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1) Solidification Crack....

a) will occur in SAW but will never occur in MMA welding

b) option a is correct but expect, the MMA welding can from solidification crack
2) Hydrogen Crack....
a) cold crack
b) solidification crack
c) centerline crack
d) hot crack
3) Preheat....
a) increase yield strength and reduce H2
b) increase toughness and reduce H2
c) reduce UTS and reduce H2
d) none of the above
4) When tensile strength increased....
a) ductility will not change
b) ductility will increase
5) In tensile test....
a) tranverse will give a elongatin 24%
b) all weld give 20% elongation
c) both a and b would be correct
d) tensile test will give toughness value
6) WPS....
a) will give exact value of parameter as per code and standard
b) will give a change of parameter for the specified job
c) will give parameter as in the coupon
7) Doing a finished weld inspection you should not check....
a) storage of consumables
b) quantity of consumables
c) classification of consumables
8) Charpy test....
a) dynamic quantity will give ductility
b) dynamic qualitative will give ductility
c) both static and dynamic quantitative will give toughness
d) dynamic quantitative will give elongation %
9) Which will not consider for H2 cracking....
a) thickness
b) preheat

c) welding position
d) joint design
10) Globuler mode used....
c) TIG / TAG
d) SAW
11) Non desired mode in MIG / MAG....
a) dip
b) spray
c) pulse
d) globuler
12) Which of the following has high penetration electrode....
a) basic DC-ve
b) cellulosic DC-ve
c) cellulosic DC+ve
13) Preheat....
a) delay the cooling rate and aid fussion
14) A grain refiner....
a) aluminium
b) silicon
c) manganese
d) carbon
15) Hydrogen crack....
a) hydrogen atom will diffuse than molecule
b) hydrogen atom have good mobilise at higher temp than molecule
c) hydrogen molecule need time to diffuse
16) Which is most considered in tig welding....
a) heat
b) protection
c) cleanline
d) all of the above
17) WPS....
a) will br in welder, inspector and ndt personal
b) should always a supporting WPQR
c) both a and b are correct
18) TIG welding....

a) can use both AC and DC for all materials

b) it canot use in 306L steels
c) it is using with fused flux
d) it use a special type of consumable electrode
19) Iron powder electrode....
a) E 7024
b) E 7018
c) E 7014
20) Unit of hardness....
a) vikers
b) mpa
c) N /mm2
21) WPS for what....
a) for mechanical properties
b) for welder performance
c) for weldability
22) MAP....
a) UT
b) RT
c) MPT
d) DPI
23) Where do we check preheat for material thickness less than 50mm....
a) 75mm from bevel
b) 50mm from bevel
c) 40mm from bevel
24) Which MIG / MAG process will cause lack of fusion....
a) dip
b) spray
c) globulor
d) pulse
25) For controlled heating and cooling which of the following has main influance /
required in PWHT....
a) heating rate and cooling rate
b) heating rate and souckingtime and cooling rate
c) heating above 300 digree souckingtime cooling below to 300 digree
d) all of the above
26) Who desides the essential veriable....

a) welding engineer
b) code / specification
c) client
d) all of the above