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Deeetie nats cae: fom yp Company nme tere ‘tig reton ROOM RESERVATION ee ae ‘light deta: — 7 no = ron nator edOTEL Kenari 1. Kenarino. 4 Yogyakarta ‘Ip. 0274-55 86 36 Fax. 0274-55 8437 CONFIRMATION LETTER Dear guests, Hore with to confirm your reservation n favor of: Total Number of rooms: ou X @RP. neve Ran Right MD TWN, totalrate Rp. -unightMD DBL, totalrate Rp. night JRSUITE, totalrate Rp. hight EXTRA BED, totalrate Rp... ‘Arrival date he Departure: - Time Phone no. _voucher number. Notification: our check out time at 12.00 pm. Confirm booking only apply when guarantee payment (deposit) hhas been received to perior arrival. Non Guarantee deposit will be automatically released on = saw At nnannnnewAM/PM. All guaranted payment is not refundable. If no show automatically charge to your credit card. Guarantee can transfer by: Bank BRI CCabang 1531 KK KANWIL DEPAG YOGYAKARTA ‘ACCOUNT NO. 1531-01-000658-50-8 PENGELOLA EDOTEL KENARI SMK NEGERI 6 YOGYAKARTA Allcharges including service and tax 21%. Reservation section,

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