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Project Proposal

-Project Summary (Caleb Hudson)

-Project Description (Matthew Boyd)
-Management and Personnel (Magdi Elkhalefa)
-Budget (Megan Reiffer)
-Conclusion (Andrew Lambropoulos)
Prepared for Wayne Enterprises

Project Summary (prepared by Caleb Hudson (Dick Grayson)

The end vision of this project is to have electro-shock ammunition for law
enforcement purposes that can change the charge of the shock up to .09 mA. The
number of violent riots in the United States and Gotham City has skyrocketed in the past
few years and continues to rise with no break in sight. We believe it to be in the best
interest for our city to develop an effective but non-lethal weapon to help protect our law
enforcement and law-abiding citizens.
Wayne Enterprises is also working hard to be ethical in our production and
business model, with several green features in this product. The first generation will be
available to the Gotham City Police Department for $500,000.
Project Description (prepared by Matthew Boyd)
The ultimate ending of this project is to be electro-shock ammunition where the
charge can be changed anywhere up to .09 mA depending on the specifics associated
with the ammunition before firing. As rioting is at an all time high, and rises by the year,
here in Gotham City, it is within the citys best interest to invest into Wayne Enterprises
to create an efficient crowd control device. Not only are the proposed ammunitions
extremely technologically advanced with all who have been tested to the ammunition
successfully subdued, but the fired ammunition is built from a highly conductible
biodegradable filament that exhibits a natural reaction with water to become a cleaning
agent. The entirety of the project is planned to take under four months for full
completion of the first order of ammunitions and munitions will be extremely versatile to
many different types of weaponry.
Recent outbursts of violence have not only created a disturbance in the
underground lifestyle that is so highly prevalent within Gotham society, but disturbed the
community as well. These disturbances have lead to unruly protests, rioting and groups
of vigilantes to leave law enforcement agencies and private securities to need to be
better equipped for crowd control in areas of distress in a timely manner. As Gotham
has one of the most deadly and dangerous night lives in the nation, safety and a steady
outlet of these munitions are at a high demand
Wayne Enterprises has, of now, made a very broad impact on the crime rate and
the demands associated for the justice departments located in Gotham. This precedent
will be held and kept throughout the future of production for the wellbeing of those in
need and those who protect and serve. As of now, specifically, Gotham Police
Department and Wayne Enterprises have signed a manufacturing contract that promises
Wayne Enterprises allocating the resources of the prototypes already designed for the
practice of use for authorities. This contract also promises, after at most a 4-month
period, to provide variations of different types of munitions that will incorporate the
electro-shock charged filament casing to be made as a trade for roughly $500,000.
The newly created Green friendly factory workspaces will be used in the
creation of this process as the new push towards an efficient technology that is
environmentally inclined has designated the creation of said product to be at low energy
expense and with a very low emission standard as well. Workers have been paid in full
in advance for the 4 month work shift to come to complete the work order, as well as all
external employees that will help the process of Wayne Enterprises completing this work
The issue in regards to the ultimate completion of this product is to allocate a
long-term investment into the creation of these electrically charged munitions. Wayne
Enterprises partners are extremely excited and intrigued to see these newly created

tactical items not only be made, but placed in use. However, before anyone devotes a
hefty investment or places an extended work order, these partners would like to see a
majority of involvement from the Board of Trustees themselves to ensure intra-business
stability regarding the technology as a whole. Once an 80% interest is shown by major
affiliations within Wayne Enterprises and a 90% vote for the completion of our initial work
order for Gotham Police Department is voted and declared with a full financial portfolio
created to depict long term earnings and specifics of inclination within the marketing
standpoints, then Wayne Enterprises will start to see extended work orders be placed
globally for the deliverance of these new munitions.
Personnel (Management Proposal) (prepared by Magdi Elkhalefa)
As with any project, personnel are a very important. So, we have built the best possible
team to manage this project. Everyone assigned to lead this project has experience and
great leadership qualities to make sure that this project move from concept to an actual
tangible product.
It starts with our engineers, designing a feasible tangible prototype that can be used as a
base to build the actual ammunition for production. Our lead engineers are some of the
best from around the world. Both combine for nearly 20 years of experience.
Our next important part would be our accountant. She has masters in accounting, and
with 5 years of experience, she not only brings youth, but innovation to the project. With
her on board we will have a clear understanding of our budget and we will be certain to
not exceed that budget.
We have also brought in someone to head the testing of the ammunition to make sure it
doesnt kill anyone when it goes out to the market. This man is a ballistics expert, who
served in the marines for 12 years. We brought him in so that he could test our bullets
and help us adjust them if they have a tendency to severely injure or kill someone. We
will provide him with testing environments and a variety of weapons to test any possible
Budget (Cost Proposal) (prepared by Megan Reiffer)
The total cost of the project, broken down as seen in Figure 1, covers all areas of
interest to make the project a success. The Riot Control department will need a
supplemented budget to help cover their extra expenses from the project. The Human
Resources department will also need a percentage of the budget to promote the product
to our clients. There of course will be legal and extra insurance fees needed to back up
all contracts and waivers needed to make this project operational. In order to assure that
our project is a success, we have also broken down an extra expenses partition to cover
any expense that goes over budget. The total sum of this endeavor will be $2 million

Conclusion (prepared by Andy Lambropoulos)

We understand this project will take a large amount of time and resources,
however we truly believe that the rewards outweigh the costs. A great deal of human
lives will be saved due to the crowd control ammunition. Because of this, we believe it is
paramount to contribute all available resources in order to have the technology readily
available as soon as possible. The electro shock ammunition will allow Gotham PD to
enforce the law in a non-lethal manner. The benefits of this product will spread
throughout the entire community. In order to create a great product in a timely manner
we have prepared what we believe to be the best team of engineers. Our budget is
carefully planned and allocated to ensure there is no waste. We hope that you consider
our proposal and eagerly await your decision.
Figure 1. Budget Breakdown Pie Chart