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Now to The 1st Set of Prayers ...

Begin with praise and worship ... for at least 15

Then read the following scriptures out loud:
Galatians 3:13-14, Colossians 2:14-15
Follow up by praying these 19 prayers machinegun style...
1 Holy Spirit, cook my relationship in your
anointing in the name of Jesus Christ.
2 Let the spirit of love and understanding prevail
between us in the name of Jesus Christ.
3 O Lord, reveal to me every secret I need to
know concerning this relationship in the name of
4 I command every spirit of division to depart
from us in the name of Jesus.
5 You spirit of Egypt, release my marriage in the
name of Jesus
6 Let every family cage holding my godly spouse
be destroyed by the fire of God in Jesus' name
7 Lord Jesus, wash away every anti-marriage
stamp, label and links from my life with your
8 Let every ungodly family interference in this
relationship be cut off completely in the mighty
name of Jesus.
9 Let all anti-marriage yokes break in the name

of Jesus Christ.
10 Let all the effects of evil spiritual wedding
rings, garments and shoes be completely removed
in Jesus' name
11 Let any veil of hatred against me in the heart
of my godly spouse be destroyed in the name of
12 Let any wicked spirit polluting the heart of my
spouse-to-be against me receive the stones of
fire, in the name of Jesus
13 O Lord, put the love for me back in the heart
of my would-be spouse in the name of Jesus
14 Let the joy of the enemy over my marriage be
converted to sorrow in the name of Jesus.
15 You spouse, you will not follow the evil
patterns of any parent or ancestors in Jesus' name
16 I bind all activities of spirits from the air,
water, land and family idols, and I forbid them
from interfering in my relationship from today in
Jesus' name
17 Let all activities contrary to my wedding day
marriage be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.
18 Let all spirits of fear, depression, worry and
despair release me now in the mighty name of
19 Thank you LORD for answering my prayers in
Jesus' name

NOTE. This is just a sample of the prayers featured in this

Singles Community Site. The current singles Prayer Marathon

21 prayers to cancel hidden anti-marriage

patterns(Hint: If no one stays married in your family for

long, this one is for you).

51 targeted prayers to detect and reject the trap of

Ishmael (spiritual counterfeits that the devil has
released to confuse people) . So you can RAPIDLY get
to the point of spotting your divine original without
making a mistake.

97 acidic prayers to revoke evil marital decrees. If

anyone ever said that youll NEVER be happily married
(whether playfully or not) heres where you have to
zero in like a heat-seeking missile ...

And much, MUCH more

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