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Johanna Walker

Excerpt from Rescuer Turned Defender

One day while the 16 year old, Jesophine Starstream Razzo was
returning home from a mission, she discovered a young man with a crashed
spaceship of alien origin in the middle of a forest clearing. Are you Alright
asked Jes, in the common tough of the rest of the universe, as she neared his
ship? i Am rAndros mAtrioscA, decedent of the greAt empress rolidrA
Matriosca. Bow to me peasant, for I am next in line for the thrown of the
empire, responded Randros as authoritAtive As he could. i hAve heArd of your
family, Randros. You rule nothing but a few empty planets that you managed to
hold on to. rAndros wAs fuming, how could A simple peAsAnt be so rude to the
heir of the great Empire. Just than he realized who this girl might be. how do
you know All this? Jesophine lAughed, i know this because it was my family
that knocked yours from power. rAndros screAmed And chArged towArd Jes.
Even though she did not have complete control over her powers, Jes knew
enough to Air leAp into the brAnches of one of the trees. you cAnnot escApe me
stArstreAm, for you Are the first step of my revenge. As Jes stArted to mAke
her way back to her Rescuebird, RB7, through the trees, she heard something
horrifying. Randros had taken out a communicator form his tunic and was
yelling into it. fire on the plAnet. there is A member of the wicked stArstreAm
family, and instead of wasting time searching for her, we will just destroy the
plAnet. i dont cAre how mAny innocent lives Are lost As long As she is deAd. Jes
was horrified. Randros was going to destroy the entire planet just to kill her.
Jes grabbed the silver crystal that was around her neck and sent her
thoughts to the spirit of the Sky, Erexis. Erexis, what should I do. He is going to

destroy the planet just to get to me. After a moment, Erexis responded, my
dear Jes, I know what you are thinking, but you cannot just hand yourself over
to him. We must not let him win. Jes could not believe what she was hearing. Even
if it might cost an entire planet of innocent beings, I am sorry Erexis, but that
is something I just cannot do. then An ideA AppeAred in Jess mind, something thAt

Johanna Walker
was absolutely insane. It was so insane, in fact that it just might work. She
started by jumping to the highest branch of her tree and calling down to
rAndros. hey mAtrioscA, if you wAnt me come And get me. then she sprinted into
the forest. To her surprise, Randros had jumped onto a tree branch and was
chAsing After her while yelling you cAnnot escApe me Starstream, you will be
mine. As they continued their chAse, Jes hAd tApped into prince crevils com
frequency and could hear every word that spoken in any and all of his
conversAtions. your highness, do you still wAnt us to fire on the plAnet. do
not fire on the plAnet, i Am in procute. Jes smiled As she mAintAined A 10ft.
distance between Crevil and herself, her plan had worked and the planet was
sAfe. Just then she heArd something thAt Almost mAde her fAll. your highness,
we have an idea that may help you catch the Starstream. There is a satellite
station that is in range of our cannons. If we shot it down, maybe that will
distrAct this stArstreAm enough for you to cAtch her. rAndros laughed a
sickening laugh that only the vilest in the universe could mAke. is there A
name written on this satellite station? yes sir, there is. it sAys rb5 on the side
of it. once Jes regAined her composer And continued to run, she opened up A
Rescuer line strait to her father, James, in RB5. As soon as the line was
connected, Jes transmitted All thAt rAndros hAd sAid. Jes, do you copy. this is
rb5. Jes felt A rush of relief As she heArd her fAthers voice over her eAr
piece. i heAr you pApA, whAt Are we going to do. Just breathe my darling, it
will be ok. I am transmitting your data to base. I am also sending a copy to
elfrodiA, hopefully from there it cAn get to... Jes eminently interrupted him.
no, there is no wAy we Are going to involve her. it is becAuse of her we Are in
this situAtion in the first plAce. JAmes took A deep breAth And sAid in the
cAlmest voice possible, Jes, i know whAt you Are doing. you Are scAred, so you
are blaming her. you need to cAlm down And focus everything will be ok. Just
then she heard Randros behind her yell, fire AlreAdy. Jes Jumped to the top of
the tree she wAs in while, yelling to her fAther, pApA you hAve to get out now.
i Am sorry, but there isnt enough time. Jes, my dArling Jes. i love you. Just As

