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David Herman Satriawan

Chapel Reflection
20 October 2015
The Verse that was taken for the sermon was from romans 12:18-21. It mainly talks
not to take revenge, just let GOD judge them. We need to defeat evil with goodness, not
defeat evil with evil itself. We must make peace with the peace-maker, because the one who
brings peace unto others will be blessed. Because proverbs 10 said that Love Covers All
I didnt sit in a chair when i attended the chapel, i sat in the hall with 2 of my friends
because the chairs are full. As usual every morning there is always a choir that sing beautiful
songs with a clear and beautiful voice. When James Riady comes to the front and talked, I
immediately recognize his voice and his loyal translator (I forgot her name). In the beginning
it seems like he just brag about his vacation to europe. Then i get very sleepy and slept a little
in the end when the sermon almost finished.