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Thoughtcrime: Lets Indulge

by Shiraley C

The law is the law but like always, laws are never absolute - only relative.
A law that was, some ninety years ago, may be a crime today and a crime
today may be a law some ninety years hence.

There is a world of difference between being a law abiding citizen and one
that propagates it without due thought just because it is the law. Herein
lies the fundamental disillusionment (or lack thereof) among fascism,
socialism and capitalism, each subservient to other sub-genres, equally or
more invasive to our psyche than we care to imagine or comprehend
unless forced to.

Complacency and comfort are the cunts of cautious thought, guided much
like carnal pleasure- by the need of sheer want; the biggest hindrances to
revolutions brimming beneath our cranial shells. It is only when we get rid
of these or forcefully dissociate ourselves from the confounded heresy of
material distractions that our minds can truly fathom their true role in the
grander scheme of things. It is only then that questions give birth to more
questions instead of counter-reactions and this happens to be the premise
of intelligent thought.

Question everything! Believe nothing you've been taught. Always question

it till you receive an answer sublime enough to put said question to rest
forever. Then question the next thing that comes your way.

The best way to question is to read. Read anything and everything you can

get your hands on. Every piece of propaganda, of dissent, of the

dissatisfaction of the proletariat and the feeble tries of the elites, the
bourgeoisie and pseudo intellectuals to appease and assuage the
impending overthrow, is an addition to the mightiest weapon at your
disposal- your God awful intellect. It is also the only thing standing
between you and the beautifully wrapped bullshit you're spoon-fed to
ensure the smooth functioning of the current form of complacency in your
time, the poison of the period- democracy, autocracy, lunacy- whatever
sails their boats (and yours).

Dissent at the top of your voice till your lungs give way to a throat filled
with smoke and rapture and never ending slogans of questions that need
answering. Turn to anarchy of the mind than that of the person and let
your thoughts run free with wild abandon. Do not conform! Rebel against
the contrived notions of submission and obedience just for the sake of it.
Question your own motives for everything you undertake and make
'thinking' a part of everyday routine. Pay attention to the human condition
and then shine floodlights on human conditioning, beaten into dank
submission at the behest of comfort, at the cost of individual reasoning.

Think. Strive. Dissent. Rebel. Retaliate.

Never conform unless an idea resonates with every atom of your being.
Never settle for a form of governance that doesn't hold out for the greater
good. Never ever hark hoarse about elites that pledge allegiance to people
instead of the cause.
Read, my heretic hearts. Read and rebel against the shackles of what
keeps you forced to drone on like worker ants when you're meant to claim
the open skies without a ticking death knell chained to your feet. Riot
against complacency by reading, my renegades! Embrace heresy at the
core of your being and question every single thing in accordance. Fight the
doggone order of redundancy. Rise up to your own inner consciousness. Be

a leftist. Be a rightist. Be whoever the hell your innate thoughtfulness

guides you to be but for the love of everything that defies ignorance, read
well enough that the questions make you ponder beyond the futility of life
and into the realm of bettering it.