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Good morning everyone. My name is Made Eva Indraswari from class X-MIA 2.

on, I will explain all parts of my school, SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar. In this school, provided a lot
of facilities to support the learning process.
From the front of the building, at Kamboja Street, we will see two entrances in the north
and south. Between the two entrances, there is a gate which stand a statue of the Goddess
Saraswati behind. Students and teachers enter the building through the north entrance, because
the south entrance is locked. Once we enter, we will see the security station on the left side.
Motorcycle and bicycle park is available on the north and south front yard of the building. To get
into the building, we can go through the door that is located behind the statue of the Goddess
Saraswati. While passing through the door, we will see the registration desk on the left and a
wide variety of sports courts in the center of the building, from west to east such as basketball,
volleyball, and tennis court. This building is filled with a lot of rooms at each side of the
building, which is north, east, south, and west building.
First, in the western part of the building which is consist of two floors, on the first floor,
from north to south, there are school health unit, the principals office, administratives room, a
teachers' room, and cooperative. While on the second floor, there are seven classrooms, computer
laboratory, Smansa Computer Crew room, and MKSs server. Next, in the northern part of the
building, on the first floor and the second floor there are 12 classrooms and two toilets. Across
that building there are two bale which is functioned for a place for the students to rest and
discuss the lessons. The right side of the building, there are a toilet, two classrooms, a language
laboratory, and improvement room behind the language laboratory. And then, in the southern part
of the school building, divided into two rows, each consists of two floors. The first row is located
across the south volleyball court, there are a library, chemistry laboratory, and biology laboratory
on the first floor. While on the second floor, there are a multimedia laboratory and two
classrooms. The second row of the buildings, which is in the south of the first row building, there
are 8 classrooms. Behind the library, there are a warehouse, cafeteria, dance hall, and two toilets.
The last, in the eastern part of the building, also divided into two rows. In the first row, there are
a physics laboratory, two classrooms, and six rooms used for schools extracurricular, such as a
trophy room, debate hall, paskibraka room, consultation room, KSPAN, electro room, and theater
room. While in the second row of eastern building, there are a hall which is used as a meeting
place and a place to hold other events organized by the school. If you go along the second row of
eastern building, in addition to the hall, from the south to the north, you will find temple,

meditation room, SOG room, and gong room. Behind the hall, next to the southern corner, there
is the exit into Gadung street. That is all parts of my school, SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar. Thank you
for your attention.