. Everyday objects
Write the names of the objects next to the pictures.





4. Making suggestions
Choose the correct alternative
a. Lets go/going/to go out for a meal after class.
b. How about play/playing/to play football?
c. Why dont we/we dont we will stay in tonight?
d. Do/Shall/Would we go out and buy some sandwiches?
e. You could buy/buying/to buy her some sunglasses for her birthday.



1. Lets listen
People are describing how they feel. Listen and circle the problem.
1. a. an upset stomach
b. the flu
2. a. sore throat
b. a headache
3. a. a toothache
b. a cold
4. a. a backache
b. a headache
5. a. an upset stomach
b. a sore throat
6. a. a cold
b. a backache
2. Lets listen
Where did each person learn the cold remedy? Circle the correct answer.
1. a. his grandmother
b. his mother

c. his grandparents
2. a. a radio commercial
b. a TV commercial
c. a TV show
3. a. the newspaper
b. her mother
c. her doctor
4. a. a co-worker
b. a roommate
c. a Korean woman
5. a. in an e-mail
b. on the TV
c. on the Internet
6. a. a pianist
b. an opera singer
c. a stranger
3. Lets listen
Four people are talking about health problems. Listen and check () the correct
1. Patrick
What is the problem?
a headache
a stomachache
When did the problem start?
this morning
last night
Has he had this problem before?
Has he taken anything for it?
Has he seen a doctor for it?
2. Jenna
What is the problem?
a sore arm
a sore hand
When did the problem start?
on Saturday
on Sunday
Has she had this problem before?
Has she taken anything for it?
Has she seen a doctor for it?
3. Kenneth
What is the problem?
an eye infection an ear infection
When did the problem start?
last week
last weekend
Has he had this problem before?
Has he taken anything for it?
Has he seen a doctor for it?
4. Alexis
What is the problem?
food poisoning a stomachache
When did the problem start?
two days ago
two weeks ago
Has she had this problem before?

Has she taken anything for it?

Has she seen a doctor for it?
1. Lets listen
2. Lets listen
3. Lets listen
1. Problem: a stomachache
When: this morning
Had the problem before: yes
Taken anything: yes
Seen a doctor: no
2. Problem: a sore arm
When: on Saturday
Had the problem before: no
Taken anything: yes
Seen a doctor: no
3. Problem: an ear infection
When: last weekend
Had the problem before: yes
Taken anything: yes
Seen a doctor: yes
4. Problem: food poisoning
When: two days ago
Had the problem before: yes
Taken anything: yes
Seen a doctor: no




1. Lets listen
A. I feel terrible today. I ate too much last night and my stomach doesnt
feel well at all.
B. You should take something for it
A. This pain in my head is terrible.
B. Let me get you some aspirin
A. Thanks. Thats just what I need.

A. Im not going to school today. Ive got to see the dentist. My tooth is
really bothering me.
B. Oh, thats too bad
A. I think Ill stay in bed today. I think I hurt myself carrying those bags on
the weekend. My back is killing me
B. Can I give you a massage? Maybe that will help you
A. Oh, yeah. Thanks. Ill try anything
A. How do you feel?
B. Sorry. I cant talk
A. Let me get you some hot lemon tea. That should help
B. Thanks
A. I need to go the drugstore. I have a bad cold and my head is all stuffed
B. Oh, thats too bad. I hope you feel better soon
2. Lets listen
A. What do you take for a bad cold, Ted?
B. Oh, I have this great cold remedy. It always works. I chop up a bunch of
garlic, put it in hot water, then drink it
A. Gross! That sounds awful
B, It is awful. I hated it when I saw a kid. But my grandmother made me
drink it every time I got a cold and I always felt better a few hours later. It
works for her, too. Shes going to be ninety-four years old this summer!
A. Hmm. Maybe I should try it.
A/ What do you think is the best thing to take for a cold?
B. I take that new cold medicine. You know, the one they advertise on TV
A. Ive seen that commercial. The one with the dancing pink pills, right?
B. Thats the one. Well, anyway, I had this really bad cold a few months
ago and I was watching TV when the commercial came on. So I thought
you know, why not try it?
A. It sounds pretty effective
A. Do you have a good cold remedy?
B. Oh, sure. Chicken soup
A. No way! Does that really work?
B. Have some I promise youll feel better
A. Who makes the soup? Your mom?