Johanna Walker
she reached the top, Jes saw a streak of light and a bright explosion, as Prince
crevils ship, blAsted RB5 with its cannons. With tears in her eyes, Jes tried to
contact rescue control. this is rb7 cAlling rescue control. rescue control this
is rb7 pleAse respond. when they did not Answer, Jes, almost crying, said one
more time rescue control, As she sAt down on the tree brAnch with her knees
against her chest. As she sat there in tears, Randros was getting closer and
closer to her. She knew that she needed to move, but the weight of what just
happened, kept her in place. Just as she was about to give up, she heard a voice
thAt got her going AgAin. rb7 this is rescue control, do you copy. Jes Are you
Alright. Jes stood up so fAst thAt she Almost fell out of the tree. uncle
Samuel, I am so relieved to hear you voice. I thought that when RB5 went offline
so did our communicAtion. it took us A minute, but we were able to bounce our
signals off of other satellites and down to control. Are you ok. yAy im fine,
but dad was in the station when it got hit. dont worry About thAt, erin is
already on his way up there with Levi and Grant in tow. From what I can tell the
main sections, where James normally is, is still intact. Right know you need to
focus on stopping this Randros. You are the only one who can. I will let you know
how James is doing when i know, but for now we Just need to wAit. Alright
Uncle, I will trust your judgement. Now is the time to do my duty as a
stArstreAm And vAnquish this foe. thAts our girl, mAke him pAy. With that,
Jes jumped off her branch and landed on the same one Randros was on. Then she
blasted him with a full power air kick. What surprised Jes was the fact that
Randros used the air to float back to the branch and blast Jes off it. As she
was falling through the seemingly endless tree branches, she realized how he
was able to control the air. When she was evading him through the trees, she
had sensed the faint power source of a spirit, though she did not relies that at
the time. As she neared closer to the ground, Jes knew what she needed to do.
Using the full extent of the knowledge, she floated herself down to the
nearest branch, and then she closed her eyes and focused her mind, energy and
spirit. With a loud cry, she lifted her right arm into the air, tilted her head

Johanna Walker
towArd the sky And shouted dorfniA erexiA. in A blinding flAsh Jes wAs
transformed into a uniform complete with; black knee high boots, dark grey
pants, a light grey shirt, a grey elven jacket, and shimmering silver mask over
her eyes. Once the transformation was complete, she leapt from branch to
Branch, only having one foot on a branch at a time. Within a few moments, she
wAs fAce to fAce with rAndros AgAin. i figured out your secret, crevil. he Just
stared at her before responding, did you Just cAll me crevil. Jes lAughed,
which surprised both rAndros And herself, And replied, yes i did. now About
your secret, i know you Are using An elementAl spirit to control the Air. yes i
am but so are you, and now your elemental spirit will belong to me! suddenly
he pulled out a dark grey crystal out of his tunic and pointed it at Jes.
Immediately it started to Draw Erexis out of Jes! Randros laughed and said
goodbye Jesophine stArstreAm, for once your spirit is mine you will be
finished. Just then, Jes hAd Another crAzy ideA And decided it couldnt hurt. so
she lunged forward and grabbed a faintly glowing grey crystal from around
his neck. At the same time, she used the small Elverian dagger she always had
on her to destroy the crystAl in rAndross hAnd. you hAve lost rAndros, give up
And i wont hurt you. i will never surrender. ok then, sAid Jes As she grAbbed
Randros, jumped to one of the high branches, and left him hanging there by his
tunic, after Erexis returned to her. hAve fun getting down. As she wAs mAking
her way back to RB7, Jes decided to contact the spirit within the crystal. From
what Jes could tell, the spirit was over 1,000 years old and held vast
knowledge of the power of Air. Hello, can you hear me. The voice that
responded wAs so soft beAutiful thAt Jes seemed to remember it, but she didnt
know why. Hello child, thank you for saving me from that man. Then the spirit
emerged from the crystal, took a physical form, and started jumping across
the branches with Jes. The spirit looked beautiful, with soft, delicate features
that paired nicely with her voice. It was at that moment that Jes recognized
both the form the spirit took as well as the spirit herself. This was Airian, the
spirit of Wind and the spirit companion of Jess mother, petris. What on Elfrodia

