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intern architect
about me experience
I recently achieved a Bach- education
elor of Arts in Architecture BA in Architecture from Judson University of Elgin, IL
from Judson University near NAAB Accredited 4-Year Degree
Chicago. I have experience
Six Semesters of Architectural Design Studio
in architectural programming
Architectural History, Theory, and Urbanism. 
and conceptual design and
strive for excellence in digital Construction Technology/Structures 
and traditional rendering. Environmental Technology
(sustainability, HVAC, lighting, acoustics)
Since graduation I’ve worked Digital/Traditional Illustration
with a team to oversee the software proficiencies
design process of a $3.5M
addition to my church. This practical experience has been invaluable to me. I
Revit Rhino
3dsMAX Photoshop
was given the assignment of designing a master plan for children’s recreation
area. I have also done some freelance home renovation design. AutoCAD Illustrator
SketchUp InDesign
contact relevant work experience
2208 Regent Lane SW Autumn Ridge Church Playground | June 2010 - Present
Rochester, MN 55902 Architectural Intern
(507) 316-1235 I participated in a subcommittee responsible for the selection of playground equipment and the development of a master plan for Autumn Ridge Church
in Rochester, MN. I was able assist the volunteer design team with crucial de-
sign choices by producing several site studies. These studies included security
concerns for the children’s recreation area, supervision sight lines, landscaping
and sun study concerns. I was also responsible for drafting plans used for col-
laboration and presentation to the congregation.
21st century library The Berkeley-Hanover Pub-
lic Library was a third year
conceptual study project
for renovation of an existing
building. The assignment was
to design a building that re-
flected a library’s core purpos-
es of intellectual illumination
and social permanence. The
luminescence and endurance
of a diamond was the guiding
inspiration for the design.

Following the example of

Tadao Ando at the Interna-
tional Library of Children’s
Literature in Tokyo, I added a
single glass prism to the exist-
ing structure, creating a new
datum which allowed the
library’s program to expand
out into the site.
elgin bus stop My idea for contextual design for this
project was the rearrangement of
preexisting materials and forms al-
ready available on the site. A shipping
container was a nod to Elgin’s indus-
trial past, while other materials came
from bits of urban debris found on site
such as the corrugated tin, the bodies
of boilers and the railway itself. The
bus stop was designed to be a place
of refuge from the elements. The
interior climate was been controlled
by a computer which would operate
the windows and heating elements in
response to external weather condi-
tions or could be operated manually.
The bus stop was cooled passively
during the summer by convection and
crosswinds encouraged by clerestory
olympic transit mall This project was part of a collaborative effort to
create a masterplan for Chicago’s bid for the 2016
Olympic Games. My assignment was to create a tran-
sit mall to connect venues within the city. The goal
of the project was to produce something elegant
with a single contouring line that would blur the
distinction between floors and walls.

Learning from the lessons of the Athens 2004

Olympic Complex, this transit mall was designed for
ongoing use after the completion of the Olympic
Games. The scheme included a parking garage even
though personal transportation would have been
restricted during the Games. Sun-tracking lou-
vers mitigated overheating while providing ample
daylight and light-scattering polycarbonate was
employed to disperse light throughout the interior.
A roof garden punctuated by skylights provided
natural light throughout the structure. Office space
for the Chicago Transit Authority was located on the
second floor.
nyu student center

The purpose of the NYU Student Center as-

signment was to design a multi-faith, multi-use
facility for the university, replacing the existing
Catholic Center on a site bordering Washington
Square Park. The site lies on a direct axis created
by the Washington Memorial Arch. In response
to that datum, I designed a 20’ wide atrium span-
ning the length of the building that brought
natural light to offices, libraries and classrooms.
Essential elements of the program such as library,
main chapel and office space were clustered in
the northern two-thirds of the building away
from the octagonal atrium. Secondary office
space and classrooms filled the balance of the
blue line tod In a Transit Oriented Development,
transit networks and development
have a mutually beneficial relation-
ship—Chicago’s Elevated Rail system
brings people from all over the city to
live, work, and shop, while the devel-
opment helps frame the “El” for the
city. The proposed office building was
placed at the intersection of Milwau-
kee Avenue and North California
Street—the central focus of the site.
From this position of prominence,
the building would attract people to
the site. The office building worked
in concert with the nearby residential
building to funnel people into the
heart of the TOD. In order to maxi-
mize street life, most of the available
floor units were designated as retail
space, while units above were intend-
ed for residences and office space.
arc playground

of a master plan to develop underutilized space between the existing building

This was my first real-world project after completion of my undergraduate and proposed gym. I prepared a site analysis for the subcommittee which ad-
degree. Autumn Ridge Church desired to create a Children’s Ministry space dressed several important design decisions. Some factors that were taken into
that would be attractive to boys aged 10-14. In order to meet that challenge, a account included the shade provided by the existing structure and the way in
gym and community center were designed by the Kane and Johnson architec- which pedestrian traffic patterns could be affected by the gymnasium addi-
tural firm. I was able to participate in design consultations between the firm tion. The above design and renderings were developed using assets from Kane
and their clients during the time of the building’s design and continuing con- and Johnson, playground equipment designs by Landscape Structures Inc. and
struction. Later, I was invited to join a subcommittee tasked with the creation a landscaping proposal from Sargent’s Gardens of Rochester, MN.
hand renderings
This is a collection of
hand renders from my
studio technique classes.

My favorite media to
work in are watercolor
and ink because they can
be very effective at con-
veying an idea relatively
(507) 316-1235

Thank you for

reviewing my
portfolio. I
look forward to
your response.