B. Actually, my moms a doctor, so she doesnt believe that chicken soup

really works. So I make it myself. I just go down to t he supermarket and
pick up a can. I got the idea from a story I read in the newspaper. It was all
about this guy who ate chicken soup for every meal, and now hes over a
hundred years old.
A. I dont know. I never believe that stuff.
A. What do you take for a bad cold, Jill?
B. Well, I dont like to take those cold medicines. They put me to sleep. I
bought this last time I had a cold
A. Whoa, what is that? It looks like the root of a plant
B. Its called ginseng
A. It looks kind of weird
B. Yeah, but it really works. I live across the street from this woman from
Korea, and she told me to try it. You should try it, too!
A. Well, Ill think about it
A. What do you take for a cold, Helen?
B. Oh, orange juice. Its supposed to be good for you because it has a lot of
Vitamin C in it. I make a big pitcher of it and drink it all the time.
A. Interesting. Maybe I should try it
B. You really should. I read about it on this website for health problems,
you know, on the Internet? It says that drinking a lot of orange juice can
cure just, about anything-even stuff like toothaches and some muscles!
A. Well, Im not sure about that. But Ill try it next time I have a cold
A. Do you have a good cold remedy?
B. Oh, sure. I usually make some hot tea-with a little honey and lemon juice
in it. I feel much better after that.
A. Yeah, but you probably take cold medicine, too
B. No, not at all. Those cold medicines make me feel really strange. I was
complaining about it one day to this friend of mine who is an opera singer.
She told me to try that tea. She said it what all the famous singers drink
when they have a cold.
A. Oh, yeah? Has your singing improved, too?
\B. Actually, I think it has. Listen!
3. Lets listen
I woke up this morning with a really bad stomachache. At first I thought it
was because I ate a really big dinner last night often have a stomachache if I
eat too much. Anyway, I took some medicine, but I dont think its working

because my stomach still feels funny. So Im going to see the doctor

tomorrow. Maybe she can give me something stronger. Its awful because if
Im sick, I cant go to my friends concert tomorrow night.
I really hurt my arm playing tennis on Saturday. Its strange because Ive
been playing tennis for a long time, and Ive never had this problem before.
I can hardly lift my arm at all. Its really sore. Ive been taking aspirin for
the pain and that help a little, but if it isnt any belter tomorrow. Ill and see
the sports doctor. Its annoying because we have the tennis championships
this weekend. If it isnt better, I wont be able to play.
I have a bad ear infection. It started after I went swimming last weekend.
Its really painful and I can hardly sleep at night. I often get ear infections
in the summer. The doctor gave me some ear drops and some antibiotics, so
it should get better because I have to play in a band at a party next Saturday.
I came down with food poisoning two days ago. It was awful. I went out for
dinner and ate fish. I dont think the fish was fresh because I got really sick
in the middle of the night. Luckily, I had some medicine in the house
because I had the same problem once before I didnt go to the doctor, I just
took the medicine and I feel better today. Unfortunately, I probably wont to
go my best friends birthday party tonight, I still dont feel 100 percent
well. Thats life, I guess!
III. Writing
1. Using articles
Add the to the following sentences where necessary.
a. Im usually at home in evening.
b. Go past the cinema, and Station Road is in left.
c. Its a small town in .. south of Turkey: its on . Coast, so its very
popular with .. tourists.
d. While we were on .. holiday in Egypt, we decided to go on a
cruise along River Nile.
e. Is .. Mont Blanc .. highest mountain in .. Europe?
2. Quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns
Choose the correct alternative
a. Theres too much/ too many sugar in this coffee.
b. A lot of/ Much people come here on holiday every year.
c. Ive got some/ any bread if you want to make a sandwich.
d. Im sorry, but there isnt enough/ no time for us to stop

e. Would you like some/ a few more water?