Johanna Walker
Are you doing here AiriAn. AiriAn lAughed her light Airy lAugh And sAid, i Am
here because that wicked boy, Randros Matriosca, captured me and forced me
to empower him with Air. But, now that I am here, I need your help to rescue
someone. And why should i help you AiriAn. Jes pAused for A moment, tAking
off her jacket, Jes showed Airian the silvery spirit mark of a hawk on her
bAck, which wAs plAced there by AiriAn. you gAve me my spirit mArks when I was
Just A bAby And gAve me the power over Air. but one thing thAt you didnt do
wAs teAch me how to control it. Jesophine, i Am so sorry, i would hAve tAught
you if I could have, but if you help me, I promise that you will be trained in the
Art of Air mAgic. Are you serious, you will trAin me. no child. i cAnnot trAin
you, but the person I need you help to save can. He as more knowledge of the
Art of Air, then Anyone else Alive. ok, whAt do i need to do? AiriAn then
trAnsformed into her simmering hAwk form And went into the crystAl in Jess
hand. Go to your ship, and I will explain from there. As Jes jumped through the
trees, she got a call from her uncle Samuel. rb7, this is rescue control, Jes do
you copy. im here uncle. is there Any news on my fAther yet? yes, thAt is the
reason that I am calling. They found him in the main section of the station badly
inJured. they Are moving him into rb3 now. sAmuel pAused for A moment before
speaking. Jes, when they get bAck, i wAnt you to stAy AwAy from the medicAl
room. well they will most likely get bAck before i do. I some Starstream
business to tAke cAre of. before sAmuel could respond AriAn mentAlly Asked,

Does your ship able to go into space? unsure About thAt, Jes Asked, uncle, is
rb7 cApAble of spAce flight. yes it is, why though. its stArstreAm business,
ill explAin lAter. once Jes was back on RB7, she made a vertical launch into
the atmosphere. As soon as she broke through the atmosphere, she saw the
nearly destroyed RB5. From the underside of the main compartment, RB3 was
detaching and heading back toward Rescue control. As the two ships passed
each other, Jes could see her uncles, Erin and Grant, sitting in the pilot and copilot seats. Behind Erin and Grant, Jes could see her Uncle Levi leaning over the
badly burned body of her father, James Razzo. In order to keep her promise to

Johanna Walker
sAmuel, Jes gAve her uncles A smAll sAlute And AccelerAted towArd crevils
flagship. As she docked RB7 at the nearest air lock, Jes tried to sense the
person Arian wanted her to find. After a few minutes, she discovered a faint air
signature, which Arian confirmed, was the man she was after. She started by
cloaking her ship from the sensors, and she slipped into the flagships air docks.
Once Jes was above the cell where she sensed the presence, she saw a man that
locked a bit older than her father. There was a young woman, who looked a lot
like Randros, standing behind the man, hitting him repeatedly with a whip. The
man did not scream, but his lip was bloody from biting down on it. Eventually,
the woman left and the man started to cry. It was then that Jes dropped out of
the Air duct and in front of the man. When he saw her, he leaned as far away
from her As he could in his bonds. its ok; i Am not here to hurt you. the wind
spirit AriAn sent me to rescue you. when he heArd the nAme AriAn, the mAn
looked up And stAred At Jes. how do you hAve AriAn,? lAst i heArd, thAt witchs
brother hAd her. i sAved her And she Asked me to sAve you. i Am grAteful,
said the man as Jes released him from his bonds. As he took a step toward his
savior, his legs gave out and he fell. Jes caught him with the power of air, which
did not shock the mAn At All. tell me young one, whAt is your nAme. its
Jesophine, Jesophine stArstreAm rAzzo. the mAn lAughed as he hAdnt lAughed
in yeArs. Just As i suspected. my nAme is peter stArstreAm, And youre your
powers, you Are petriss dAughter. it wAs then thAt she recognized the man
from holo recordings her mother left for her. Peter Starstream is considered
the most powerful air sorcerer to have ever lived, and he was her
grAndfAther. i sAy you hAve been in this cell long enough. i hAve A ship docked
neArby. Alright, but first do you have Arian with you. I am afraid that
without An Air spirit, i Am pretty weAk At the moment. so Jes hAnded peter
AriAns crystAl. the moment the crystAl wAs in peters hAnds, he grAbbed Jess
arm and they turned into air. They reappeared outside the airlock RB7 was
docked at. Jes looked a little unnerved, a look that told Peter that Jes had
never done that before. Once they were inside of RB7, Jes asked Peter a

