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eFPS Enrollment Process

Job Aids

The Enrollment sub-module provides the taxpayer an online Enrollment Form for acquiring Electronic
Filing and Payment System (EFPS) services. The online Enrollment Form can be accessed by taxpayers
who are currently registered to the BIR and who wish to avail of the EFPS. The form accepts all necessary
information of the taxpayer. The form is also capable to accept additional user accounts application up
to a maximum of three (3) users per TIN. After a user is successfully enrolled to EFPS, BIR will investigate
the taxpayers information for verification. Once the taxpayer is activated, taxpayer may proceed to
access the e-filing and e-payment modules. If the taxpayer is rejected due to various reasons such as
incompatible ITS data and failure to submit the required documents, he/she has the option to enroll
again after compliance.
The taxpayer should follow the enrollment procedures before using the e-Filing and e-Payment facilities
of the eFPS. An automatic email notification is sent to the taxpayer informing him/her on the status of
the enrollment application. Only upon activation can the taxpayer successfully login to the eFPS and use
its services.
There are two (2) enrollment scenarios:
1) Enrollment for New Accounts
2) Enrolling Additional Users for Existing Accounts

Scenario 1: Enrollment for New Accounts

1) Access eFPS Login Screen by clicking on the

icon from the BIR web site


2) Select <Enroll to eFPS> to proceed to the Enrollment Form Screen.


The eFPS enrollment form has three (3) parts: 1) The Taxpayer Details 2) The Account Details and 3) The
Verification portion.
3) In the Taxpayer Details part, the enrollee must supply his profile information such as:
a. Selecting if the taxpayer is an Individual or a Corporate user
b. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
c. The Registered Name of the taxpayer
d. Last Name, First Name and Middle Name of the authorized user

e. Date of Birth (in mm/dd/yyyy format)

- For Corporate Users, the Date of Incorporation
- For Individual Users, the Date of Birth of the Individual
f. Registered Address of the Taxpayer

- The Region (To be selected from the drop-down list)

- Province (To be selected from the drop-down list)
- City or Municipality (To be selected from the drop-down list)
- House/Building No.
- Street Name
g. Contact Number
h. Reason for e-Filing (To be selected from the drop-down list)
Click on the <Next> button to continue.

4) The second part of the enrollment form is the Account Details wherein the user is required to
i. The desired username (one word, at least 8 characters)
j. The desired password (8 to 15 characters)
k. Challenge Question
l. Answer to the challenge question (no special characters)
In this page, it is also necessary to indicate a VALID EMAIL ACCOUNT where the system will send
the VALIDATION CODE to be supplied in the next portion of the form.

Click on the <Next> button to continue.

A message box will appear on screen informing you that the VERIFICATION CODE is sent to your
email account. Click <OK> to proceed.

5) This email VERIFICATION CODE should be copied and supplied in the Email Verification Code
box under Step 3 - Verification of the enrollment form.

6) In the Verification portion of the Enrollment Form, supply the EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE as
stated in the email. Then, input the CAPTCHA CODE and click on <Submit>.

If this message box below appears, it means that your TIN is not yet pre-loaded in eFPS
database. Pre-loading of TIN is one of the pre-requisites in eFPS availment. You must coordinate
with your RDO for this activity. Once done, you may fill-up the enrollment form again.

Scenario 2: Enrolling More Users

There are times when you need to enroll more than 1 user into the system. To do this, just follow the
following procedures.
1) The primary user shall access eFPS Login Screen by clicking on the


icon from the BIR web

2) Type your TIN, Username and Password then click on <LOGIN> button.

3) Type your answer to the challenge question. Then click on <Submit> button.

4) Click on <Enroll More Users> at the bottom of the screen.

5) The online Enrollment Form screen will now be displayed. Take note that the field for the TIN
and the Registered Name of the taxpayer are already Pre-Filled. The additional user may now
fill-up the enrollment form in accordance with the same procedures provided for in Number 3 to
6 of Scenario 1.

After <Submit>, you may either proceed or cancel your enrollment. If you click on the <NO> button, the
focus will stay on Step 3 Verification screen.


11) Select <Enroll to eFPS> to proceed to the Enrollment Form Screen.

If you click on the <YES> button, a message box will appear on screen informing you that your
enrollment has been received for processing. Click <OK> to proceed.

Online Enrollment Notes

1) Submit the applicable documents to the Revenue District Office (RDO) where you are registered
such as Letter of Intent/Board Resolution and/or Certification of Authorized Users.
2) After submission of the accomplished enrollment form online, the application is verified and
processed by BIR personnel.
3) The enrollee will receive an e-mail notification (within 3 to 10 working days) indicating the
status of the application: whether the application has been activated or rejected (TIN mismatch)
or on-hold (incomplete documentary requirements or TIN information not updated).
4) Only activated enrollees may begin to logon to eFPS using the TIN, Username, Password and
Answer to Challenge Question supplied in the Enrollment Form and proceed to eFiling/ePay.