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A Lot In A Little

The beauty of life in a few words

So I have this in mind as the homepage...

The page itself says a "lot" in a
"little".... i.e. minimal
content..simple..yet effective...

The significant words will be

highlighted...just like the above
Lets take an example:
Then to her hands,
Now to her Grave
Flowers never failed to convey my
Well, it looks pretty dull here..
(wordpad XD)..but in the website or
the would look like in the
above screenshot.
Home Page
The home page is as shown in the
screenshot...minimal content.

The shown content will cover 80%

of the screenspace. Following the
heading and all will be the content
written in Subhayu's Website.


Send your Thoughts

A Tale For You

Know Us Better

All the content will be based upon

the same theme as the main-page
shown in the screenshot.
So this is what I had in mind....
Hope you all will like it.....