Johanna Walker
question. What was that, I have never seen anything like thAt? whAt
happened was that we were transformed into air. An ancient technique has
been passed through the generations of our family. I am surprised that you
hAve never done thAt before. Jes took A deep breAth before responding. i
have never been formally trained in the art of Air Sorcery. Sometimes, if I am
reAlly AgitAted, An windstorm will form inside. i see. then i will hAve to trAin
you then. Jes Just gApped At him, completely shocked. AreAre you serious.
you wAnt to trAin me. peter smiled At her. yes child. No one is better suited to
teAch A stArstreAm Air sorceress, then A stArstreAm Air sorcerer. before
Jes could sAy Anything, peter knelt in front of her And sAid. Jesophine
stArstreAm rAzzo, it would be my honor As A defend no As An Air sorcerer, to
teach And trAin you in the Art of Air. knowing whAt wAs happening; Jes knelt in
front of peter And replied. peter stArstreAm, it would be my honor to become
your student and to learn the Art of Air. with A spirAling blAst of Air energy,
peter sAid, it is complete. we Are now bonded As teAcher And student. As he
returned to his feet And sAt down, peter sAid to Jes. now shAll we go? i hAve
been locked away in that cell for over a thousand years and am in need of
some fresh Air. once rb7 wAs in the breAthAble atmosphere, Jes opened the
vents in the roof of the cockpit, allowing fresh air to flow in. Peter leaned
bAck in his chAir And breAthed in the fresh Air. thAnk you Jes. no problem.
How would you feel if we went around the planet once at super sonic speed
before going to my home? peter smiled At her And sAid, do it. As soon As both
of them were securely strapped in, Jes pressed a small silver button, which
push RB7 to its top speed.

Johanna Walker
Excerpt from Rise of the four defenders 1
Once his eyes adjusted to the dim light of prison cell they put him in,
Peter was not at all shocked to find a girl his age, with long black hair,
pointed ears and her royal guard uniform in a tattered mess. She looked at
Peter, and he noticed that her lip was cut. He just shook his head at her and
sAid seriously, nel. why do you AlwAys hAve to get cAptured whenever the
empire shows up? its A gift, responded the girl, nel, peters best friend And
pArtner. so, do you wAnt to escApe the boring wAy or the fun wAy? Asked
Peter, while pulling A smAll grAy stone from under his guArd uniform. whAt do
you think? replied nel, while pulling A similAr looking blAck stone from under
her guArd uniform. fun wAy it is. simultAneously, peter And nel pulled
identical chain necklaces with a metal stone holder on the end, from under
their uniforms. Then they closed their eyes and muttered some words, while
putting their stones in the necklAces chArm. when they opened their eyes
AgAin, peters were pure grAy, Just like his stone, And nels were pure blAck, As
the night sky, the whites of their eyes were gone. Then they nodded to each
other, and Peter moved so quickly, the air itself seemed to move at his command.
In fact, he had the ability to command and control the air, while Nel could
command and control darkness. He blasted the door open, and then stopped
horrified. Though the air and his sharp sense of hearing, Peter could hear the
hArsh breAthing of dArth sAdyon And the soft crying of lucy. who Are you And
what are you doing on my ship? Asked the villAinous sAdyon, once he rounded
the corner and spotted them. Through her tears, Lucy asked in a shaky voice
peter is thAt you. lucy i need you to stAy cAlm; it is About to get very dArk in
here replied peter. while he sAid the lAst phrase, he nodded to Nel, who
replied, who Are we? i Am dArkness And this is Air, And we Are your worst
nightmare. And as to what we are doing on your ship, well ask the soldier who
runs your trActor beAm. then she threw up her hAnds And covered the entire
hallway in complete darkness. While Sadyon was fumbling around in the
darkness Nel had rot, Peter swopped in using his powers, for both agility and
sight, and rescued Lucy with ease. When he returned next to Nel, 7 feet off to
her left, with Lucy, he set Lucy down about 5 feet behind him. Once he was
finished, Nel lowered her hands, lifting the darkness that was covering them,
and they spun together at the same moment. When they drew so close it looked
like they would collide, they stopped and touched the palms of their hands
together. At the moment their hands touched, a swirling spire of grey and
blAck lighting shot towArd sAdyon, so fAst, thAt he didnt hAve time to reAct.
The lightning hit him square in the chest, and when he hit the ground, his armor