3. Geographical features
Put the letters in bold in the correct order to complete the sentences.
a. It was so cold there was e i c on the pavement.
b. In the town, you can take a boat on one of the lovely n a l a c s.
c. Its a small town near the r e b r o d between Hungary and Austria.
d. We drove for several hours across the s r e d e t.
e. Ive always wanted to live on a private n a l d i s.
4. Giving written directions
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences
a. come/ the hospital/ Keep/ until/ to/ walking/ you
b. cross/ and/ Leave/ the road/ the station
c. about/ Follow/ metres/ the road/ 500/ for
d. at/ off/ Get/ stop/ the bus/ the next

1. Choose the correct adjective from the box to make an adjective-noun combination.
big different
great new
1. young people
2. a .. job
3. learn . skills
4. a . opportunity

5. a .. attitude
6. a .. advantage
7. a .. talent
8. a ... culture

2. Complete the questions with how and a word from the box
do (x2) far
fast high long
1. A: How far is your house from the city centre?
B: About 3km
2. A: How . coming to my house for lunch on Saturday?
B: Sorry, Im away this weekend
3. A: How did those earrings cost?
B: I dont know. I didnt pay for them.
4. A: How .. you spell your family name?
B: Its H-E-R-N-A-N-D-E-Z
5. A: How . has Stephanie been working here?
B: Just over a month
6. A: How .. was he driving when he crashed his car?
B: Only about fifty kilometers an hour.


7. A: How .. you feeling now?

B: Much better, thanks
8. A: How are you?
B: Im about 1m80
9. A: Thomas, Id like to meet my father
B: How . you do, Mr. Harvey. Its nice to meet you
10. A: How . is this building?
B: Over 100m
3. Complete the diagram with phrases with how from exercise 2.
B, to ask about size,
big number, etc.

A, to ask about the


How many
C, phrases used when
you meet someone

E, to ask about someones

health or feelings

How do you do?

D, to make a suggestion

1. Lets listen
Task 1
People are talking about their jobs. What does each person do? Listen and circle
the correct answer
1. a. musician
b. manager
2. a. manager
b. bellhop
3. a. TV producer
b. chauffeur
4. a. technician
b. secretary
5. a. reporter
b. photographer
6. a. cashier
b. waitress
Task 2
Listen again. Circle the correct answer.
1. He
a. does not have a lot of experience
b. has been working there awhile
c. works at a theater
2. He
a. works in the managers office
b. meets interesting people

c. hates the work

3. He .
a. sees the TV producer every day
b. helps with movie productions
c. doesnt know how to drive
4. She ..
a. thinks the salary is good
b. is looking for another job
c. likes her co-workers
5. She ..
a. works for a magazine
b. writes about sports news
c. isnt famous
6. She
a. works there only part time
b. is a waitress
c. doesnt work anymore
2. Lets listen
Task 1
People are talking about their jobs. Which statement is true? Listen and circle the
correct answer.
1. He
a. does all of his work on the telephone
b. spends a lot of time talking to people
c. has worked there a short time
d. is looking for a new job
2. She ..
a. has a boss
b. works for a large company
c. has two big clients
d. needs more work
3. He ..
a. has a new restaurant
b. is very busy on the weekends
c. has very little to do
d. often does the cooking
4. She
a. likes meeting people
b. doesnt really like traveling
c. never has a break during a flight
d. doesnt like the money
Task 2
Listen again. Circle the word that each person uses to describe his or her job.

1. a. hard
b. quite
c. interesting
d. boring
2. a. creative
b. boring
c. easy
d. unsuccessful
3. a. easy
b. relaxing
c. lonely
d. tough
4. a. difficult
b. loud
c. tough
d. well-paid
1. Lets listen
Task 1
Task 2
2. Lets listen
Task 1
Task 2
1. Lets listen
A. So where do you work now, Phil?
B. Im working at a night club downtown
A. Hey, thats kind of interesting. Are you the manager or something?
B. Oh, yeah! Right! Actually I play the drums in the band
A. Oh! How long have you been playing the drums?
B. Well, only for two weeks! But Im learning real fast
A. Where do you work, Ted?
B. At a hotel. Im with the Grand City Towers
A. Oh, yeah? Do you like it?

