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Assessment of Field Practicum

What have I learned from the experience?

For my staying at PLDT I learned to be patience, discipline, and communicate to others and to be courage
to accomplish this tasks (OJT), newly people I have met, new location I have no idea for this kind of work
and how I accommodate to other workers ,to handle troubles and problem that I encounter not only in the
field telecommunication but also physically and mentally problem.
As Information technology student I practiced to be organized, handling my time, broadening my skills not
only in terms of Computer, but also in the field of works. On the Job Training is the best way to adapt
person in a new environment to be train and prepared in a real worksite.
As a former trainee (OJT) of PLDT, I can merely say that Ive experience how my field of work flows, basic
office works, to be productive, developed more skill how to be confident and self-esteemed.

My experiences with the people around me?

My experiences with the people around me is that, Ive encountered different attitudes of every employee in
the company Some are very kind and friendly to me .despite of that, I can manage to deal with them in a
nice way or in a profession way where the best attitude than I can have.

The most memorable event during my field practicum?

The most memorable event is when

What I can recommend for the improvement of the Field Practicum?

For me, I dont have any recommendation to improve the practicum program, because the benefits has
already provide opportunities for me to gain experiences, and it determines for me to have an interest in a
particular career.

My advice to those who will take their practicum in the near future?

My advice to those who will take their practicum in the near future is to have the willingness to work with
determination without hesitations. Its good to have their listening and communication skills, technical skills.
Team working skills to have a successful result of work and have trust in yourself to improve selfconfidence