Johanna Walker
made so much noise, that 15 Knightwalkers rushed into the hallway. Peter ran
bAck to lucy, once AgAin picking her up, And then, hAnding her to nel, sAid tAke
lucy And run. ill hold them off As long As i cAn, but i feAr it wont be very long,
for I sense the Empress herself is here, and not even I can stand against her
right now, for the lighting did drAin my energy. but peter. no nel, you hAve
to run. There is no point of both of us being captured and possibly killed. So just
go, ill be ok. peter, i cAnt Just leAve you here Alone. you forget, nel, i am
never Alone. nel turned to run, trying hArd not to show her teArs, towArd the
escApe pods, when peter grAbbed her Arm. nel, And mAke sure you tell the
queen whAt hAs trAnspired here. i will, replied nel, with teArs in her eyes, As
she ran to the nearest escape pods with Lucy, in her arms. While watching them
flee, peter pulled his crystAl up to his lips And whispered to it guide her to me,
Airten. for we will need her help to mAke it through this. After he spoke, the
form of a faint silvery bird flew, unnoticed, from the crystal and hit the chain
of nels necklAce, which Absorbed the energy. once they were out of sight,
Peter took a deep breath and emanated a faint gray light, as he started a
series of complex moves he thought he would not need to do for several more
years. Once the last movement was complete, he thrusted his hands at the
ground, causing the ship to fall out of the sky. In the center of the wreckage,
Peter was discovered kneeling, breathing heavily, his eyes back to their
original light blue coloring, and the whites of his eyes returned. As he was
about to collapse from exhaustion, he saw the 15 soldiers dead around him, and
another group of soldiers lead by Empress Rolindra herself. As he clasped into
the ruble, he thought he saw about 20, if not more, hamsters, with white
coloring and black lines, almost like armor.

Johanna Walker
Excerpt from rise of the 4 defenders 2
while nel went to grAb lucy, the empresss flAgship, emporium, lAnded on
the capital planet, Capilanty. As Empress Rolidra made her grand entrance
from the front of the ship, a prisoner was being escorted through the rear
entrance. Peter Starstream, whom was still recovering from using so much
power, was half walking and half being carried out of ship. His energy had
slowly been recovering since hed been brought on boArd, but once Airten
returned to the crystAl Around peters neck An hour Ago, he wAs Able to drAw
on Airtens strength to help him. Although peter still didnt hAve the strength
to speak, he did have enough to have a mental conversation with Airten. What

do you think, Airten, asked Peter to Airten? It would be risky. Even with my help,
you may not have enough energy to pull it off. My suggestion is still the same
as before, we should bide our time and wait. With luck, Nel will come and with my
help, find you and save you, replied the soft and calming voice of Airten. We
may not have the time to wait. If I know my mother the moment she finds out that
I am missing, she will come and Rolindra will get exactly what she wants. We
cannot let that happen. With your help, we might be able to get free and
return home, without my mother doing anything stupid. After a few moments
Airten spoke, All right: if this is our only chance then we will try. However,
head my words, Peter. If we cannot subdue our enemies and escape, surrender
and wait until Nel and Darcnessa come. Peter thought about that for a moment
before saying, Agreed. If we do not succeed, we will wait for Nel. As soon as the
Knightwalkers and Dark Sadyon brought Peter to the exit hatch, he made is
move. The two Knightwalkers were easily brought down by an air strike, which
slammed them into the wall. Just as Dark Sadyon was about to strike, Peter hit
him full in the chest with an air-powered kick. With all his enemies brought
down, peter drew on Airtens strength, And sprinted for the exit. Just before he
made it through, however, Dark Lady Peris stepped through from the other side.
The moment he saw her, Peter used his incredibly strong mental powers to
silently communicate with her. Aunt Perisia, please, you have to let me escape.