B. Its pretty good. I get to meet some really interesting people.

A. Oh, are you the manager?
B. Well, not yet. Im still carrying bags but Im sure Ill be manager before
A. So you work for a TV producer. That must be interesting work.
B. Its okay
A. And what kind of work do you do?
B. Well, Im on the road a lot.
A. Oh, yeah-a kind of personal secretary?
B. Well, not quite-I drive her to work.
A, So you work in an office?
B. Thats right
A. How do you like it?
B. Well, its pretty boring.
A. Oh, yeah? What do you do there?
B. Oh, I type, answer the phone, that sort of thing. And it really doesnt pay
A. So why do you stay there?
B. I like my co-workers
A. Where do you work?
B. I work for the city newspaper
A. Really?
B. Yeah. I write about sports. Have you read any of my stories?
A. Maybe. Say-whats your name again?
B. Ted Grant
A. The Ted Grant? Can I have your autograph?
A. Are you still working in a bar on the weekend?
B. Thats right. But Im not working as a waitress anymore
A. Oh?
B. Yeah. Now Im working the cash register
A. Lucky you
2. Lets listen
I work for a market research company. We do research for companies that arc
planning to develop new products. I call people and ask them questions about
products they are using now. Sometimes I invite people to come to meetings.
We discuss plans for new products with them. Its pretty interesting work. Ive
been doing it for nearly 15 years now, and Ive got no plans to change jobs.

The thing I really like about my job is that each month. Im working on
something completely different, so it never gets boring.
I have my own design company. Its very small-just me and two assistants. I
design brochures, advertisements for magazines, menus, and things like that.
Its very creative job. I started this company just two years ago after I
graduated from design school. Things have gone pretty well for me. I have two
big clients and most of my work is for them. Sometimes I have to work very
late at night if I have a big job to finish quickly. I always have plenty of work
to do and I am always busy.
Ive had my own restaurant for ten years. When I first bought this place, I
thought it would be easy to run, but its very hard work. I work long hours.
Sometimes were very busy and sometimes were very slow. We usually have a
lot of customers on the weekends. During the week, its sometimes quite. I
never have a day off because there are always so many things to do, I dont do
any of the cooking myself. I have three very good chefs to do that. Owning a
restaurant is a tough job, but I love it. I dont want to do anything else.
Im a flight attendant. Many people think its a boring job, but I love it, I get to
travel all over the world, and I meet lots of interesting people, I like that. The
job is pretty easy, really. We dont work nonstop for the whole fight. We have
plenty of time to sit down and take a break. On long fights, we can even take a
nap. Also, the money is very good because all our expenses are paid when
were working.
III. Writing
1. Present perfect continuous with how long, for and since
Complete the sentences below with how long, for or since
a. . have you been waiting here?
b. Ive been studying English three years.
c. Weve been coming here on holiday 1998
d. Adrian has been looking for a new flat .. October.
e. Hes been driving .. about a year
f. have you been sitting there?
2. Present perfect simple and Present perfect continuous
Which of the sentences below can be changed into the Present perfect continuous?
a. How long have you known Steve?
b. Ive played tennis for many years
c. Ive never liked romantic films

d. Its rained since six oclock this morning.

e. Weve waited for nearly an hour.
3. Personal characteristics
Put the letters in bold in the correct order to make words which fit the definitions
a. t i m m t e d o c: ready to work hard at something
b. n e e c p i x e d e r: good at something because you have done it before
c. n o t s h e: not likely to steal or lie
d. z l a y: not ready to work hard
e. i v i e t m a n g a l: good at original pictures or ideas
f. d o v e m i t a t: having a strong reason for doing something
g. p a t m y t i c s e h: kind and understanding about other peoples problems
4. Adjective-noun combinations
Complete the sentences with the nouns in the box
a. Its important to have a positive . and do your best at all times.
b. From an early age, Lisa had a great . as a singer
c. Im trying to improve my computer by doing a course
d. The fact that he speaks English gives him a big
e. It is a very good . For you to show everyone what you can do.
5. How
Add one word to complete the questions with how
a. How was he driving?
140 km an hour.
b. How does this cost?
c. How you spell your surname?
d. How is Paul?
Im 80.
e. How is it from here to the town centre?
About three km.
f. Its very nice to meet you. How do do?
g. How you feeling now?
Much better, thanks.
h. How another cup of tea?
i. How did you have to wait?
1. Look at the picture. Which of the following can you see?
bank notes

cashpoint machine



foreign currency

2. Complete the gaps in the sentences with words from the box. Then listen and
check your answer
a cup of tea

a mess

a phone call



dinner feel

noise need to profit

Wait a minute-I
make .. before we go out. Have you got
Anas number?
b. His new Internet company,, made a big in its
first year.
c. Are you hungry? Ill start making if you want.

d. Stellas already made lots of .. at her new school. Shes very

happy there.
e. That new washing machine is making a very strange ..
f. You look really tired. Sit down and Ill make you .
g. Our Maths teacher is really horrible she nearly made Lucy the
other day.
h. Andrew really makes me .. Why is he always, always late!!
i. You can only use this room if you promise not to make
j. I hate flying. It makes me really ill.
3. Complete the diagram with phrases with make from exercise 2.
B, make money
He makes $5,000 a month.
The company made a loss
last year.

