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When, where or how you met Mahen

They were very interesting moments in Madras that started in the mid 80s. Mahen was
newly married to our relative Sumathy and we visited their house one beautiful morning.
Sumathy introduced Mahen as the aussie return Ph.D graduate. We were very surprised
by how simple looking Mahen was as well as his trade mark French beard in those days.
Initially we were hesitant to start the conversation but finally said hello to Mahen, thanks
to Sumathy bridging the conversation and making us comfortable. Sumathy talked about
Mahen and his studies from Melbourne and showed us his Ph.D thesis. We were
surprised by this by this big printed text book. I asked Mahen How did you print this
book? and Mahen calmly answered Word processing while he looked in to our eyes
and stroked his beared. Those days we normally used type writers in India to write
projects and thesis, so Mahen was not surprised and respected our question.
After the initial meeting, both our families visited each other quite often because we
lived around an hour away from Mahens house..
* Your relationship with Mahen
One of my close relative- maternal cousin Sivakumar married Sumathys eleder sister
* Any memorable moments you have shared with Mahen
We always remember how Mahens family was in our wedding album and Sumathy was
Indras bride maid during our engagement.
When we moved to Brisbane Mahens family introduce us to the Sri Selvavinayakar
temple and gave us lots of encouragement with starting our Brisbane life as well as
advice on our new land purchase to build a home. He also gave us the outlook on the
local education system to our boys.
* Any thoughts or comments on Mahen's personality, or what he has achieved
Mahen is a very humble, down-to-earth person with deep knowledge and is always lighthearted and has a great sense of humour.
He respects others when he talks and is very reserved if he doesnt know someone but
then very friendly once he knows them .
Hell give you straight and honest advice if he thinks you are wrong.
* Any impact Mahen has had on you
He taught me to think before talking and respect others view
* Any wishes you have for Mahen on his 60th Birthday
Happy Birthday Mahen. You have a wonderful wife Sumathy and truly blessed intelligent
children Niru and Eesha.
Enjoy your life with lots of wealth and joy in the future.
Rajan & Indra.
8 Sep 2016,Brisbane.