If I do not, the Empress will use me to capture my mother. We must not let that
happen. Perisia took a moment to reply using her own mental powers, for Peter
was not yet strong enough to create a two-way link. dont worry, i will help
you escape. However, Sadyon is regaining conciseness and I cannot revel myself
yet. But, Nel is on her way, and with her help, you will be freed. Peter relayed
what she had just said to Airten, before speaking again. Alright, then I will
surrender and wait for you and Nel to strike. One more thing though, we must
make it look like you subdued me. So I want you to strike me with the power of

Johanna Walker

the Air you hold. Perisia looked shocked at what Peter had proposed. But you
are still weak, what if I actually hurt you. Perisia then heard the much softer
voice of Airten speaking to her. No need to fear, Lady Perisia, I will make sure
that the blast does not harm us. then the voice suddenly chAnged from Airtens
bAck to peters. And you forget Aunt Perisia, we are the Defender of the Air.
Why else would I ask you to use the power of air to attack? With that, Perisia
throw her power of air at Peter. At the last moment, Peter gave full control
to Airten, who used the force of PersiAs AttAck to do A 360o flip before landing
in a kneeling position. By that time, Dark Sadyon had gotten back in his feet,
and walked over to stand next who he thought was Dark Lady Peris. Without
looking up at the two Sendro, Peter, who was back in full commAnd spoke. i
surrender. pleAse, Just lock me up like you were plAnning. i promise thAt i wont
cAuse Any more trouble. thAt mAy be true, but you still hAve to pAy for this
offence, replied dArk sAdyon, while wAlking behind peter. once he wAs in
position, Sadyon pulled out his dark whip from his belt, to punish Peter. As
Sadyon prepared to strike, Airten quickly spoke to Peter. Peter, there is only

one-way to prevent Sadyon from taking more energy away from you. At peters
curious feeling, Airten explained. Allow me to trade places with you. By being
in the crystal, you will be safe, and the magical properties of my crystal will
help restore you energy. While you are safe in the crystal, I will keep us
composed, for nothing Sadyon can throw at us will be able to phase me. Peter
took a moment to consider thing. Why do this for my. Why take all the pain that
sAdyon is About to cAuse. i will be fine, if you dont wAnt to do this. Airten took
A moment before responding to peters question. Over the next few days or even
weeks, there will be a lot of pain and suffering sent our way. The amount of
suffering thAt we will endure is something thAt i do not know. i Also dont know
how much of the pain and suffering I will be able to take for you. Peter, he
paused for a moment before continuing. You will need all the strength and
energy you have, so let me take this for you, please. Peter smiled at the bond
between him and Airten. Thinking of that bond, made Peter think of the day he
first met his eternal guardian and friend, Airten. Peter had been around five
years old on the day his mother went to his room, and found him crying. After
being asked what was wrong, Peter explained that he was sad because there
were no other boys at the temple for him to play with. When she understood
what was going on, Peria started by putting a silver chain necklace around his
neck, which had a weird charm on it. Then Peria pulled out a small white piece of
cloth, which seemed to have something in it, and explained the ancient prophecy
known as the Legend of the Air Lords. Finally, she reviled what was hidden in

Johanna Walker
the cloth, a small grey stone that was emanating a faint silver light. She told
him that a magical spirt lived inside the crystal that was meant for him. Then
she used her connection to the power of air, to summon the spirit in the crystal.
After a bright flash of light, the image of the defender before Peter, stood
before them, and then, it started to shift and change until the spirit looked
like a grown up Peter. Once Peria left the two alone to talk, the spirit
explained that he was Airten and that he would always be there for Peter. He
also explained that they would always and forever be eternal friends.

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