A, produce something
make a sandwich/

cause something

E, other phrases
make a mistake/speech/
D, make + verb
She made us wait.
He makes me laugh.

C, make + adjective
It makes me happy/

Discuss with a partner. Think of two:

things that make you angry
things that make a lot of noise
reasons why people make speeches
things that are made in Scotland
things that you can make with eggs.
mistakes that you often make in English

1. Lets listen
People are talking about New Years resolutions. What is each person going to do?
Listen and circle the correct answer.
1. a. do more exercise
b. put on weight
2. a. learn to swim
b. give up smoking

3. a. do more walking
b. take up jogging
4. a. join a gym
b. put on weight
5. a. eat less meat
b. lose some weight
6. a. take up jogging
b. start doing sit-up
2. Lets listen
Listen and circle the reason each person likes the kind of exercise he or she does
1. a. Its not fun
b. Its a good place to meet people
2. a. He does it indoors
b. He listens to the ocean as he does it
3. a. Its fun
b. Its not easy to find place to play
4. a. Its easy to do it
b. She can do it almost anywhere
5. a. It took a short time to learn b. He doesnt usually ride it on busy streets
6. a. Its cheap to do
b. Its not as easy as it looks
3. Lets listen
Task 1
People are talking about exercise. Listen and check () the activities they do or do
not do now.
Doesnt do
1. Brandon
a. swimming

b. jogging

c. bicycling

2. Alicia
a. jogging

b. aerobics

c. weightlifting

3. Ian
a. tennis

b. golf

c. weightlifting

4. Krystal
a. weightlifting

b. swimming

c. jogging

Task 2
Listen again. What sport does each person want to try? Write the correct letter.
1. Brandon .
a. swimming
2. Alicia .
b. tennis
3. Ian
c. biking
4. Krystal
d. golf

1. Lets listen
2. Lets listen
3. Lets listen
Task 1
1.a. Doesnt do b. Doesnt do
2.a. Does
b. Doesnt do
3.a. Does
b. Does
4.a. Does
b. Does
Task 2

c. Doesnt do
c. Doesnt do
c. Doesnt do
c. Does

1. Lets listen
A. Whats your New Years resolution, Lee?
B. Im really going to get in shape this year. Im going to exercise every day
and lose five kilos. You watch
A. Have you made any New Years resolutions?
B. Sure. Im going to give up smoking
A. Why dont you enjoy in program that helps people stop smoking?
B. That sounds like a great idea
A. I need to get more exercise
B. You should do more walking. Maybe you could walk to the subway every
day instead of taking the bus.
A. Yeah, I think I will
B. And why not take up jogging?
A. Lets not push it. I cant stand jogging
A. What are you going to do for the New Year?
B. Well, everyone tells me I look too thin. I need to put on a couple of kilos
A. Why dont you join a gym and lift weights?
B. No time. I think Ill go back and live with my mom. Shes the greatest cook.
A. So, what are your New Years resolutions?
B. Well, Im going to change my diet and start eating healthier food
A. Really?
B. Yep, Im going to start eating less meat and more vegetables

