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Project Brief

Underlying Assumptions:


The project is employing 5 call center agents.

Marketed only one campaign the "Total Merchant Campaign Service".
Total Merchant Campaign Service, $2 per sale ($1=Php 45.00)
Sales/Appointment quota per agent a day (2 Leads)
Approximately seventy percent (61%) of sales/appointment are met in a day.
Agents Commission $5 per closed deal
A call Center is operating everyday except sunday, nine hours a day (9pm-6am).
Premium VoIP (5 mins. per call)
PROJECTED REVENUE (One Month Operation)
Call Center Business Operation
Projected Service Revenue and Income


Revenue :
Total Merchant Campaign Service (182 deals @ Php 900/deal)


Less: Operating Expenses

Internet Connection


Premium VoIP (2808 calls @ Php 3.15/call)


Agents Commission (182 deals @ Php 225.00/deal)


Agents Allowance (5 @ Php 50.00 per day)


Philhealth Benefits (5 @ Php100.00 per month)



Space Rental


Repair and Maintenance


Depreciation of fixed assets (FA/ EUL/ WC Cycle)

Amortization of pre-operating expenses (POE/ EUL/ WC Cycle)

Today, Internet Caf operators are now entertaining the idea of converting their shops into
call center facilities at night time a time when most cyber cafs are not earning. With so many
Internet shops in cut-throat competition, some net caf operators eventually loose out to other
better located shops. Internet Cafe industry players face the problem of price war, in which some
caf owners drop hourly charges for Internet and gaming use to Php 10.00 per hour to attract
more customers. But despite the challenges faced by the local Internet caf industry, caf
operators are encouraged to invest in revenue-generating ventures and to take the risk. by
operating a call center.


Net Income before taxes


Return on Investment (Ave. Net Income/ TPC)

10 months

Payback Period (TPC/ Ave. Net Income + Depreciation + Amortization)


Net Profit Rate (Net Income/ Total Sales)

*EUL Estimated Useful Life


Furthermore, the presence of call centers in the region offers more job opportunities to
thousands of local residents and had helped the region boost its economy and manpower assets.
Also, call center jobs would be one of the top choices for jobseekers, considering the big
compensation and benefits a person can get.
Given its potential for increasing income, providing livelihood and employment opportunities,
call center business operation is among the investment opportunities being promoted.

For Inquiries, please contact:
National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center
Ground Floor, RA Bldg., South Osmena St., General Santos City
Telefax No. 083-5528250
Email Address:

The project aims to promote call center business to netcafe operators and develop
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled services in the region. Also, it aims to
minimize the continuous migration of skilled local workers to other areas/country.

Project Brief
The call center will operate nine (9) hours a day from 9 Pm. to 6 Am. everyday to cater an
outbound telemarketing like Total Merchant Campaign Service (one stop credit card processing
service) of an U.S based company that provides electronic processing, check validation and credit
card processing services. To ensure the payment, there is e-direct marketing memorandum of
agreement by and between the call center owner and the company that is renewable after 1 year.
Based on the projected revenue, a call center alone would generate Php 145,600 for one month
Among the areas in the region, the cities of General Santos, Koronadal, Tacurong, Cotabato
and Kidapawan are good locations to operate a call center considering the existence of
Universities and Colleges for quality human resource and Telecommunications Company like
PLDT for a good access to internet connection. Most of the buildings there have all the necessary
amenities and area located in such a way that noises and traffic do not hinder the operation.
Herewith, the project will employ five (5) skilled call center agents who are well trained and paid
on commission basis with daily allowance and philhealth benefits. The agents will make the
outgoing calls to possible clients to sales leads or make an appointment. The center will be
operated through an open workspace for call center agents, with work stations that include a
computer for each agent, a telephone set/headset connected to a telecom switch, and one
supervisor stations. It is linked to a corporate computer network, including mainframes,
microcomputers and Local Area Network (LANs). Likewise, operation of a caf as a call center
found to be logical as their existing equipment already meet technical requirements. Only the
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) capability and the software for Customer Relations
Management (CRM) have to be added and the caf is ready to be used as a call center.
The project will be a joint venture with Quality and Reliance (QR) Outsource for the
installation of premium VoIP and State of the art Predictive Dialer. QR Outsource is a Philippine
based marketing firm that generally deals with call center solutions. Their capabilities include
setting up small and medium scale call centers (10 seats or less), training, and outsourcing of
campaigns and continuous call center support.
The initial investment cost amounts to Php 437,095.20 with a working capital of Php
101,795.20. Within one month of operation, the project can generate a net income of
approximately Php 35, 647.72. Projected Net Profit Rate is 24% while the Return on Investment is
98%. Approximately after 10 months of operation, the cost of investment will be recovered.
Hence, the project is worthwhile to embark on.

business development here in the region. These were initiated by Association of Sultan KudaratInformation & Communication Technology (ASK-ICT). Effectively last August 11, 2009, 6 internet
cafes and 1 technical vocational school started outsourcing services with a total of 79 seats
accommodating 142 contact center agents in the province of Sultan Kudarat. Moreover, these
existing call center operators are encouraging more investors in the region to venture into this
kind of project after seeing the increasing demand of outsourcing services based on their actual
operation. With this, public and private sectors like PLDT, BPO, DTI and CHED are willing to
extend their assistance for the development of the industry.


1. Hardware - CPU (40 GB HDD, 512 Memory), LCD Monitor 14-15, Headset w/ noise reduction
2. Software - Windows, excel 2003, word 2003
3. Automatic Dialing
Predictive Dialer
Premium VoIP
Server - Intel Core 2 QUAD Q 9400 or better, 4 GB DDR Memory, One 320 GB SATA
HDD or better, 2 GB LAN cards
4. Internet Connection (bandwidth not less than 2MB)

The higher the bandwidth of your Internet connection, the better the quality of voice.
5. License for running a call center from the local telecommunications authority.

Call Center Business Operation
Total Project Cost

5 Desktop Computers (Includes Software License)


2 Server PC (Includes Recording & Monitoring)


Monitor Screen(15000 LG 23inches wide HD)


5 Agents PCs tables and chairs


1 Server desk and counter


1 24 port Switch/Hub


1 Broadband Router (WIFI)


Today, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is at its booming stage in our country.
One of the most common BPO services is call center. Because of the countrys advantages over
alternative Asian sites such as lower labor costs; modern and stable infrastructures and
prevalence of spoken American English, Philippines is selected as a BPO destination.

To take advantage of the growth of the call center industry, series of meetings and linkage
enhancement activity to ICT firms and meeting with local BPO executives were conducted for


100m UTP cable (cat5)


1 Aircon (2 Horse Power)


1 setPros kit (computer tools)


Pre-operating Expenses
Training Cost

Offshore call center outsourcing agencies in the Philippines are fast increasing their share of
the global call center market resulting to an employment boom and significant revenue increase in
the country. They are confident in their outlook as an increasing number of U.S. companies are
outsourcing several basic business functions to offshore locations and many of these companies
consider Philippines to be an ideal service provider. Two factors contribute to the attractiveness of
an offshore call center outsourcing agency in the Philippines: the countrys culture and the loyalty
of Filipino employees.


Fixed Assets

Installation Cost for Internet Connection

Server Installation


Working Capital (1 month)

Operating Expenses




Total Project Cost


Project Brief