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Basic Rules & Regulations

1. Maintaining minimum CGPA of 2.2

Please keep track of your CGPA on regular basis and put in extra effort to ensure that your CGPA
should not fall below 2.2. Participants having CGPA between 2.0 to 2.2 will be on probation for
one trimester. Participants with CGPA below 2.0 will not be able to continue with the Program.
Getting Grade F owing to any reason (Failure in exam, unauthorized absences from the course or
examination) can adversely affect CGPA and consequent continuation with the program.

Maximum three absences in a course

Considering official and personal engagements, the Executive MBA participants are allowed to
avail maximum 3 absences from class of 3 hours or 6 absences of from session of 90 minutes in
any course. If the absences exceed this level then he/she is awarded an F in that particular
course. Please preserve your admissible leaves for the official travels, sickness or any other
emergency so that you may not face any difficulty in meeting such obligations


Dropping the course/s or semester

You may request for dropping from the course/s. In order to formalize this, de-register yourself
from the ERP. This should be done before attending the 2nd class of the course/s. If you want to
drop the whole semester you must lodge a formal application addressed to Director Executive
MBA and de-register yourself from ERP if you have enrolled courses. As per financial guideline, fee
will be admissible if the Participant attend 2 or more classes and subsequently decided to drop the
course or semester.


Withdrawing from the course/s

You may also request for withdraw from the course/s. This should be done on prescribed Course
Withdrawal Form, duly signed by the course/s instructor/s provided that you have not exceeded
absences above allowed level, within one week of the midterm examination result. As per financial
guideline, fee will be admissible if the Participant attend 2 or more classes and subsequently
decided to withdraw the course/s.


Make-up Examinations on Medical Grounds or Official Trip.

The Examination Department may consider allowing make-up examination on account of serious
sickness or official travelling. This would be as per conditions mentioned in the Program
Announcement 2014-15, Rules and Regulations at Page No. 64-70. The details can be seen at IBA
website in the link of Program Announcement 201415.

6. Disciplinary Acts
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the IBA. However, there are some specified places where smoking
is reluctantly allowed. These places include back site of the Main Campus Canteen and TABBA /
CED Buildings back site. Please note that in front of entrance of TABBA and AMAN CED Buildings
smoking will not be tolerated. Similarly edible items and tea are strictly not allowed in the class
Participants are requested to abide by the rules and maintain discipline in and outside the class
room, examination room. Any misconduct to the faculty and staff may result in punitive action.
We are confident that with your cooperation and support this knowledge journey will proceed
ahead and you will secure the milestone without any interruption or delay.
Kindly have a look at the Program Announcement 2014-15 at IBA website and also visit IBA
portal/website on regular basis so that you may not face any difficulty in future.

Wish you all the best in your knowledge endeavor.