A. Im getting a little fat in the stomach

B. Yeah I noticed
A. Hey come on!. Anyway, Im going to do something about it
B. Are you taking up jogging?
A. No, but Im going to start doing sit-up every morning starting January first.
Just like this. Watch. One two ugh!
2. Lets listen
I used to lift weights, but I didnt really enjoy it. So thats when I started
swimming. Now I do it about twice a week. Its much more fun. I go to a nice
pool near my office. Its never too crowded, which is great. There are friendly
people who go there, so its a good place to meet people.
I go out every morning. Its a great way to start the day. Its more interesting
than exercising at home like I used to. That was really boring. I go to a beach
near my house. Its lovely in the early morning. Theres hardly anyone there
and you can listen to the ocean as you do it.
I used to play both tennis and volleyball. But I play mainly volleyball now. I
think its a lot more fun. I thought tennis was wry tiring. It was also difficult to
find a partner, and the courts were always crowded, too. With volleyball, I have
no trouble finding somewhere to play.
I used to take long walks every day, but it got boring. I wanted something more
exciting, so thats when I took up rollerblading. Its really fun! But, its not as
easy as it looks. It took me a long time to learn how to do it. I fell a lot at the
beginning. The great thing is you can do it almost anywhere. My friends think
Im kind of strange because none of them do it, but I love it.
I finally bought myself a bicycle. Its a great way to keep fit. I think its better
than going to a health club. It took me a long time to learn to ride it in traffic. I
nearly fell off a couple of times. I dont often go on busy streets because that
can be dangerous, but there are plenty of places where I can ride near where I
live. I use it to get to work sometimes, but only if the weather is nice
I used to go to aerobics class, but I found it pretty silly all that jumping
around. So thats when I decided to take golf lessons. It can be pretty expensive
because you have to buy all your equipment and club fees are high. People
think its very easy, but its not. Its also good exercise because you have to
walk a lot

3. Lets listen
I was a big athlete in high school. All I did was swimming, swimming, and
more swimming! But I work now, and I never go swimming. I know that I
should exercise more, but Im just too lazy, jogging? Thats way too much
work, and it really makes my knees hurt. A lot of people I know are into
bicycling, but I dont have a bike, I guess theres tennis, though. My wife loves
it, and wants to teach me how to play, Id like to play, I think
After my husband got sick last year, the doctor told him to lose 20 kilos. Since
then, Ive been trying to help him lose the weight by exercising with him.
There isnt much we can do together, though. We sometimes jog in the
morning, but when he works late, he doesnt want to wake up early. Our
community center has an aerobics class in the evening, but he wont go. He
says its just for women, so neither of us does that. He wanted to try
weightlifting, but the doctor said it was too dangerous. So, now Im thinking
about getting him golf lessons for both of us, actually. The walking might be
good exercise, and it might even be a little romantic, too!
I may be retired, but I stay very active. I play tennis with my daughters every
weekend, and I go golfing every day. I used to lift weights, too and Im
talking about heavyweights. But I had to top recently, because I had to have an
operation on my back. Now Im really worried that Ill have to stop playing
tennis and golf, too. I dont really have a lot of hobbies or interests besides
sports, so I really need to keep doing them. The doctor said swimming would
help my back improve, so maybe Ill try that.
I guess I really need to get some exercise outside, in nature. Right now, I
exercise all the time, but its always indoors. I lift weights at an indoor gym,
and I go swimming every weekend at an indoor pool. I even go jogging on an
indoor track! I was watching TV last night when a bicycling competition came
on. Now, Im totally excited about bicycle racing! I would really love to try it.
III. Writing
1. Past simple and Past perfect
Choose the correct alternative
a. When I had got/ got downstairs the phone had stopped/ stopped ringing
b. I had been/ was sorry to leave, as I enjoyed/ had enjoyed the party very much
c. Silvana had been/ was very upset because she had lost/ lost her purse

d. It had been/ was a very difficult day, so I had gone/ went to bed early
2. Past time words: already, just and never before
Put the words brackets in the correct place in the sentence
a. Our friends had left when we arrived at the party. (already)
b. Laura had never eaten That food. (before)
c. He had left the bank when the alarm bell rang. (just)
d. She had been married for ten years when she met him. (already)
3. Money
In the box, find:
1. four things you might keep in your wallet or purse
2. three verbs which mean you receive money from other people
3. words for money you pay:
after committing a crime
to people who work
to a waiter/ hairdresser
a fine

a tip

bank notes





foreign currency
4. make
Cross out the word or phrase that does not belong with make in these sentences.
a. Frank really makes me angry/ laugh/ to laugh
b. Dont worry. Ill make a cup of tea/ dinner/ the washing up.
c. Please dont make a mess/ noise/ lie
d. Its not always easy to make a bank account/ friends/ a profit.
e. The film really made me cry/ to cry/ feel sad.
5. Dealing with money
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences
a. Do/ should/ you/ tip/ a/ think/ leave/ we?
b. like/ this/ Id/ into/ please/ change/ euros/ to
c. the/ we/ Can/ please/ have/ bill?
d. Euros/rate/ the/ exchange/ Whats/ for?