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This time of lab session is about an introduction to the Yamaha

robot using Manual control (YAMAHA 350X / YAMAHA 600X). Basically this
robot arm was divided into three parts which are Yamaha robot arm,
Yamaha robot controller and Teach pendant (MPB) before we start the
laboratorys experiment, our lecturer guided us on how to use this robot
arm manually. She make a demonstrate about the motion of robot arm
and teach us step by step how to use the teach pendent (MPB) until the
coordinate was taken. After that, all of us did the same things that our
lecturer did until the coordinate was taken.
Before we started to use the teach pendent, we had to make sure
that the distance between Yamaha robot arm and us is in safety distance.
After that, we choosed one hole (adjacent slot) as a coordinate. Next, we
ensured that teach pendent is ON. Then we pressed the MODE key and
then it would display the 4 basic mode on the bottom line of the screen.
After that, press F2 button and MANUAL mode entered. The submenu
for the MANUAL mode operation would appear at the top left corner of
the screen.
Next, we pressed jog key to move the robots manually to our
desired position. If we wanted moving down the arm, we must change it to
the small velocity which is from 20% to 5%. To adjust the velocity, just
press the function keys that corresponding to VEL++ and VEL that
shown on display. Lastly, record the coordinate shown on the main display.
Based on our result, the bottom coordinate is X= -125174, Y=363731 ,Z=
-820 and R= -141642 and upper coordinate is X= -88359, Y= 277388, Z=
45347 and R= -58105.